Bloomington’s Herald Times Retracts its Endorsement of TradWorker

December 7, 2016

Of course, HTO never endorsed our party, ourselves, or even one of our ideas. If I insisted that babies vaping is dangerous, they would scramble to purchase sweet mods and fresh juice to put under the Christmas tree. These people hate us. They’re a time-honored integral part of the viciously anti-white and anti-traditional subculture infesting the future neutron bomb target which is Indiana University’s campus and the community parasitically feeding on the federal government’s unsustainable student-loans-for-Gender-Studies-degrees investment bubble.

They did, however, make the huge mistake of performing serious journalism. The journalist permitted us to explain ourselves in our own words, on balance with equal time and attention to the haters who hatefully hate on our “hate group” from sunset on Saturday evening until sunset Friday evening all year long. What they were supposed to do is borrow some imagery from the recent Krampus festival to depict us as violent supremacists hellbent on frightening children.

Fact Check: I do frighten children, but it’s regardless of race and it’s because of my face.

Now the newspaper is under attack, receiving threats and hate mail from the fanatical liberals who are furious that they dared violate their sacred “no platform” strategy of pretending we don’t exist. Most folks learn in preschool that plugging your ears, closing your eyes, and screeching doesn’t actually make the rest of the world go away, but Bloomington’s radical left hasn’t even matured to that point. In their strategic estimation, we’re to be treated as Orwellian un-persons even though we were featured on the New York Times–above the fold!–on the very same Sunday morning the local paper featured our shenanigans.

What we’re doing is newsworthy, objectively speaking. We have hundreds of active dues-paying members. We have tens of thousands of people supporting us under their own names. And we have countless thousands and thousands more who are working with, supporting, engaging, or listening to us to some degree. Hillary Clinton dedicated a major speech to denouncing the altright movement which we are major stakeholders in having developed, declaring it the driving force behind the president-elect’s campaign. She even named Matthew Heimbach on her campaign website as one of the major “deplorables” helping him win.

Did we actually have a meaningful role in the election or were we just exploited for the liberal fright factor? Are we actually going anywhere? Will we be around in five years? Will we continue to grow by leaps and bounds or was 2016 our time in the spotlight? Is our movement fueled by valid grievances which may need to be addressed in some manner? These are big questions to be debated and explored. Instead, the left is paralyzed by a childish debate about debating.

To assert that we’re not even newsworthy on the local level only raises questions about the potential mind-altering effects of the antiretroviral drug cocktails our local opponents are on. What’s noteworthy to me is that even the ADL and SPLC have started changing their tone in the past several months from breathlessly warning the world about our every dangerous move to dismissing us as some quirky Internet subculture.

“I think what we’re seeing is that you have a grouping that has a real strong online presence, and that’s the way society works right now,” said Marilyn Mayo, a research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. The Anti-Defamation League, originally founded as a Jewish civil rights organization, fights hate, bigotry and anti-Semitism.

“They just have a means of getting their views out very quickly and also attracting like-minded people,” Mayo said. “It makes the white supremacist movement feel even bigger than it might actually be.”

There’s that label again, “white supremacist.”

Even though they have nothing from our combined decades of our carelessly and egregiously typing out nationalist things all over the web and the social media they carefully monitor, all the world seems to have as evidence that we’re vile supremacists hellbent on hate crimes is the word of some radical leftists whose salaried full-time job is to call people white supremacists. In a follow-up piece, the Herald Times attempts to cover its ass for having dared to do its job by walking back its job.

The editorial staff has been called on to step in with their editorial today, “Our Opinion: Breaking down ‘white nationalists’ rhetoric shows supremacist ideas.” This is only two days after Bob Zaltsberg himself stapled a retroactive trigger warning on our article, “Stories bring awareness about a troubling topic.” There may be even more editorial apologies for having done their job in the coming days and weeks. I can’t emphasize enough that they really are in trouble. And make no mistake, Bloomington’s toxic antifa culture absolutely does pose a credible threat to their physical safety, even though they’re ideologically Bloomington’s own.

