The Deep State vs. The Donald

The Washington Post is signaling that it has the CIA on its side against Donald Trump. And they’re making it very clear that they are on its side against the American people and their electoral process in a potential coup d’etat. That sounds like some conspiratorial banana republic nonsense, because it is. WaPo has deep ties to the (((deep state))), and it’s not going to wait for Trump to blunder before it gets busy working to depose him by any means necessary.

WaPo’s David Nakamura, a card-carrying CFR member, is kvetching that “Trump, CIA on collision course over Russia’s role in U.S. election.”

The simmering distrust between Donald Trump and U.S. intelligence agencies escalated into open antagonism Saturday after the president-elect mocked a CIA report that Russian operatives had intervened in the U.S. presidential election to help him win.

The growing tensions set up a potential showdown between Trump and the nation’s top intelligence officials during what some of those officials describe as the most complex threat environment in decades.

Their “fake news” unsubstantiated rumor that the intelligence community has evidence that Russia hacked and released Podesta’s emails in an attempt to influence the American election is their proof that our precious and pristine democratic process has been influenced by foreign governments. Of course, we don’t need Washington Whispers to tell us that other governments actively interfere in our elections. The Israeli government openly discusses its interference in our elections while the candidates (including Trump) publicly and privately meet with AIPAC, Sheldon Adelson, and lord knows how many agents of other foreign governments.

The CIA certainly doesn’t mind foreign governments interfering in our political process when those foreign governments are Israel- and NATO-aligned. They don’t appear to mind much other than anti-globalism and occupational accountability. The CIA has nobody to blame but themselves for terrible priorities, bungling tradecraft, and flawed analysis. If there’s one thing Trump’s famous for, it’s holding people accountable who suck at their jobs. And if there’s on thing the CIA is famous for, it’s sucking at their job.

On Friday, members of Trump’s transition team dismissed the CIA’s assessments about Iraq’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction.

Should he not dismiss the CIA’s assessments about Iraq’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction? In theory, this shouldn’t even be a thing. What kind of banana republic buffoonery is it for the intelligence community to be opposing and obstructing the President Elect in this manner, invoking public grumblings about whether the intelligence community will work with or against the incoming administration?

U.S. intelligence officials described mounting concern and confusion about how to proceed in an administration so openly hostile to their function and role. “I don’t know what the end game is here,” a senior U.S. intelligence official said. “After Jan. 20,” the official said, referring to Inauguration Day, “we’re in uncharted territory.”

Here’s a hint: You shut up and do what your boss tells you to do or you’re fired!

And even if their story is fully legit, with Putin standing over Ed Snowden’s shoulder, instructing him to forward Hillary’s emails to Assange while instructing him to archive Trump’s emails for blackmail against their selected administration, the intelligence community has nobody to blame but themselves for the outcome. They have no choice but to roll with the situation. We can’t just call another election or install the other candidate who lost. There’s really little firm evidence that the leaked emails had a major impact, perhaps on par with her Wall Street “open borders” speech or the damning impact of having Lena Dunham campaign for her.

Unfortunately, we do have to take the implied threat that WaPo and the CIA will team up to depose an American president they don’t like because it wouldn’t be the first time they did precisely that.

Pillar added: “Everything Trump has indicated with regard to his character and tendencies for vindictiveness might be worse” than former president Richard Nixon, who also had a dysfunctional relationship with the intelligence community.

The “intelligence” community is dreadfully behind on the democratization of technology and its seismically decentralizing impact on information dissemination. If they try to party like 1974, they’re going to have a bad time. Back when they instigated the coup against Nixon, the mainstream media cartel was at its height, completely in control of the narrative, and capable of firmly instructing the masses on what is and is not news, what is and isn’t on the table, and what is and isn’t going to happen. We, the American people, have our own original researchers, media outlets, and infotainment talent now, and we picked Trump, fair and square.

In a statement, Trump suggested that the CIA had discredited itself over faulty intelligence assessments about Iraq’s weapons stockpile more than a dozen years ago.

“These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

The belittling response alarmed people in the intelligence community, which already had questioned Trump’s temperament and lack of national security experience.

