We’ve Already Won

October 11, 2016

Personally, I think they’re calling it a bit early.

The advanced statistical models simply can’t tell how many “shy Trumpers” and “new voters” Trump has up his sleeve. Just as Trump performed better in open primaries than in closed primaries, and better still than in the caucuses, Trump is likely to perform even better than the projections in the national election. I definitely didn’t see any homemade Romney signs along the road, after all. And I certainly don’t recall seeing any McCain support in any truck stop bathroom stalls.

How much will this strange new populist support from populations and subcultures who haven’t been engaged in the political process for decades actually weigh? I’m not sure, but my guess is that it’s more than the “zero” that Nate Silver and pals are factoring into their models. The media has effectively made it taboo to publicly “signal” in favor of Trump, but the ballot box is a Thermopylae of social pressure where dad can vote for his job, his border wall, and his way of life without catching static from his wife and his wife’s daughter about tabloid media scandals.

Either way, it’s not looking good for Trump’s campaign this week, even for an optimist. Not that it frankly matters that much. If the cuckservatives think they’ve got themselves a counter-mandate from Trump’s loss to return to business as usual, they’re in for a rude awakening. The liberals are licking their chops, envisioning the political equivalent of a Heaven’s Gate mass suicide in the wake of an electoral setback. In their minds, the end of Trump’s presidential ambitions will be the end of their prolonged national nightmare, rather than the beginning of something even more insidious and threatening to them and their agenda.

The only Republicans under thirty are Trump Republicans. The “Trump Republican” movement will prove even more transformative and lasting than Reagan’s. Presuming there’s not some massive game changer that crashes the whole game in the next few decades (I believe there will be), conservatives of my age and younger will be a generation permanently loyal to the defiant, hyper-masculine, uncompromising, and unapologetic style Trump brought to the table.

Paul Ryan’s Republicanism is running on fumes, clinging to a delusional hope that some way, somehow, immigrants and minorities are going to feel welcome in a party where Trump is a thing that can happen, that has happened, that still lingers in the air. It was already a foolish dream to begin with, but Rainbow Republicans are now firmly in the realm of utter make-believe. And as Baby Boomers drop off the tail of the demographic “likely voter” charts, there will be nobody left who gives a shit about the small government pro-corporate libertarian-lite Reaganism bullshit of yesteryear.

Every major media organization wishes to carry on and on and on about how we White Nationalists have supposedly been influencing Trump. A more important question for ourselves is how Trump has influenced White Nationalists. As someone who sees identity politics eclipsing issues politics in the coming decades, it’s the question that actually matters. Trump hasn’t merely influenced us. It was more than merely transformational. He revolutionized our movement in ways that will reverberate for years and years to come, regardless of what happens in November.

Stop Being Fancy

Our movement has been frightened by its own shadow for decades, laboring under the false premise that if we were only a bit more fancy, the media would at some point concede that we do happen to be fancy, respectable, and worthy of polite consideration. This Buckleyite impulse isn’t limited to the handful of prominent movement figures who imagine themselves the self-appointed William F. Buckley of our cause, eagerly purging and redlining things to ensure that nobody in a trucker hat or who names the Jew slips in. The Buckleyite impulse has permeated our entire cause, with the majority of strategic considerations orbiting around how best to persuade the normies with improved optics.

To win, we must convert the normies with increased strength.

Like a sniveling beta carefully tweaking his online dating profile and wardrobe with the forlorn hope of securing a waifu, White Nationalism has tried and failed for years to persuade anybody outside our narrow circle of autists and idealists because completely inverting a man’s worldview is fundamentally not an act of persuasion; it’s an act of conversion.

We must be unapologetic, uncompromising, and unwavering in our beliefs in order to win hearts and minds. The nationalist perspective isn’t just something you can slip into the dog food unnoticed and there is much less to learn from modern advertising and mainstream political persuasion tactics than is currently imagined. We’re not merely another ice cream flavor to choose from in the institutional political process and it’s both dishonest and ineffective to pretend that’s what we are.

