TradWorker Featured on PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour visited us earlier this month, gathering several hours worth of footage which they boiled down to a ten minute hit piece. Despite the cuts to random unrelated klan rallies, the fancy Black lady calling us racist, some loose editing, and the typical shenanigans, I believe our message and our motives got through. We’re advocates for our people who are working to deliver practical solutions and genuine support for White working families.

My hometown, Paoli, was featured pretty heavily in the piece. While I’m partial to it, there’s absolutely nothing unique about what’s happening here. All across America, our economy is being disemboweled by the global oligarchs and our culture is being poisoned by radical degenerates. Some insist that it’s not a racial issue but a class issue, but the non-white hostility to Trump’s civic nationalist message proves our point: America’s minorities are almost completely aligned with the globalist agenda of disempowering, displacing, and replacing White America, one community, household, and child at a time.

You can’t just ignore race. Conservatives and Republicans have been trying for generations to just ignore race. And what has it gained them? On the bad advice to pretend that we’re not an actual people with our own interests and concerns, the conservatives have allowed the leftists to build an anti-White racial coalition which is destroying the America we know and love.

Try it yourself. If you try to secure our borders against the invasion, bring our jobs home, and drive the foreign lobbyists out of Washington, you’ll be called a racist. I’m a White Nationalist, so of course I’m going to be called a racist. But absolutely anybody and everybody who tries to protect American interests will be lumped in with me. They’ll be lumped in with me because, like it or not, that’s what the battle lines are no matter how much you try to pretend it away.

They’re destroying Middle America because it’s White. They hate you because you’re White. You can keep apologizing and back-pedaling and calling the other side “the real racists” for another few decades if you prefer. But the Traditionalist Worker Party and I have chosen to plant our feet firmly, to name our opponents without stuttering, and to name who we’re defending without falling back on code words.

It’s not easy. It’s not always fun. It involves real risk and real sacrifice. But each passing year that our people refuse to stand up and fight back against this anti-White system, the worse our situation gets. Either you and I stand up now against incredible odds or we consign our children and grandchildren to stand up against impossible odds. We encourage everybody with a stake in the future of our people to join TradWorker today and help us fight for a world that our future generations belong in.


Wilburn Sprayberry

I thought TWP and M&M came across positively. An educated guess: many whites who have no overt racial consciousness are growing more aware that there is something dreadfully wrong out there, and that white people are not only not responsible for it, they are often the victims of it, and they are growing weary of being instructed how to think, and how bad they are, by affirmative-action black academics (or anyone else).

As I previously suggested, Paoli’s story, and what TWP is doing to help, would make a fine video, say…10 minutes. You guys have the skills and the smarts, so get with it! 🙂

Matt Parrott


We’re getting trained up and caught up on the multimedia stuff to the point where we should be able to do mini-docs within the next few months.

Fr. John+

The corollary is also true
If the blacks vote as a race, and as a class, for the Democrats, then the Dems are their new MASSA- and they are still slaves. Because they were never freed. They always have been, and still are, “in their sins.”

The allusion Saint Paul makes to ‘those under the law’ and ‘those in Christ’ applies politically, just as much as it does theologically. That’s why Christendom was what it was -a racially aware, homogenous White populace, submitted to the law of God: and therefore, free to become the sons of God that many of them did become- i.e. the Saints.

It’s no surprise that Pomozansky, as an Orthodox Christian, in his systematic theology, noted that the Ecumene, was coterminous with the boundaries of the Roman empire of its day -The white nations of Europe. Hillaire Bellock reiterated that truism in 1920:

“Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.”

But this is as it should be. When a God incarnates into the Ethnos of his people [Matthew 1:21] ‘his people’ therefore become the Body of Christ.. Not only that theanthropic, but the Genetic Body of Christ. This is at the heart of all of Saint Paul’s theology! And we have been too damn dumb to see it, for the last 500 years!