Was he wrong? Perhaps they deserve praise? These people also failed to anticipate the rise of ISIS. Their own story (the more charitable one) is that they went on for years funneling weapons and money to ISIS because they had been duped by bullshit “moderate rebel” decoys. Our intelligence community is a cucked and compromised shitshow that still believes White Nationalism is one big nineties militia documentary, still believes that the “moderate” rebels are worthy of more funding and support even as the last of them are being rounded up in Aleppo as we speak, and found out most of the major international political events from the same cable news we did.

The CIA is operating a covert program to arm and train moderate rebels in Syria to overcome the brutal rule of President Bashar al-Assad, even as Trump has praised Russia’s approach to backing Assad.


“I see the danger of a lasting dysfunctional relationship based on the president-elect’s perception that he is being wronged by the intelligence community,” Pillar said.

This won’t be one of these things that just simmers. One or the other will have to go. And if Trump believes, as Nixon did, that his fawning support for Jews, overt support for keystone Jewish interests, and inclusion of Jews in his family and administration will buy him any slack, he’s mistaken. The Jewish elites who have a stranglehold on our intelligence community, our foreign policy, and our political system won’t settle for a dominant gentile who respects their interests on balance with those of the American people. They will attempt to destroy every gentile who won’t be dominated.

It’s reaching sunset for the Jewish oligarchs, though. Technological and demographic changes are radically transforming the world in ways that they’re not prepared to respond effectively to. Even if they do manage to defeat Trump, that will only serve to accelerate the rapid awakening and radicalization which is underway. What we’re seeing with the Washington Post and the CIA taking their feud public is nothing short of an unraveling and ungluing of the control they once took for granted.


Gubbler Chechenova

Well, lookie here.

There is something strange going on in youth culture.

Young people today are more porny and filthy than ever. There is no longer any barrier between Popular Culture and Porn culture. Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, and Minaj’s stuff would have been considered as adult-only porn not long ago.

There is no effective means to protect kids from graphic sex imagery due to internet, and adults have given up. So, youth culture, even kid culture, is more ‘adult’ than ever before. And who can forget Emma Sulkowicz whose idea of protesting rape was making an ‘art porn video’? Her mother approved of it, LOL.

On the other hand, youth have been so infantile, goo-goo, fragile, and arrested in development. Coloring books for college students? Cookies and milk offered to kids to de-stress them?

When youth are encouraged to emotionally grown backward into childhood but hyper-accelerate into sexual adulthood, it’s like a schizo-form of auto-pedophilia.

It tells teens to feel like 8 yr olds but act sexually like 30 yr olds. It’s like young people are acting out ‘baby porn’ as psychodrama.

Also, thanks to rap/porn culture AND feminism, we have a culture that is both licentious and puritanical. We saw this with UVA rape hoax, with the whole Rape Culture hysteria. On the one hand, feminists are calling for ‘slut pride’ and total freedom to skank around. But they are also screaming about ‘misogyny’ and male beastliness. It’s fitting that Hillary attended a rap concert but then bitched about ‘misogyny’.

This is dumb dumb culture.

But then, we also have Jews, who’ve long been warning us about scapegoating and paranoia, now freaking out that Russians! Russians! Russians! are behind everything.

And we have homos bitching that extreme minority of Christian fundies have too much power, they see nothing wrong with even smaller homo community forcing the rest of society to bend over to the Agenda and appropriating the term ‘pride’ to mean homo and only homo.



This is a very good comment. We as a society, a race are now in at the deep end, & this stuff is messing with our reproductive & thereby survival functions. I tried to warn about this stuff years ago but the geriatrics in my family, in the WN-o-sphere just wanted me to shut up, ‘We know it’s filth, ignore it [ignore the invention of the internet/web!] & it will go away’ was the response I got…

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Civilization is turning into crap because the connective links have been lost.

It’s like cells. Why are we different from single-cell organisms? A single cell organism like an amoeba lives only for itself.

In contrast, all the cells in the body must coordinate together. No cell in the human body can exist or live alone. It only has meaning in relation to all the other cells in the body. A single brain cell is nothing. It only has meaning in relation to other brain cells, and the cells in the brains have meaning in relation to cells in the heart, cells in the lungs, cells in the bloodstream.

Civilization is like that. Each person has meaning in relation to larger society. Without such link, his life has no larger purpose.

