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It’s Going Down is the antifa’s attempt at a well-financed, intelligently-edited clearinghouse to bring some much-needed hierarchy and order to the anarchist community. One of their goals is to become a central hub of intelligent anti-white discourse, handsomely paying authors to showcase their ideology. A problem with this, however, is that anti-white rhetoric can’t actually survive in the wild. It doesn’t hold up on open platforms.

Everything that the anarchists claim to stand for is ironically better executed by the fascists. Spontaneous order, grassroots political activism, political progress wrought from the sausage factory of completely uncensored discourse. Keith Preston and other National Anarchist types have spelled all of this out in detail, but it bears repeating. There is no political scene less authentically “anarchist” than the highly structured, stifled, censored, and stuffy “anarchist” scene.

Sean Donahue is a jackass, and he would have repeatedly been exposed as a jackass within his own camp had there been open and uncensored comments on his article, “The Lie of White Identity.” Please bear in mind that this is not a shitpost, that the following is an entirely serious attempt at a middle-aged man’s self-description…

Sean Donahue is a highly neurodivergent wild forest creature who defies the seelie/unseelie binary. He lives on traditional Klickitat territory in Trout Lake, WA and has an herbal practice in Portland and Beaverton, OR. He is an initiated priest of the BlackHeart line of the Feri Tradition of witchcraft, and carrier of the Green Wand.

His thesis is essentially that the “Irish aren’t White.” In Sean’s fevered imagination, White American heritage and identity is a toxic anti-identity because there was some unfairness, inconsistency, and loss of parochial identity in its formation. The first and most obvious strategic flaw in his model is that he also accidentally kicks over Black identity in America, as the proposition that synthetic colonial identities are inherently wicked fits equally well on the other foot. The Black freeman identity was one forged by English-speaking Blacks who achieved a privileged role relative to the African and Caribbean identities subsumed into the novel colonial identity of “Black American.”

The intent and effect of legislating a new division of people was to create an overseer class, a class of poor “white” men who believed that they had an interest in enforcing the enslavement of Africans and their descendants. Laws granted them a degree of privilege, the promise of greater wealth and freedom if they made society (including the torture of Black people and the eradiation of Indigenous people) continue to run smoothly.

He couldn’t really be much more wrong in his neatly packaged attempt to explain the White American as a fabrication invented by the evil British to hold down his noble Irish forefathers. The first problem, one which would have been rapidly noted in the comments were they allowed, is that America wasn’t the only place Whites went and encountered other races. A similar process played out around the world, despite different colonial powers encountering different indigenous populations and arriving at different economic models and relationships with the varying ethnicities.

Even in places like Canada which never had slavery, the Blacks were a separate and distinct people from the Europeans. In a historical process which makes absolutely no sense for Mr. Donahue, the freed slaves who followed the Underground Railroad to Canada self-segregated into their own communities when there and were eager to return to the United States as soon as possible. Strangely, the Irish and Blacks in the colonial world identify and behave as two separate groups even when the big evil Anglo villain isn’t enforcing the color line.

Basically, what Sean’s trying to get at is that Irish Americans are every bit as persecuted as the American Negro. To hear him tell it, his family was even hunted by the Klan.

It was the Ku Klux Klan that did come, burning a cross at High Rock Tower to try to drive the Irish out. My grandfather watched while my great-grandfather kept him quiet and still. To the Klan, the Irish were not white. Nor were they white to the Anglo-American Christians, including the famously liberal Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, who vilified the Irish “race” a generation before.

I roll my eyes at the entire “Victim Olympics” farce indulged in by the Left. But to try to frame Irish Americans, among the most privileged, successful, and “White” people in America from very early on, as being as victimized as a people who were systemically held as property for centuries is quite a stretch. One might imagine that he would be mad about the anti-Catholic sentiment which actually fueled the Klan opposition to later Irish immigration, but he’s not. His Irish ancestors were all followers of the Celtic old gods, you see.

My Irish and Swedish ancestors felt no more and no less commonality with each other than with the Tlingit or the Kogi or the Malians or the Viet Namese. They did not conceive of themselves as European, much less as white.

They also did not work with the same gods or share the same rituals.

Some of the Daoine Sidhe came across the ocean on ships with my great grandparents (my father heard a Bean-Sidhe wailing the night my great-grandmother died), just as the Orisha travelled from Africa to the Americas in slave ships and across Damballah’s rainbow bridge. But the next generation had to cease acknowledging their presence if they wanted to be admitted to white society.

