What Is “Gender Politics” and Who Are “Women Everywhere?”

In truth, there is no such thing as sexual politics. Even the New York Times has recently been forced to confess this. The iron law of the friend-enemy distinction precludes any such thing as sex politics or “gender politics,” for the simple reason that it is impossible to kill all the men on earth or all the women on earth. To even picture such a thing is nothing but a sick masturbatory fantasy, which is in fact what any “gender politics” really is.

There is no such thing as “women everywhere,” except, in accordance with Professor Cuza’s theory of the science of anti-Semitism, in only one way. There are only women of a religion, race, nationality, class, creed, time, and so on. However, there is one exception to this.

Harriet Tubman was not an exception, as she fought only for Black people. Queen Elizabeth was not an exception, since she fought for only the English. Queen Isabella, on the other hand, indeed was a “woman everywhere,” for in fighting Jewry, Aunt Belle fought for all mankind.

Of course, this argument could just as easily apply to men… To a certain extent, we’re just using women as examples because they’re more aesthetically interesting symbols.  That argument amounts to the same, whether it is deadlier in men or in women.



Every baby has exactly one mother and one father, so the total reproductive success of all women is exactly the same as that of all men. Sowing discord between the sexes can have no effect but to diminish the fertility of the whole tribe, a void that other tribes will be happy to fill.

Not only do Marxists turn wives against husbands, they turn workers against employers, with the long term effect that men no longer wish to be husbands or employers, so the government must print money to feed single mothers and unemployed workers.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

White Supremacist? No, pro-white.

We must ask why the enemies are anti-whites.

Also, we need to give up on Right vs Left.

It’s really about OURS vs THEIRS.

In Russian, ours is ‘nash’ (nah-sh), and theirs is ‘ikh’ (ik-hh).

Time to speak of NASH versus IKH. No more right vs left.

Our Right and Our Left versus Their Right and Their Left.

Neo-Fascism is a fusion of our right and our left. It is for origins and roots but also growth and change. But the growth and change must serve what is OURS.

Social-Nationalism is right + left. It is for the race, nation, and hierarchy but also for justice and basic rights for all within the nation.

Also, opposing immigration and diversity is respecting OTHER races and cultures. We are saying they should defend their own homeland, respect their own ancestors, preserve their own culture & values, and keep their own identity.

When non-whites come to the West, they lose their identity & culture and turn into globo-morons addicted to junk culture and rap garbage. And their daughters turn into worthless whores who ‘twerk’. Their identities and cultures are digested in the acid and bile of globalism controlled by Jews and homos.

Also, the fact that all non-whites want to move to white nations is a sign of racial supremacism. The fact that they want to reject and depart from their own race & culture and instead live under/with white people implies that they find whites to be superior at everything. Diversity that favors emigration to white nations is premised on white superiority. So, we need to urge non-whites to reclaim their identit and pride and improve their own societies.

US has become Amnesiarica. People come here for better material life by losing their racial identity and cultural memory.

They need to stay home, and white people in America need to REGAIN their lost memories. Wake up from the opiate of PC and say no to the castor oil of Jewish manipulation of white conscience.


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