Primarily because we were a unified racial body open till 500 years ago, when the reformation happened and what was left of the Catholic Church was rendered asunder by the Philly Oquist heresy suffusing both the Roman nests and the Protestants. And that heresy is what led to the believe that the nonwhite races were ontologically equal to the white man -to Adamkind -to the body of Christ.

That it (corpus Christi) is a racial Body, is not our problem: it’s the nonwhite’s problem. And always has been. “For many are called, and few are chosen.”

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Segregation, legal or defacto, used to be a near-universal right for White Americans seeking safe space from black thugs, criminals, and mandingos.

But after the Civil Rights Movement, segregation is a privilege only for those who can afford it. Rich whites and Jews can afford to segregate themselves from black thugs. (But this makes them more sympathetic to blacks since they don’t have to deal with black criminality. They can choose to rub shoulders with only nice negroes and successful blacks. Since they get along with Nice Negroes, they wonder why poor whites aren’t so enthused about blacks. It’s because poor blacks have to integrate with the Mike Tysons of the world while rich whites/Jews integrate with the Obamas and Valerie Jarrets.) Segregation needs to be, once again, a universal right for whites.

But rich whites/Jews are using Section 8 to push forced integration on all whites. The biggest losers will be white males. White females will become victims of black crime, but many of them will turn ‘jungle fever’ and actually find ‘sexual liberation’ in the arms of Negroes. Black males get white pussy, white women get jungle fever. But white males get NOTHING out of this but wussification and cuckery, esp. as they are not attracted to black women(for compensation for losing white women to Negroes). Black women will be angry that black men are choosing white women over black women. But even black women can console themselves with the fact that white wombs are being used to make more black babies who will grow up as black. So, even though white women do steal black men from black women, what comes out of the white womb is a black baby. So, even black women get something from integration.

But white guys get NOTHING.

Now, why did whites fail in the racial struggle against the black menace?

You know the Seven Deadly Sins?

It is empty white pride that destroyed them in the end.

Whites should have resisted with honest humility, not bigoted pride.

But White Male Pride got the best of them.

This is why whites lost the battle of the Moral Narrative.

If whites had been honest and swallowed their white male pride and said, “Blacks are stronger, more aggressive, and fearsome, and as such, blacks pose a threat to the white race”, they could have had the moral upperhand. Whites should have said, “Look how Jack Johnson whupped all them white boys and took white women. We don’t want that fate for our sons and daughters.”

By invoking black thug superiority, whites could have had a compelling moral reason in calling for Safe Spaces for weaker whites. White males could have used the ‘strong-and-dong’ argument, i.e. blacks are more strong and have bigger dongs. So, black guys whup white boys who are emasculated and turned into wussy boys. I have no illusions about this cuz I spent my childhood in the city and saw black muscle domination over whites so often. I know white flight(and Jewish flight) were morally justified on righteous race-ism, the realization of real racial differences. It was no contest.

And this is why I agree with David Cole that there are worse things than Mexican immigration: Too many Negroes.

So, if white males had been humbler and more honest, they could have upheld a rational and truthful race-ism that addresses racial differences. They could have arrived at some means to offer reparations to blacks(for slavery and discrimination) and separation whereby whites have white lands and blacks have theirs.

But instead, white male pride got too full of itself. It shouted “ni**er” at black activists and acted so tough and strong IN FRONT OF THE NEWS CAMERA during the Civil Rights Era. It gave the impression of peaceful and helpless blacks being mauled by big tough hateful and arrogant whites. It gave the impression that the banjo-playing retard in DELIVERANCE could beat up Sonny Liston.

Those white segregationists were acting in fear that was justified on grounds that blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. But they didn’t put this narrative out there in front. White guys were to full of white male pride to admit their fear of blacks with strong-and-dong advantage.

So, with all the moral advantage of noble victimhood on the black side, ‘common whites’ have been losing the battle ever since.

