Powerful Forces are Emerging: TradWorker on the Rise

Well before Donald Trump first electrified White America with his cannonball into the political process the summer before last, we were assembling a Traditionalist Worker Party dedicated to a message nearly identical to his own. While others were conspiring to infiltrate academia, working hard to distance themselves from working class optics and aesthetics, and dwelling on outmoded paleoconservative and paleocolonial frameworks, we knew which direction the wind was blowing and what we needed to do to lead White Americans forward.

We called it.

Not only have we enjoyed astronomical membership growth and global media coverage, our handful of local pilots for direct community outreach have been succeeding. While what’s readily visible are our street fights, public engagements, and Internet memes, what’s more important is our humble and steady work to qualify ourselves, face-to-face, door-to-door, and rust belt neighborhood to rust belt neighborhood, as the true advocates in both word and deed of the white families who’ve been left to choke by the establishment.

Translating our rhetoric of advocacy for and investment in marginalized white folks from mere talking points into quantifiable improvement of the conditions and communities of our people is the foremost challenge our movement faces, and we’re undeniably in the lead. Australia’s Sky News recently interviewed and trailed our organization as part of a hit piece on Trump. In the process, they followed TradWorker along for some of our outreach, discovering first-hand that we’re genuinely connecting with and speaking for real people who are ready for our message.

There’s a “Credibility Crisis” in America, one where people are awakening, one by one, to the terrifying fact that their entire system, from the government on down to the local news crew, are aggressively and openly hostile to the impoverished and unprivileged communities throughout the Rust Belt and Appalachia explicitly because of the color of their skin. Who credibly speaks for these tens of millions of people who desperately need a voice and a vision?

We do.

But we must prove ourselves credible over an extended period. We must prove that we’re serious. We must prove that we’re professional. We must prove that we’re strong enough to push back the enemy. We must prove that we’re above the infighting, ego battles, and factionalism of the old movement, investing our hearts and minds in winning fights with our enemies instead of our allies. We don’t really have the money to manifest our vision, and we don’t really have the volunteers. But what we do have is a working model, a successful demonstrated prototype of applied White Nationalism.

Whether Trump wins next week or not, our challenge will remain pretty much the same. While Trump’s message and methods are similar to what we dreamed up a few years ago, he’s not an ethnic nationalist; he’s a civic nationalist. That’s a good start, and a world of difference over Hillary’s anti-white globalist political machine. But the very real tribal differences between American citizens, the rapid demographic changes, and the necessity of naming the Jewish oligarchs place a firm expiration date on Trumpism. After all, this is the last election cycle where Trumpism is even possible before demographics permanently eclipse implicitly white populist nationalism.

We’re here for this election cycle. And we’re not too jealous or purist to obstruct Trump’s historic candidacy. But our vision strikes at the very root of our dispossession in a way that Trump cannot. Trump is capable of winning a national election while our more “radical” message remains on the margins of popular discourse. But if current year has taught us anything, it’s taught us that the bounds of discourse can seismically shift without warning.

We’re doing our best to organize and prepare for the aftermath of this election, but we need your help. We need your investment. If you can join TradWorker, please do so today. If you can’t join, but you would like to support our work, please do so today. It’s vital that we seize the opportunities raining down around us, and it takes manpower and resources which are in short supply. Become a stakeholder in a proven and rapidly growing organization so that when you grandchildren ask, you can confidently and sincerely prove to them that you took a stand for them in the hour of decision.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

So many revolutions or transformations were made possible by foreign affairs.

Romans over-extended and eventually lost not only their empire but their own core domain(to barbarian hordes).

The French Monarchy’s greatest triumph also paved to way for its tragic downfall. French Monarchy got deeply involved in the American Revolution and bankrupted itself to defeat the British. It succeeded but soon was brought down by a revolution far more frightening than anything that happened in the British colonies.

Ottoman Empire fell with the defeat in World War I.

WWI led to downfall of both German monarchy and Russian monarchy.

The Tokugawa Dynasty fell from power due to foreign intervention, mainly by Americans and British.

Without foreign involvement or intervention, a political system can be remarkably stable, resilient, and long-lasting, even if stagnant(or precisely because it is so), oppressive, corrupt, and etc.

Most political orders are dominated by a few centers. It’s like whatever happens in New York(center of finance and news media), Los Angeles(center of entertainment), Washington D.C.(center of government), and San Francisco(center of high tech) pretty much determines what happens in the rest of the country. A few centers lead and dominate; and all others follow.