I expect to hear from some readers who wonder why we would give “the oxygen of publicity,” a term Margaret Thatcher once used, to a couple men spouting views consistent with white supremacists, no matter what they want to call themselves.

It’s a legitimate point to wonder about, and we talked about it amongst ourselves.

The justification is easy for me, however. This is more than a slice of life in southern Indiana we could choose to ignore. Matthew Heimbach and his Traditional Workers Party have received national notoriety through traditional media sources such as PBS, the Washington Post and the New York Times, as well as all over social media.

The rapid growth and national impact of the Traditionalist Worker Party is the only story in America that a news team will eagerly clarify that they were the very last ones to break.

He was in the political media spotlight after he shoved a young black woman at a Trump rally in Louisville.

They keep trying to bring up that Louisville incident as if it confirms that we are violent. The facts of the case are clear and readily available. The anti-Trump protesters instigated the aggressive behavior. They stormed into the crowd, even knocking elderly people over. The same video showing Heimbach helping the young lady to the exit confirms that he wasn’t the most angry guy there. It also shows Heimbach and the crowd yelling at the white leftists, as well. The popular fiction that what happened in Louisville was racist violence is more of that “fake news” everybody’s worried about lately.

A lot of social media accounts have said he was trying to attract a group of like-minded people to southern Indiana.

Actually, that was your own irresponsible headline that did that, after we point blank told your reporter that we categorically will not interfere in the local demographics. My ancestors were in Indiana so long ago that the name of the state made sense when they got here. The campaign to trick the locals into actually believing that I intend to unleash Nazi Terror is short-circuited by the fact that a plurality of them actually know who I am. The ones who strongly disagree with me, even the ones who despise me and what I’m doing, have enough sense to know that the mainstream media’s witch hunt against me as an imminent threat to the safety of the townspeople is hysterical bullshit.

Make no mistake: We at The Herald-Times abhor the very idea of white supremacist beliefs.

And the beliefs espoused by the leaders of the Traditionalist Worker Party in a story in Sunday’s newspaper are consistent with the beliefs of white supremacists.

Note the weasel wording here. “We at the Herald-Times abhor the very idea of eco-terrorism. And the beliefs espoused by the Sierra Club are consistent with the beliefs of eco-terrorists.” We’re not white supremacists. They know we’re not white supremacists. Even the leftist “watchdog” organizations grudgingly acknowledge that they have no smoking gun to confirm we’re white supremacists. So they sat there at their laptops for God knows how long looking to construct a statement which called us white supremacists in a way that technically doesn’t.

And now we crack open the dictionary to play some pseudo-intellectual word games.

Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott, who live in Paoli, were the main spokesmen for the group. They focused on their view that they are “white nationalists,” not white supremacists.

A quick trip online will showcase this definition of “nationalist” from the Oxford Dictionary:

“A person with strong patriotic feelings, especially one who believes in the superiority of their country over others.”

In this case, “white nationalists” are talking about the superiority of their race, religion and ethnicity over others, not their multicultural country.

They talk about having an opportunity to live with whom they want to live — which means they want to prohibit someone of another race or religion who wants to move next to them from doing so. Their seemingly simple view of protecting their own rights has long been confirmed in this country as taking away the rights of others.

As Richard Spencer noted yesterday in his excellent Texas A&M Q&A, we believe “supremacy” is silly because we don’t believe there’s an objective metric by which to judge the other races. We love and prefer and cherish the best qualities of our own people just as parents love and prefer and cherish the best qualities of their own children. How absurd would it be to purport that a father’s love for his child was proof that he insidiously considered his son destined to be a master child over all of the rest of the world’s children?

That’s how asinine this conversation is getting. They’re left with no choice but to arbitrarily redefine words on the fly and casually project attitudes and beliefs on us that we clearly don’t hold because they’re left with no choice. They just take nationalism and redefine it as supremacism, and every white nationalist is also a white supremacist. Of course, they know better than to actually believe that stupid idea or follow it to its logical conclusion, that the worst supremacists are therefore Israeli nationalists, right along with the billions of people who aren’t Western leftists who take ethnic national pride and border security for granted.