What is the difference between a thug/criminal and a soldier? Both commit acts of violence. The difference is the thug uses violence only for self-gain. He is like a lone animal that attacks only to serve itself. In contrast, a soldier fights for the good of the team, the army, the society, nation. Ideally, he fights for a just cause or for the survival of the community.

It’s like the Mifune character in SEVEN SAMURAI gains larger meaning by using his fighting skills to defend a village. He could have become a petty thief serving himself, but he chose to fight and die for something bigger.

And the thief in KAGEMUSHA gains meaning through attachment to the Clan. Prior to that, he was just some lone thief with nothing to live for or die for except his own petty interests.

It’s like the outlaws in THE WILD BUNCH gain a bit of redemption when they find something to die for. Prior to that, they’d just been killers and thieves.

So, the difference between thug violence and soldier/policeman violence is the thug only thinks of himself whereas the solider or police officer thinks of the larger community and higher ideals and/or just cause.

Unlike animals that live for brute survival and narrow interest, humans have developed complex morality, values, and organizations. Being part of something bigger, our lives gain meaning in terms of morals, values, responsibilities, duties, legacy, and posterity. Civilization is about posterity, whore culture is about posterior.

What goes for violence also goes for sex. Sex is an animal and natural thing. But humans are more than animals. Non-black races are more than savages. So, they have found deeper meaning in sex. Animals don’t know sex leads to new life. They just go into heat and hump one another. Negroes know sex leads to new life, but Negro men don’t want to take care of their kids. They just wanna go around and bang as many ho’s as possible and leave it to OTHERS to take raise their kids. (And Cuck Christians, in serving this role, encourage more blacks to act nasty and bad.)

But the civilized races don’t see sex as mere animal horniness or fun. They see it as a natural drive/process that leads to new life and all the attendant blessings and responsibilities. Also, sex is seen as part of something bigger: search for love, courtship, marriage, new life, parenting, acculturation, and etc. So, sex isn’t just for sex but part of something broader, deeper, and more meaningful. Without such mindset, civilization is impossible. Civilization isn’t about individuals indulging independent of larger needs of society. It’s about building links between various facets of life and society to construct and preserve a system of meaning, worth, and higher values. Society links a warrior’s violence with duty, cause, heroism, and sacrifice. Civilization links sexual desire with love, marriage, parenting, children, and posterity. When such links are cut off, warriors are reduced to thugs and mercenaries. And sexual desire just turns animal and crude. It is just for the pleasure of the moment.

It is all the more dangerous today because the hubris of animal drives are no longer checked by nemesis of consequences. By the ruthless laws of nature, a woman who fools around too much will become pregnant or become diseased(and die). Being pregnant, she will have to sober up and take care of the kid. But in modern society, a woman can rely on artificial means of the Pill, condoms, and abortion to be free of the consequences of her behavior. So, she can act wild and excessive without the natural check on her wildness. If she gets a disease, she can be treated with antibiotics. And even if she does decide to have the kid, the state will pay for child care and provide her with everything. So, female behavior can get totally out of control, and it’s gone totally nuts in the black community esp where black mothers raise their kids to twerk. Advanced technology enable people to act even wilder and more savage than they would in the jungle wild. And this craziness is spreading to white and Asian communities too.

It should be no surprise that homomania made huge gains in recent times. It is due to the de-linking of the natural drives, morality, culture, and higher themes of society. There was a time when marriage linked nature, morality, culture, family, spirituality, and children. But as the links have been cut, there is only the hedonism of the individual. So, everything is judged according to what kind of pleasure it brings to the Individual cut off and de-linked from rest of society. So, if vain homo individuals will be happy with ‘marriage’, then they must be allowed to ‘marry’ too.

This is what happens when ‘marriage’ is de-linked from nature, morality, & culture and seen merely as a jolly for individuals in search of their hedonistic ‘happiness’.

And women have been raised to think this way. They no longer see sexual desire as a link in the chain of love, courtship, marriage, family, parenting, children, and posterity. It’s just a Lena-Dunham thing where it’s just about momentary orgasms, howling like morons at nightclubs, dancing by sticking their asses to be rubbed by male groins in public, and etc. And there is no shame… or shame has been repressed as Mammon says nothing is more shameful than to feel shame about debauchery.