A political struggle has to be MORALLY JUSTIFIED, and the fact is ‘common whites’ often fought stupidly, arrogantly, and pridefully. Power without moral justification just looks thuggish. (This is why Jews cling to much to Holocaust narrative to justify Zionism. Without such moral narrative context, it looks like Powerful Israel military crushing Palestinian kids with rocks, which is what it really is.) White males should have been humble and honest. They should have said in the early part of the 20th century(or better yet in latter part of 19th century), “Those black guys are built like John Henry and can kick our white ass and destroy our manhood in front of our own womenfolk who will be turned into jungle fever whores. And in order to defend our race and the well-being of our white sons, we need to separate from blacks, the superior race when it comes to thuggery and beastly intimidation.”

So, 100 yrs of moral opportunity was totally wasted by white male pride that simply could’t face the stark truth.

It’s like the duel in Seven Samurai when one of the guys is cut down because his pride dares not admit that the other swordsman is superior.

The leader samurai says, “This is so stupid. It is so obvious.”

Pride can get you killed. Be humble, express your fears honestly and rationally, and base your movement on that.

Arabs too never learned anything cuz of their pride. They got whupped so bad by Jews in the 6 Day War. It was due to Arab weaknesses, failures, and idiocies on so many level. But Arab pride never addressed those concerns and just made a lot of empty noises and carried on with business-as-usual. As such, the Arab world failed to make progress and became easy to mess up by greater powers.


In the past, marriages were arranged. Women had no choice, and most men had no choice.

And then, there was individual choice in marriage. But due to lack of communication and travel, most women went with local men.

But in globalized world where women can pick men from the all over the world, it is women who choose which is the ‘superior’ race because she will give birth to more life.

An Asian or Jewish or white guy can be a smart geek and superior with calculators, but if women say NO to him, his genes will be lost.

The world is facing a blackening because black Africa produces so many people, and these guys are moving to all corners of the world.

Also, women all over the world are into rap culture, black sports culture, and jungle fever. Look at the Japanese olympian in track. His mother is Japanese and had a kid with a Jamaican man. She rejected her own kind in her own nation and flew all the way to Jamaica cuz she had to have negro dong. If even Japan is going this way, imagine the fate of EU where MILLIONS of negroes from africa are pouring in yr after yr. On top of that, PC instructs all white kids that it is wrong to preserve whiteness and whites MUST mix with other races. Well, if white girls must mix, whom will they mix with? They are all into rap and jungle fever culture. Linh Dinh says even Germany is black-crazy with music and posters. White folks see Islam as main threat to their survival, but it is really Whore Culture. Once women are whorized and encouraged to choose mates based on animalism, Negro men will be seen as superior and will spread his seed the most… which is what is happening all over.

So, the world is gonna be blackened cuz black guys will move to all corners of the world and since women of all races will have been whore-fied and hip-hopped into Kim -Kardashianism.

Now, one might say such trashiness is inferior. From an intellectual and cultural viewpoint, yes. But humans are, at the root, animals, and animal lust and drives measure superiority in terms of immediate gratification and excitement.

The civilized higher side of man values Mona Lisa above Rap music and sports. But the baser animal side of man/woman values raw thrills and pleasures as superior to everything.

Both animalism and PC favor blacks as superior(on the animalist level). Animalism tells women all over the world to go with raw sexuality, and PC tells men all over the world that it is ‘racist’ for them to try to preserve their own nation and race from the Negro onslaught. This is why there is this Cuck thing in the West. White women go with mandingo and white guy does his best to convince himself that he should watch his defeat with happiness than with alarm.

Just think… Africa is where women have 6 to 7 kids each. And all those men are coming to Europe on boats. And EU is defenseless cuz of PC virus. And once EU is taken over by blacks, blacks will head to Asia, Arabia, and Latin America. And all those hip-hopped ho’s will have black kids.

