Trump Apocalypse Now

For the past year, Slate has hosted a cutesy “Trump Apocalypse Watch,” adding and removing “horsemen” according to their subjective estimate of whether “Donald Trump would be elected president, thus triggering an apocalypse in which we all die.

Welcome to the Trump Apocalypse.

The final installment was curiously devoid of the humor and sarcasm of the rest of them. This is but one of countless examples of the blood and hope draining from the faces of the elites, progressives, immigrants, and Jewish operatives as they attempted to swallow and digest the most bitter pill of their political lives. None have died, of course, but we’re living through a virtual Holocaust of their hopes and dreams, …and that tastes pretty good.


There’s some talk among the more intellectual nationalists about what this actually means for us. Nate Silver has nothing on the quantitative analytics and data-driven managerial decision-making here at TradWorker. We’ve hired an elite team of Asians who eat lunch alone at their desk to design a multivariate metric for whether or not Trump winning is good for White Americans.

Our proprietary Kosher Butthurt Index (KBI) indicates–above and beyond the margin of error–that Donald Trump winning is indeed good for White folks.

Will he keep his promises? Will we get our wall? Must we become his loyal opposition now? Will he lull us back to sleep? Would Hillary have been more polarizing and clarifying? Will his resurgent brand of civic nationalism present an obstacle to ethnic nationalism? Will Trump’s deep connections with the Jewish, financial, and liberal political networks squelch our hopes?

Bear in mind that we barely had hopes before Trump showed up. Bear in mind also that ideas and masses have momentum independent of individual men and their motives. Trump’s in his seventies and our own movement is a young one, chock full of identitarians in their teens and twenties who are part of an overarching global phenomenon of organic identities reawakening and fighting back against their dispossession.

We’re stakeholders in a coalition. Trump did grudgingly deliver some half-hearted denunciations when cornered. Trump is sincerely a civic rather than ethnic nationalist who’s sincerely attempting to be the president for all Americans. But he shocked and confused the world by opening the window for our marginal inclusion in the political process and refusing to close it.

As such, we owe Trump a smart balance between fidelity to our principles and loyalty to him and his administration. We cannot and will not back down on the Jewish Question or our explicit racial identity. We won’t. Don’t worry. But we will join those who aren’t as radical as we are in pulling politics in our direction.

Politics is the art of the possible. Our end goal remains what it’s always been, a separate and sovereign state unshackled from Zionist domination, where our nation can pursue our destiny socially and politically independent of the multicultural abomination. But here and now, we have an opportunity to make a devastating blow for nationalism (albeit civic) against globalism.

The British nationalists who threw in behind civic nationalist Nigel Farage’s Brexit campaign helped achieve a devastating blow against globalism. Brexit was about far more than the technocratic details of British diplomatic relations with the Continentals. It was about striking a blow to the globalist narrative, one which rippled across the Atlantic.

Ideological purity notwithstanding, Trump holds the very real promise of bringing some of the solid benefit-paying jobs back to the heartland. Trump holds the very real promise of winding down the imperialist warmongering wrought by decades of neocon and neoliberal hegemony. Trump holds the very real promise of being a voice for the dispossessed workers of America, the vast majority of whom are White.

Skeptics will insist that a Hillary victory would have been more accelerationist. And they’re correct as far as it goes, that Hillary would have alienated untold millions from the mainstream political process toward our camp. We were poised to make the most of the outcome, too. But Trump’s victory delivers a delay we can exploit. Let’s make the best of it, investing that extra time developing our own movement in preparation for the inevitable showdown between the international oligarchs and White America.


Charles Edward Lincoln, III

Trump is not ideal or perfect, but I have not been this happy with a Presidential election outcome since Ronald Reagan won when I was 20.years old in 1980.

I heaved a deep, profound, Hallelujah-singing sigh of relief when it became apparent, early Tuesday evening, that things were not going Hillary’s way.

I had decided to leave the USA “forever” 8-9 years ago in 2007-2008, but let’s just say “the USA got in the way” of those plans.

But today no possible impediments remain and I had decided again that if Hillary were elected, I would leave this country forever.

I have some “off the grid” acreage/hectareage in Mexico, and that’s where I was headed.

But I’m not going anywhere right now. I think there’s a chance for America, maybe much greater and more significant than the false hope that Reagan gave us.

