So You Wanna Be a Namefag?

In chan culture, “namefag” is a term of derision for a person who chooses to use a name rather than being anonymous on the board. It’s a culture where anonymity is prized and anybody drawing attention to his identity raises suspicion and oftentimes outright contempt. But for many, going public is seen a a natural next step, as a necessary act of courage one’s morally obligated to undertake.

Finally, you imagine, all of those jerks calling you a coward for hiding behind a computer will be silenced!

Slow down, hero. Before you rip off the mask, be sure you’re absolutely sure it’s the right move for you. Lives, careers, families, fortunes, and friendships have been ruined by men who didn’t put enough thought into it. Consider Curtis Maynard, whose attempt to promote his Holocaust Revisionist project under his own name drove a wedge between himself, his Mexican wife, and his blended family.

Curtis cracked under the combined pressure of the persistent online harassment, career strain, and the divorce, walking up to his ex-wife’s house in the pouring rain to shoot her dead, shoot his step-daughter in the face, and chase around his two children before leading the police on a high speed chase that ended with him turning his gun on himself while driving, sending his car spinning into a head-on collision with a family mini-van. Try to avoid ending up like Curtis.

There are more stories if you care to look, and there are countless more private nightmares which didn’t boil over into the newspapers. While we Americans enjoy our First Amendment which guarantees that the government can’t and won’t shoot you for expressing your political opinion, we’re subject to an Orwellian regime of soft tyranny which may well drive you to shoot yourself.

Some nationalists wish to downplay this threat, insisting that we should all just nut up and accept the consequences. I’m hopeful that more folks will choose to go public in the future, leveraging the opportunities for community outreach and real world activism which going public allow. But before you pull a Leeroy Jenkins out of that trench, you need to carefully evaluate two things: your activist niche and your personal situation. A failure to arrive at the correct answer will get you rapidly cut down and pulled out of action, rendered less useful for the cause than you were beforehand.

Your Activist Niche

What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Where’s your niche in the movement? If you’re not a people person, you’re better off in the back office performing persistent online activism. At the very most, stick to local meetups and protests, which rarely result in high-profile exposure. If your niche doesn’t involve being entrusted with sensitive information or critical strategic decisions, you are better off remaining anonymous for now and leveraging the advantages that come with anonymity.

Don’t sweat the haters calling you a coward or bragging about their public acts of courage. This isn’t yesterday’s political struggle. We’ve entered a bizarre new fourth generation cyberwarfare infotainment bizarro realm where the old tropes about martial valor no longer apply in the same way. While men who are trained and ready to stand and fight still matter greatly, that is merely one front in this vast multi-front political campaign. Trolling the piss out of second-rate Jewish celebrities on Instagram, embedding yourself into hostile projects in order to scrape information and spread disinfo and encourage infighting, and even serving up piping hot memes are all far more serious work than they may look and feel.

Knocking back Mountain Dews until three in the morning to help keep a pro-white hashtag trending on Twitter is real struggle. It’s real work. Many namefags become namefags for the ego boost, and then cash in on the ego boost by bragging about it and leveraging it as a sort of get out of jail free card when they’re losing Facebook arguments.

Speaking as a relatively prominent namefag who got to jump across the hood of moving cars through traffic in pursuit of antifa we got to beat the piss out of, who’s been featured in most major newspapers and media outlets, who’s on all of the ADL, SPLC, and antifa “hate” lists, and who’s routinely recognized in WalMart as “the altright guy from the news,” my extensive work pales in comparison with the achievements of Ricky Vaughn’s twitter account and several other meme heroes.

I get why “namefag” is a slur in chan culture, because I routinely see the arrogant namefags antagonizing anonymous activists. Going public is actually dishonorable if your work doesn’t benefit from it and you’re only doing it for the attention and acclaim. Whatever your decision, our movement absolutely must stop the antagonism between the men in the trench and the men under enemy fire.

The men above the trench should rely heavily on the men in the trench, and the men in the trench should support the men above it. In this war, as in every war since the dawn of civilization, the men running the supply lines, logistics, and intelligence, have been as critical to victory as the frontline soldiers.

Let’s stop arguing about who has the hardest job and start arguing about who’s doing their job the hardest.

