On Optics, Linguistic Relativism, and AltRight Politics

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis is a keystone of Cultural Marxism, one heavily promoted by Franz Boas, which applies the relativist assault on Western modernism to language. According to whorfism, or “linguistic relativity,” the structure and vocabulary of language drives human thought and consequent behavior, rather than vice-versa. The best popular cultural depiction of this phenomenon lies in George Orwell’s dystopian 1984, of a nightmarish future where domination and manipulation of language and words reinforces a tyrannical empire.

For the modern left, 1984 is an instruction manual. The problem is that the hypothesis is wrong. While there is some secondary and superficial feedback, objective reality drives language and perception. Linguistic manipulation can only work superficially and temporarily before reality reasserts itself. Whatever point on the euphemism treadmill one is on, whether you call them African Americans, People of Color, Colored, Negros, or something even less savory, the word will always come to be associated with tasteless interior decorating and declining property values.

This fantastical thinking wherein they imagine that labels magically transform the contents of a box informs their racial theories, their gender theories, their economics, and their political strategy. In their minds, you can just call all of the experts “basement dwellers” and call themselves “experts,” all of the esteem, gravitas, and even validity will follow. Whites receive privilege because everybody thinks they’re generally on the ball. Minorities receive poverty because everybody thinks they’re generally not on the ball.

Invert the language and labels along with the money, titles, and institutional sinecures, they imagine, and their make-believe will manifest as reality. Bear in mind that they must think this way, because to do otherwise would require them to square off with the intrinsic nature of inequality. They must and will continue to apply this theory because the only alternative is to admit that the White male’s “privilege” in Western civilization was and continues to be primarily intrinsic.

In our government, academia, and our journalism professions, there has been a concerted, organized, systematic campaign to apply this cult of relativism in every facet. Affirmative Action, both legally explicit and culturally encouraged, has left us with the upside-down world we now find ourselves in. It’s one where 4chan trolls, derided as unemployed white male “losers,” handily run circles around the government’s intelligence “experts,” academia’s most honored public “intellectuals,” and the media’s most esteemed “journalists.”

Trump’s campaign was about so much more than Trump’s policies or Hillary’s corruption. Trump refused to run a traditional campaign, largely crowdsourcing his effort to those young men at the bottom of our society’s contrived order with the least “expertise,” “intellect,” and “integrity.” The results spoke for themselves through the primaries, through the general election, and now into his administration’s battle with both the neocon republicans and the embattled neoliberal establishment.

The imposed relativism always falls apart, and it’s falling apart ever more rapidly thanks to the Internet. The men without an esteemed degree who actually wrote the term papers for those who are now in the “respectable” position are steadily achieving both real respect and real power despite the labels. Imageboard forums once considered bastions of losers are taking on an aura of invincibility, genius, and expertise for their deft strategy and execution while the gilded “CNN,” “CIA,” and “John McCain” are exposed for the bumbling lightweights they are.

Earlier today, Donald Trump pointed at CNN, called them “Fake News,” and refused to legitimate them by answering their question. CNN’s desperate, pleading response was “Mr. President Elect, that’s very inappropriate!” For the past year, there’s been a battle between competing platforms. CNN, the CIA, the Democrats, and even the Republican Party itself attempted to leverage their gravitas and optics to insist that Trump’s the one who’s not credible, not serious, not responsible. And now Buzzfeed, CNN, and the CIA are the ones whose platform crumbles under the weight of being less credible, serious, and responsible than Trump, the AltRight, and even 4chan.

Our own movement parrots the enemy’s failed strategy with its focus on “optics.” If only we took on the superficial language, dress codes, and mannerisms of the corrupt elites, we could somehow also achieve their power and respect. Linguistic and optical relativism won’t work here, either. Part of me wishes that our party could dress up in clown costumes while continuing to patiently and persistently pursue the winning strategy, just to prove once and for all that optics are reflective and transient.

Within a few months, big red shoes and bright yellow suspenders would be associated with patient and selfless advocacy for our faith, family, and folk. It’s not that much of a stretch, given that the powers that be are currently bedeviled by a subculture known for ecchi erotica, cartoon frogs, and bearded losers in basements. Pepe’s smug grin of aloof self-possession is holding stronger than ever as the smug grin of our nation’s elites give way to open panic and hysterics.

Rick Wilson can continue trying to mock us for being basement dwelling anime enthusiasts who lack his deep state connections and institutional political seriousness. But now Rick and his CIA affiliates are being pantsed by objective reality, an objective reality which confirms that the Trump supporters and AltRight radicals are dramatically more sensible, intelligent, and effective. It’s not “imposter syndrome” nagging at you, Rick. You’re not an authentic elite. You have no business afforded the power and respect you wielded as the controlled opposition under the neoliberal hegemony.

Contrast our simple no-frills black bloc lite approach with that of American Vanguard, which continues to indulge in infighting with us because they’re immature, undisciplined fools. In their minds, we’re “ruining everything” because we don’t do optics the way they demand, …and optics are everything. They refused to stand with us in Chicago against the corrupt politicians and journalists who tried to silence the kidnapping and torture of one of our own because they sneer at our “optics.” They’re the Rick Wilson of the AltRight, and they’ll share a similar fate.

When they arrived, many celebrated their optics. They certainly have a lot of slick graphics and the men involved assuredly invest more time in their grooming and style than we do. But their optical advantage was short-lived, as they invested little time in operations security, in instilling messaging discipline, and in engaging in the sort of networking and logistics that are necessary to orchestrate successful pro-white action.

Now, mere months after their optically dazzling rollout, the vehicle has achieved the “optics” of having been outsmarted and intimidated by the antifa, having started several entirely unnecessary feuds with allied organizations, and having been almost entirely disbanded after their string of failures resulted in their own internal feuding. And for the record, since 2017 is the year for movement unity, I’ll stop fighting with American Vanguard as soon as they stop fighting with us. Earlier today, their chief propagandist was on twitter calling Heimbach a Marxist and claiming we look like skinheads.

Circling the wagons against an organization which cannot and will not cease infighting isn’t infighting. It’s hygiene. It’s the answer to infighting. While I won’t facilitate or promote the successful antifa doxxing campaign against them, I owe them no solidarity whatsoever when they’ve brought that crisis entirely on themselves and continue to do so. We show solidarity with organizations we’re at odds with, incompatible with, and even openly arguing with when they have a proven record of being reliable nationalists who generally promote unity.

The minute American Vanguard knocks it off, we’ll also knock it off. I doubt they will, since they’re enraptured by the cult of optics. They genuinely believe that with the right graphics and posturing, they can lead the movement. Even Spencer, who’s very big on optics, doesn’t rely on optics nearly as much as it appears. The man has been a nationalist for a very long time, has an impressive education, writes well, and works hard. AmVan imagines that they can just run with the haircut, tailored suits, and corporate marketing and get just as far.

As Donald Trump might say, “Wrong!”

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Louis Marschalko

Personally, my own rules of language:
“National Socialist”, not “Nazi”.
“National Socialist Germany” or “The New Germany”, not “Nazi Germany”.
“Chancellor Hitler” or “the Chancellor”, not “der Führer”.

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