Hail Victory? Hell Yes!

Richard Spencer’s NPI event went off with a bang this weekend, and I wish to congratulate him and his organization on a very inspiring and successful nationalist event. It featured everything one could hope for in a nationalist event. It included successful street confrontations with the enemy courtesy of Emily Youcis, strong attendance with a lively and inspired atmosphere, pragmatic talk about future directions, and plenty of media bait to raise awareness of our growing cause.

Spencer and I have had our differences in the past. We still have our differences. But at the end of the day, we’re fighting a broadly similar struggle against similar enemies. Spencer deserves credit for pulling off a successful nationalist event in the heart of the beast. He also deserves support against a chorus of critics who are second-guessing the controversial conclusion of his conference. Mr. Spencer ended his talk with “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” to which a solid contingent of NPI attendees gave strong and proud Roman Salutes.

Instantly after the speech, Richard Spencer was attacked by the lügenpresse, of course. He’s also has been getting a lot of flack from the paleocon and “mainstreamer” set. This is a large contingent of nationalists who, on account of failing to keep up with what’s going on, cling to the previous year belief that victory comes with carefully contrived talking points, precisely calibrated imaging, and a delicately cultivated distinction between one’s public and private positions.

If there’s anything to be learned from Trump’s victory over not only Hillary, but the dozens of challengers he laid to waste beforehand, ruthless authenticity and extemporaneous delivery is electrifying the American public. Decades of corporate franchise candidates sticking with scientifically tested talking points have provoked a sea change in American politics, one where the reaction to any disparity between what a man says and what a man stands for provokes an allergic reaction.

This acute focus on authenticity has proven to have broad appeal in Trump’s political victory earlier this month. Though it’s with the youthful radicals who matter most, who stacked the audience, and who staff our future leadership ranks where the demand for authenticity approaches the absolute. Among the imageboard set from which the altright emerged, a cardinal attraction of nationalism is in its “red pill” release from all of the bullshitting, posturing, double-talk, and taboos which our multicultural bazaar demands.

As Dr. Joseph Goebbels said, “We are delighted that we are constantly attacked in the Jewish gazettes.” It is a badge of honor to be attacked by the enemy when we show strength, not only in the streets but in our ideology and belief in our Revolution. Richard Spencer isn’t literally Hitler (I’m not either, of course). He’s not even a national socialist by most definitions. But he’s most certainly standing for European man against the myriad forces allied against our survival.

When a man takes a stand for Western Civilization, he stands in solidarity with the Spartans, Romans, numerous legions throughout history, and (yes!) the 20th century’s nationalists who are all linked by blood and soil to their European homelands, but also to one another in common struggle with the forbidden and taboo sign of solidarity, the Roman Salute.

Even nationalists in the Middle East, like Hezbollah and the Ba’athists use the Roman salute, the Philippines National Front uses it; along with a tremendous number of nationalists (European and non-European) around the world; with the exception of more civic nationalist mainstreamer types like FN in France or UKIP in the UK. The GOP is rapidly shaping up to be our country’s civic nationalist party. So what discursive space remains between Trump’s new GOP and authentic, full-throated, unabashed, unapologetic, unrelenting nationalism?

I’m not even sure Richard Spencer intended to end his event with such an electrifying display of nationalist solidarity. Who can track anymore who’s being ironic, who’s pretending to be ironic, and who’s deadly serious? We here at TradWorker are deadly serious, and we proudly declare “Hail victory!” without the slightest hesitation. Whether that’s the case with Spencer or not is beside the point. The point is that the game is changing very rapidly, and the soi distant allies who can’t even handle what went down at NPI last weekend surely lack what it takes to see this revolution through to victory.

Hail victory!



Alexander Strauffon

Ok, White Supremacists, Neo Nazis disguised as “alt-right movements”; so you want to wage war on both black and hispanic people, huh? Expect more than the proper response, then. And remember, all of those famous dictators and racist icons in history you admire so much have one thing in common. Want to know what it is? They LOST. They were defeated by the very people they tried to subdue or erradicate, along with some others who helped them when they saw it was the right thing to do. And the same thing will happen to you, your hate groups, your monstruous puppet of a president-elect Donald Trump, and everything else you’ve got under your sleeve.

Yerg Gantor

When you paste this crap you’re supposed to spell it “Drumpf”

2/10 for effort


Whites have never lost to blacks or “Hispanics” (whatever that vague, nonracial term means) in sustained warfare. Trust me, it would be in your best interests to shut up and give us our due.

Because when whites get mad, we do horrific things to our enemies. The Saxon is slow to hate, but God help you once we do.

A. wyatt mann

something like 20 rangers on the ground in somalia killed 3000 blacks


of course this tough-talking internet liberal wouldn’t fight their own battles. They get others to do it for them.

Lady Aniela

We are not waging war on nonwhites. We simply want our people to continue to exist and we know the only way this will happen is if we have our own homeland. Just like the nonwhite groups have their own homelands, we would like our own without being forced to share our homelands with others.

Also, how can we be supremacists when we believe that EVERY group, nonwhites and whites, have a right to a homeland? How can one be a supremacist if he believes in self-determination for ALL people?

It seems by your angry post that you are anti-white and that you WANT us whites to shut up and go along with the targeted displacement against our people.


Yep, I do not want to harm other races. I simply want them out of Europe, I want whites in America to have our own white areas for whites only, I want our military bases out of the Middle East, I even want nonwhites to be happy in their own lands. The only ‘hate’ I see is coming from those who hate whites and calling us ‘racists’ and ‘white supremacists’ They’re the ones rioting, destroying property, calling for killing whites (and actually physically attacking us for being white), etc. Their hatred is making whites nationalistic, but they either can’t or won’t see that.