Whiteness somehow managed to kill the old gods in Ireland, too. Whiteness is like that, just traveling around through history ruining everything for Sean Donahue’s synthetic neoliberal neo-pagan LARPfest. Of course, his recent ancestors were almost all Christians and his distant pagan ancestors would likely throw him in a bog halfway through his attempt to explain to them that their faith is founded on slave morality, victim mentality, and sacralized cowardice and defeat.

None of this matters. A dialectic which cannot survive in the wild will eventually die in the street, too, which is exactly what’s happening to the “antifa” scene. They can carefully censor and connive around their internal contradictions on their moderated forums and polished e-zines right up until it’s time to get busy. Then the White kids like Donahue who want to talk down to the minorities about oppression because they’re Irish, the snot-nosed social engineers who want to carry on about Marxist theory, and the working class, both minority and White alike, discover that they’re in agreement about nothing except that they’re somehow victims of somebody somewhere.




Very well put my friend. Many people just don’t realize that whites consist of many different tribes and creeds just like the native Americans and Africans who have intermarried over the years to preserve their race, religion, culture, and national/tribal identity.

The subversive people within our US govt along with their public paid servants do need to be educated to the facts behind the elitist Zionist/Jesuit multicultural Marxism being used to rob, supplant, and kill off whites and Christians globally. Using old anti-white christian Nazi symbolism that has been rubbed into our psyches for years needs to be shelved and replaced with the average white person and our plight against very insidious enemies. White Christians and Muslims have been marked for eradication by any means possible. At least the Muslims know and fightback.


“Everything that the anarchists claim to stand for is ironically better executed by the fascists.”

As one of the villains says in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film “Salo”:

“We Fascists are the only true anarchists, naturally, once we’re masters of the state. In fact, the one true anarchy is that of power.”

We know from history various periods of “feudal anarchy,” or warlordism, as proud noblemen refused obedience to kings and became their own lords.


Firstly, I’m so bewildered by some of this article I need to re-read it a few times to make sure I understood TYN’s position.

Re: Irish: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be contentious, but rich white Anglo-Saxons & those aping their mores–eg Scandinavian immigrants–have traditionally regarded Irish folks as scum. ‘Np Irish Need Apply’ was within living memory in my family. I sufferred a form of racial discrimination within my own family–my mother’s Barrington, IL insurance exec rich class family–for my Irish heritage on my father’s side. (I only in the last few years pieced this together & was dumbfounded to realise what had been staring me in the face the entire time.)

We still have the ‘Irish aren’t true whites’ mentality in the America First crowd, in the WN movement, William B Fox who was my long-distance Asatru mentor as ‘Thor Sanhet’ until he cut his hair, lost the Thor’s Hammer & went back to his Harvard MBA self.

CS Lewis, who was a Northern Irishman of Welsh descent, said ‘the Celts/Irish are anarchs in grain’ somewhere. There is some truth to it. I more than half seriously attribute some of my difficulties in life to the Celtic half being at war with the Scandinavian half (a distinction most whites would never see or comprehend).


It is a fact not an opinion that there is an element in the White Nationalist movement, based largely in New England/people from there, that quietly denounces the Irish & Irish Americans.
While it is true that there have been wealthy & successful Irish Americans, it’s also true there were a lot of poor ‘trash’ ones, indentured servants etc (probably a line my father descends from). I can’t agree with Parrott on this one to the extent of denying my own family history.

I say this less because of particulars re: Irish, but rather that this logic can be used against any [white] group.

I have no answer, lest I be accused of anything other than airing the factual truth. This is the sort of divisiveness that gets us in the end. I would point out I’m not the one firing shots (NOT referring to Matt or his article).

Btw I have personally known people that sound just like Mr Sean Donahue here, & nearly all are 1) very to screamingly liberal, 2) among the most screamingly WHITE people I have known.

Matt, the Irish, as well as the Scots, the Welsh, in short everyone not of the prestigious wealthy upper class of England, “public” school educated etc, have known they have to sacrifice their regional identities, accents, culture, beliefs (eg leaving RC Ch for the CoE) to join that ruling/upper class. Your essay here is a (understandable) yell at Donahue & co, I get that. But taken fully literally to its conclusion it denies facts of life anyone in Britain has for centuries had to deal with.
& that toxic poison stew bequeathed us by the Anglo-Saxons of England lie at the heart of a lot of these problems, both as it working itself out (to the destruction of the race & society) in Britain, in Europe, & in ways usually superficially different to the trained eye, in America.