Before the Meiji Revolution, the Tokugawas in Edo(now Tokyo) ruled Japan. Whatever happened there shaped the rest of Japan. It’s like ‘flyover country’ doesn’t matter to those in the centers of American Power. (In a larger sense, whatever happens in Washington DC and New York also defines whatever happens in all the vassal-nations of the US.)

So, how did the Tokugawa lose its grip? During its long reign, rival clans submitted to Tokuogawa authority and only quietly maintained a degree of independence and autonomy. As long as the Tokugawa Shogunate seemed invincible, the other clans went along. They were fry-obah kantry. But when the Tokugawa order was finally shaken by the arrival of foreign naval power, the rival clans saw an opening. Tokugawa lost its legitimacy in having failed to defend Japan from foreigners. So, the Japanese Revolution, aka Meiji Restoration, was made possible by foreign intervention. Even though the rival clans were just as anti-foreign(possibly even more so) as the Tokugawas, they were empowered by the opportunities presented by crisis brought about by foreign intervention.

So, for would-be revolutionaries, nothing is as useful as foreign matters. Sometimes, revolution is the product of over-extension of empire or foreign wars. Russian Empire over-extended itself and lost in WWI. Soviet Empire also over-extended and fell.

In the case of China and Japan, foreign invasions gave an opening to revolutionaries and rebels who’d effectively been suppressed in ideas or power by the ruling elites.

Without the foreign threat to destabilize the system, the few key centers of power could keep a firm grip on the entire kingdom or state almost permanently. But when foreign matters shake those key centers of power, everything becomes possible.

The rise of Putin and consolidation of Russian nationalism couldn’t have been possible without the foreign-aided disasters of the 1990s.

If the Soviet Union collapsed due to foreign pressures of capitalism that created more wealth and power, the Russian order of the 90s collapsed from foreign exploitation via pirate-capitalism.

Revolution or Reaction, it results when the effective centers of power are shaken. Even though they can be shaken entirely by domestic factors, it is far more likely that the key impact will be supplied by foreign affairs or foreign forces. (Even the social revolutions of the 60s had a much greater impact due to the Vietnam War.)

Look at North Korea and Cuba. Miserable as those nations are economically, the tight political control of Pyongyang and Havana prevents fundamental change to the system. They keep foreign influences out.

But in Iraq and Libya, where US was able to remove central authority, everything fell apart. (Gaddafi’s fate was sealed when he got too close with and trusting of Western powers that were secretly using their newfound access to plant the seeds of strife all over Liyba.) And there are powerful forces in the US that wants to see the fall of Assad for the same reason. Now, might not the fall of such leaders pave the way for rise of new even more fearsome and troublesome leaders? After all, the fall of Old Japan led to rise of New Japan that was a threat to Western influence in Asia. And the fall of Imperial Germany eventually led to rise of Nazi Germany.

But US elites aren’t so worried about such prospect in Middle East and North Africa because the demographics are so different there. When the old order fell in Japan, Japan was still all Japanese, and all these Japanese would be behind the new order, if anything even more so since it gave more voice to the people. Same with Germany and Turkey. Even with the fall of the Kaiserian order, Germany was all Germany and could reconstitute itself into a great German power. And with the demise of the Ottoman Empire, the Turks in Anatolia could rebuild themselves into a united nation-state.

In contrast, Middle Eastern and North African nations are too diverse. A ‘Libyan’ or ‘Syrian’ has no great historical sense or meaning as identity; they are ‘ancient’ identities long lost to conquests by Arab clans and tribes; they were retroactively reapplied by ‘Orientalist’ Western forces. (It’d be like Chinese conquering Mexico and renaming everyone there — white, mestizo, mulatto, indigenes, etc — as ‘Azteca’.) So, if the center of power is destabilized in MENA, division and distrust will prevent the rise of a new unified order. Iraq can never be put together again. Same with Libya, and same with parts of Syria.

This may seem like a great triumph for the globalist forces in the US, but it has a destabilizing impact on the West as well. All those ‘refugees’ unloosed by wars and crisis in Middle East and North Africa have sent shockwaves throughout Europe, and this may lead to the rise of ‘far right’ politics. Merkel’s government has been weakened by the fateful decision to bring in all these foreigners. Again, foreign forces are making revolutionary conditions possible. Revolutionary conditions that were once thought of as unthinkable have become thinkable due to these massive foreign invasions.