Japan is so distant from Africa, but its Miss Japan has a black father, and its Olympic runners are the result of Japanese women rejecting inferior Japanese men and having kids with Negroes. As Japanese birthrate is so low and as Japanese elites have been globalized and PC-ized into worshiping diversity and homomania, Japan will go the same lame way. Already in Yokohama, there are tons of Japanese women who only go with black men and want to have black kids. And Japanese men are so demoralized by globo-sexuality that many of them have given up sex altogether and play videogames. Japan is Cuckpan.

The World will be Apocalyse Negro.


Gubbler Chechenova

Many cons have attacked the GOP for veering ‘leftward’ and abandoning/betraying true conservatism. They say the Democrats won because GOP’s brand of Conservatism is just Liberalism 10 or 20 yrs behind.

But this overlooks what really happened in the 90s. Clinton veered ‘rightward’ in abandoning big labor and pandering to the newly rising class of the ‘creative class'(lately mocked by Thomas Frank) and the super-rich ‘free trade’ class.

And all this multi-culti globalist thing may hurt a lot of whites, but it has also been great for white privilege for those who are part of the upper-middle class or above. Diversity saves cities because immigrants, esp docile ‘Hispanics’ and Asians, are preferable to blacks and mostly take cues from white elites.

And even though PC may attack ‘white privilege’ today, its global effect is to undermine nationalism and sovereignty in EVERY nation.

Homo pride parades have spread even to Turkey. East Asian elites(apart from China) are total flunkies of American PC as so many of their academics study in the US.

And children of immigrants soak up all the Hollywood-MTV crap and spread it back in their own homeland. If you’ve met Iranian-Americans, you know what I mean. It almost makes you admire the Islamic Revolution for boosting nationalism against US influence.

So, the reason why Democrats came on top wasn’t so much because ‘left’ won and GOP just followed. It was because Democrats were more creative and cunning in co-opting the ‘rightist’ factions and agendas from the GOP.

People like Ann Coulter always say it was rise of color that did the GOP in. Sure, this is true in some states like CA., and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

But so many whites(even in mostly white states) are pro-Democratic for reasons that the Dems now offer both super-privilege and proggy symbolism.

People like Ann Coulter are really butt-hurt because they can’t believe that so many rich whites and Jews(and Asians) have gone over to the Dems even though GOP has been more shamelessly pro-rich in its agenda. Coulter and Co. couldn’t accept the fact that Democrats also offer sweet deals to the Rich class.

But the narrative began to shift with the Trump campaign because it is now out in the OPEN: GOP must realign by being the party of middle class and working class. This is why Mr. Bane Mitt Romney is shi**ing.

In 2012, Coulter was defending the makers against takers. Now, she is saying the so-called ‘makers’ are the takers because they are ones funding globalism against the will of white American majority who are hurting like Buchanan warned in the 90s.

With the Dems having become a ‘uniparty’ that attracts super-rich donors and the educated rich class, traditional GOP is caught in a jam.

GOP offers even more riches to the rich class, but the rich class’s response, “We are swimming in more dough than we can spend. We can make tons under the Democrats.” Look at rich folks in Hollywood and Silicon Valley in ultra-demmy California. They are loaded with dough.

Rich folks want more profits but they want good publicity too, and GOP label is ‘party of greed’ whereas Clinton’s remade Dem Party is effectively a party of ‘greed’ but one wrapped in symbols of Civil Rights and ‘gay rights’ and Diversity. “Profits for progress”.

But Trump offers a major chance for realignment. Win or lose, he has exposed how hollow the GOP has become. GOP is in a bind. Its core base, the Evangelicals, is a liability as well as an asset. Bush II won reelection by rousing up this Base. But the closer GOP gets to this Base, the more it looks uncool, dumb, and ignorant. That Terry Schiavo and stem cell stuff really alienated lots of American voters, especially the richer and better-educated folks.

But then, if the GOP panders to the libertarian rich class, it alienates the base. Besides, the globalist rich class have it so good under the Dems. It aint the New Deal Party no more, but then US is no longer a manufacturing-centered nation.