You don’t have the mainstream (((media))) to lie to the public like you
had in WWII. We have a freeflow of quick information that can quickly
dispel the Jewish media lies against us . Keep in mind, that while you claim you ‘beat those nazis’ that It took three superpowers to take down Germany (the USSR wouldn’t have survived without $$$ from America, the British Empire collapsed after WWII, and America was stabbed in the back by the same Jews that they took Germany down for), and there are far more examples in European history when Europeans have destroyed large numbers of non-Europeans/larger armies that outnumbered us, from the 400 Boers that defeated 10000 Africans in South Africa to the mere 60000 Europeans taking out 300000 Turks in 1683 to Arminius defeating 20000 Romans with only 4000 Germans, etc. The more hate you throw at whites and over-the-top moves your side makes against the ‘white supremacists’, the more angrier and determined you will make the ‘racist’ side.

Only whites can destroy other whites. We have the power, we have the technology, we have brains. The other races lack those. Any ‘power’ the other races have comes from us. Every white nation is growing nationalistic by the day. WE are not going anywhere and WE are not going to lose this time.

To See or Not to See

Alt Right and Education.

There isn’t much Trump can do about education.

Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, etc. Same problems remain.

And same strengths.

Lots of American students of certain races do just fine. Indeed, they out-perform their ethnic peers in home countries as Sailer made clear some yrs back with PISA scores.

But there are some things that can be addressed that may do some good for all people.

And it in the very concept of education.

The problem of education is it’s been thoroughly institutionalized and professionalized. And ideologicalized or dogmatized.

Because of this, much of education means nothing to our lives. It’s like most people think of work only at work. Outside work, it’s all about leisure.

Likewise, education is seen as something that only happens in classrooms to prepare people for workplaces.

So, outside schools, the ONLY culture that matters is Pop Culture. Just like candies, cookies, and sugary drinks lead to cavities in the teeth, too much Pop Culture leads to mental cavities, and boy oh boy(or girl oh girl, homo oh homo, tranny oh tranny, one of the fifty genders oh one of the fifty genders), Americans(and modern folks all over the world) sure have lots of mental cavities. I wonder about all those Japanese who grow up with comics as their main culture. I wonder about French whose main cultural fare is Franco-rap.

Now, there is a need for institutionalized education that provides children with basic scientific and academic knowledge. Math, chemistry, literature, history, social sciences, etc. And there is need for education geared toward professional specialization: accounting, medicine, law, engineering, and etc.

We need institutions for such since most parents don’t have the knowledge or smarts(or the extra time) to teach their kids advanced math, world history, physics, biology, and etc.

And of course we need well-trained professionals in professions.

But such institutionalization has turned education and knowledge into a dry academic/theoretic enterprise. It’s something that happens in the school lab.

Also, because education counts for so much in professional competition, the main intention of education among many students is getting good grades to make it than in the knowledge itself. Indeed, once they get the grades and attend good schools or get good jobs, they don’t care if they forget all they learned about ‘irrelevant’ stuff.

Since education is now all about academics or professions, it’s not considered a part of life, culture, and personal meaning. It’s compulsory stuff you gotta do to make it in life.

Because of the institutionalization and professionalization of education, young people are cut off from their parents, ethnos, heritage, and culture. Education isn’t considered something that happens in the home or in the ethnic community.

And this impoverishment is the biggest problem of our culture. It’s not material poverty. After all, even lots of rich people are culturally poor. This is as true on the GOP as on the Democratic side.

Long ago, parents were the main educators. They were farming folks who might do some hunting. The sons grew up learning from their fathers and other elders of the tribe. And daughters learned womenfolk stuff from their mothers and other female elders. So, the gaining of knowledge was tied to family, tribe, culture, and heritage. It drew the community and culture together. So, there was no dry separation among knowledge, learning, training, culture, community, ethnos, tribe, and heritage.

But with the rise of modernization, explosion of scientific/technological knowledge, and endless specialization of knowledge — and movement of folks from farms to rootless cities — , the core of knowledge no longer passed from parents to kids. A farmer son might learn from his farmer father, but a kid who wants to be a doctor needs to go to medical school. Also, even if his father is a doctor, the advancement in technology requires young people to acquire the most cutting-edge education in schools.

So, parents came to see education as a institutional thing that should be left up to schools.

In pre-modern times, parents held the authority of knowledge. This is still very true in primitive societies in Africa and jungles of Amazon where fathers teach sons how to make arrows, spears, and drums.

But in modern times, most parents don’t have the authority of knowledge. They must hand over their kids to schools that have the authority and prestige of knowledge.

And with the rise of mass education and expanding number of college students(even from working class), the idea of education became almost entirely an institutional activity. Also, the model of social mobility meant that kids should ideally do better than their parents. So, if a farmer kid respected his farmer pa, the modern kid tends to look down his parent’s profession and hankers for something BETTER. More loss of respect for fathers and mothers.

Now, that is how modern times work, and we can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

Still, it’s too bad that the idea of education became so institutionalized and professionalized. This is unfortunate because the true meaning of education and knowledge derives from the idea of education as a lifelong process than something that happens only in the school. It’s been said that college life is pretty lax and uninteresting in Japan and Korea. We are told Asians respect education, so why would this be? It’s because the whole idea of education is institutional and professional over there. They don’t care about knowledge or education per se; they only care about scoring sufficiently on tests to go to best colleges. And once they make it, they are no longer interested in education and knowledge. All they care about is status and the feeling of “I made it.”

