How to Cover an Anti-White Crime

Arrive Fashionably Late

While the story had fully bubbled up from the undernews into the mainstream news cycle yesterday, Wednesday, at around 5pm, it wasn’t until half a day later, at the wee hour of 4:30am, that the Washington Post managed to cobble together an article about this shocking news event. Even their trending section betrays that it’s the story most interesting to their readers, yet it’s not to be found in the print edition at all. Not on the front page, not on the back page. Not on it!

The anti-Black hate crime which happened years ago remains front page news, while the relevant one receives no print at all. I’m sure the excuse will be that the article didn’t quite make the deadline. Despite the story being obviously, quantifiably, the most interesting story for their audience, it receives one single late and meandering obligatory web article, while half the paper is about their stillborn “russian hackers!” narrative they’ve been trying but failing to shove down our throats for months.

Be Dazed and Confused

Washington Post, being an esteemed journal of record, mustered up the courage to gently speculate that the Black people were Black and the White people were White.

Police declined to give the race of the suspects or the victim. In the video, the suspects appear black. The victim appears to be white.

Most of the readers have seen the video and the mugshots by now. What is race, after all? What is motive? What constitutes the difference between kidnapping and battery on account of race and what constitutes playtime? What is truth? How can we possibly define an action as a “hate crime” when we’re all just molecules swirling around in this big crazy universe?

Nobody in the media asked if Roof was even White, if the victims were even Black, or if his stated motives were actually his motives at all. That hate crime, which happened years ago–yet remains front page news on this very edition!–is as clear as day for WaPo’s hateful, vindictive anti-White editorial staff. All of the equally monstrous anti-white, anti-cop, anti-Christian, and Islamic terrorist attacks which have happened between Roof’s act and today have all drifted away from the public memory, leaving only the solitary young man who fits their frame.

The fact that Roof did what he did precisely because of what’s happening Chicago, the Chicago PD, and WaPo’s office is another obvious matter which will go right over their heads.

The department said that it believes the video is “credible.”

Note the amateurish scare quotes around the word “credible.” For Derek Hawkins, ever-mindful of his Jewish boss’s perspective, even the most basic and obvious things receive the bafflement and skepticism befitting a Leonard Nimoy voiceover.

Area North Detectives Commander Kevin Duffin said the department was weighing whether to bring hate crime charges against the suspects, saying it was not yet clear whether the attack was motivated by bias.

“Fuck White people!” they repeatedly cried while torturing him, forcing him to drink toilet water, and kicking him while he lay there bleeding. And it’s not yet clear whether the attack was motivated by bias?

Be Really Really Open-Minded

“They’re young adults. And they make stupid decisions,” Duffin said. “That certainly will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime to determine whether this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving.”

Duffin, who’s also Black, speculates that kidnapping and torturing a helpless innocent man for days on end is just hijinks. It’s just kids being kids. What a sick, depraved, wretched reality this man must inhabit in order to have the nerve to verbalize such a grotesque statement.

When police found the victim, Duffin said, he was so traumatized that it took most of the night to calm him down to the point that he was able to talk to investigators.

“We’re still talking to the victim. It’s quite a possibility that it was a kidnapping,” Duffin said. “But he’s traumatized by the incident and it’s very tough to communicate with him at this point.”

The man was bound and tortured for days, with the incident live streamed for the world to see, and Duffin’s open to the proposition that perhaps he was kidnapped.

In November, the day after the presidential election, a group of people were recorded beating a 49-year-old man while shouting, “you voted Trump” and “don’t vote Trump.” Four people were charged with vehicular hijacking in connection with that incident.

Of course, no hate crime charges were filed in that case, either.

The anti-white bias in our society couldn’t be made more plain than what’s presented by the incident itself, law enforcement’s response to the incident, and the media’s coverage of the incident. The only reason we’re even hearing about it is because one of the perpetrators live-streamed the attack and our people were able to circumvent the rapid and systematic censorship of the video and discussion about the video on the major social media platforms. Funny how WaPo takes nearly a day to whip up a cursory article about it, yet the censors at Facebook and YouTube are on it within mere minutes.