But surely even the Dems know that politics is getting stranger and weirder. Democrats are present itself as the party at war with both ‘homophobia’ and ‘Islamophobia’. ?!?! It’s the party that defends Muslims from Trump while destroying Muslim nations like Libya and Syria. It also professes to defend wonderful Muslims from deplorable white monsters, but it also supports Israel over Palestinians(most of whom are Muslim). Progs denounce ‘western oppression’ but use the power of the west to push homo agenda all over. How long can Democrats carry on as the Party of BDS and Haim Saban?

The conflating of minority politics and progressive politics(struggle for equality) paradoxically made Privilege the New Progress.

In a way, leftist politics has been both anti- and pro- minority.

It was about the majority class of workers and peasants against the minority-privilege class of aristocrats or super-rich bourgeoisie.

Or, it could be an anti-imperialist struggle of majority of native folks against minority elite-alien rulers. British ruled as alien elite minorities in places like Egypt, India, and parts of Africa. Native majorities rose up against them.

In such cases, leftism was pro-majority and anti-minority. The Will of the Masses. The French Revolution infused an ideological underpinning to the notion of the majority masses rising up to overthrow the elite minority aristocrats. Of course, the French Revolution created a new elite, but it was supposed to represent the Will of the People.

But the Will of the Majority could lead to a kind of oppression. The majority oppression of the minority. It was one thing for the oppressed majority to overthrow the tyrannical minority but quite another for the majority to deny the minority ‘basic human rights’ or rule of law of the nation. This was blatantly true with blacks and American Indians in America. They were denied the basic rights that only applied to whites.

And this was also a problem with various ethnic groups in Europe. German minorities could be mistreated in non-German majority lands, and non-Germans could be suppressed in German-majority lands.

Even so, the comprise between Catholics and Protestants showed that an understanding and truce could be reached. In Catholic majority lands, the Protestants would be tolerated and allowed to do their own thing, and vice versa. This way, Catholics accepted their minority status in Protestant-majority nations, and Protestants accepted their minority status in Catholic-majority nations. Catholic minorities would not try to subvert or take over majority Protestant nations, and Protestant minorities would not try to subvert or take over majority Catholic nations.

So, even as a majority nation would more-or-less favor the will of the majority, the minorities would be given certain rights and protections as well.

And this seemed pretty acceptable to most places. It’s like modern Turkey came to tolerate people of all religions but still maintained itself as a mostly Modern-Muslim nation. Its secular government protected the rights of minorities, but there was no doubt about the Islamic-Turkic character of Turkey.

But if Protestant minorities were okay with their soft-inferior status in Catholic nations and if Catholic minorities were okay with their soft-inferior status in Protestant nations(and if Christian minorities were okay with their soft-inferior status in Muslim nations), Jews were one minority group that was not okay with their soft-inferior status in Christian-Gentile nations. So, even though there was no overt anti-Jewish laws in the US, the idea of US as essentially a majority-white-gentile-Christian nation rubbed off wrong on the Jews. It wasn’t enough that Jews were tolerated and allowed to operate freely as individuals. The whole character of the US had to be changed. The idea that white-gentile-Christian identity/history/culture matters more than others is seen as an affront to the Jewish minority(but Jews are adamant that Israel must be defined by its majority Jewish population that must remain a majority forever).

All things being equal, a nation with majority and minority will be ruled and dominated by the majority. Suppose People A are a majority and People B are a minority in a certain nation. Suppose both peoples are equal in intelligence and other abilities. Then, People A will have the dominant position over People B. Even if laws apply equally to all, the fact that there are more People A will mean more of People A as successful businessmen, doctors, scientists, etc.

But suppose the minority People B are higher in IQ and certain abilities essential for social success. Then, this will cause problems. People A will feel that the nation should reflect the majority culture as the core culture, but People B may not be so compliant on grounds that the smarter people should rule. Smart people always want control over dumber folks. Imagine you have an IQ of 100 and you’re in a room full of kids with 80 IQ. Do you want to control them or be controlled by them?