Hillary would have buried White America forever. Trump may not be Jefferson Davis, Cecil Rhodes, much less a second Hitler as they always call him.

But he has made all the “right people” mad. As you say he has dashed all the “right people’s” hopes and dreams. And these are wonderful, fabulous things to say about the man.

Fr. John+

Of the same age, and of the same mentality. Gave up on the “prepper” movement when it appeared that ‘survival’ was merely another shill for Israel loving brain-dead, race-mixing idiots. Wondered about Mexico, couldn’t stand the people when in Californication, and I thought, “why would I want to live in the midst of the belly of the beast?” Looked at Costa Rica, did not appeal to me;?was looking further south, called out the hypocritical ex-pats living their life of ‘white supremacist leisure’ in Boquete, Panama, and when they turned on me like a pack of feral dogs, I was really not too excited about American ex-pats in Panama…but now at least, we have 4 to 5 more years, to save up $$, in order to find that “perfect retirement ex-pat locale.” Unless, of course Donald Trump becomes king, and Donald Trump Junior becomes the crown prince. Oh, and holy Orthodoxy becomes the state religion of the United States. I can dream, can’t I?

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

Let me just clarify something about Mexico: it is MUCH more diverse than you might imagine, and “my” part of Mexico—the Yucatan Peninsula (except for the Touristic “Riviera Maya” on the East Coast) is a world unto itself in two ways: (1) the Creole Whites and Maya Indians have largely maintained their identities, so that racial consciousness is much higher and miscegenation is much less than in the rest (especially the North) of Mexico, (2) the cultural standards of hygiene and cleanliness are much higher.
The reasons for the “Yucatan difference” are historical and should be of great interest and significance to racially conscious Anglos.

In the first place, the “Ancient Maya” before the Spanish Conquest created by far the most sophisticated civilization in the New World. The Ancient Maya alone in the Western Hemisphere created a completely functional writing system comparable most closely to Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Early (Shang and earliest Chou) period Chinese writing. The Maya also created a naturalistic form of art utterly unparalleled outside of the Indo-European world, where the human body was represented with both accuracy and extraordinarily natural detail.

The Ancient Maya were comparable to the Ancient Chinese and Hindus, and some academics (including my dear old Harvard mentor the late David Humiston Kelley) are convinced that there was direct historical contact and even guidance, especially from Sanskrit-literate India to the literate Ancient Maya. The Ancient Maya, last but not least, had a viable legal system, and adapted almost immediately to the Spanish customs of litigation and argument by paper submissions of evidence and authority for right.

Accordingly, during the early phase of the Conquest of Mexico, while Aztec Society was largely decapitated and suppressed, the Maya of Yucatan lived (literally) side-by-side as equals with the newly arrived Spaniards. But the Maya were proud and did not favor miscegenation even though for the Spanish it was customary to intermingle with the conquered indigenes…

According to Richard Lewontin at Harvard, the Maya of Yucatan maintained their racial purity (and hence, their ethnic identity) more successfully than any other group of Aboriginal Americans. The Maya identity reasserted itself politically in the mid-19th century which a movement which came to be known as “the Caste War of Yucatan” (there were no other “Caste Wars” based on specifically racial consciousness anywhere in the New World) in which the Maya reclaimed half of the Peninsula for themselves and for half a century maintained political independence.

The “Cruzob” Maya traded with both the British to the South and the Spanish in Cuba to the East, and British Colonial officers in Belize made diplomatic overtures to the Independent Maya but…. the Maya authorities were not quite sophisticated enough to take advantage of the possible “foreign aid” and were ultimately reconquered by the Government of Porfirio Diaz in the early 20th century, although remnant Maya “Chieftains” maintained identity and substantial autonomy into the 1970s, and one wrote a remarkable letter to Richard Nixon expressing sympathy over Watergate.

The Maya, in short, are as distinctive from the Mexicans you see in California as any two races can be. The Ancient Maya were called the “Greeks of the New World” by the Harvard founder of Maya Archaeology as a serious academic study, namely Sylvanus Griswold Morley. And racially, they were clearly the “Aryans” among American Indians.

Donald Trump may not quite have realized just how right he was, but he was in fact totally correct in stating that the Mexicans were not “sending us their best”—but in fact like the Marielitos from Cuba, Mexico sends us only their lowest and most criminal elements, by-and-large.