But real education and knowledge aren’t only what happens in schools. It is a lifelong process of learning and thinking about stuff. Every time we read a book, we learn something. Every time we think about a piece of music, we learn something. We learn things from life experiences and from everything around us. Reading the news is education. Being honest about the things we notice every day in the streets and work place is education. Discovering new facets of life through marriage, having kids, and losing friends/relatives to death is part of education. Also, there is the intangible kind of education that happens emotionally as we gain certain ‘inner truths’ only through experience of pain and loss.

But we don’t think of them as education since the concept of education has been so institutionalized. Many people think education ends once we graduate from college. It’s no wonder that so many college-graduates never read any serious literature, watch any serious film, think about their ethnic origins, or care about anything but fun, fun, fun once education is over.

They think they are educated because they got high school diplomas or college degrees. They don’t see life itself as an ongoing education and that the main purpose of this life-education to lead a meaningful personal, familial, and cultural life.

Indeed, a person who didn’t attend college but lived a mindful life is better educated than someone who went to a good college but only cares about money, materialism, and me, me, me — and never thought about reality beyond the fantasy of Pop Culture and dictates of PC.

This may be the problem of Benjamin Braddock in THE GRADUATE. His soulless life is one of institutionalized education and professionalism. He’s smart, went to a good college, got good grades, and graduated with honors. But stuff he learned had no interest to him beyond academism and professionalism. Out of school, he has no compass. He only has a life of ‘plastics’ to look forward to. His parents are nice supportive people, but they never instilled him with a sense of culture, belonging, ethnos, heritage, and etc. They raised him as a trophy to win trophies so they can show him off to friends as a ‘winner’. One could say his real education begins after college with his mishaps with Mrs. Robinson and romance with Elaine, though I don’t necessarily approve of what he did, crashing a wedding and stuff.

Greatest Generation was so much into plastics that the Boomer generation sought meaning in hemp.


And Michael Corleone gains a different kind of education when his father nearly gets killed. In terms of school-learning, he knows much more than his father and his brothers who didn’t go to college. He has more knowledge to gain a legitimate profession and be a good citizen of America(he even served in the Marines out of sense of patriotic duty).

But it is upon his father’s near-death that he gains a different kind of knowledge, a different kind of education in emotions and family and culture. And in Sicily he gains an ‘education’ in roots, ethnos, culture, and heritage. It’s not about test scores or getting a job. It’s about taking in the sights and sounds of the very land that sustained his ancestors.

In the end, that kind of education is more essential to a person’s emotional life than the institutionalized kind or professional kind. It is identity, emos, and ethnos that are meaningful as they are passed down through generations. After all, suppose a distant Jewish ancestor was peddler, his son was pawnbroker whose son was an accountant whose son was a dentist whose son was a doctor whose son was a lawyer whose son was a consultant whose son is a Hollywood writer. When it comes to professions, they all differ. So, what is the connective link across generations? It is Jewishness itself. It is ethnic memory in which one’s family lineage has a place. One is of an identity of a family of an ethnicity of a history. For Jewishness to be meaningful, one has to know about the history, heritage, culture, and family stories.

Now, there used to be a time in certain societies when professions themselves were genealogical and culturally meaningful. So, the son of serf had to be serf. Sons of warrior caste were also of the warrior-caste. Sons of blacksmiths also had to be smiths. In SHOGUN the TV series, the woman explains to Anjinsan that people are categorized according to their work in life. And in India, the caste system ensured that sons born into a certain caste has to master that craft. Untouchables who did dirty work like working with dead animals had to do this down the generations. Children born to untouchable class also had to do untouchable tasks. Children born to Brahmin scholar class were also Brahmins.

But that hasn’t been the case in the West and rest of the modern world for some time.

Professions change all the time across generations. Sons often have different jobs from parents. Many people switch jobs and learn new skills. And a certain work associated with a certain ethnic group might pass to another one. Lots of Jews used to be public school teachers in NY. They moved onto other things, greener pastures. And Hindu parents may run 7/11, but their kids might become doctors or college professors.

Anyway, the institutionalization of education had two very negative impacts.

One is the weakening of ties between young individuals and parents-family-culture-community.

The other is the notion that education is ONLY what happens in schools and other such learning institutions.

So, in our material-hedonistic culture, many people grow up thinking there isn’t much to learn from parents, family, culture, and heritage. Parents just hand their kids over to schools and just leave it up to teachers to fill their children’s kids with everything. Parents just produce the kids, feed and dress the kids, and hand them over to OTHERS to fill their minds with.

And students think their education is over once they are out of school. Since their education is over, they see life as mainly as looking for a good time. And they see work that way too. Work is to make money to have fun, fun, fun. Even the search for meaning has become meaningless since life is predicated on hedonism as reward for having finished the task of education and gaining well-playing employment. So, even those who offer ‘meaning’ in our culture are phonies like Oprah, Deepak Chopra, and all those insipid writers of self-help books which should be called help-yourself books. Feel-good kumbaya crap, a kind of new age gaga as spiritual orgasm.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.


And since education is seen as the means to get good grades to get good jobs to have good times, hedonism rules our society. While serious students may not be into the Negrotesque LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL attitude, even their outlook essentially amounts to little more than LTGTR. It’s just delayed-gratification-model of the same idea. Leeeeet-theeeee-goooood-tiiiiiiimes-rooooooll. Now, patience and diligence are all very good, but the main goal of life is to go to good school, get a good job, and have lots of good times. And that’s it.

And parents share in this moral and cultural corruption.