Let’s wait until the Herald-Times reports on the for more wealthy and organized faction of racial supremacists the Herald-Times directly answers to. Let’s see some reporting which admits that the local Jewish community basically believes they’re the chosen race, intermarriage is a betrayal of their god, and protecting their racially defined homeland is their highest calling.

Spoiler Alert: They won’t. Not until after our impending regime change, anywho. Then that’s all they’ll report on.

In the H-T interviews with the pair, both talk about Jewish radicals or the Jewish elite. That’s anti-Semitic hate speech, plain and simple.

I am antisemitic. The organized Jewish community is the most wealthy, militant, (actual) supremacist, and hateful group of people alive today. They blood test migrants for racial purity, reject all refugees, obey a faith which purports that my God is eternally boiling excrement, and play a leading role in promoting degeneracy, globalism, the global arms trade, sex trafficking, and the countless abuses of their global banking cartel. Google it.

Parrott discounts the Emma Lazarus poem enshrined on the Statue of Liberty as “a poem stuck on the Statue of Liberty by a left-wing Jewish radical” — and adds that “the Jewish radicals had the audacity to redefine our experiment,” meaning the founding of our nation.

Damn straight. Am I incorrect?

In an ABC News interview after nine people were gunned down in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, police say by Dylann Roof, he called Roof a victim. While he did say “taking the lives of innocent women and children (is) never OK,” he defended Roof for being pushed by what he sees as the left persecuting white culture — a bizarre defense for an indefensible act.

This is another one of those tiresome “gotcha” incidents which they believe proves that we’re evil. In the middle of an extensive interview taken while we were in Charleston to pay our respects and condemn the hateful violence, Heimbach explained how Roof’s valid grievances had been horrendously misdirected. Just last week, the media went on for days about how the Ohio State terror attack was rooted in the issues of alienation and such in the Somali refugee community. The real “hate crime,” of course, is the crime of thinking that White folks could ever possibly have concerns or objections of our own.

Parrott said he thinks separatism doesn’t need to be a hostile thing, “It can be a voluntary, constructive thing, like the Native American reservations.”

Actually, Native Americans would be much more likely to point to near genocide of their people at the hands of Europeans who settled in this country than to characterize being banished to reservations as a voluntary, constructive thing.

I didn’t realize at the time I said this that Native Americans aren’t allowed to leave their reservations, and that they object to the existence of the reservations. I agree that the genocidal displacement and replacement of the indigenous peoples was a terrible thing. Tecumseh is one of my personal inspirations, a man who desperately tried to rally his people to understand that they have a shared racial interest in uniting to protect themselves and their way of life. In addition to more conventional measures, we White folks also tricked the Natives into trusting us with a bunch of empty platitudes about peace, harmony, and the brotherhood of man.

Contrary to the Herald-Times’ historical analysis, we’re not morally obligated to choke on tens of millions of new migrants just because we migrated at one point. With the exception, perhaps, of some remote islanders, many of whom barbarically slaughtered much of the autochthonous megafauna, everybody bumped someone else out of the way in order to get where they’re currently at. The indigenous peoples took turns genocidally attacking one another, and genocidally attacked ourselves, as well. While I respect Native Americans greatly, that respect doesn’t lead to the anti-White conclusion that White Americans must go extinct to atone for the alleged sins of our pioneer forefathers.



An eagle-eyed Jewish reader of ours has corrected a detail in this story. The author of the poem, Emma Lazarus, was Jewish. The poem does poetically symbolize how Jews have transformed America’s mythos from that of the founders to their own resentful meta-narrative. But it was actually a Christian lady, Georgina Schuyler, who rediscovered Lazarus’ poem and lobbied to have it appended to the statue. Like everything in history, the details ruin everything. The Statue was originally planned for the Suez Canal, some abolitionists wanted to make her a liberated slave, and nobody really had any idea what it stood for before Mrs. Schuyler settled the matter with her friend’s poem several years after it was erected.

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