And Trump wouldn’t have a campaign if not against globalism that opposes the invade-invite strategy of the globalists who expend too much of America’s resources on foreign wars & intervention and undermine the American electorate with massive infusions of immigrants who will fundamentally change the character of the nation.

Win or lose, Trump’s candidacy heralds a new kind of politics in America: Racial Reaction-Revolutionary Politics. Whites are beginning to think, “If the globalist elites who rule over us bring in all these non-whites and encourage their tribal pride and anti-white animus, why shouldn’t we whites recover and reignite our racial identity and pride?”

Foreign Forces are the main impetus to revolution, reaction, and/or transformation.

Foreign Influence/Intervention inspires revolutionary release or ignites reactionary resistance. Sometimes, the two, revolution and reaction, are fused into one, as in Vietnam when Revolutionary Communists waged a reactionary-nationalist war against the foreign French and Americans.

Foreign Forces are the fire that makes the forging of the new order possible. The smart revolutionary or reactionary uses this fire carefully and sensibly, as Kemal Ataturk did in exploiting foreign crisis to create modern Turkey.

But the dumb, reckless, or crazy revolutionary or reactionary uses this fire stupidly and gets burned in the process, like Hitler and Tojo in WWII.

American Reaction-Revolutionaries need to look to Choshu and Satsuma clans when Tokugawa rule was shaken to the core by foreign powers. Even though Choshu and Satsuma forces were just as ‘xenophobic'(if not more so) as the Tokugawas, they could not have moved against the Tokugawas if not for foreign intervention of Americans and British. It wasn’t isolated domestic uprising that drove Tokugawas out of power. As long as Japan was isolated, the key centers of power had a tight grip on everything. It was foreign forces that diminished the power of Tokugawa Dynasty, and that gave an opening to the other clans whose aspirations had long been suppressed. Even so, the coming transformation of Japan was so huge that it went far beyond the domination by the new clan as the new boss. Even the new rulers were subsumed by transformations that overtook every corner of society and gave opportunity for success and achievement to any individual in the nation.

Now, US is very different from Tokugawa Japan in this sense: Whereas Tokugawas were threatened by a power far greater than itself, US is the most powerful nation on earth. If anything, it is in the business of threatening and destroying other nations.

But there are many contradictions in America that may make this kind of globo-imperialism ever more risky for the powers-that-be. For starters, the American conservatives and the Right, traditionally the most supportive of the US military, are moving into anti-war position, much like between WWI and WWII. They no longer see the US-homo-and-female-and-diverse-military as their own. And they no longer identify with the Neocon interests that say white Americans should kill white Russians. So, there is a contradiction on the Right.

But there are also many contradictions on the so-called Left. Democratic Party is supposed to be ‘progressive’ and dove-ish, but it is now led by the most hawkish person since who knows when. It is into saber-rattling, and etc., and this makes many progs feel uneasy, even queasy. Even though Progs support Hillary as ‘lesser of two evils’, the fact is she is by far the greater evil even by the basic standards of leftist politics. Her policy is that of a foreign imperialist warmonger, and her brand of anti-Russian paranoia makes Joe McCarthy seen like Eugene McCarthy. So far, globalism has morally justified US globalist power on the basis of spreading homomania — just like Western Imperialists morally justified past aggression on the promise of spreading the light of God and Jesus. Western Imperialism once hid behind the notion of Saving Souls; today, it hides behind the fruity crusade or fruitsade of Poofting Holes. This has been effective in getting the progs onboard, but it is also fraught with dangers. Once people began to realize that homomania is really a cynical tool for neo-imperialism, globalism will lose its moral advantage and justification. Today’s progs feel it was wrong for the West to invoke Christianity to conquer and dominate other peoples. So, they will feel shame once they realize that they do exactly the same thing today, the only difference being that their imperialist and aggressive religion is homomania.

