All that Jazz: David Cole Stein’s Zionist Double-Standards

January 12, 2017

I wrote a response last week to David Cole’s demand that the AltRight bend the knee to Israeli Zionism. A painful thing about my relationship with Jews is that I am a smart-ass who loves insult comedy. I love it at my expense. I love it “close to home.” I enjoy Black comedians roasting on White people. I get a kick out of the antifa and infighting hit pieces on me. To this day, years after I happened upon it in a random comment somewhere, I’ll refer to myself as a “fat faggot in a fedora.”

There’s an honesty and integrity in Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams, and several Latino and foreign comedians who’ve targeted my people and my culture which is altogether lacking in Jewish comedians and cultural commentators. I’ve been a big fan of sketch comedy since my earliest memory. I laughed along with Michael Ian Black when he mocked my White, Midwestern, and Christian customs and traditions. Nothing was out of bounds for him as he parodied my religion, my race, my history, and my people.

I laughed along because I was under the false impression that he was laughing with me. You will be shocked and disappointed to learn that Michael Ian Black threw a tantrum and blocked me on Twitter a few months back when I attempted to joke back with him about his own faith and heritage. You’ll also be shocked and disappointed to learn that David Cole has blocked me on Facebook, wished death upon me, and even cackled, “Fuck you!” when I attempted to respond in kind to his wry polemic.

They have an impotent rage at White Christians which is too easily mistaken by natural smartasses like myself for hard-hitting comedy. They’re deadly serious in hating us and hoping that we choke, and they’ve been laughing all the way to the bank as we’ve been lapping up their hostile “entertainment.” What presents itself as a self-effacing smartass is anything but when you dare to actually sniff around for comedy at their expense.

Me? I don’t. Every now and then, I get an email from this-or-that white supremacist or Nazi sympathizer reassuring me that I’m one of the “good Jews.”

To clarify, I never attempted to call Cole a “good Jew” or a “bad Jew.” My policy about Jews orbiting nationalist issues is to ignore them when they’re doing good work and to challenge the ideas when they’re introducing problematic stuff. You won’t find me saying one positive or negative word about Cole in the decades we’ve both been around the same circles because I don’t care about the Holocaust, which has been his forté this entire time. Even if he were affirming it, I wouldn’t have bothered with him, since I’m not a historian. I don’t pretend to be one, and I don’t give a damn what delousing agents were stocked in Building E in this or that aerial photograph.

I’d never heard of self-appointed alt-right “leader” Matt Parrott, but apparently he’s one of those starry-eyed dreamers who’s hard at work creating a white homeland that will secede from the U.S. and become the independent state of Whitetopia, or something along those lines. I’d render my opinion of this monumental undertaking, but the Bible instructs us, “Answer not a fool according to his folly,” and, arguably for the first time in my life, I’m going to follow the Good Book’s advice.

Bear in mind here that his entire article was in defense of his own ethnic homeland. He has a hateful, hostile, dismissive, and derogatory attitude toward my own people wishing for a homeland of our own, of course. Jewish Zionism is above any reproach whatsoever, while my own Zion is beneath contempt for him. In my article, I explained very concisely and clearly that I don’t object to the Jewish homeland, but that it must learn to drop the colonialist aggression in favor of a more constructive and less supremacist approach to national identity.

He’s quite vividly the hateful and foolish one here, believing that Israel can carry on taking on the entire world, burning through what little moral capital it retains from WWII historiography, …forever.

There’s no need for me to quote at length from Parrott’s anti-Cole diatribe, because this piece isn’t about him, but rather, the angel and the devil perched on opposite shoulders of that hard-to-define entity known as the alt-right.

To quote my article would betray to the readers that I didn’t attack negro jazz. He completely made that up. I merely noted that Jews swiftly jumped onto the hot trend of negro jazz. It ain’t really my cup of tea, but I’m not one to denigrate or downplay the profound cultural contributions of the African American. He just sort of pegs me for the most tacky sort of eighties-style White supremacist. As much as I stand in solidarity with tacky eighties White supremacists, Cole’s article completely misjudges me, misinterprets my thesis, and goes off on a complete tangent.