Pick One, …and Only One

If you’re still not dissuaded from going public, congratulations. Going public is an important job and we need public faces. You can’t be trusted in critical leadership and strategic positions if you’re anonymous. Many anonymous folks resent that fact, but it’s been born out time and time again by bitter trial and error. It’s quite easy to craft a convincing online persona that masks massive vulnerabilities which would make people think twice about entrusting you with critical information and make-or-break decisions.

Don’t trust an anonymous leader. Period. Most of them are honest and sincere. Most of them aren’t cointelpro spies or whatever. It doesn’t matter. There must be a simple hard and fast rule in our movement that any hierarchy consist of men who actually know who one another are. There are benefits to secrecy, but the pitfalls and risks decisively outweigh those benefits. The bottom line is that White Americans don’t yet have the kind of ingroup loyalty and tightly knit family networks that Organized Jewry, the Mafia, and other successful secretive networks relied upon.

If there’s an anonymous or pseudonymous leader, or an “important backer,” or a masonic-style initiatic hierarchy with what you’re getting involved in, get involved in something else. If you must be involved in a secretive project, be anonymous yourself and operate under the assumption that there’s at least one compromised node in the network at all times. If there’s a forum, assume it’s getting screencapped. If the forum has private messaging, assume the leader will get blackmailed into handing the database dump over, which includes those private messages.

It’s that murky middle ground between being another anon among anons operating a Right Wing Safety Squad through Tor Browser and going the full Jimmy Marr where people tend to get in trouble. Things get carried away, privacy levels evolve over time, antifa and infighting danger levels shift over time, and what seemed like a meaningless detail becomes a smoking gun that imperils an activist empire. Don’t just anxiously sneak out of the trench. Arm yourself to the gills, grip an extra magazine between your teeth, and leap out of the trench.

It’s Just a Flesh Wound

One time while returning from a local carnival, a menacing Rottweiler started running toward my younger step-daughter. I immediately ran toward the dog as if to tackle it. I suppose I would have attempted to tackle the poor dog, but I know enough about dogs to know that it wouldn’t get to that point. He was immediately startled and ran off. I basked in the glory of being a fake hero, then I explained to her that even though she was weaker than the dog, she should have squared off with it and made a threat display.

Humans are also predatory mammals, and they also instinctively give chase when a creature behaves in a weak, nervous, and scared manner. There have been a couple times when the antifa genuinely bungled my personal shit up bad with a couple of their exposure stunts. I successfully hid that I had been wounded, and they’ll never know which times they harmed me and which times they didn’t. This thing so many nationalists do, where they sort of tease and flirt around on the line between anonymity and publicity, is blood in the water that attracts attacks.

Even worse, after being wounded, they flail around begging for mercy and lamenting the severity of their injury. There are some special exceptions, but the general rule must be to avoid letting them know when they’ve landed a damaging volley. Try to resist the urge to set up a GoFundMe with a long essay about how your mom’s boyfriend is going to kick you out of his unfinished garage for losing your Wendy’s job. They know we’re all human and we all have vulnerabilities, but we must do our best to project a front of invincibility and indifference to doxxing shenanigans.

They know that some of us are vulnerable in some ways. It’s our job to make it hard for them to know which of us are vulnerable and how.

Your Personal Situation

Are you working in a career where your being a nationalist would leave you and your family out on the street? Instead of putting your family through that, only to end up too busy working at both Wendy’s and McDonald’s at the same time to keep your enraged wife from divorcing you, just take an hour to figure out bitcoin and tithe 10% of your disposable income to the projects which are achieving tangible goals.

When you donate to Heimbach, you’re as critical as he is. He’s an experienced expert in dealing with death threats, dealing with people interviewing his middle school classmates for dirt, getting fired for being a nationalist, convincing his wife to let him go on all of the dangerous adventures, and getting glared at in the supermarket. There’s certainly room for other Heimbachs in this struggle. Let a hundred Heimbachs bloom. But don’t end up in the mass grave of nationalist activists who attempted to pull the perilous half-Heimbach.

If you have a firm trade skill, have airtight union protections, rely on a steady trust fund, draw from a nice pension, or whatever your secure financial situation is, then your personal situation entails and implies going public. You’ve passed the first test. The second test is your private life. As an exercise, imagine yourself explaining your full nationalist position to your neighbor, your co-workers, your extended family, and your wife without the shit hitting the fan. If you’ve already done that or you’re confident you could do that, then you’ve passed the second big test.