Once, there was a time when ‘democracy’ was a rare commodity in the world, and that alone made the West appealing to much of humanity. The West stood for democracy, the Soviets stood for communist repression, and Third World stood for dictatorship. But democracy has spread all over the world. Most Latin American nations are democratic(and oftentimes, democracy leads to anti-Americanism, as with Duterte in Philippines). Even Iran has elections, and Russia is nominally a democracy too. So, invoking ‘democracy’ hardly makes the US and the West seem so special anymore. For the US and West to seem more special and ‘more evolved’ than others, it needs a new theme, and it’s been ‘diversity is our strength’ and homomania. (Granted the main appeal of the West today is material wealth than moral themes. People would be flocking to the US even if it had no elections cuz they just want a better material life. Americanism has thus become totally crass.) Diversity is both appealing and unappealing to the world. Many people suffer because they have too much diversity in their own nations, and if anything, they want to move to the West cuz of its relative lack of diversity. Even with rising diversity in Canada, Europe, Australia, and US, they are less diverse than messy Latin America, messy Middle East, and messy India(where there are so many ethnic groups who can’t stand one another). Diversity is appealing to non-whites to the extent that white nations will accept them as immigrants. But their main reason of moving to the West is to live with large numbers of ‘superior’ whites who run a better system than diverse morons in their own nations. After all, Somalis would rather move to a part of America that is very white than to another African nation or part of US that is overrun by Mexicans, Hindus, Chinese, and Negroes.

As for homomania, this is making the US and EU look dumber and trashier, what with the face of ‘human rights’ in America being some guy in women’s dress using the ladies room. This tranny business also undermines the politics of victimology. Progs say, in the name of feminism, that women need to be protected from stronger men who often abuse women… but now, a big guy in a dress is seen as a victim of ‘exclusive’ women who don’t want to share washrooms with cinderfellas. There is something sick and demented about globalism when Hillary attacks both ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘homophobia’. She’s with both those who throw homos off the roof and those who love to find someone to boof.

If America’s foreign policy falls into total shambles, it might threaten the globalist project as well, and that will shake American domestic politics, and that may lead to change. America has become so globo-imperial that the fall of globalism will be like an octopus with tentacles cut off. It wouldn’t know what to do.

Wittingly or unwittingly, foreign forces are the best collaborators for revolution, neo-reaction, or transformation.



“If the globalist elites who rule over us bring in all these non-whites and encourage their tribal pride and anti-white animus, why shouldn’t we whites recover and reignite our racial identity and pride?”

This is exactly what did it for me. It’s clear that the powers that be and/or non-whites themselves are playing an an us-vs-them game against whites. Fine. They want us-vs-them? I’ll give them us-vs-them.


Mike Whitney misses the big picture because he overlooks the “pass-over-ing” of Israel.


“This is hard for ordinary people to understand. They can’t grasp why elite powerbrokers would want to transform functioning, stable countries into uninhabitable wastelands overrun by armed extremists, sectarian death squads and foreign-born terrorists… But why? What is gained by destroying these countries and generating so much suffering and death? Here’s what I think: I think Washington is involved in a grand project to remake the world in a way that better meets the needs of its elite constituents, the international banks and multinational corporations.”

Leaving the ethnic angle out of this gets us nowhere. After all, if it’s just some faceless multi-national network of corporations, banks, and power-brokers, it should try to dismantle and weaken EVERY nation-state. Why not do to Israel what has been done to Iraq, Libya, and Syria? Why not break Israel into so many pieces by aiding Palestinians and Arabs? Why not loot and rape Israel like Russia was looted in the 90s?

Pure Greed has a kind of dark integrity. It is an equal opportunity plunderer. It robs every people and every land equally. It doesn’t play favorites. It’s like Gordon Gekko will turn on everyone and everything. He is a son of a bitch, but a ‘fair’ and ‘principled’ son of a bitch who cuts no one any slack. And it’s like Dirty Harry ‘hates everyone’ and doesn’t play favorites when it comes to justice.



Also, globalism doesn’t only attack and destabilize the Third World. Same happens to the West itself. The INVITE as corollary to the INVADE strategy.

EU is being invaded by hordes of non-white, and people like Soros and his whore Hillary welcome this. Even European leaders whose role is to defend and serve their own nations are on the bandwagon of their own self-destruction.

YET none of these leaders and none of the globalist big-shots demand that the same thing be done to Israel. IF anything, people like Hillary, even as they call for invasion of Europe and endless ‘diversity’, call for total support of Israel as a secure and powerful democratic-fascist-nation-state with a solid Jewish majority and restrictive immigration laws.

It’s not just some abstract greed that is running amok around the world. If so, it wouldn’t spare Israel while radically transforming other MENA nations.