But the censors weren’t fast enough. The spin and censorship wasn’t effective enough. Washington Post would like to just whistle right past this incident, but they will not succeed. This isn’t over. We are awakened now. We are organized now. White victims of systemic, institutional, pervasive anti-White mistreatment and even abuse and torture are now capable of formulating a response. This is just the beginning.



The evil-doers at Google, Facebook and Twitter realize human censors will never be able to keep up when millions are sharing content. It is a problem that their machine learning engineers are working hard to solve. There are algorithms that can detect when shared content is approaching virality. The plan long-term appears to be to use self-teaching, machine learning algorithms to rapidly suppress unapproved content without human intervention. I’m not sure what the solution to this problem is, but I think it’s a pending development people need to know about. We will have to find ways to beat their algorithms.

Smash Islamophobia

The other side of that issue is, of course, improving bots/ AI to decrease the amount of human work involved in promoting the narrative.

Kaitlyn Thomas

This is outrageous !!! I am so angry that any human being black or white would be treated so horribly, this is totally pure evil !! They deserve to be punished severely.!!


Wow, if only all White goys were as enthusiastic and passionate as you are Matthew for the cause of White preservation and White rights.

I can’t thank you enough for your work and passion for our rights as Whites.

You are clearly blessed, sir!

May God Almighty Himself protect you and yours from our common enemies, and the usual suspects; that is, our enemies’ (((enablers))) and sympathizers.


IF only more Whites all around the world woke up out of their stupor, started naming the JEW and the Zionists. The holohoax that perpetuates the “victim Jew” which allows the Jew to claim victimhood status against “evil Whitey”.

Indeed, if Whites and Europeans are simply allowed to freely, and without socio-legal sanctions, speak out against the corrosive effect of these parasitical, sub-human Jewish parasites in all White nations.

Too many Whites and Europeans are still drinking from the poisonous chalice of the Jewish run political/business/entertainment etc etc industries and establishments. Instead of taking back these industries and throwing the (((money-lenders))) out of these temples. Too many Whites are cucking for the Zio-Jews and making excuses for them (Christian Zionists and other Zio-Jew apologists, etc).

The Jews clearly want more race wars between Whites and Blacks and other minorities.

Just as the Zionists have been using ZOG-USA and Europe/ NATO and its worldwide allies to usher in the suspect, never-ending “war on terror”.

Cui bono? Jewish interests, Jewish money. Truly the Jews are of this world, of the flesh, and serve the Synagogue of Satan, the Prince of this World.

The anti-White, Jewish-enforced and propagandized multicultural dystopia for all Western countries is hopefully becoming clearer to all in the digital age.

Along with the one-sided brainwashing of Whites of “loving the other” which is ever undeniably one way (and promoted by most Jewish-subverted churches); never reciprocated to Whites from the ever-privileged non-Whites (and traitorous self-loathing and brainwashed Whites/ goys).

˟̾͋͊͌̚Kim de France•⁞∞••­‹

I think Jews in western countries should forget their past with the Germans, Jews (journalists/politicians/teachers/lawyers) who force western countries to mix up with Africa/Middle East/Islam to weaken western countries, to take revenge on the Whites for their past : are traitors.
Whereas Jew journalists/politicians/teachers call for no racism/and national unity (to weaken western countries) after each bombs attack, they can’t respect their own principles : they can’t forget the past with the Whites from the past.

Pat McGilvary

The big thing that gets missed is that the police state, largely white, are also our biggest enemies. People answer to money above all else, unless you are one in a million. They have gold plated pensions here in California to do the dirty work of ZOG.

Pat McGilvary

Having read about Don Black’s attempts to recruit tea party types back around 2010-2012 and the complete rejection of this recruitment, I would suggest a do-over at this time. You should see the headlines and comment sections over there now. I could see the tea party finally came around to the war on whites this summer during the presidential campaign.

I can guarantee you that you won’t face rejection this time around.


I was very impressed with something Fuhrer Anglin wrote recently about people on the far left moving our direction, something like the early days of the NSDAP. Many whites on the far left must be looking at stuff like this, plus the latino-muslim shooter in Florida and feeling the ground under their feet turning to jello. Not to mention 1000’s of Bernie Bros still feelin that burn.

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