So when I say I spend time in Mexico, I am talking about a Mexico that you may not quite realize exists—a part of Mexico whose Creole Whites applied for admission to the United States in the 1830s and 40s and formed an alliance and shared navy, even, with the Republic of Texas, a part of Mexico which supported Emperor Maximilian and the Empress Carlotta more than any other, and whose natives were truly “noble.”

But now that Trump is elected, as you said, we have a little bit of a “breather.” We’ll see what happens next…

Fr. John+

I’d like to preface my comment to your comment, with a white nationalist author named John de Nugent, who wisely wrote about Mel Gibson’s 2006 movie, “Apocalypto.”

“…(Let’s) start with a quote from historian Will Durant (1885-1981), author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning, eleven-volume ‘The Story of Civilization’ –

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

Third, I wondered how much relevance Mayan Indios in 1502 had to me, a White man in 2013, except for the possible fact that our country of America is now being flooded by illegal alien descendants of the Mayans and Aztecs. 😉

Actually, plenty of relevance: The entire movie delineates how a tiny psychopathic ruling class misrules, lies to, entertains with mass festivals, impoverishes and oppresses an entire nation–and how God and man ultimately thwart them.

…In 1486, in fact, during an Aztec temple dedication before huge and roaring crowds (just 16 years before Columbus’s fourth expedition, which landed in Central America), in a four-day festival twenty thousand live captives, knowing in advance what was going to happen to them, consciously saw and felt their hearts, hands and feet being surgically sliced away by the glass-like but razor-sharp obsidian knives, this before their heads were cut off and flung, followed by the torsos, bouncing and flipping down the pyramid steps–naturally “as the crowd roared.” (End quote)

I don’t consider such races to be a Proto-white culture, or any culture of any kind, whatsoever. I consider them bestial, demon possessed, animals.

As de Nugent continues on in his article, he makes clear that the Mayans were equally as evil as the Aztecs:

” But the Mayans also fought wars and humiliated captured foreign leaders; as Gibson relates in the fascinating “Director’s Commentary” on the DVD, they spent nine interminable years degrading, humiliating–and amputating various parts off–a captured head of state. As Gibson related, in the end the captives were just “balls of nerve endings.” It would appear that the sociopathic priests enjoyed making fools even of their own kings; the Mayan heads of state were persuaded to try accessing the gods by driving a stingray spine through their penis. (See sidebar: “Mel didn’t show half of it.”)”

Yeah, no. You’re either delusional, or merely a cucked Multiculti fool.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

Since you kind of end your comment with a rather vicious insult, I probably shouldn’t honor you with a response or write back at all…. but we were agreeing about other things earlier, so I’ll give you a second chance.

Mel Gibson has produced and directed some great movies… “Apocalyto” was not one of them.

“Apocalypto” was a totally retarded and weirdly uninformed portrayal of Maya culture. Nothing is more hilarious than listening to the Yucatec Maya script being performed by people who obviously learned (and mostly performed the language as spoken in the movie) while drunk as skunks. I do know the language….

As for “auto-sacrifice” and human sacrifice in general—try to keep in mind that there is SUBSTANTIAL evidence that human sacrifice was common in Pre-Christian Europe.

No culture ever equalled the Aztec in the quantity and scale of human sacrificial numbers, but you are right that the “quality” of Maya blood sacrifice was similar—but so were the rites of the Druids and Ancient Germans and Slavs and even the early Greeks and Italians…. If you consider a person with both an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Harvard to be a multi-culti fool, well, go right ahead I guess.

But I do know the civilizations of which we’re discussing extremely well…. and I also know the Ancient and Mediaeval Civilizations of Europe and Africa…. the struggle over Human Sacrifice in religion is part of the evolutionary background to Christianity…. if you don’t believe in cultural evolution, I guess I can’t help you at all…

And if you want to deny that cruel forms of torture and murder were a part and parcel of European culture right up through the 18th and even parts of the 19th and 20th centuries…. I would have to say you’re just the ignorant one here…. but trading insults won’t get us anyplace.