Why is Israel being ‘pass-overed’?

God may not exist, but the globalist-powers-that-be give special ‘pass-over’ to the Jewish State while others nearby are visited by locusts and running with rivers of blood.

Back in ancient times(according to myth), God did that to free the Jews from Egyptian tyranny. Today, Jewish oligarchs are the pharaohs with the power of the Biblical deity to smash and destroy entire nations. If not with bombs than with the filth of Hollywood and MTV. Souls are destroyed all over.



Andrea Ostrov Letania

Due to current trends in history. the Alt Right has come to stand for

1. Opposition to Zio-Western neo-imperialism

2. Anti-War stance.

3. Pro-American-Worker

4. National sovereignty and independence for every nation.

5. Preservation of every race, culture, historical narrative, and homeland.

6. Speaking truth to Jewish Supremacist power.

7. Defense of Arab/Muslim lands from Zionist thuggery and genocide.

8. Honest discussion of racial differences and why so many non-blacks are victims of black crime.

9. Honest discussion of Jewish intelligence, personality, and tribalism, and why so many gentiles are victims of Jewish supremacism and privilege.

10. Struggle against Political Correctness and Defense of Free Speech and Gun Rights.

We are living in exciting times. All the best moral and political positions fell on our laps since Jews and Hillary have chosen to be Globalist Imperial Progressives. As a result, the ‘progressive’ label will be tainted just like ‘conservative’ label got smeared with Neocon filth during Bush II yrs. With their support of Hillary, the Progs in this country have aligned themselves with mass-killers, imperialists, Wall Street sharks, Pentagon warmongers, and etc. Their label has been destroyed.


Imperial Progressives are on the march. Their faith is Homomania in the great fruitsade to plant the ‘gay’ flag on every nation.

Onward, tranny soldiers, prancing as to war,

with the ‘gay rainbow’ going on before.

Fruit, the royal ass-blaster, leads against the foe;

forward into bathhouse see his banners go!


But Alt Right is pristine because it stands for what is right for all peoples. It is against imperialism and colonization against all nations.

And to win this struggle, we must identify globalism as a universal imperialism aimed at all nations except Israel.

In other words, Alt Right has a great opportunity. So, I urge all of you to drop the 14/88 neo-nazi associations. It only smears the Alt Right with trashy stupidity just like Neocon Zio-Nazism came to smear American Conservatism.

I think most 14/88 types in Alt Right are Zionist plants who want to associate Alt Right with Hitlerism.

Don’t fall for the trick.

Granted, there are some people on the Alt Right like Greg Johnson who is smart but dabble too much with aspects of Nazism.

The trollish site The Right Stuff dabbles in Nazi imagery that only gives easy ammo to the (((other))) side.

Alt Right’s success will depend on whether it forges a sane independent path or surrenders itself to 14/88 nutjobs or pretend-nut-jobs(planted by the Jews).

Rejecting Neo-Nazis is NOT the same thing as sucking up to Jews. After all, Bill Buckley could have rejected the Birchers and also the Neocons. Rejection of one isn’t necessarily the acceptance of the other. If you reject rats, it doesn’t mean you welcome pigeons, or vice versa.

Alt Right can reject 14/88 and still maintain a critical stance on Jewish Power.

Indeed, independence of 14/88 garbage — a kind of Neo-Nazi PC — will make for a more intelligent and effective critique of Jewish Power.



If you eject 14/88 you’ve just ejected the trad worker party, the daily stormer, TRS and most of the content creators, you’ve literally got no movement left, we may use Third Reich imagery to piss the left off, but most of us genuinely do admire Hitler and consider ourselves fascists, the rest of the at right is a slipway, I wasn’t even slightly right wing when I first came to the alt-right, but the trail of red pills leads inexorably towards fascism as the model towards the restoration of a traditional civilisation


“but most of us genuinely do admire Hitler and consider ourselves fascists, the rest of the at right is a slipway”

Hitler wasn´t a fascist; in fact, there are plenty of quotes showing (even big) ideological differences between Mussolini and Hitler (eg. see Buchanan´s “The unnecessary war..”) Perhaps one reason the alliance failed.

Gubbler Chechenova

It seems the the hot topic in the academia is to associate identity with whatever field one happens to be associated with.

So, blacks must associate everything with black identity, Jews must associate everything with Jewish identity, and homos must associate everything with homo identity.

