Why Derek Black Left White Nationalism

Derek Black is very explicit about why he left White Nationalism. He caved in to social pressure.

Several years ago, I began attending a liberal college where my presence prompted huge controversy. Through many talks with devoted and diverse people there — people who chose to invite me into their dorms and conversations rather than ostracize me — I began to realize the damage I had done. Ever since, I have been trying to make up for it.

He has not, despite having repeatedly written about his conversion in depth, divulged what was said by those peers who convinced him that Whites don’t deserve self-determination. Did they explain to him what makes it so that Whites and only Whites have no natural right to advance their own interests? If so, he could share that explanation and save me a lot of time. Did they reveal to him some exciting benefits of globalism and multiculturalism? Did they explain to him that advancements in gene therapy will empower everybody to be White within a few years, so there’s no point in bothering?

We’ll never know. He’ll never say. We’re supposed to just take his word that these hip, fresh, diverse, open-minded undergraduate coeds initiated him with some sort of revelation that apparently can’t be expressed in prose.

It’s painfully obvious that Derek is gunning for a career in academia and he blames his family backstory for his failure to achieve any seats. If he only cucked even harder, he imagines, his peers will accept and respect him, and give him a fair shot at the seat. Perhaps he can make lemonade from his lemons and triangulate his family’s legacy into a prominent “anti-racist” platform. What he refuses to accept is that, since he’s neither wealthy, nor homosexual, nor a feminist woman, nor a minority, he would be at the bottom of the list even if his google rap sheet weren’t almost as bad as mine.

His conversion is a lie, and it’s obviously a lie because a man of his intellect and research on the subject would have a more nuanced position than “Globalism and multiculturalism are super great!” Even if he did reject White Nationalism, it would necessarily be from a thoughtful perspective which acknowledges some of its premises while rejecting the conclusions. It’s as if I, a lifelong Linux hobbyist, woke up tomorrow and declared that I prefer Microsoft Windows, explaining that, “The start menu is way less confusing than all that nerd stuff.”

It’s possible that I could change my mind. People can and do change their minds. But the directness and simplicity of his conversion is more akin to a POW reading from a script than a genuine change of heart. To have him tell it in his New York Times piece, all problems that White people have are rooted in “hate,” none of them are valid, and any White person speaking up in his own defense as a White person must categorically be fueled by “hate.” Even the ADL and SPLC make more of an effort than Derek does to conceal how overtly anti-White the framing is.

As a favor and service to Derek, I’ve attempted to indirectly decipher from between the lines what his reason is for leaving White Nationalism.

I think the “Hamilton” cast modeled well one way to make that same connection when they appealed to Vice President-elect Mike Pence from the stage: “We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us.” Afterward, the actor Brandon Victor Dixon explained, “I hope he thinks of us every time he has to deal with an issue or talk about a bill or present anything.” I’m sure Mr. Pence believes his policies are just. But now he has heard from individuals who are worried about those policies. That might open him to new conversations.

What he appears to be explaining is that we must humanize and sympathize with others. This is a fair point, as far as it goes. I fully agree that we all benefit from trying to understand the world through the looking glass of other peoples’ perceptions and realities. I get it. I do. Developing this habit does limit how genocidal, supremacist, or hateful one can be. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and the same empathy extended to the other must necessarily be extended to our own.

Where are the attempts to empathize with and understand White American children who are raised with school textbooks that vilify their entire race and their ancestors? Where are the attempts to empathize with the tens of millions of working class mothers who are pinned in declining neighborhoods and underwater on their mortgages, unable to rescue their kids from the violence and degradation that “diversity” typically brings? Where are the attempts to empathize with the future generations of Whites who will be a deeply despised, marginalized, and disenfranchised minority in the land their ancestors once claimed?

It’s easy to reject White Nationalism if you do as Derek Black has done, reject and forsake your extended family. It’s easy to reject White Nationalism if you do as Derek Black has done, refuse to look at things from our perspective, looking only from the perspective of the other. I could look the entire Hamilton cast square in the eye, get to know them, even make friends with them, and still proudly stand for my family and folk, because I’m not dead to the aspirations and fears of my own.

In fact, I have a rather diverse array of friends and acquaintances from my personal and professional life, many of whom I cherish and respect greatly. I certainly respect the common humanity in other races and identities. I feel that our political project, the Traditionalist Worker Party, sets the standard for outreach to other nationalist communities, including Black Nationalists and Latin American Nationalists whom most would perceive as enemies. I respect them as authentic equals and see their own struggle for dignity and self-determination as if it were my own. It is.

Derek’s smart enough to understand that, to realize how transparently trite his arguments are for not only rejecting nationalism but publicly staking out an explicitly anti-White position. But we’re not the side with the money, the sinecures, or the “respectability” yet. We must accept that a certain subset of men and women will find some excuse for rejecting our position no matter how truthful it is, as a certain subset of men and women put other things before the truth.

Derek Black puts himself and his personal advancement before his family, before his folk, and before the truth. The silver lining in all this is that he’s aboard a sinking ship, one where nobody’s really taking his bullshit conversion seriously because it’s so contrived. He is, after all, still a straight white male, no matter how forcefully he cucks. The winds of history are blowing our direction now. And he, like Ephialtes of Trachis, will receive no other reward for his treachery to his nation than eternal fame.



My friends and I were discussing this very topic yesterday.
There is no respect for this action, on either side. It is disgusting.

Ted Jones

Derek is perhaps the most pathetic specimen I have yet seen. Even George Burdi came round on stormfront a few years back still understanding our sentiments. Derek’s views suddenly align with every single mainstream liberal media outlet of the time. It’s actually hilarious. All he has done is spit upon his family, his own flesh and blood, to further his career options. Nobody in the world is ever going to respect him, and I genuinely feel sorry for Don.