Most parents don’t care about meaning via culture, heritage, identity. All they care about is their kids making it and having a good time. So, even if the kids end up with values and morals totally different from their parents, the latter are happy if their kids ‘made it’ and having a good time with good jobs and such.

This means parents have kids to offer up to Mammon. They don’t see themselves as the primary educators and cultivators of their kids. They see themselves as mere biological producers of would-be-consumers to be offered to the god of mammon. Fathers are not patriarchs. Mothers are not Mrs. Patriarchs. They are just like cattle who produce calves to be handled by humans. They are like dogs in puppy mills that produce puppies to be taken by humans. Parents don’t have kids to carry on the torch that they received from their own parents and ancestors. A meaningful modern life needs to move forward and cannot be stuck in the past. But the future has meaning only in relation to the past. It’s like we cannot look to the future unless we remember our past. This is true on the individual level but also on the racial, cultural, and historical level. The problem of Diversity is it dilutes the identity, culture, and mythos of every community since differences in narrative and perspectives may offend or slight other communities. Eventually, diversity can lead to a new unity, but this is difficult with too much diversity and with peoples who are racially and culturally too different. Since diversity requires that we be sensitive to others, especially the most powerful and vocal groups, so much of our history must be denied, rejected, or suppressed in favor of some PC narrative. Look how Confederate status and symbols are being removed all across the South because they offend blacks. Now, I can understand why blacks might be offended, but where does the logic of this take us? Well, there is Lawrence O’Donnell attacking Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln too. The Current Year or Currentism.

Now, in modern society, we value freedom and individuality, so it would be wrong to be like the stereotypical Jewish mother or Italian who clings and clings and clings and drives sonny boy crazy.

But the main purpose of creating children shouldn’t be to offer them up to mammon. I mean what is the purpose of having a daughter to have her end up like Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, or Emma Sulkowicz? What kind of father has a daughter with the idea that she is to be handed over to gods of PC and Pop Culture that demand that the girls turn into zombie whores? What kind of mother produces sons whose culture life consists of watching super-hero comic book movies and imitating moronic rappers?

This is just another kind of child sacrifice. The kids are not killed physically, but their souls are delivered to mammon.

What we need is a kind of neo-Vito-Corleonism. Michael, despite his Ivy League college education, realized he has much to learn from his father. As much as father and son are interested in business and power, the culture of family comes first.


We need to strengthen the bonds between parents and children, and we need to change the notion of education in the minds of young people.

Since parents can’t teach their kids stuff like calculus, chemistry, physics, and etc, what can they teach? Lots of parents just give up and let the schools and media shape their kids. But even parents without much education can keep alive the story of the generations. Every family story is like a mini-bible. Every parent should be encouraged to be story-teller who weaves a narrative of his lineage and tell this story to his children. And he or she should bind grandparents with grandkids. And parents need to see PC-ism as highly offensive, arrogant, contemptuous, and disrespectful to grandparents and earlier folks who’d done their share to build the world we live in. Now, the tragic side of history should be told too, but they shouldn’t be turned into self-hate cult especially for white folks. Tim-Wise-ism is the worst kind of poison.

It is so easy for people in the here and now to turn up their noses at people of the past who had it so much tougher and lived under different and far more difficult circumstances. (Also, the rise of welfare has degraded true pride in so many communities. Prior to Great Society, everyone had to find some kind of work, and there was great pride in that, even for simple folks. Most black folks prior to Great Society could take pride in having contributed to American society. Even if they worked as maids, housekeep, nannies, or some menial jobs, they did their part. No one looks down on the mama in RAISIN IN THE SUN or IMITATION OF LIFE. And blacks could honestly and correctly say they did their part in the building of America. Even lowly job is something, a contribution to society. But since the Great Society, we’ve had generations of blacks who’ve done nothing but leech off welfare and society. And this has spread to white ‘deplorables’ too. And we have the same ‘white trash’ trend in UK, now going back several generations. If your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and great great grandmother were maids or even slaves, there is pride in their honest toil and contribution to society. But where is the pride if they were all a bunch of fat trashy welfare leeches whose main cultural life revolved around twerking, wearing hair-weaves, and getting their fingernails manicured? Since there is no real pride, so much of black pride now is about wild gestures and throwing fits and turning history into some cartoon like HAMILTON.)

After all, the early part of the Bible isn’t about great leaders, kings, or awesome heroes. It’s just about fathers and sons keeping the memory alive and trying to be good in the eyes of the Lord.

This is a kind of education, indeed, the most important kind of education. It is no wonder that Ingmar Bergman in his final phase tried to understand where he came from, and why he is the way he is. He can’t escape the fact that he is the child of his father and mother. Even though he learned from artists and film-makers around the world, his personality and genetic makeup are his half his pa and half his ma. Books and movies didn’t create him. However he may feel about his pa and ma, they made him, and their blood, with its gold and poison, run through his veins.

So, perhaps, what is necessary is genealogy and family studies as the center-piece of education, and this is something that can happen outside schools. This kind of knowledge will also shield young ones from the power of trash culture that is all around and PC that trashes the past in favor of the trendy Current Year. I mean it would be stupid for Michael Corleone to look down on his ancestors cuz their lives violated the litany of PC sacraments.

Such kind of genealogical and familial education is necessary because it instills people with meaning and value EVEN IF they do NOT succeed. Education as it is currently geared in institution is only about the winners. If you get good grades and get good jobs, it was worth it. If you fail in such, your education has no value. It’s like college sports. If you get recruited to the pros, it had value. If not, it had no value. Zilch.