But then, when it comes to white identity, the academic response is either ‘whites have no identity’ or ‘whites only have a negative identity'(that must be associated with evil and wickedness).

Some people may argue that only ‘victim groups’ deserve an identity. Using this logic, dominant majorities don’t deserve an identity. But does that mean Chinese don’t deserve Chinese identity in China, Jews don’t deserve Israeli identity in Israel, and Turks don’t deserve Turkish identity in Turkey? After all, those are the dominant majorities in those countries.

Positive Identity empowers, Negative Identity destroys.

It’s White Positivism that is most feared. Few ‘white nationalist’ types are supremacist, indeed much less so than Jewish nationalists and black nationalists and Islamists.

But most ‘white nationalists’ have a positive identity about their own race and heritage, and that is the most threatening force against the Current Year.

We must be for White Positivity Movement. Be White Positivists.


INCLUSION is now the buzzword in PC lingo pushed by Globalists.

But inclusion can work against freedom, liberty, and security. Indeed, freedom and liberty are impossible without security. Radical Inclusion leads to breakdown of security(and stability) and that means less freedom and liberty.

Inclusion forces intrusion(even invasion) of other homelands. When EU is forced to be ‘inclusive’, it means it must surrender to intrusion and invasion by masses of Africans and Muslims.

A woman who is forced to ‘include’ every penis can only be rape victim. A woman without the choice to exclude the men she doesn’t like is no longer free.

And this goes for victims of stalking as well. Such victims call on the police to use force to keep stalkers away. She doesn’t feel safe with such types trailing her. This is especially true with famous celebrities who are stalked by crazy fans. In order for such people, women or celebrities, to feel safe and secure(and free and independent), the police is called on to keep the stalkers away. Women and celebs want to EXCLUDE stalkers from their lives.

Freedom and liberty have often been about Exclusion. Exclusion can happen by expelling a people who are deemed dangerous or threatening(or invasive). Or it can be achieved by mass-escape or mass-exile.

In the case of the Vietnamese and Algerians, they finally got together to expel the imperialist French invaders. With guns and bombs, the foreign French were sent packing back to France. Vietnamese and Algerians sought national independence via the expulsion of the French.

In the case of Moses and Hebrews(if the Biblical legend is to be believed), they self-exiled themselves from the Egyptians. For the Hebrews to be free, they needed to exclude Egyptian tyranny from their lives. Since they couldn’t overthrow Egyptians in Egypt, they chose mass-departure from Egypt to found their own homeland. Thus, Egyptian power came to be excluded from the lives of Jews, especially with the help of God who sent the Pillar of Fire and split the sea to devour the Egyptian cavalry.

So, Jews found freedom by excluding Egyptian tyranny from their lives. (But in founding their own homeland, they intruded into the lands of other peoples and slaughtered tons of them, again if the Biblical legends are to be believed. In forcing those gentiles in the Promised Land to be ‘inclusive’ of Jews, it led to invasions and intrusions. Recent history has the same theme of freedom by exclusion and oppression by inclusion. The 20th century Exodus is about Jews gaining freedom by excluding the gentile world from their own lives. By creating a Jewish state, they would welcome only the Jews and keep out the gentiles. Jews in hostile gentile nations would seek exile, thus excluding gentile tyranny from their lives, and come live in Israel and be with other Jews. But this creation of the Jewish homeland required the the intrusive ‘inclusion’ of Jews upon Palestinians. Palestine was forced to ‘include’ Jews who soon turned into intruders and invaders who came to lord over the Palestinians. Exclusion meant freedom for Jews, but Inclusion meant tyranny for Palestinians.)

America was founded on themes of exclusion. Colonial elites(Founding Fathers) got tired of ‘tyranny’ by King George and the Brits(even though historians say it wasn’t all that bad). Also, white folks had to worry about Indian raids and red folks scalping white folks and leaving them bald. So, in order for America to be created, the colonials had to declare independence and EXCLUDE British power from the Americas. And in order for white folks to be safe and secure(in order to be free), they had to exclude the ‘red savages’ and dangerous animals(bears, cougars, wolves, and etc) from their domain.

The very idea of INDEPENDENCE implies exclusion. After all, to be independent means to be free FROM something.