Anyway, if Jews had been of regular IQ, they might have been just another minority happy with their lot. In America, they might have been like Cubans and Italians and content to be tolerated and allowed to their thing. But if you’re someone like Alan Dershowitz with someone like Dan Quayle, you’re gonna feel like the Marx Brothers running circles around stiff, witless, or dumb goyim.

This is further complicated by the fact that Jews gained power quietly than loudly. If you’re part of a regiment of British troops in India, your minority-imperial power over the natives will be obvious. You shoot loud volleys of gunfire, and the brown natives drop like flies, and you fly the British Flag and tell the ‘wogs’ that your bloody bloke kind are now in control. What can be more obvious than that? It’s like what the Romans did. You declare your kind to be minority-elite rulers over the native population.

In contrast, Jews didn’t take over white gentile societies with such exclamatory actions. Furthermore, many successful Jews merely passed as ‘white’. It was like the gradual takeover over aristocratic Western Civilization by the bourgeoisie. French Revolution was an anomaly. In most places, the bourgeoisie took the reins of power from the nobility peacefully(though dramatically). In time, the aristocrats had only their titles left, and they could either marry with the bourgeois families(that strove for respectability) or sell their titles. There has been a kind of merging of Jews and Wasps in the US along the similar manner. Wasps, seeing their fortunes slip away, figured one way to remain on top was to marry with up-and-coming Jews. Because the Jewish Revolution was a silent revolution, many people still don’t know that US is a minority-ruled nation. But the minority-rule is more effective in the US than in the USSR under Bolshevism.

The Minority Paradox in America makes for strange politics. On the one hand, minority status in the American Narrative is associated with oppression and denial of rights: Black slavery, Jim Crow laws, Chinese railroad workers, American Indians, and even Irish Catholic minorities.

But the most powerful people in America are the Jews, members of a minority. (Even among whites, it was minority Episcopalians who often had the dominant power over other groups.) So, minority power(at least that of Jews) has become the ruling power in America. US is a nation ruled by a powerful minority that, however, automatically conflates minority status with ‘victim-hood’. (This is also complicated with blacks and sports. Blacks are minority but totally dominant in sports that defines so much of American Culture. And when one considers that Media and Sports teams are largely owned by Jews, things get stranger yet. All these tough blacks who make mega-bucks pose as victims on the sports fields. And the owners of these teams, the billionaire Jews, also pose as members of an Eternal Victim Group. Victimism is addictive, and its junkies are like avicts).

Not all minorities are doing well in America. American Indians are in the pits. Even though some blacks gained great success in sports, entertainment, and government, many blacks are stuck in the ghetto. Many Mexicans are stuck in menial jobs generation after generation. Hawaiians are just getting fatter from too many snack chips. But then, no group is doing as well as the Jews, and that means minority privilege rules America. And yet, Jews use the media to push the narrative that minority status = victimhood. According to this narrative, all ‘victim’ minorities should band together against the oppressive deplorable white majority. But there is a huge difference between a Jewish billionaire on Wall Street and a fat Hawaiian on a beach sitting on his whale-butt munching on Doritos. Also, white community is divided between the globalist ‘creative class’ that collaborate with the rich and the ‘deplorables’ who are losing out in the NWO. So, reality is far more complex than what the PC narrative gives us. Yes, there are minority groups in the US that are doing considerably worse than the White Average. But there are also minority groups that are doing considerably better and hold immense power. Jews rule many elite institutions. Asians take so many college slots. And homos control so much of pop culture and advertising.