To See or Not to See

But if one has a sense of family, culture, and heritage, life is meaningful even if you don’t have much and don’t to fancy schools and have jobs that fill your wallet with millions.

The problem with Negroes is moral and cultural poverty. Materially, many Negroes are no worse than than Amish or certain Orthodox Jews fresh off the boat. But they have no culture except blings, ho’s, guns, thuggery, and materialism.

An Amish could live modestly and still have meaning.

A Negro can find a suitcase-ful of money and only think, ‘gots to get me a cadillac seville’.

It’s like sports. Some see sports only institutionally and professionally. So, it’s only about making it on the team and making big bucks in the pros. If you can’t make it in college and pros, it’s meaningless.

You might as well be a couch-potato, get fat, and just leave it up to the Negroes to score points while you sit and cheer in front of the TV.

But, there is more to athletics and exercise than professions and money. Everyone needs to exercise to stay healthy and fit. And everyone should. But unless one can make a living off sports, a lot of people don’t see it as part of their lives. So, a lot of people just get lots of tater chips and ice cream and gorge on that stuff and get grossly obese or flabby while leaving sports only to the pros. This is dangerous especially because so many jobs are sedentary.

In the past, when most jobs required lots of manpower, learning from your pa meant not only gaining knowledge and skills but plenty of exercise.

Most people cannot make it to pro sports, but they can exercise and stay fit.

Most people cannot teach their kids advanced maths and specialized knowledge, but they can instruct their kids in lessons in culture, heritage, family story, and the arts.

Arts is one thing where parents can play a role. It isn’t rocket science.

Arts can be complex and sophisticated, but even laymen can appreciate it. And museums are open to all people. And parents can read some books and have discussion with kids about them. (There was a story of a successful Negro who was asked why he turned out so much better than his peers, some of whom ended up in prison or dead. He said his mama took him to museums, gave him some culture, and kept him from trash. I wonder if the Hollywood and MTV elites really realize how much damage they are doing to kids all around the world.)

Parents should create set schedules for family discussion times, a kind of in-house seminar. Schedules are important because kids respond better to routine than just being called on to do something out of the blue. Kids learn to expect it and prepare for it.

Also, there is the myth of a people. European folks have the myths of Greeks, Romans, Germanic, Slavs, Celts, and etc. Any parent can learn the basics of this and pass this onto their kids as the formative stories of ‘our people’. Indeed, some of the most lasting impressions in kids come from stuff they learned OUTSIDE of school. It just seems more personal and intimate. Most of us value books we read on our own than were forced on us by schools.

There are lots of things parents can teach their kids.

But too often, parents just leave it up to schools to do all the teaching. Such parents think the sole purpose of parents is to make money, offer material support to kids, then offer kids to schools to shape into whatever.

Worse, many parents’ idea of culture is just pop culture. So, shared culture in the home is the whole family watching garbage like MODERN FAMILY, FAMILY GUY, or worse. Families sit together to absorb sounds and images — interrupted by commercials that denigrate white males and promote homo ‘hubbies’ as the ‘new normal’ — that do most to corrupt and degrade the family. The Barry Levinson movie AVALON was right about the threat of the TV to the family. It was worse than the radio we see in Woody Allen’s RADIO DAYS. With the radio, people could still move around the house and interact with one another as they could hear the sound anywhere. But the TV made people sit in one fixed spot watching really dumb crap on the TV.

Now, how nicer if parents turned off the TV, forbade moronic video games. Instead, just use the DVD for great films like SEVEN SAMURAI, SIBERIADE, EMIGRANTS, THE GODFATHER, EXCALIBUR, RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY, SHANE, TAXI DRIVER, REAR WINDOW, GHOST WORLD, METROPOLITAN, ERASERHEAD, BARRY LYNDON, DAZED AND CONFUSED, MILDRED PIERCE, and other stuff. Sure, once awhile parents can let their kids have some fun with dumb goofy stuff like BILLY MADISON and smart goofy stuff like ANT-MAN, but there has to be a sense of hierarchy.

If parents want to protect their kids from baleful effects of PC and Pop Culture, they need to develop a true appreciation of arts and culture in their kids.

Kids with genuine cultural sense will see pop culture for what it is. Even if they enjoy it, they won’t take it too seriously. The problem in America and the world is that pop culture is taken too seriously and constitute the only cultural life for too many people, adults included.

It’s like food. If you raise your kids right, they appreciate real food. They may enjoy candy and cookies, but they will never see that stuff as real food. They will see it as dessert, snack. But if you don’t raise your kids right, they are getting all piggerish with horrible sugary and fatty food that turn them into blubberers with rotting teeth.

We have too many pop culture blubberers with mental cavities.

Now, appreciation of arts isn’t enough. It is the ability to separate wheat from chaff. Tarantino and Lena Dunham have seen serious films and even like some of them, but they seem incapable of telling a film classic apart from SwitchBlade Sisters or some crap.

It’s one thing to enjoy junk as junk, but tardos like Tarantino think anything is a masterpiece. The high-IQ moron thinks the horrible Japanese film BATTLE ROYALE is the best film of the decade. It goes to show that cultural life isn’t just about IQ or quantity. Tarantino has seen many more movies than the rest of us combined.