Trump has permanently discredited this by rolling up with a signature trucker hat, of all things, going for the visceral and vulgar crux of the immigration issue, “They’re sending their rapists!” While his opponents were doing their best to dog whistle and tuck their immigration restrictionist message into a balanced diet of Latino outreach and “pragmatic” amnesty compromises, Trump leapt to the front of the pack with his less polished slogan; “Build the Wall!”

Stop Being Clever

Stop trying to sneak up on the Jews, their minions, and their affiliated institutions. We surround them, and we ought to start acting like it. They snuck up on us because they’re subverting a host culture. We’re the host culture, and we gain nothing by merely flipping the script. When there’s a burglar in your home, you don’t slip pantyhose on your head and sneak up on him. You turn on all the lights, trip the fire alarm, cry out to awaken the neighbors, and belt out the tell-tale crackle of a loading shotgun.

That’s how a host responds.

Our movement has been suffocated by decades of clever strategery, with more elaborate plots to achieve power than Wily E. Coyote had to catch the roadrunner. The only things which have worked by any coherent quantifiable metric have been our least clever plots. Whitaker’s brilliant, but exhaustively repeating our very simple and correct objection to the current order isn’t clever at all. The only clever part of the mantra was executing such a simple and obvious idea despite tremendous resistance.

There’s nothing clever about hopping on social media and naming, blaming, and defaming the Jewish oligarchs and their enablers. There’s nothing clever about patiently and persistently injecting our ideas into any and every trending pop culture phenomenon. There’s nothing clever about street protests and street fights. But all of these decidedly simple ideas have borne clear fruit while the hundreds of thousands of scarce movement dollars invested in Gramscian infiltration schemes and attempting to influence the academic elite haven’t budged the dial at all.

Stop Being Nice

Modern politics is tribal and emotional rather than ideological and rhetorical. Act like it. There is no objective middle ground or gentlemen’s understandings. There is only the White Team versus the Gold Team, …and their allies and operatives. In even the most heated disagreement with friends, loved ones, respected colleagues, or neighbors, apologies, compromises, concessions, and congeniality are a beautiful and necessary thing. Our enemies are decidedly not neighbors with a cordial disagreement about property lines or tree limbs. They’re tribal opponents eagerly snatching up our territory, resources, and women.

Not only do cordiality and concessions not win over the enemy, they don’t win over your own, either. As more and more White folks are awakened to the viciously anti-white agenda undergirding elite politics, they’ll look for the most active, aggressive, and effective advocates…not the ones who are the most agreeable. And even if they do pass through the milquetoast men who dwell on double standards, fairness, and ideas, they’ll soon grow weary of the halfway house of empty complaining about unfairness in favor of a militant vanguard attempting to do something about it.

To clarify, becoming militant isn’t about getting yourself arrested doing something violent. This is the 21st century, after all. To explicitly name the oligarchs and reject their taboos either under a protective pseudonym or with a bullhorn on your rooftop is militant. Becoming militant is about rejecting the “mainstream” or the “masses” as central loci of esteem, respect, and normalcy. We don’t follow them where they’re going. We lead them. Trump was repeatedly accused of having his own separate reality. The media jackals weren’t incorrect about that, but about half of Americans preferred his reality over theirs.

Stop Being Scared

There’s one iconic incident where the Secret Service swarmed on Trump in response to a threat in the crowd. His body language was electrifying, as he instinctively swiveled around to square up with the threat. That’s visceral courage. While we all have our own congenital levels of innate courage and physical strength, we can all do well to be as courageous and strong as possible in our style, in our speaking, and in our body language. Ideas are great, and all. But in a struggle between deeply hostile and competitive tribes, strength and occupied space are central while ideas and rhetoric are window dressing.