The Minority Paradox is best illustrated by the status of homos in the West. They are portrayed so often as a victim-group deserving of compassion and sympathy, but no group has been more celebrated by advertising, TV, and pop culture in general than homos. They are treated like the new aristocrats, the new royalty, even like angels or gods. And a lot of this owes to Jewish power that either sees in homos their mirror image of the ‘successful outsider minority’ or a proxy that will divert attention away from Jewish Power that is behind the ‘gay’ mask. It’s like Ivan the Terrible uses the silly idiot boy to draw attention of Ivan’s enemies. Homos are so vain that when the Globalists put a crown on their head, they can’t help play along even though homos may draw the ire as the face of US imperialism.

Will the West survive? One look at history, and the main reason for downfall of regimes, kingdoms, civilizations, and political orders was lack of courage, fear of truth, and culture of dishonesty. This is understandable since every order fears the unfettered truth that may speak truth to power. Truth can bring down an order, but lies and dishonesty can lead to a much bigger fall.

Take Japan in the 30s. Honest criticism might have brought down the repressive military order(that was leading Japan down a reckless path), but Japan would have been spared. But a culture of lies led to Japan’s war with China and then with US, and then Japan itself was crushed totally.

Even though Japan was headed toward destruction, the culture of honor-correctness-and-cowardice led to silence and the total destruction of Japan. That silence destroyed Japan.

Same with Germany. Surely, many Germans knew Hitler was leading Germany on the path to disaster, but they remained silent or just went along. To be sure, there could be severe penalty for anyone who dared to be courageous.

Failure to speak honestly is like a doctor not making the necessary diagnosis based on the symptoms.

West is doomed unless it breaks out of PC and speaks truthfully. It’s like cancer. Ironically, Susan Sontag who once called white race a ‘cancer’ later wrote about cancer as dangerous metaphor and how it silenced many people from dealing honestly. Too many people thought it was better to just give up all hope OR deny the fatality of the condition or keep the truth from the patient(like in IKIRU by Kurosawa).

But the ONLY chance one has is to speak honestly that cancer is present and that something must be done about it. One must be honest, forthright, and take action.

But in the West, truth is seen as cancer whereas lies are administered as treatment.

The demographic threat to Europe from Muslim and especially African migration is HUGE, but Europeans are supposed to welcome it as Diversity or an opportunity to atone for ‘racism’ and Holocaust. But the result will be Eurocaust for white folks.

West is like a cancer patient that won’t acknowledge that it is suffering from the cancer of Diversity. Rather, PC tells the Western Patient that this Diversity is the cure and that chemotherapy(or demotherapy that defends the racial integrity of the West) is the cancer. So, welcome the cancer as the cure and reject the only effective treatment as the disease.

Now, the truth can kill, but lies will kill far more.

Also, even when truth kills, it kills effectively only until the desired outcome is achieved. In contrast, the Lie will lead to endless killings.

Suppose a bunch of coyotes are attacking sheep. That is the truth. This truth will kill in the sense that those coyotes will have to be hunted to save the sheep. Dead coyotes may be sad, but it must be done in order for the sheep to live. And once the coyotes are gone, there is no more killing.

But suppose the Lie is told about the coyotes and sheep. Coyotes kill the sheep, but the Lie says that the collie dogs are killing the sheep whereas coyotes are helping the sheep. Such a lie will lead to endless killings. Coyotes will go on killing sheep(without end) while innocent sheep-herding dogs will be hunted down in the conviction that dogs must die in order for the sheep to live.

Killing by truth is limited and effective. Killing by lies never end.

EU is being invaded by Africans and Muslims. But PC tells whites that nothing bad is happening. If anything, PC says this Diversity is a cure for EU. Without it, “Europe wont’ survive.” And the real enemies of EU are the patriots who call for defense of homeland.

Yeah, right. It’s like saying shepherds should welcome coyotes while killing the collies defending the sheep from the coyotes.


Fr. John+

Call PBS now, and say well, now that we have a mandate – Did you know that, we have a mandate!?

You want to revise and review and rebroadcast your comment about Donald Trump, the white working-class, and the traditional’s workers party? Watch them squirm.

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