There is also the factor of emotional maturation, and it is lacking in our culture that is into sampling than immersion. Post-modernism is about sampling this, sampling that, being clever about this, being clever about that. Lucas presents himself as the counter-Tarantino whose vision is hopeful and idealistic, but he isn’t all that different from the high-IQ tardo. Lucas the shallow clown jumbles Flash Gordon with the Bible with westerns with Greek mythology with comic books with Kurosawa with whatever. He says he waited a long time to finally do the trilogy right with lots of money and technology, so what did he give us? A talking lizard Steppin Fetchit named Jar Jar. John Simon can be a jerk, but he makes some good points in his criticism of STAR WARS. Though Simon is wrong about lots of things, his advice can do some good in a world where the childish Gavin McGinnes feels compelled to offer sermons on sobriety and maturity to a totally infantilized populace. When a tattooed freak(who’s into trashy culture himself and even kissed Milo the jungle fever homo on the lip) thinks our culture is too trashy, it must really be trashy. In a world of -isms, we need more virtue of the -ities: integrity, maturity, sobriety, probity, sanity, normality, alacrity, veracity, sincerity, dignity, propriety, responsibility. Instead, the only -ity that flows from the media is mendacity.


For rural folks, there is still the very meaningful ritual of fathers teaching sons how to use guns and hunt. But modern culture calls for the development of the mind. And parents must rethink the very meaning of education. They need to realize that, as important as institutional education is, more important is the kind of education that should be and can be imparted in the family. After all, most humans for most of history didn’t get fancy schooling or have ‘nice jobs’, but they had meaningful lives because they were part of a culture, heritage, and lineage with a shared community and set of myths. Much emphasis of modern education is about material rewards, and this is understandable. I mean, who doesn’t want the good things of life?

But a more deeper kind of education is about the meaning of life EVEN IF one fails to gain material goodies in life. The fact that there are so many suicides in East Asia among students who don’t make it suggest a total spiritual and moral bankruptcy of culture. Some people look to the East Asian model because students study so hard, but it’s only for winners. It has no meaning to the losers. And that means it has no moral value.

In contrast, take the meaning of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. George Bailey is very competitive and wants to be like Howard Roark and have it all. But bunch of obstacles stand in the way. He never goes to college and never makes big money. But ultimately, his life turns into a deeper education of what really matters. And he realizes this lesson not through institutionalized education but life lessons and family. He learned more from his father than he ever realized.

Something has been lost in American Culture. It’s the fire that Tommy Lee Jones mentions in the ending of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. The past was far from ideal and had its own kind of hell, but the new nihilism is truly horrific because the soul fire seem to have been extinguished in a world without shame and moral compass. People in hell with a compass have a brighter future than people in material heaven with no compass. The only ‘compass’ in NO COUNTRY is the transponder of greed.

The true rebirth in education cannot come from the government or myriad think-tanks funded by gorks like Gates or Zuckerberg who are too high IQ and success-oriented to understand the human soul.

This fire must be ignited within the family, and it must being with parents with a new understanding of what a deeper concept of education is. There is education taught in schools for good jobs. But there is another kind of education that isn’t about math problems and chemistry equations or particular historical dates but about family memory, ethnic community, spirituality, culture, myths and folklore(of one’s own culture and those of others of special interest), and arts(and entertainment at its best). Parents can and must play a key role in this kind of education. This can bind parents and kids closer together when so much of PC and pop culture is tearing families apart. Indeed, the rise of PC is a sign of the decline of family culture, ethnos, and shared myths and folklore. (In the past, the best minds went into academia, and lesser minds entered churches and other moral institutions. But this was okay since you don’t need high IQ to be good spiritual and moral leaders. But with the demise of traditional cultural, moral, and religious institutions, the lesser minds also entered academia, and they now serve as a neo-clergy with PC as their holy dogma. When dogmatic pigheadedness of decadent do-gooders are qualified as intellectual discourse, social science, and the humanities, it undermines both morality/spirituality and intellectualism. True intellectualism needs free discourse. Churches and moral institutions can be somewhat dogmatic since they are about righteousness, even faith in goodness. But when dogmatism is allowed to pass ‘free thought’, it is lose-lose for both intellect and morality.)

With the decline of churches and breakdown of family values, the only morality left is PC that hails MLK as demigod, KKK as the eternal devil, homos as angels, Jews as saintly victims no matter how rich and powerful they are. Hallowed terms like ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, and ‘equality’ sound nice in a vague way but offer no guidance in personal morality and cultural meaning. Often, they degrade morality and dissolve cultural value. For instance, in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, we are supposed to praise law-breaking illegals or pretend black thugs don’t commit a lot of crime. And ‘inclusion’ means the powerful can intrude into any society and community and force it to ‘include’ even ideas, peoples, and things that do them harm.

And ‘equality’ forces us to pretend that things of unequal value are equal. So, homo-‘sex’ is to be regarded as just as functional and meaningful as real sex.

Anyway, if conservatives want to make a difference, they must create a new educational culture within their own homes. They must raise kids who see all of life as an educational experience. They must grow up thinking that there is something to learn everyday, and not just from books and articles but from life experience, from raising a family, from new experiences, from rethinking old experiences, and etc. Such will bind parents and children closer together. Better that than parents offering their kids to mammon of materialism and witchery of PC.

Also, kids who are raised to be more mindful culturally and emotionally will be less likely to be suckers of the soma of Pop Culture and snake oil of PC.

And if this cultural renewal works with conservatives and white folks, then it may spread outward to other communities. It may serve as a model. That is the way to win the Culture War.

The new way of education sucks, but there is no way of going back to the old way either.


We need a new formulation of the deeper meaning of education independent of institutions and professions.

After all, suppose you ask a successful professional:

1. You keep your professional skills and ability but lose your entire memory of your parents, culture, and life experience.

2. You keep your memory of family and life experience, but you lose memory of all your professional skills.

What would he choose? I think he would go with #1.

Losing professional skills means loss of money and privilege. But if you would still know what you are, your life is still meaningful.