Shame the shame and de-link people from larger themes and meanings of society. Just tell them that what matters most is the individual’s pleasure of the moment.

But of course, moments pass, and people grow old. And when all their moments were lived only for the moment, they have nothing to call their own.

Moments are like bricks. If you can see the bigger picture, you stack each moment like a brick in the building of a house. Over time, all those moments are linked into a house.

But if you see each brick as just something to toss into the air for the fun of it, all those bricks are strewn and lost, and there is no house at the end.

The de-linking of natural drives from culture, meaning, morality, and posterity will be the undoing of civilization.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

Beware of the Manischewitz Media or Kosher News. Aka ‘Mainstream Media’.

Pat Buchanan dissents from the narrative of the Manischewitz Media,but he doesn’t go far enough.

“U.S. policy became to back the ‘good’ rebels in Aleppo, bomb the “bad” rebels in Raqqa and demand that Assad depart. An absurd policy.”

Maybe we should stop using the term “US policy”.

After all, the US is made of many ethnic groups and races, and they have competing, divergent, and varying degrees of power. Surely, Palestinian-Americans wish for a different US policy than Zionist-Americans do.

‘US policy’ gives the false impression that all Americans are agreed with the policy when nothing can be further from the truth.

So, the Saker is closer to the truth to speak of the ‘Anglo-Zionist’ foreign policy since those two groups are most invested in the globo-imperial worldview.

Consider the following ethnic/racial groups in America. Which one has been dictating US foreign policy(esp in MENA and against Russia and in pushing massive invasion of Europe) for their tribal interests dressed up as ‘American Interests’? It’s really a case of “One for one(self), and all for one.”






Guatemalan Americans

Mexican Americans

Lebanese Americans

Russian gentile Americans

Serbian Americans

Nigerian Americans

Greek Americans

Finnish Americans

Japanese Americans

Filipino Americans

Eskimo Americans

Cherokee Americans

Bulgarian Americans

Croatian Americans

Turkish Americans

Pakistani Americans

Yemenese Americans

Cambodian Americans

Armenian Americans

Iranian Americans

Macedonian Americans

Belgian Americans

Jewish Americans

Wasp Americans

Black Americans

Somali Americans

Nepalese Americans

Norwegian Americans

etc, etc.

It should be obvious that the so-called ‘US policy’ is mostly formulated by Jewish-Americans(in think tanks) and executed by Anglo-Americans(with battle tanks).

Most other ethnic groups see no point in it and have no stake in it(except as minions taking orders). They may even see it as harmful to their own ethnic interests.

It is then unsurprising that the favored group of the neo-imperialists is the homos since homo worldview is global and unattached to any single culture or nation. Homos just wanna boof and boofed all over the world. They wanna ‘liberate’ all homo butts to be freely sodomized, and this calls for collaboration with the Glob.

Interesting that the Alt Right is antiwa(or antiwar) whereas Antifa is allied with war-mongers for prowa.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

On the matter of RUSSIA interfering to help elect Trump…

This is what I don’t get.

Globalists have been telling us that nationalism is so passe, so over.

Let’s have open borders. Ideas about national independence and sovereignty are quaint, atavistic.

Some states say even non-citizens should be given the vote, even illegals, and some states don’t even bother to check if those registered to vote are citizens.

And no problem that the most important newspaper in the US is ‘owned’ by a Mexican who isn’t even Mexican but a Lebanese. A ‘Mexican’ owning an ‘American’ paper.

Also, big cities in the US don’t even force national laws. They offer ‘sanctuary’ status to illegals who broke national laws.

So, if the NATION doesn’t matter anymore and if everything should be open/global, what’s wrong with Russia or any other nation interfering with US elections?

Hey, it’s Open Borders Politics. I say let’s give amnesty to Russian hackers if they were indeed responsible. If we should give amnesty to 20 million illegals in America, what’s all this fuss about national security? Those hackers aren’t so bad. They are just undocumented political activists.

It’s funny that Globalists who’ve done everything to undermine national security, national identity, and national unity are now the very people who are making all this noise about how some FOREIGN nation messed with our NATIONAL election.