To the best of my (scholarly) knowledge, no, our ancestors did indeed not refer to themselves or think of themselves as ‘White’, etc. I believe Prof Kevin MacDonald has made some comments in this area. & that, alas, is largely where our problems stem from (our evolutionary past, that & a good dose of original sin, if you have those beliefs).

I guess it looks that way to a contemporary American who has not had to deal with these issues either as a family matter and/or a matter of identity (‘What am I? Am I European? Irish raised in Yorkshire in the 1990s? An Iowan?’ etc).

I’m not in Donahue’s head so I don’t know, but for all I know perhaps I walked some of the road with him. His choice of path led him to his present views. My inner guiding sense & path led me to where I am, a hard TYN WN, etc. If I wrote it all out it might sound somewhat Pilgrim’s Regress-ish (CS Lewis). & Lewis would not be at all surprised at my point, I think.

‘The most insidious enemy’ every white faces is the person in the mirror. I know of nothing except a decades-long struggle at the extremes of the intellectual & psychological envelope (& of which most people are incapable), or else just a plunge like the Christian call to repentance & struggle (cf Codreanu), to deal with it.

I receive the org letter, emails etc. I thought TradYouth & TradWorker are on the side of the poor , ordinary folk, crudely ‘the 99%’, etc. Ditto Harold Covington & Northwest Front. I’m not sure of what relevance telling us there have been some wealthy Irish Americans who have been ‘above it all’ is. They are the deracinated ones who insist on shoving their crypto-“masonic” liberal communist globalist agenda down everyone’s throats, while it was usually amongst the (working) poor/working class, & some middles, that ethnic/heritage identity & pride survived.

Maybe it’s because I live in a very liberal state that voted against Trump, but I just am not seeing any of these gains Matt speaks of in the real world. I live in a world where 1 very-slightly-hair Right of Trump comment/posting on FB costs you half your friends (starting with the well-educated ultra-white etc ones).
I’m not sure what the ‘LARPfest’ comment means. Me & a few dear friends I have not seen since wore kilts in East Texas on 95F days. There were plenty of people who I’m sure thought we were ‘LARPers’. Actually that ACT was where my white identity began its slow, steady burrowing march from my subconscious into my conscious. ‘Dumb little things’ like that in retrospect played large, sometimes huge, roles (‘I drove 220 miles to stand in 98F heat to hear Scottish Highland bagpipes, wearing a skirt…why???’).

Oh btw my local Orthodox church ordained to the priesthood a black man who looked a lot like Obama this Theophany, & they have a new wooden-carving bas-relief ‘icon’ in a very prominent place in the narthex of ‘Ethiopian’ art.

Matt, I think I understand what you were trying to do here, but please, with all due respect (which is much), I think your article is a lesson in unintended consequences upon closer examination. I to this day talk to poor whites who have never set foot in college, but who know a surprising amount of history, & their just, understandable bitterness at what was done to Celtic ancestors (whatever tribe) is fact based. It hinders & divides us when we need such people the most. I can see such people reading this & being mortally offended. I’m sorry, that’s all I was trying to communicate.

Matt Parrott

I can only speak from my own Midwestern perspective. I’ve been hit upside the head more than once from coastal types for whom the old world identities are still relevant to varying degrees.

I’m Anglo-Celtic. My region is Anglo-Celtic. I belong to a vast swath of America stretching from the Ohio Valley down through Florida of old settler stock for whom being “Irish” is largely a distant, remote, genealogical footnote upon one’s “White American” identity.


I had a red-headed Irish Catholic acquaintance who complained about her family’s encounters with the Klan. She was a die-hard Leftist and married a Jew. To my knowledge, she now works for a legal marijuana manufacturer. While I am sympathetic to your post, insofar as I believe (not that I matter) the movement should save as many Whites as possible, it also seems reasonable — at least to me — to exclude race traitors.


“Highly neurodivergent wild forest creature who defies the seelie/unseelie binary.” I’m trying hard to understand why this language makes me want to crash my head against a wall. Something in it that is demonically anti-civilizational, powerfull language and thought completely in opposition to truth/Logos. If we acheive the NS ethnostate, can we afford to have this creature in our forest?


I read an article in the NYT about the Irish-Americans and how ”racist” it was for being a tight knit community…like New York Jews aren’t….what absolute sh*t. Yes the Irish were victimised by the English…but that doesn’t mean they’ve anything in common with Blacks(or they should have made common cause with them)….stuff like ”How The Irish Became White” is Marxist Academic nonsense… I admire any people who’ve managed to retain their identity(Basques, Quebecois, Cajun) Far better than to just be ”White”.

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