Then final test of your personal situation is your own nerve. Are you inclined to laugh off anonymous death threats? If somebody were to blackmail you by email, would you entertain caving to the demand? Are you the nervous sort? This is an awkward question, as I’m basically asking you if you have courage. It’s better to honestly answer in the negative now than to have the negative answer exposed in a damaging and humiliating way later. There’s plenty of vital work that a man can perform who isn’t especially courageous.

In many ways, “cowardice” is another way of describing a strong future-time orientation, and “courage” is another way of describing a weak future-time orientation. We White men are sort of a strange bunch. While Blacks are often crippled with terror at the prospect of ghosts, stray dogs, or harmless wildlife, White men are eager to march into haunted houses and houses that are on fire. But our weakness is social courage. A White guy who wouldn’t hesitate to jump into a freezing river to save a drowning dog is often paralyzed at the prospect of water cooler stinkeye.

If there’s a chance you could lose your nerve by important people in your daily life calling you a “racist” or whatever, then you should hesitate to go public until others have achieved more in the way of reducing the social stigma imposed on our political position. Stepping up only to step down is worse than never having stepped up at all, and deals a major propaganda victory to the enemy while dealing a major black pill to your comrades. Be honest with yourself.

Life After Dox

This seems like one long essay designed to discourage public activism. I stand behind all that. The risks are real. There are numerous tangible reasons to remain in the nationalist closet. But aside from the practical activist opportunities presented by being fully public, there’s also the intangible feeling of liberation that one enjoys after going public and remaining public after the enemy has exhausted every attempt to silence you. We are right. We White folks have a right to pride in and defense of our heritage and identity. The bewildered look in a cuck’s eyes when he expects his social shaming to work and it doesn’t, and his attempts to escalate only reveal your power level, is more delicious than Wendy’s limited-time four-for-four special.

Many are reading this in the wake of the doxxing of Mike Enoch and the fallout at TRS. I stand in solidarity with the TRS project and my sympathy is with Mike Enoch, even as I support his decision to step down from leading the project. I am confident from direct communication with the higher-ups that the project’s necessary transition will result in a stronger network than before. We don’t get to choose our private lives and personal situations we’re in when we get woke. Modern America is a dumpster fire of multiculturalism, miscegenation, and degeneracy. Some of our most talented nationalists arrive from some of the darkest corners of it, often on account of their familiarity with the abyss.

Whatever your personal business, whatever skills you bring to the table, approach your nationalist work with clarity, honesty, and trepidation. We can’t allow our ambitions or egos to cloud our decision-making. Even if you got woke after waking up from your sex change operation, even if you’re not in a financial position to leave your mandingo gay marriage partner at the moment, even if you’ve got straight-up Comet Ping Pong business in your past, and even if you’re fat, if you’re awakened to the necessity of identity and tradition, you have an obligation to stand and fight in the most constructive way your situation allows.



One advantage of being in the fifth decade of life as I am and old enough to remember with the internet didn’t exist is you will have seen shit like this go down a lot over the years. Yet in 2017 White nationalism in its various strains is stronger than ever in some ways — because the culture is ready for it. And that’s not going to change.

Alt-Right Studies

Immigration Restrictionists make a culturalist argument, i.e. all those foreigners don’t belong here because they don’t agree with our ‘values’.

This is the argument used against Muslims in Europe. They aren’t into ‘western values’ or ‘liberal democracy’.

But this is fundamentally a weak argument because the premise assumes that any bunch of foreigners who do agree with ‘western values’ have a right to invade the West.

No, true nationalism must be “You don’t belong here(in large numbers at least) EVEN IF you do agree with our values.” A nation isn’t just about ideas and values, but ethnos and history. It’s about roots and identity. After all, if a 100 million Hindus, Chinese, or Nigerians believe in ‘British values’, should UK allow them in? Well, UK may still remain ‘democratic’ and have night clubs, but it won’t be UK anymore. It’s like Israel is more than about ‘liberal democracy’. (Besides, it is a nationalist-democracy than a liberal one.)

This is truer of Europe than of the New World nations.

New World civilizations were created from above, that is to say they didn’t grow from below, from the soil(even though one could argue that successive generations of white pioneers and settlers did produce a narrative of roots and history). When the Europeans arrived in the New World, they had already developed highly advanced civilizations in the Old World, and they had a ready-made formula for what to do in the new land. Spanish imposed from above their Spanish system of rule and culture.

And Anglos in the North imposed from above their formula already developed in Britain.

