The Orthodox Nationalist: Traditionalism on Trial

In this week’s Orthodox Nationalist Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson exposes a recent attack on Traditionalist Christianity coming from within the Orthodox church itself and concerning both him and Matthew Heimbach directly.

A trial has been set by a faction of the Autonomous Orthodox metropolia of the Americas. The target is Matthew Heimbach, but the scapegoat is Matthew Raphael Johnson. The Canadian Bishop Joseph Royer has threatened to leave the Synod if Heimbach and his allies are not removed. No clear reason has been given other than he is politically incorrect. This bishop seems to have no functional knowledge of theology and no steady principles of any kind.

While claiming to be a member of a traditionalist group, we read on his parish’s website:

All Saints Orthodox Cathedral offers various ways to provide for the spiritual and temporal needs of individuals. We do so, keeping in mind that salvation must be offered in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of ethnic, racial, cultural or social backgrounds. Reflecting the rich mosaic of peoples in Canada, we are proudly a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-racial Orthodox Church. Our Sunday Divine Liturgy, Holy Mysteries/Sacraments and all Services and programs in the Cathedral Parish are offered in one of the two official languages of Canada, English. Our Parish follows the proper Canonical, Old Calendar for the entire Church/Liturgical year, in adherence to the unchanging and venerable patrimony and praxis of Orthodoxy and, in spite of the many religious, secular and social pressures to conform to the world. In this we stand as living witnesses and defenders of the true faith…Orthodoxy!

Someone needs to tell this modernist bishop that he IS the world. This kind of kowtowing to the power structure shows this bishop to have no understanding of the prophetic nature of Orthodox in an increasingly corrupt, materialist world run by globalists. These globalists think precisely as this bishops does.

Going from church to church, from the ultra liberal Ukrainian Autocephalist dissident movement to the traditionalist Orthodox metropolia certainly suggests a radical change of heart. Yet, that is not visible anywhere in his highly limited public presence. Using financial levers, Royer has demanded all politically incorrect members of the church be removed on the flimsiest of charges, all through anonymous denunciations and the use of proxies. Going behind the backs of his targets, he seeks to purge his newfound church without being noticed. I wonder if this bishop is aware of what Metropolitan Polykarp Sikorsky, one of the forebears of the Ukrainian church he claims membership in, said about Hitler:

The appeal of Bishop Polycarp, Archbishop of Lutsk and Kovel (Administrator of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukrainian liberated lands):

Its been nearly a year since the glorious German army, under the command of the Great Fuehrer, crossed the eastern border into the USSR and began the fight against the terrible enemy of mankind and our European-Christian culture: Muscovite-Jewish communism. During this time, the invincible German army in its crusading expedition has freed the Ukrainian nation from it’s cruel oppressor. But the titanic struggle between two worlds still continues. In this struggle we all must not stand idle, we all are called on to fight Judeo-communist slavery.
While the heroic German Army is shedding blood at the front, we must, together with the German people, keep up our struggle too. This requires thousands of workers both in agriculture and in the factories. Our sacred duty and our Ukrainian nation depends on it: we must work.
Therefore, obey the call of the German authorities. We work with the Germans and consider it a sacred duty and honor for a worker to give his all for the war effort. So I call upon my flock and all honest clergy to work with the Germans and obey their labor call.
The Ukrainian peasantry and working class needs to be conscious of what is at stake for both Germans and ourselves; in these great historical times it will contribute to a better world and a free Ukraine. (Polycarp, Archbishop of Lutsk and Kovel, Administrator, 1942, May 16 (State Archives of Volyn region F. R-69, O.1, Spr.310, ark.3).

The Orthodoxy preached by this modernist bishop is not that of those he claims to follow. He is attempting to cleanse the church that he is going to take over. He has been deemed the successor of the current Metropolitan John and seems to want to make a globalist, liberal group out of this traditionalist body.


Charles Edward Lincoln, III

I will pray for you and Matthew Heimbach that the Enlightenment of the Holy Spirit will shine and descend on your critics within the Church.

I pray that that same wholy spirit that descended in tongues of flame upontge Apostles will show those qho persecute you that we can only know truth today through that same Platomic exchange of ideas by the free and unfettered exercise of dialog and expression which we find in the Gospels aa the example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When Christ spoke with his disciples, followers, and the people of Judea, Galilee, and Samaria, he condemned those who pretended to know the truth through the existing laws only.

Christ is and surely remains the light of the world, and by his right and rational teachings in the Gospel, clearly understandable and meaningful to us as they are (precisely because they are built, rely, and are based upon the common experience of God and Mankind), he taught us to turn away from the sins of pride and arrogance.

This is true enlightenment, to know that we mst never be prejudged and bound by the decisions or choices of the past, and I hope and pray that you will open their hearts to that same consistent sunlight of truth which you follow, which leaves them in the dark, inconsistent, and flickering torchlight of the cave, as in Book Seven of Plato’s Republic, or as in Chapter 13 of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, where he advised that we see only through a glass darkly….

Cat Ruby

Lord knows the elect will do the hardest work. His way.
& Bishop may be too busy, working for the State, to notice God is not pleased. God chose you. Blessings on that big day, let us know what happens.


This is infuriating.

On a side note – the philosophy hinted at here by Dr. Johnson (and in other podcasts) is amazing and hints at why we (as racial realists) ought not be strict materialists. If we become materialists, the inevitable end point is “anti-realism” and “nominalism” in all domains of thought. There’s no “chair” before me, there’s only a loose-knit association of atoms that we impose the nominal idea of “chair” onto (for example). And there most certainly isn’t any such thing as “race”; there are only loose-knit collections of atoms, arranged in certain patterns we arbitrarily deem important…and so on and on.

The infuriating insistence of modern academia to remain “secular” and “materialist” is why the so-called “anti-realists” are swarming the field in all areas, from ethics (moral anti-realists), to metaphysics (scientific anti-realist).

Fr. John+

Dear Father Matthew, brother Matt:

You know what I said over at DS, where I first saw this post run;and even more now, I find the antics of Joseph Suaiden to be totally bereft of the Holy Spirit, animated by racism of his own Arabic background -or is it Hispanic? and sheer hatred…that is not godly.

The fallacious definition of phyletism that the Greeks invented, back in the day, to keep the Bulgarians from having their own autonomous ethnic church, is exactly the same type of heretical nonsense that you two are suffering from right now… And it is the same foreign interlopers who are guilty of the simple this time around, just as they were back in the 1800s!

May God judge these graceless heresiarchs, and their willing goyim slaves, whose actions mirror those of Judas. This is utterly appalling! So compromised are all the churches with the spirit of the age, and the demonic mindset of the world, that I fear for the future of this planet, with people such as you are having to deal with, posing as men of God.

Misericordie, Domine

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