The Globalists have been calling the nationalists who supported Trump as deplorable ‘xenophobes’, but it’s now the Glob that is now in total ‘Russophobic-Xenophobic’ mode of how some ‘foreign body’ messed with our sacred NATIONAL election.

But then, the current US is really batty. It yammers endlessly about how the US military and government are doing everything to ensure that other nations don’t threaten OUR WAY OF LIFE… but then, it also says the US, being an exceptional and indispensable nation, has the right to invade and intervene in other nations to determine their WAY OF LIFE, like surrendering to the homo agenda and multi-culti Diversity. Globalism sure works funny. Other nations don’t mess with our WAY OF LIFE, but we should interfere with theirs. I mean how dare Russia not have massive homo parades on Red Square that commemorates 20 million dead in WWII? Them Russkies got no sense of priorities.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

This is why we need something like the Alt Right.

Without a clear racial and cultural identity to coalesce around, white girls will just run to blacks, and white boys will just suck up to black alphas.

Besides, Alt Right has made peace with multi-culturalism, a form of separatism.

Alt Right has no problem with blacks being for black identity/interests, Jews being for Jewish identity/interests, Muslims being for Muslim identity/interests, Hindus, etc, etc.

It only says whites should have identity and interests of their own. So, Alt Right isn’t anti-black identity, anti-Jewish identity, anti-whatever identity. It just insists on white identity for whites. And it says other groups can be for their own interests. Likewise, whites should be for white interests.

So, Alt Right has ideological and moral consistency. Let each group mind its own business and guard its own interests. In contrast, it is the non-whites and Jews who are inconsistent because, even as they are totally for their own identity and interests, they would deny identity and interests for whites.

It’s not Alt Right that is saying Jews shouldn’t be Jewish and support Zionism.

It is Jews who are saying whites shouldn’t be white and defend white interests(all the while having to go out on a limb to serve Jewish identity and interests, indeed almost to the Jewish supremacist degree).

Indeed, the Alt Right is actually more respectful toward non-white groups than mainstream Conservatism is. MainCons want all groups to put aside their ethnic identity and interests and just become good generic red-white-and-blue Americans without hyphenation. MainCons want non-whites to give up their identity and heritage… with the exception of Jews and blacks, of course, since they are always favored. MainCons say all groups, whites and non-whites, should surrender what makes them distinct and just melt into a Generic Constitutionalism as the propositional identity.

In contrast, Alt Right encourages and urges non-white groups to stick to their own, keep their identity, and push for their interests. And this goes for ALL groups, meaning whites should fight for their identity and interests.

Alt Right is thus the most consistent ideology in the world. It is for identity-for-all-groups. It is for the anti-Soviet-ization of the world. The USSR forced all nationalitiies to become ‘commie comrades’. But the collapse of Soviet-ization meant each nationality would reassert itself and guard its own identity and interest. Okay, fine.

Same should go for the US.

Now, some will say whites don’t deserve this kind of special recognition since they have too much power and privilege. But using that logic, Jews should have no identity since they are the most powerful people. And it means Jews esp deserve no identity in Israel since they are both the ruling majority and ruling elites in that country. Using PC logic, only Palestinians should have identity and interests in Israel since they got less numbers and power. I don’t think Jews would accept that in US or Israel.

There is no moral consistency in PC.

Also, due to the Coming Apart scenario, it no longer makes sense to speak of White Privilege. There was a time when it was generally true that All Whites did enjoy certain collective advantages over other races. Laws, habits, customs, and social biases favored all whites as a group, esp wasps.

But since the Black Movement(aka Civil Rights Movement) and anti-white social engineering, the white elites no longer cared about white interests as a whole. So, while some whites prospered under the new system, a huge number of whites fell through the cracks and ended up with very little. There are now Two White Americas, one with power/privilege and one without power/privilege of any kind. Indeed, nothing is worse than being the latter in America. Not only do you lack power/privilege but you don’t even enjoy the PC protections that are offered to blacks, browns, and even illegals.

Worse, since whites with power/privilege don’t want to sacrifice their own goodies, they force poorer whites to carry all the social burdens of ‘white guilt’. We see this in how rich whites in cities use gentrification and Section 8 to push blacks to less privileged white communities in small towns and declining suburbs. And affirmative action hurts poor whites more than rich whites as Jim Webb said.