It’s like, if we were to settle Mars, we would be doing it from above. We would land on Mars with a formula for civilization and it would be an extension of what we have on Earth. It would not be a civilization that organically and independently grew from Mars soil.

In contrast, every European nation is organic. It developed from the European soil by peoples who’d settled in certain parts for eons. Even though there were migrations and flow of ideas and sciences, certain peoples came to be identified with certain lands as the burial grounds of their ancestors. Thus, the land became the motherland. So, those civilizations grew from the ground. They rose from below than was imposed from above. So, each European has a deep and rich history. So, what globalism is doing to Europe is far more terrible and tragic than what is happening in the New World of North and South America whose roots are shallower and where the civilizations were imposed from above over whatever — savages or native civilizations — had existed earlier.

Globalism cut off white Europeans from their ancestral ties. They no longer drill into the past for the rich oil of history that fuels pride, inspiration, and will to survive. They’ve lost their vertical connection to the soil below them. They just have a veri-horizontal relation to globalism that connects all nations with the same offering of glossy pop culture, PC, and pseudo-cults like homomania. They are offered the synthetic plastic of globalism that says all cultures and peoples are ‘fluid’ like 50 genders.

It’s funny. Progs tell us that it was a terrible thing that happened to the American Indians and Blacks. American Indians were expelled from their ancestral lands, and they were cut off from their roots. They were forced to pledge to the US flag and worship a different God. And same with blacks who were cut off from Africa and cultural roots.

So, there’s been much noise about how it’s important for blacks to look back to Africa, reconnect, and enrich their identity with this reclamation of organic history and ties.

But when Europeans seek the same by rejecting inane & trashy globalism and dig into the soil of memory and history for identity, roots, and heritage, it is condemned as ‘far right’ and evil. Or, it is associated with Nazism. But in fact, the blood-and-soil aspect of Nazism was not the evil. I mean what harm could have come of Germans feeling a deep connection with their own land? The evil resulted from Germans violating the blood-and-soil sacredness of other peoples such as Poles, Czechs, and Russians. And in the end, it was the love of motherland that inspired the nationalists to resist and roll back the invasive Nazi tide. Nazi evil was imperialism, not blood and soil. Blood-and-soil ideology is about sticking to your own sacred land and respecting the sacredness of other nations to other peoples.

Merkel is the evil bitch because she has despoiled her own motherland by inviting mass invasion and then put pressure on other nations(some of them victimized in WWII) to also surrender to mass invasion. (She is like one of those low-life single-mothers who invite ‘boyfriends’ into her home and look the other way while her daughters are raped.) Merkel is just a ‘liberal Hitler’, and both came undone by violating the rule of blood-and-soil, the idea of a civilization that, instead of being imposed instantly from above, developed gradually, richly, beautifully, and tragically over a long long period on a particular patch of land.

A civilization form above is like taking a full-grown tree and sticking it in a new ground.

A civilization from below is like a big tall tree that grew from a seed over a long time on the ground it stands. It has a truly organic tie to the land.

Europe is like that, but globalism turned everyone so shallow and amnesiac.


With or without extensive reading of Prof Kevin MacDonald, I take issue with “(in large numbers)”–even smallest handful of certain groups, eg Jews, can completely alter social, economic etc dynamics.


Otherwise great comment, I hasten to add. The problem with “share our values is”…. that can be feigned to get in.

Jez Turner

Always impressed by the sagacity and breadth of articles on this website, all the way from inspirational philosophy to the nuts and bolts of organizing activists. It is vitally important that our public activists share their hard-earned experience with those who are considering going public and this essay is one of the best I have read on the subject. Jez Turner, London, England

Andrea Ostrov Letania

The way I see it, the value of TRS was as Alt-Riot. They were riotous and funny in the tradition of Shock Radio: Steve Dahl, Howard Stern, Larry Lujack, and even Rush Limbaugh at his jokiest.


They are most renown for their radio personalities, and they have wit and chemistry. Other shows may be more serious and informative, but you can’t ‘rock’ to them.

TRS was like a hangout place for comedy and relief. Sometimes, we gotta unwind and laugh a little, and that means irreverence and even a bit of immaturity. And Fash the Nation and Daily Shoah did this pretty well.

I never heard an entire show of either. I never listened to them for deep thought, news, or information. It was just good times and fun.