But Kevin MacDonald and others “on our side” of the race question do… I never said that the Maya were evolving into white people so I don’t know what you mean by “proto-white”…

What I said, and what I would defy you to challenge with any deeper sources than “Will Durant” (whose history, in case you don’t realize it) is lighter on valuable content than most store-bought white bread….not necessarily poisonous but if you eat it and nothing else you will slowly starve to death…I would challenge you to find any serious student who disagrees that the Maya were the evolutionary PINNACLE of the autochthonous civilizations of the New World.

I find it very interesting that they maintained their racial purity more than other groups…. and that the Creoles and the Maya maintained mutual respect and some social distance from the Conquest forward.

Anyhow—it’s also undeniable that the Maya today have better hygiene and smell better than any other of Mexico’s underclasses—and there’s no denying that the Maya were conquered and unable to throw off the Spanish Empire…. until just that brief Caste War in the 19th Century….

I don’t know why arguing this is important to you unless you just can’t admit that “Aryan” Europeans did some vicious cruel things “in the olden days” before Christianity, and for that matter SINCE Christianity…. even until the 20th century, as I said….

People who commit murder and human sacrifice CAN create great civilizational monuments….. and the Ancient Maya had much more impressive art & architecture than ever came out of pre-Christian Northern Europe… I don’t think anything in this line of argument will help or hurt the celebration of Trump…. although if I were part of the government I would advise him to reclassify and categorize sub-categories of Mexicans—some are better and some are worse. There are many white creoles and many pure Indians who deserve our respect…. And if that makes me a “multi-culti fool”—well, I can sling mud too if that ‘s what you want to do….


The Urantia Book contains a plausible explanation for the origin of the aboriginal populations of the Americas. In a nutshell, the author of paper 63 says humans evolved from simian ancestors about a million years ago in an area north of the Persian Gulf. The author of paper 64 claims the 6 colored races originated in a family in the highlands of Western India half a million years ago. Of those, the yellow and the red peoples migrated into the Far East. 85,000 years ago the yellow people drove the red people out and across the Bering land bridge in three successive waves. The first, the red people, settled in North America, the second, the red-yellow mixed people settled in Central America and Mexico, and the yellow-red people settled in South Africa and brown-skinned people later joined them by boat from the South China sea islands. Thus, none of the inhabitants of the Americas were autochthonous.

I imagine DNA testing would bear out the story of the three groups. Anyway, there can be no question of the striking difference in appearance of the Mayans from more western and northern tribes of Mexicans. And it makes sense that the Mayans and the Aztecs developed civilizations superior to those of the North American indigenes because they differed racially. The undisputed general hostility of red people starkly contrasts with their spiritual bent, but it sufficed to prevent them from ever progressing beyond tribal civilization and it sparked such internecine wars as to destroy the creme of the pure red race. Apparently something similar happened to the Mayans, but not to such an extreme, evidenced by their diminutive stature.

Yes, I know The Urantia Book does not constitute a source most scholars consider authoritative. But no one has disproved its story about the races as far as I know.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

It is fitting that this was Trump vs Clinton.

The great irony is Trump played the role of the GOP’s Clinton(though against the media storm whereas Billy Boy rode the friendly waves).

Clinton revitalized the Democratic Party by shaking off rust-belt blues of Big Labor. He went for the future of high-tech and finance. He went for the re-posh-ification of cities.

He went after the big money donor class that was giving to GOP. Billy Boy read their minds. He knew Big Money was giving to GOP reluctantly cuz GOP is uncool and associated with ‘reaction’. They did so cuz GOP was more pro-business. But when it came to soft power of arts, culture, glitz, Hollywood, fashion, and etc. Dems totally ruled. If you wanted to have fun, it was Entertainment Inc than 700 Club. Also, Clinton sensed that Jews would dominate as the New Big Money, esp with fading of manufacturing and rise of high tech, information industry, and finance. Billy Boy knew that if Dems offered favored economic deals to the Money Class, they would all flock to his side.

So, Billy Boy was like a snake that began to swallow the tail of the GOP snake. As the big money donor class got swallowed by the Dems, GOP had less room to maneuver. They offered even more tax cuts, but the rich got so rich and got so much more with the Democratic party(the cool factor and the moral advantage of ‘progressive’ politics associated with Martin Luther Bling) that they gave up on GOP. Sure, GOP could offer them few more points on tax cuts, but they would give up all the ‘cool’ and ‘progressive’ factor associated with Dems.