The mainstream Conservative position on race relations have been all groups should put aside racial identity and narrow racial interests for the good of the whole. Go with generic Americanism. While MainCons have been willing to make allowances for blacks — cuz of slavery and black rage — , their ideal has been for the de-racialization of American politics. This calls for mutuality. Whites make an effort to deracinate, but non-whites must also make this effort.

The mainstream Liberal position on race has been whites must deracinate and sacrifice their own interests since non-whites are at a decisive disadvantage due to factors of history, micro-aggressions, ‘subconscious racism’, and all sorts of biases. So, whereas non-whites have the right to make more demands in the name of justice, whites must make an effort to sacrifice their own interests since they got more than they deserve.

This sounds somewhat ‘noble’ and ‘generous’ on the part of Libs, but the problem is that Lib elites don’t really wanna give up their positions. They are addicted to wealth, status, and power. They also want the best for their kids. Because they don’t want to give up their own goodies, they dump most of the burden on poorer whites who are deemed the ‘deplorables’.

So, rich Lib whites get richer while burdening the poor whites more with the responsibilities of ‘white guilt’. The irony of this is that White Libs, who reject ‘white identity’, use the logic of ‘white identity’ to avoid surrendering their own advantages. How else can a white person with privilege blame the white person without privilege of ‘white privilege’? Because both are white. Since PC logic says whiteness = privilege, the poor person can just as easily be accused of privilege because of his identity even if he has no privilege. Thus, by making pretty-sounding noises, the white person with privilege can reduce his own burden of white privilege while dumping it all on the white person without privilege. They can make themselves the Adorables while decrying Trump supporters as Deplorables.

In contrast to mainstream Conservatism(which is totally deluded) and mainstream Liberalism(which is totally disingenuous), there is the Alt Right that is consistent ideologically. Anyway, since there’s been a Coming Apart and the left-behind whites are in need of leadership, Alt Right can step in.

In fact, on a subconscious level, this seems to be nature of the bond that emerged between Trump and Alt Right. Both appealed to the left-behind whites, the Deplorables.


Gubbler Chechenova

People on the Right reject the idear that ‘America’ is an idear.. but I think I will dissent.

I now believe ‘America’ is an idear.

And because it is an idear, people around the world no longer need to come to America to have ‘America’ as an idear.

It’s like democracy as an idear. To have democracy, you don’t have to come to the US to practice democracy. You can implement the idear of democracy in your own country.

Idears are portable and transferable. Idears are not fixed in one place. It’s like some mountain in Tibet is fixed in that place, but Buddhism is an idear, and you don’t have to go to Tibet to be a Buddhist. You can be a Buddhist anywhere. You can even take that idear into outer-space.

So, let us say there is the United States as a fixed nation with its distinct history, heritage, and culture. It is about power and history within a fixed territory.

In contrast, there is ‘America’ as an idear, and it is universal and can be transported or transposed to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

So, our message to all the people around the world is that they don’t have to come to the United States to partake in the idear of America.

They can have it at home. And what is this big idear of ‘America’ they can have in their own home nation?

The American Idear is as follows: pig out on junk food, obsess over video games, twerk, listen to rap, worship black athletes, indulge in hedonism, promote slut culture, celebrate militarism, drink soda and burp, get tattoos on ass, push interracism, hail Zionism, watch trash TV, break down barrier between mainstream culture(even for kids) and pornography, praise homos and trannies, enforce PC, destabilize national borders, allow mass invasion, cook up hate hoaxes about KKK and neo-nazis, flip oit over micro-aggressions, spread fears of blonde rapists, promote cuck attitudes among the men, declare your folks to be ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’, and blame ‘Russia’ for everything.

Yes, that is ‘America’ as an Idear in the Current Year. And any people in any nation can practice those ‘idears’ and be ‘American’ without coming to America.

So, save your money on that plane ticket.

Just stay in your country and embrace the IDEAR of ‘America’.

We should devise a American Idear Kit as universal formula for the world and sell it all over. Or even hand it out for free. It’d be like a Chemistry Kit. Ameristry Kit.