Good piece.

Richard Bird

So, he did it for acceptance within the liberal community? OK then. At least he is honest about his reasons for kicking his kith and kin in the teeth. Let’s see if they truly accept him. Something tells me he is going to be very disappointed in the long run, but then, you make your bed, you gotta sleep in it. Ain’t no turning back now chump.

Pat McGilvary

It’s fine to be your own man and have your own beliefs. In other words, he has zero obligation to think as his father does if he so chooses. However, he is trying to make a name for himself by using his father and the movement by virtue signaling against us, and that is despicable. I think Matt was spot on. The is a second rate human being, and it’s pretty easy to see right through him.

Pat McGilvary

He will end up like Glenn Beck and Rodney Martin, hated by all sides.

Richard Spencer’s press conference gave me chills when I watched it yesterday. It was that good. The winds of change are indeed blowing in our direction, and your article is spot on.

I was stunned that Jared Taylor denounced the Roman salute. There is so much irony in political movements. Taylor, for all he has done, will soon become irrelevant, because the next step in the movement is the mainstreaming of the JQ. How on God’s green earth can someone as intelligent as Taylor think that it can be avoided? For me, it is the number 1 issue, as they are the root cause of our woes.


The fascinating thing is just how slavishly devoted Derek is to the anti-white narrative, no matter how ridiculous. He doesn’t miss a beat – he embraces all of it without the slightest reservation. I’ve known a fair number of anti-whites over the years, and virtually all of them have at least *some* reservations about *something.* Not Derek! It’s comical.

A part of me thinks he has to be trolling, but the bigger part just assumes he’s a cretin devoid of shame. He definitely took the old adage “in for a penny, in for a pound” to heart.


One thing that grates in the coverage of Derek is how he is described as having been the Great Hope, the “future” of White Nationalism. I don’t recall that at all. I found his radio show unlistenable, in contrast to the excellent show that Don Black now hosts with Roy. Derek himself was unworthy of mention – the idea that we viewed him as the Great Hope is
absurd. He was a near non-entity taken seriously, if at all, only out of regard for his father.


A serious pile of bull indeed… one must hope that it´s dissimulation because otherwise, one has to assume serious brain-damage.
But here´s my point that would justify dissimulation to that extent: one can consider him to be doxxed.

The point is: I´m a closet WN, i.e. I´m not doxxed, and therefore, I can go where I want and do what I want. I can go to latin discos, I can sit in class with diverse people, and I´m not treated with hostility. I participate in language exchange groups… well in all these activities, I would be ostracized if my attitude were known.

Derek Black can´t do all that kind of activities, he´s not free to choose and not free to make experiences. He only gets that freedom back by denouncing WN. In that sense, I don´t blame him…. I just hope, as said, that it´s dissimulation as otherwise one would have to fear for his mental health.


As the son of a prominent White Nationalist, and having been an activist from a very, very young age, Derek never knew a “normal” life. For such a person, I can understand the allure of the normal (whatever that means in an increasingly dysfunctional society & culture).

Frankly, I think many of us envy the life that Derek could have had as a WN. Personally, I would love to do this full time. But again, it’s easy to grasp that he might envy the ordinary life that most of us live. The grass is always greener…

Point is, I think everyone can understand why Derek would want to distance himself from WN and get on with normalcy. But that’s not what he’s doing. If he just wanted to disappear into the ordinary, we shouldn’t be hearing from him years after the fact. Instead, he’s playing this up, clearly angling for gain at the expense of his father who, by all accounts, was dedicated and loving. That’s reprehensible.

Just as Derek was only a *significant* WN because of his father, he is only a significant anti-white because of his father. Derek had something that a huge percentage of normies never did – a good father. How he has repaid that is unconscionable.


I’ll also note that, even in his initial break from WN years ago, he did so in a manner that was spectacularly cruel to his father and others. Derek decided that shocking & blindsiding his father (a stroke victim) was a good idea, even as he cashed in a sizeable inheritance left to him by a WN. He’s happy to take WN money at the very minute he spits in pro-white faces.

The break could have been handled in all sorts of ways, but naturally Derek chose the path designed to inflict maximum pain & humiliation – upon his own stunned family.

He really is a despicable excuse for a human being.


Well, in that case, the depicting as “Elephant Man” is all the more appropriate… I LOLled at the picture, so mean :-D. I speculated that only a full-blown disavowal would allow him for a reset, and entrance into normalcy, but that may be not the case.


He could have issued a statement that clearly & unequivocally renounced White Nationalism, while at the same time respecting his father and others who no doubt showed him great kindness over the years. Such a statement would have generated numerous stories by all of the usual suspects, thus transforming him from a Google felon to someone with a Google pardon, to the extent that’s possible. In any event, his disavowal would have generated plenty of stories which would have featured prominently in any internet search.

Then change his legal name (which he did anyway) and it’s hello normalcy. Instead, Derek chose to behave in an utterly shameless fashion, as if he intended to add a heart attack to his father’s health problems.

There was no legitimate reason to blindside his dad like that – it was entirely gratuitous. A simple (but strong) disavowal, issued only after informing his father, would have been story enough. Any remotely competent writer could craft such a statement with ease.

And once he was gone, he’d have stayed gone. Yet here he is again, turning up like a bad penny.

Tom Rennick

I cracked up when I read this line: “…a man of his intellect…”

Give me a break. Derek Black’s “intellect” is the epitome of mediocrity.

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