But if you lose knowledge of what yourself except for profession and material success, you would be nothing despite the successful job and money.

This Other Education also needs to instill kids with the means to tie their knowledge with their own lives, their own people and culture.

Anyone can be curious and dilettante-ish and learn about various things. And he could have fun poring over such stuff. But unless he is able to make them relevant to his own life and his own people, it has no long-term meaning.

It’s like the Jews were able to create their own culture because they took ideas and stories from other tribes but shaped them to have special meaning for themselves.

It’s like Kurosawa read Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Gorky, and Hammett(and watched films all over the world), but he took the themes, ideas, & images and remolded them to have special meaning for his Japanese people.

It’s like Bob Dylan took in lots of kinds of music from various traditions, but he made them his own. It’s not enough to passively experience and sample culture. It may be fun, but the effect will wear off. For cultural experience to be lasting, one has to be activist and digest what one has seen and heard into one’s own trove of references.

There must be a way between cocooning and mammoning.

Cocooning doesn’t work unless one is maybe Amish.

If parents try to protect their kids from ALL THE BAD STUFF, the kids will feel stifled and eventually rebel, especially if of a creative bent. It’s like Paul Schrader was raised in a family that said movies are satanic, so he rebelled against it. In TAXI DRIVER, he is represented by both Bickle who is sickened by the moral rot and by Iris who left her boring small town family for the bright lights(even if she has to live as a whore).

But mammoning is worse. It is a form of child soul sacrifice where parents never grow up and offer their kids to the mindless and sick consumer culture of modern-day America whose ideal for girls is Lena-Dunhamism and Miley-Cyrus-ism.

Miley’s father admitted that, gee, maybe he failed as a father by just letting his kid indulge in all the fun offered by Pop industry.

There is a way to raise the kid by instilling him or her with genuine appreciation of real culture. This real culture would be appreciation of real film as art, real music as art, real literature as art. But culture isn’t just about high art and high culture. If so, most German folks would have no cultural meaning, and the ONLY culture that would have mattered would be the great artists like Beethoven and Wagner and great philosophers like Nietzsche, Marx, Kant, and Wittgenstein.

But there is also folk culture and family culture. Every family has its mini-bible of forbears. IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE isn’t about great people or titanic individuals like THE FOUNTAINHEAD, but the Bailey family has its own story. In our culture of ‘cool’, so much of this kind of culture is overlooked. Also, when whiteness is denigrated and white folks are caricatured as having too much ‘privilege’, many people don’t realize that most of white history in America was closer to the Joad family than the Carnegies, Rockefellers, and the Gates.

The culture of ‘cool’ also fills young ones with arrogance and contempt for people without the Current Year props of ‘coolness’ such as tattoos, blings, ass-bearing low-drop pants, imitation-celebrity-glitter, etc.

We need a return to humanism. Not as the ONLY show in town but as the counter-force against so much that is wanton, excessive, and trashy.

When the American Western was a major part of American Culture, movie audiences were reminded of the struggle and sacrifice of creating a new community. It was work, work, and work for the cowboys who had to fight the ‘red savages’, stand up to outlaws, chop down trees, raise the cattle, build churches, and protect womenfolk from drunkards. There was something basic and fundamental about the Western Narrative, as in Raoul Walsh’s BIG TRAIL.

And GONE WITH THE WIND had the Civil War to slap some sense into the heroine’s head. In a way. GWTW perfectly encapsulates the conflict in American Culture. The narcissism/egotism and duty/burden. The lead character is conceited, selfish, stuck-up, and bitchy. But a great tragedy unfolds, tears her world apart, and she is forced to to think about something beyond her vanity. She becomes like a pioneer woman in the West who must roll up her sleeves and go to work. She becomes a better person but also remains a conceited bitch throughout. A ho.

Robert Siegfried

I knew you would like what you saw. I’m really disappointed in many so called alt righters. So many wailing in defeat because the press said bad things. Apparently it’s all over now. We’ve been defeated. The leftist media ran some stories about the evil nazis. They were totally going to take our white nationalism seriously and legitimize it before this happened. DAMN YOU RICHARD SPENCER! It’s pathetic.

Robert Siegfried

I knew you would like what you saw. I’m really disappointed in many so called alt righters. So many wailing in defeat because the press said bad things. Apparently it’s all over now. We’ve been defeated. The leftist media ran some stories about the evil nazis. They were totally going to take our white nationalism seriously and legitimize it before this happened. DAMN YOU RICHARD SPENCER! It’s pathetic.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Inclusion vs Exclusion. Suppose we use China as an example. What should be done?

Chinese should go with Exclusion. ‘Whitey, Blacky, and Hindu Exclusion Act’.

Especially because there is a huge shortage of women due to one-child policy abortions.

China needs every woman it has cuz so many men are bachelors.

Also, the main reason for foreign men coming to China is for the Vagina.

Chinese Policy should be ‘you no cum here’.

The Roman Empire and British Empire(and American Power) are good examples of how Inclusion can lead to the loss of the Power Mystique.

When a great power projects itself internationally, the world is awed by the power of its identity and unity. When Roman soldiers were mostly Roman and invaded other areas, the local folks were impressed and intimidated by Roman Power and Roman folks. Indeed, they were synonymous. Roman power was seen as powerful cuz Romans were seen as powerful, and Romans were seen as powerful cuz Roman power was seen as powerful.