So, I think we need to make a distinction between Alt-Right, which is about real ideas and serious discussion, AND Alt-Riot, which is a hangout place for Alt-Right to have some run with irreverence, jokes, and upmanship.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

I think the Nazi memes are tolerable as jokes, some of which may be warranted because the Holocaust has gone from historical event to holy faith. We need to poke fun at all secular religions. I’m not very keen on jokes that mock great tragedies, but there is a smart way of doing it where the joke is about the aura of Holocaustianity than about the actual event, which shouldn’t be joked about. It has to be handled properly.

It’s like how a Japanese chef has to handle puffer-fish properly. Otherwise, the toxins will kill. Holocaust is understandably a toxic subject because it involved great horror, which should never be belittled. But there is no doubt that some Jews have milked it for all its worth for political and monetary gain, and THIS aspect of the Holocaust should be mocked as Schmolocaust.

But we should not belittle the mass killing of people, even if they are Jews. or Japanese(in Hiroshima).

I’ve tolerated TRS’s nazismemes because they struck me as jokes.

In contrast, people like Andrew Anglin really seem to be hardcore neo-nazi 14/88 shits.

Sean Fielding

“They know we’re all human and we all have vulnerabilities, but we must do our best to project a front of invincibility and indifference to doxxing shenanigans.”

Well said, Matt: real, everyday character. A stiff upper lip was once the hallmark of the Anglo-Saxon.

Kristoffer Odinsson

I love being a public activist, but (((facebook))) Shoah’d my actual personal account, so now I’m reduced to a nickname and have taken off my place of work and education. I still don’t wear masks at events and will speak as my true name. In your opinion, Matt, am I going about my activism in a smart way? Any suggestions as to anything I should change?


The Battle of Sacramento has forever endeared me to your organization. I think street battles with communists is the best form of activism. I’ve been training my mind and body since summer of 13′ trying to prepare myself for coming battles such as the day when you 30 brave men squared off with 300. I want to stand with brothers who believe as I do in a situation just like that. God bless you and all the work you do.

Scotcho Rouleau

Most of all : after you’ve been doxxed, maintain an open and tolerant disposition, ready to enjoy the benefits of diversity, pluralism, vibrancy and cultural enrichment.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

We need to talk of National Rights. The right of each nation to maintain its territory, ethnicity, culture, and history.

Globalism attacks and undermines the National Rights of each nation EXCEPT ISRAEL because the Zio-Glob sees national sovereignty as the barrier to financial and political infiltration.

We need a National Rights Movement for all nations. And our demand is “What is good enough for Israel is good enough for us.”

If the US is supportive of Israel’s Right to Exist as a Jewish state, then every nation has a right to exist and survive as its own ethno-state.

Be a National Rights Leader. Be a National Rightist.



Seriously: As a kid I was writing what could loosely be termed ‘science fiction’ stories about, or rather involving, what we now call the internet/world wide web, social media, tablets & smartphones before these things existed (I had a ‘Matrix’ story in my head many years before Matrix was conceived.) In a sense I’m genuinely bored with it all because I already went thru all this mentally before there was an internet (Facebook etc). (But I was more interested in the social & psychological effects than say typical ‘engineers’ SF.)
I predicted a madhouse could result as much as, or instead of, all the good these things could in theory do.
We’ve got the madhouse (that you described). I argued with Harold Covington ( for years trying to tell him the millennial under 30s gospel of chan culture, & was basically told to STFU, “we have to keep it in the real world” etc. After all the glorying grandstanding about whites & science & technology, computers in particular, the truth is that our reality looks like some godawful mess in a witch’s cauldron. At the end I agree with Covington, “internet just leads to more internet.” Little of this is actually changing anything in the real world.
My lack of enthusiasm for the Trump phenomenon/presidency is on record elsewhere. The middle-aged whites who voted Trump in can be relied upon to grow old, ineffectual & die. The Enemy fights generationally; whites think in terms of the next 5 minutes, the next quarter. Few people are discussing what happens when young whites live in a world in which there ARE NO more living examples of intact white communities*, white families, white elders who provide intergenerational other memory.

(*The story of whites for thousands of years is that, outside some prehistoric Germanic tribal hunting tribe, Only rich whites get to be White; poor whites are [racially] expendable.

I take it as read that there will ‘always’ be communities, however small, armed fortresses out in the countryside or whatever, of ultra-wealthy whites.) These white youth will be clueless that anything ever was genuinely different. The power of the system, & the Enemy, is to compel one to believe nothing else is possible, even in theory. These kids may dimly remember some old guy named Trump was president when they were children, & all they really know & remember is the world they inhabited when & after the bottom fell out. (Trump’s oligarch class will skate away from the mess as always.