For the purposes of this piece, I’ll define “alt-right” as the Trump-supporting segment of the right that distinguishes itself from “mainstream” National Review-style conservatives via a willingness to straightforwardly approach certain “dangerous” topics like race. Parrott’s argument, essentially, is that the alt-right must beware the Jew, the eternal infiltrator.

Please bear in mind while reading all of this that David is explicitly hostile to White Nationalism as beneath contempt, and demands that the AltRight forfeits all of its identity politics in favor of supporting his identity politics. That’s textbook subversion and cuckoldry in black and white (white and gold?). There are actually some Jewish folks who are arguing that White identity and Jewish identity should team up. That’s not necessarily subversion, though it ain’t my cup of tea. But what Cole’s doing here can’t be interpreted any other way than hostile subversion.

He’s hostile toward White people, hostile toward White identity politics, and yet demands that we shut up and support Israel. Don’t take my word for it. Take his.

Parrott’s argument is that the alt-right will be destroyed from inside should Jews be allowed through the door, because, he points out, it was Jew infiltrators who gave us “negro jazz.”

I didn’t actually say that last part. He’s just making shit up. He then spends a paragraph or so explaining that negro jazz is here to stay. Okay. I’m fine with that.

Now that Trump has won, now that the left’s scarecrows have been torn to shreds, and now that the “alt-right” is struggling to find an identity that goes beyond merely being pro-Trump, some on the alt-right are making the same mistake that the GOP establishment did: They are ignoring the fact that they have a dynamite hand to play in merely opposing the straight white Christian male-bashing of the left. They don’t think that’s enough. They don’t just want to be against something, they want to be for something.

For the record, I’m not opposed to Republican populists playing the civic nationalist hand against the radical left as far as it will go. I’m a White Nationalist, and have been since well before I was one of the first authors at the first rendition of the Alternative Right website. I’ll continue to be one. But I’m patient and pragmatic enough to be supportive of civic nationalism while still keeping our own prerogatives in mind.

Way too many so-called alt-right “leaders” believe that the only way to fight the bullshit from the left is with bullshit from the right. Hence the Matt Parrotts who want the alt-right to adopt lunatic ideas like forming a white homeland and seceding from the U.S., hence the Matt Parrotts who think the key to ensuring a continued alt-right presence on the national political scene is to keep bitching about how the Jews gave us “negro jazz.”

He just can’t let the negro jazz thing go. Seriously. Look at my article. I only mentioned how Jews infiltrated the negroes in passing, among other things. I passed no judgment on jazz music itself, don’t consider it a relevant issue, and I know that Cole fully agrees with my point, that Jews discovered and got heavily involved in the jazz scene very early.

Does he even realize that he’s holding up my idealistic dream of a sovereign homeland as the height of stupidity in contrast with his Israeli Zionism? Did he even think this article through? Does he even care? Are these people capable of realizing when they’re being flaming hypocrites?

The rational angels will almost surely lose, and the fanatical devils will win. And it will be a pyrrhic victory, as once the Parrotts chase out the rationalists, the “establishments” (left and right) will have the perfect excuse to bury the alt-right for good. Because, as I said earlier, white Christian Americans are a tolerant folk.

We’re reaching the limits of our tolerance with naked hatred and hypocrisy like what Cole displays here, hissing and spitting up venom at my people for desiring what his people allow themselves.

Whom Fortune wishes to destroy, she first makes stupid. I truly hope that the best elements of the alt-right, the ones who, even if I don’t agree with them completely, can provide an intelligent counterpoint to the leftist race-haters in the “legit” press, survive the idle pleasures of these victorious days. The country needs them. But I fear they will not survive, and their destruction will come not at the hands of “Jew infiltrators,” but rather the pied pipers of stupidity from within their own ranks.



Translation: You got that, goyim? You exist to soak up frustration about your demographic displacement and the double standards, you fools. You’re not to actually seek real solutions to your impending extinction, you idiots. Just make some profit off of the passing white populist political fad and stop right there, jackass. If you dare to actually advocate for yourselves the very thing that I started this argument advocating for, we will strike you down, stupid.

Don’t be so sure that all of this will remain within your comfortable twentieth century dichotomies and paradigms, Mr. Stein. We are indeed a tolerant folk, but you haven’t seen how we get when our patience has been fully exhausted.

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