Desperate, GOP went big for the Jewish vote, and I think this was why the GOP gentiles gave Neocons all they wanted for the Iraq War. Let Neocons triumph in the Middle East, have even Liberal Zionists be wowed and impressed by Neocon triumph, mastery, and victory. And then, Neocons would dominate Jewish politics, and Jews would come over to GOP. (After all, even New Republic had its Neocon corner.) But Iraq turned into disaster, and even neocons got embarrassed for being associated with George Dubya.

GOP also went a long way to give Wall Street all it wanted, even more so than Clintons, and the housing bubble wrecked the economy. Jews gave up on GOP.

So, GOP had nothing in the end. It had moral deficit(cuz it was associated with ‘reaction’ than ‘progress’), no cool factor, and fading donor class.

So, the ONLY thing left was for the GOP to start swallowing the Democrat tail. And this is where Dems were somewhat vulnerable. In having embraced globalism, free trade, donor class, the warfare state, and Diversity(aka inclusion of the servant scab class from around the world), the Democrats began to lose the working class. And even blacks began to feel angry. Blacks turned out huge in 2008 and 2012 cuz of Obama the Negro.

So, Trump was right to swallow the Democratic tail of vulnerability: white working class and blacks. It didn’t really work with blacks cuz not many blacks voted for him. But the fact that many chose not to vote at all goes to show their disenchantment. Mass immigration called by Clinton didn’t work with blacks.

So, if Billy Boy swallowed the donor tail of GOP, Trump swallowed the working class tail of Democrats.

Now, Clinton swallowed the richer nutrient cuz one oligarch can provide more funds than a million working class ‘losers’. In contrast, the ‘rabble’ that were once Democratic that was swallowed by Trump is low on talent, creativity, ingenuity, and wealth.

Still, the disadvantage of Clinton’s strategy was to associate Dems with the winners, the sharks, the globo-oligarchs, the 1%. This led to challenge from Bernie who hurt Clinton. Even many on her side voted for Hillary as anti-Trump than pro-Hillary.

And even though Trump got himself a basketful of ‘losers’, some moral credit has been won over to the GOP side. Sure, because the ‘deplorables’ are white, they are denounced as ‘white supremacist’, but the fact is Trump demonstrated that these forgotten whites have no privilege. And if anything, whites with all the privilege and connections voted for Hillary.

That has to be played on over and over and over.

Anyway, politics is Ouroborusian.

Billy Boy Clinton dumped labor and went after donors.

Trump attacked the donor class and went after labor.

It has come full circle in the snake eating the other snake.



“I-will-leave-the-US-if-Donald-Trump-wins” is so very ‘racist’.

All these famous people, even non-whites and blacks, choose nations even whiter than the US as favored destinations.

They always favor Canada over Mexico or Latin America.

They always favor New Zealand and Australia over India or China.

They always favor Europe over Africa and Middle East.

Even Jews say they will move to some white gentile nation than to Israel.

That is so ‘racist’, I say!! Why do they all reject non-white majority nations? Don’t they like Diversity?

They say they hate Trump cuz he threatens to slow down the browning of America, but their idea of protest is to move to nations far less brown than America.

Talk about Cogno-Disso or Cognisso, aka cognitive dissonance.

Move to Congo, Pakistan, or Bolivia.



It’s time to recognize Trump is an apocalypse. He has used every one of us for a vote and is right now sitting down with Obama laughing and talking about how good it is to be President. He is disavowing every promise he has made. Mark my words. It’s not too hard to see it


Well, then, get off your ass and get engaged, instead of whining behind a keyboard. Make a difference while we can and be glad that the evil bitch is not in charge. PS, when the war starts, can I have your rifle? … never fired, only dropped once. kek


I think Trump is just going to be like Reagan. A sort of fantasy or myth of America rebooted for this era. The power of myth over the mind of man is understudied. The Liberal myth of Rousseau and the Enlightenment project have run their course and ended in chaos and deracinated populations. Trump is a retreat into an old myth of the economic bubble filled with cocaine and yuppies and hollow patriotism. There is no real vision of the future emerging yet and without a vision the people perish. Still its fun to watch the death of the Liberal dream.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

People like Naomi Klein are invoking class issues to explain Hillary’s loss, but we need to look at the race issue.