It’d be like handing out the New Testament or Mormon Book. After all, you don’t have to go to Utah to be a Mormon. You can be a Mormon in Mexico or India. And you don’t need to be in the territory of the United States to have your idear of ‘America’.


The message of Cucked-Europe or Cuckrope to blacks and Africa: Come beat up our sons and impregnate our daughters.

It’s funny. Blacks have done least for civilization and pose the greatest destructive threat to civilization. While Germans, Russians, Anglos, Japanese, Persians, and etc have done their share of destruction, they always destroyed one order to replace with another. So, even as they destroyed civilization at times, they built another one in its stead.

In contrast, when blacks destroy something, there is nothing left and no chance of renewal. Look at Haiti, Detroit, Baltimore. If not for government handouts to people in Detroit, it would be no better than Haiti or Liberia.

When rabid Chinese destroyed stuff in the Cultural Revolution, that was bad stuff. But when they came to their senses, they quickly rebuilt industrial China. In contrast, blacks never come to their senses since they have no good sense to begin with.

Blacks have done least for civilization but no other people are more promoted, celebrated, served, praised, and worshiped by civilization.

One reason is US dominates the world, and blacks dominate sports and pop music in the US. American Culture is World Culture. And as US goes more porny and jungle-feverish, it spreads mandingo-mania and bootisha-mania all over the world. Now, white women get butt surgeries to get black-like butts to be humped by Negroes.

Also, US narrative dominates world media and academia. So, if whites feel special ‘historical guilt’ for Negroes, this ‘guilt’ must be shared by ALL peoples, even those who had no contact with blacks.

For example, suppose there’s news that Thailand people are prejudice against Hindus, Turks, Cambodians, or Arabs. Who would care? But suppose Thais said something nasty about blacks, and it becomes World News. Then, Thais come under great pressure. While the Global Narrative overlooks local prejudices — who cares what Turks feel about Kurds and vice versa? — , the Global Prejudices against Jews, Negroes, and Homos are not tolerated. Those three groups must be praised by ALL groups.

Another reason is blacks dominate track and fields in Olympics. Even though Olympics can only be staged by advanced civilizations like US, Europe, China, and Japan, athletics is about raw animal power, and Negroes win. So, all this great civilizational enterprise by non-blacks in orchestrating massive sporting events only end up hailing the Negro as the king of the world with the right to hump every ho.

All that effort of civilization end up celebrating the most savage of races.

Only civilization can build and manage complex organizations of entertainment, sports, and other mass leisure events. But in seeking ultra-thrills and ultra-pleasure, consumers of the civilized order become enamored of the Badass Negro who done whup the whitey in hollering, humping, jumping, and pumping(his fists). So, all the collective achievements of Western Civilization has gone to serving the Negro as the Lion King or Gorilla Lord, aka Gorillord.

Also, there is the Jewish factor. White race-ists knew that the Negro can whup the white man’s butt and steal the white woman. So, they devised necessary discriminatory systems in the past to maintain Safe Spaces for white race, white pride, and white preservation.

But Jews wanted to topple white power. To do this, Jews played on ‘white guilt’ and ‘white pleasure’. Jews said whites better atone for the sins against the holy magic Negro, and Jews also said whites must put out to the wild-ass Negro who will provide white boys and girls with more pleasure. White boys get so many jollies cheering for the Negro master race heroes who be rapping louder and scoring the touchdowns, and white girls get more orgasmic pleasure from bigger Negro dong.

So, this is the great paradox. White folks created all this great civilization, but its logistics and infrastructure are being used to hail, praise, and worship the Magic Negro, Mighty Mandingo, and Juicy-ass Bootisha who be ‘twerking’ all night long.

I mean blacks cannot pull off something like NFL and superbowl as a business enterprise and entertainment complex. Only whites and Jews can. But NFL is nothing but a wild celebration of Negroes beating up white sons and impregnating white daughters.

What shame. Caucasians have become Cuckosians.



Everyone is using the term “deep state”…oh jeez…. look: the term refers to ethnic family lines in Near Middle eastern ethnicities & ‘countries’. There is no parallel in white world.


I came back and read this article again after I heard Schumer claim that the intel community had 6 ways to Sunday to get back at Trump.

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