The optics-oriented hang-ups about avoiding allies and comrades who look menacing must be abandoned. The antifa scene and their fellow travelers don’t care about your ideas. Their motto is “No Platform!” If our men can’t occupy real public space without constantly relying on secrecy and rented security, then our ideas don’t matter. The soccer moms and corporate dads who we’re attempting to appeal to by keeping the scary guys with tattoos at home will be the first to demand that the scary looking guys with tattoos protect them when they’ve realized what’s at stake.

Besides, even if it did work, it’s just snobby, classist, and dishonorable to exclude and marginalize men on account of vague and fruity subcultural considerations. If you feel that you’re in a position to pick and choose who’s beside you in the foxhole, you may not respect how dire our predicament is. Even if you are picky, you probably want to pick brave men who are ready to fight for you and your shared ideals. Years of falling for the enemy’s frame which insists that we’re just too classless and tacky to be included in the political process has left us weaker than ever.

Bait the Media

For years, people have henpecked us about how our media engagement is foolish, and that we need to develop our own alternative media. It’s a false dichotomy. You can and should gaslight the mainstream media while also developing your own alternative outreach and communication platforms. Trump’s campaign sliced through this false dichotomy, relentlessly baiting the mainstream media and exploiting its appetite for ad revenue to enjoy hundreds of millions worth of free advertising of his message on the enemy’s dime. Trump’s campaign also developed relationships with Breitbart and the altright’s troll army to develop and promote its own counter-narratives.

Relatively soonish, we’ll be at a point where we can truly snub the “mainstream” media as irrelevant and obsolete. We’re not quite at that point yet, and we shouldn’t jump the gun strategically. Blending information with entertainment, relying on the innately provocative nature of our message, a la George Lincoln Rockwell, is a proven and successful model. Infotainment is no substitute for organizational maturity and the pursuit of quantifiable political goals, but it’s a reliable outreach and engagement strategy which Trump relied on heavily to achieve his success.

Be a Happy Warrior

Trump is angry. Trump is serious. Trump is passionate. Trump cares. But more than any other candidate on either side of the aisle, Trump was good-humored, humorous, and optimistic. That fragile balance of passionate and joyful is not only the best way to go through life, it’s the best way to energize our people. Too often, we’re grim, humorless, puritanical, and outright pessimistic. Even worse, we sometimes come off like we take ourselves more seriously than we take our ideas.

Anyone who’s been to a Trump rally knows how much more fun it must be than a Hillary rally. He invites his audience to share in his mirth about the string of successes. He makes jokes. He banters with the crowd. He defies the carefully scripted political speeches in favor of an intimate stream of consciousness that is a blast of fresh air after decades of our suffering through consultant-curated boilerplate. With Hillary, you have a machine politician who speaks and behaves like a machine, and the younger audiences positively demand authenticity.

Rather than trying to be clever and not make a single gaffe or mistake, take the risks which authenticity entail. Remember: Even your worst presentation of yourself is surely better than the caricature of yourself that our enemies will present if you’re not there to dispell it.


I believe Trump could still win, but we have already won. When Trump won the primaries, he secured a permanent faction within the American electorate, proving that national populism is a gun on the table that can and will win primaries if seized. Relying in no small part on a massive and rapidly growing volunteer army on social media, Trump’s campaign has crashed through the Overton Window like the Kool-Aid Man crashing through a brick wall. While skepticism about media objectivity has been a developing theme for a few election cycles, Trump’s landmark campaign killed any and all faith in the mainstream media and its narrative for roughly half of the American voting public.

The media have been exposed for what they are; neoliberal mouthpieces of the globalist elites. People who accepted them as objective arbiters of political narratives and “facts” at the beginning of this campaign season have been red pilled, if only partially. There’s still much work to do, of course. But whether or not Trump is on Fifth Avenue or Pennsylvania Avenue this coming January, our movement finally has genuine momentum and, thanks to Trump, has cast off most of the bad ideas and mental blocks which have been holding it back for decades. If we can learn what’s been taught to us, we’ll find ourselves even more tired of winning in 2017 and the following years than we’ve been in 2016.

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