As my mother, who knew, said to my question, Why don’t rich elites care about fouling their own nest?: “They can always move somewhere else.” Globalism in a nutshell.

This might be why Blut und Boden, NS is anathema to these rich elites!!! Hitchcock’s Saboteur offers an excellent image of these people: the high society wealthy [& their upper-middle CoC lackeys etc] who are globalist, oligarchic “totalitarian[s]” (1942)–& the distinction, never described in Saboteur, between East/Communist or West/Capitalist, is in fact the globalist reality.) At absolute best Trump will get a 2nd term before the anti-White, ultra-Liberal-Left and/or non-white backlash votes in Hillary or whomever who, like Trump (a bit of a One Ring theme here) uses the Executive orders to undo everything Trump did overnight. These people will realise a “Trump”-type victory IS a real possibility IF they don’t get out & vote, dramatically altering the dynamic in this last election (overconfidence Hillary would win). Demographic replacement etc will by that time have caught up with us, & we won’t have a win-by-a-whisker electoral vote to save the day. The only real question is, What then?

The sole question of any real value, viz the 14 Words, is Will the White birthrate dramatically increase in a Trump term? Secondarily but nearly as important, Will (young most especially) White males be deprogrammed from anti-white, anti survival psychological etc programming, & fully empowered, again overnight? Ditto young white females re: forming traditional heterosexual normative families with children they bore? Anyone being totally, brutally & coldly honest, knows the answers to these questions are 99.5% certainly No.

Moreover: anyone who is not a kid, knows what they’re talking about from experience, knows that whatever a President (& Congress etc) do usually has few or no effects before “the pendulum swings” & the other party is voted into office, etc. (Eg, Pres B taking credit for the economic upturn that was really part the efforts of Pres A as well as part various economic etc trends.) Positive effects “trickling down” to all the rest of us (those NOT in Trump’s oligarch set) will likely be in a position to hit just as Trump leaves office.
Has a single White student bund been formed at a college or university (not attended by Matt H)? Or any other such tangible real world results? Is the trend that anything concrete on the ground in the real world will exist in 5 years? Or just more “internet that leads to more internet”? There has been & will be further crackdowns by social media owners, banning etc Right-wing, Alt-Right etc users. Where is our Right-wing, politically non-correct Facebook or such–something that really would matter & change the balances–put together by these computer coding-savvy keyboard troops who put in 12 hour days to trend a hashtag etc? Nowhere. Covington is right on that point: Everything (web/internet & cel phones–invoking ‘national security emergency’ etc doubtless) can be taken down in short order by the gov’t, indeed, even private ‘capitalist, free market’ companies who jump (‘How high?’) even without being asked. (All these situations the Founding Fathers, the Constitution etc never envisioned!!) This will happen under a ‘Hillary II’, & could happen under a Trump admin that has a sudden total ‘crackdown on terrorism’ or something. (& we don’t really know how this will evolve. Things could happen, eg another Roof etc, causing Trump & co to turn hostile on the extreme/Alt ie racial Right–“Look, I’m NOT those people!”)

‘Doxing’ will probably become normal, sooner or later.

Oswald Jaeger

“Even if you got woke after waking up from your sex change operation,
even if you’re not in a financial position to leave your mandingo gay
marriage partner at the moment, even if you’ve got straight-up Comet Ping Pong
business in your past…”

This is exactly what’s wrong with your retarded alt-right, jewish controlled, sic [it doesn’t matter if you’re a fag] movement.

You can get better members for your movement by scouring the pews of even the Southern Baptist churches, FFS.

As for Heimbach and his so called muh “Orthodox Christianity,” I question his integrity to the Christian faith, given the ambiguous attitude towards faggots and jews, so clearly demonstrated in this article that was allowed to be posted on such a “Traditional and Orthodox,” website.

LMFAO, what a bunch of fucking freaks!

Matt Parrott

I didn’t say those people are welcome to join our party or work with us.

Do you disagree with my point that anybody, regardless of their history or situation, is capable of finding a way to contribute constructively? Are you disagreeing with that, or are you just being deliberately dense?

Are you being deliberately dense about how Orthodoxy and Traditionalism works relative to people who’ve screwed up in the past? Did you mistake it for Eighties Fundamentalism?

Where’s the disconnect here?

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