The main reason why Hillary was loathe to appeal to the ‘deplorables’, Catholic or otherwise, was because they were made out to be the locus of All Evil. Doing so would weaken the KKKrazy Glue.

KKKrazy Glue runs against Rednecks.

Appealing to white working class would turn Rednecks into Redbutts: Whites not as haters and instigators of violence(mainly against blacks) but whites whose butts are sore red from globalist outsourcing and black crime/violence. Blacks kick white butt, so poor whites are more likely to be redbutts than rednecks.

KKKrazy Glue has to vilify Whitey, but which whitey? Obviously, the urban haute riche whites of San Fran, NY, Hollywood, and Hyde Park don’t want it to be them.

If Democrats were still about class issues and Big Labor, rich whites would be blamed most.

But rich whites run both parties. They don’t want the blame. They want to pose as Good Whites who wave the homo flag and Diversity flag and MLK flag even though they are the ones who really enjoy white security and white privilege. Furthermore, a good number of those Good Rich Whites are Jews, and shhhhh about that, as the Wiener of Madmen said.

So, the Bad Whites who must be scapegoated are the Deplorables.

Even though, due to White Death and Black crime, they are now redbutts, we must pretend they are still rednecks.

That is why it is difficult for Democrats to reach out to working class whites.

Their coalition is built on vilifying Whitey. Since rich haute urban whitey don’t want the blame, it has to be shifted to the Deplorables, the unprivileged whites who are accused of ‘white privilege’ by whites and Jews with the Real Power and Privilege.

Libs politics is like a family saying, “my family sucks, but WE rich members are the good redemptive members while our poor under-educated relatives living in trailers are the blacksheep of the family. So, support us and go get them.”

It is Deviouses vs Deplorables.

If the KKKrazy Glue demands that there be the BAD WHITEY, there has to be someone to blame. Since the haute whites/Jews in Hyde Park and Manhattan and San Fran don’t want to be blamed for White Privilege, the blame has fallen on Deplorables.

This is why Democrats cannot reach out to Deplorables.

Howard Dean tried and got blasted by John Edwards and others.


Gubbler Chechenova

The fact that Hillary’s side decided to turn an adjective into a noun — the deplorables — goes to show the extent to which adjectology is a strategy of the Prog.

When you don’t have facts(nouns) and numbers(stats on crime and racial differences) on your side, you only have adjectives left to toss around as epithets, warnings, and insults.

So, entire truths and facts are ‘unacceptable’, ‘odious’, or ‘noxious’. Or they are ‘deplorable’.

And heck, why not go all the way and turn an adjective into a noun since adjectives are all they have left .

Not only are you deplorable, but you are A deplorable.

Or say that reality is ‘discredited’. Why? Cuz they pulled that adjective out of the bag.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

I hear in Progs in Europe remarked that the US election was 27th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall. They bitch that the Fall of the Wall was all about ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’.


Fall of Berlin Wall was about nationalism. Germans reunited. East Germany used to be part of multi-national Soviet Empire. It finally left the empire and rejoined its national brethren.

It is so disingenuous of the Prog to spin fall of Berlin Wall as triumph of ‘multi-culturalism’ and ‘open-ness’. It was about people of same ethnos and culture reuniting. It was about the rejection of different nations and ethnic groups being forced into one ‘universal’ empire based on ideology.

Also, didn’t the US praise the breakup of the Soviet Union? The result was new nations based on ethnic identity and set borderlines.

So, why did the US cheer the rise of EU and Globalism that undermines nationalism and borders?

I guess rise of nationalism and borders is good when it destroys rival empires, but it is bad when it undermines American globalist imperial ambitions.

It is like the globo-US is pushing nationalism in Ukraine to antagonize Russia while, at the same time, pushing homomania to turn Ukraine into part of US globo-empire.


Ed Edgerton

One school of thought is that the globalist oligarchs are planning to wreck everything and blame it on Trump. Maybe there will be some sort of Russian invasion, and Trump will be blamed. Maybe there will be an interruption of the oil supply, and Trump will be blamed for his anti-war stance. Maybe there will be a trade war accompanied by a depression, and Trump will be blamed. The hypothetical people who will make this happen could already have people in Trump’s inner circle, ready to make him zig when he should have zagged.

It is just a possibility to keep in mind.

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