When the Pilgrims came to America, they chose exile in order to exclude British religious tyranny(or what they saw as such) from their lives. When Robert Duvall runs away in THX 1138, he is trying to exclude the tyranny of the System from his life. He wants to be free. He wants to be free FROM something. It’s like THE GREAT ESCAPE. The prisoners are trying to run from the German prison camp to be free FROM it. They want to exclude the power of German Guards from their lives.

Of course, themes of exclusion and inclusion are often inter-connected, as in the Moses story. Jews seek to exclude Egyptian tyranny from their lives. But in seeking to find a homeland of their own, they force other peoples in the Promised Land to ‘include’ Jews who come as intruders and invaders.

Also, there is the troubled relation between man and God. In some ways, man wants to be free of God. God has too many laws and injunctions. So, some Jews wanted to dance and party around the Golden Calf. They wanted to follow Edward G. Robinson than Charlton Heston. But God insists on the Jews including His laws in their lives because He figures that if Jews free themselves of God, their wild egos will get the best of them, and they’ll start acting nuts like Sarah Silverman and Anthony Wiener. (To be sure, God sometimes want to exclude human affairs from His existence because humans are pesky, ridiculous, and retarded. But just when He wants to say ‘get lost, idiots’, humans are praying to Him and beseeching Him for help after they mess up. And God figures He will include their prayers in His plan for humanity…)

In a way, one might argue that the theme of INCLUSION in current American politics allows freedom for all of humanity. US is the promised land to which all peoples of the world should escape to. All the world is like one giant Egypt, and every people who want to flee are like Jews. Just as Jews sought freedom by excluding Egyptian tyranny from their lives by seeking mass-exile, all these immigrants are trying to exclude from their own lives the tyranny of their own kind by coming to America. So, Chinese wanna flee from China, Indians wanna flee from India, Africans wanna flee from Africa, Mexicans wanna flee from Mexico. Their own people are their worst enemies, and they want to exclude their own race and culture from their own lives and come to America and be included as ‘Americans’ by presumably superior white folks who run a better political, economic, and social system.

But this is where the analogy with Hebrews break down. Hebrews were not escaping from their own people. They ran from Egyptians. In contrast, Immigrationism says that people should ‘escape’ from their own race, culture, and land. They should become McCitizens of America. Yet, there is another contradiction, that of multi-culturalism. Even though all these immigrants say NO to their own race and culture and wanna be part of the White World, the white/Jewish ‘progressives’ of the West insist that these immigrant-folks maintain their non-Western identities. (Better to exploit tensions in the service of ‘progressive’ politics because non-whites who get along with whites might become Republicans and patriots.) So, we have the strange phenom of non-white immigrants(and esp their children) rejecting and forgetting their own race, culture, and language(and becoming just generically American in Hollywood and MTV sense) but also taking on ‘identity politics’ of hostility toward whites. However, this non-white identity is a political construct than something genuine or organic. It is less about the intrinsic assets of a race, culture, or language than about hostility toward whites. Indian-Indian identity isn’t the same as Indian-American identity. Asian-Indians in India are Indian regardless of the rest of the world. Even if the entire white world were to vanish overnight, Indians in India would organically and historically be Indian. But ‘Indian-American’ has no such autonomous or independent meaning. It is premised on Indian-American hostility towards whites as the holders of ‘white privilege'(according to venomous PC). Multi-culti identity is about the exploitation of identity politics to corral non-whites against whites. This kind of identity can only exist in opposition to something. It lacks autonomy. A Japanese in Japan is organically Japanese even if the rest of the world were to vanish. Indeed, Japan was Japanese for many centuries in isolation. But Japanese-American identity, according to PC multi-cultism, cannot exist except in hostile hatred of White Privilege. This is why we have PC-ized Asian-Americans identifying with blacks against whites. These clowns might have had an autonomous identity back in their homeland. But in the US, where they’ve lost their racial, cultural, and linguistic identities, they rely on multi-culti identity of hating ‘white privilege’, and that implies(ridiculously) Asians have more in common with Africans than with whites. It also means Middle Easterners(who are Caucasian if not white and whose histories are more closely tied to the West) have more in common with Mongolian-Americans and Peruvian-Indian-Americans. As white Hispanics count as ‘people of color’, it also means someone like Marco Rubio can claim to have more in common with a Nigerian-American than with European-Americans. It just gets surreal. And the politics of victimhood identity means that white homos and white women can claim to have more in common with blacks, browns, and yellows than with straight white men. It just gets more and more surreal.

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