Same with the British Empire. The British Military was mostly white even though it did also recruit locals like the Sikhs and other folks(though usually wisely segregated). Anyway, most locals and natives saw British Power as awesome cuz Brits were seen as awesome, and Brits were seen as awesome cuz British Power was seen as awesome. When identity and unity were the main factors of British Power, the British Empire was about white officials and white warriors of a great white power. So, the locals respected and feared white people and white power. They saw such as something special.

But what happened when the Roman Empire got inclusive and diverse? At some point, Romans began to recruit non-Roman locals for the Roman army. Gradually, these non-Romans learned to fight the Roman way. And fighting alongside the Romans, they began to realize that Romans were just human and nothing special. Indeed, they even realized that some of them, the non-Romans, were stronger and tougher than Romans. So, the Roman Power mystique was lost in the eyes of these non-Roman locals recruited into the Roman military.

With the inclusion of more and more non-Romans into the military, the Roman power expanded with more manpower, but the Roman Power Mystique began to fade. The non-Romans who fought in the Roman military came to see the Romans as just humans like any other. Once they realized this, they began to think that non-Romans could defeat the Romans if they organized the same way and used the same weapons.

That was the Roman Paradox. More inclusion and diversity made Roman Power bigger and stronger… but it led to decline in the Roman Power Mystique. After all, if a non-Roman soldier could be trained to fight just as well or even better than the Roman soldiers, what was so special about being a Roman?

So, even as Roman Empire grew and grew by taking on more local non-Roman soldiers, it lost more and more of its Roman mystique. If indeed the empire could be expanded and maintained by non-Roman soldiers in the Roman army, then there was nothing special about the Romans per se.

So, inclusion and diversity leads to increase of power in manpower and numbers, but it leads to the loss of power mystique for the core population. By the time the Roman Empire had grown very big with the recruitment of lots of non-Romans, the Core Roman polity and demography lost its mystique and prestige. If barbarian Germans and foreign Syrians could be Roman soldiers for the empire, what was so special about the Core Roman Folks?

And so, the empire began to crumble bit and bit and then totally collapsed. By the time the barbarians sacked Rome, there was no respect for the Roman folks.

But if we turn back the clock to the days of the Roman Republic, all non-Romans were in total awe of the true Romans who’d conquered them with superior organization and strategy. The non-Romans were impressed with the Power Mystique which seemed to radiate from every Roman soldier. They thought only Romans could possess Roman power and greatness.

We see the same thing with Europe and white folks. When Western Imperialism was about white soldiers conquering non-white lands, non-white folks were awed by white power. For them, white power was synonymous with white people, with white individuals. So, there was respect for white people as a whole. The natives saw white power as something unique and intrinsic to white folks with the guns and organization. So, there was fear, respect, and admiration.

But once Europeans got inclusive and allowed non-Europeans into the Western military and power structure, non-Europeans gradually came to see white folks as nothing special. After all, smarter non-whites noticed that there are plenty of less intelligent whites. And they realized that they could perform many of the white tasks just as well or even better than the white folks could. And blacks soon realized that they could beat whites in sports and fighting skills.

So, white people no longer seemed all that special to non-whites, and then White Power lost its mystique.

This was especially dangerous with Jews and blacks who have decisive advantages over whites in key areas. Jews discovered that they could outsmart and outperform whites in business and intellectual endeavors. So, Jews soon lost respect for the White Power Mystique in elite fields. And Negroes soon realized that they could out-run, out-jump, out-fight, and out-hump whitey(even with whitey women), and they soon lost all respect for the white race. Blacks just came to see white women as jungle-fever ‘ho’s’ and came to see white guys as ‘slow white boy’ and ‘fa**oty-ass cuck boys’.

The other races were less threatening to whites since Mexicans cannot beat whites in most endeavors. Same goes for Muslims. And even though diligent East Asians might outdo whites on tests and college admissions, their lack of spark and brilliance means taking a backseat to whites. Also, Asians were no athletic and sexual threat to whites.

Still, when whites lost the Power Mystique in being outdone by Jews and blacks, they lost the respect of the entire world. When whites had maintained a World of their Own and protected whiteness & white power at the top echelons of ideas, athletics, business, and sex, they were respected by the entire world. But when they lost to Jews and blacks, even non-Jewish and non-black folks all around the world came to see whites as nothing special and vulnerable. After all, if whites are so great, why do blacks routinely kick their ass and why do white women go with Negro men? And if whites are so great, why do they all kiss the ass of AIPAC and cuck out to Israel?

So, the ENTIRE world came to see the White World as a beached whale to gorge on.

So, if a people want to maintain the Power Mystique, they need to keep things exclusive.

After all, all great Japanese heroes of Japanese history were Japanese. The top warriors were Japanese since Japan was all Japanese. Consider Miyamoto Musashi. And all sumo wrestlers were Japanese.

But suppose Japan had allowed bigger whites and Negroes into the nation centuries ago. Then, the top warriors and athletes would have been non-Japanese, and there would have been no Japanese Power Mystique. Japanese would have been beaten by whites and blacks in warfare & sports and beaten by Jews in business and intellect.

After Japan allowed a bunch of big Hawaiians and Mongolians into Sumo, there is no more Japanese Power Mystique in the sport. Even though everyone knew long ago that non-Japanese could beat Japanese in sumo cuz they are bigger and stronger, the exclusiveness of the sport kept its Power Mystique entirely Japanese. But that has been lost.

This is why China needs to keep it all Chinese in China.


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Wilburn Sprayberry

Well said, as the broadminded fighter for our race that you are, Matt Parrott. Unlike some, you are able to rise above petty personality conflicts. I will make sure Richard is aware of Trad Youth’s endorsement of what happened at NPI. You were certainly missed. Hail Victory!

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