RE: Fred Reed on White Nationalists

I had the honor of meeting Fred Reed nearly a decade ago. I doubt he remembers me or even knows what I look like. I’m not sure if he knows what much of anything looks like given his Vietnam combat injuries. Thanks to the miracle of modern optometry, Fred’s been watching our movement for a long time. While he’s integrally not one of us (he has a Mestiza spouse and hops the border more than a drug mule), he’s always been especially open-minded and inquisitive about our minority faction, its motives, and goals.

Last month, he wrote an article, White Nationalists And Practicality: If Any, which challenges us to answer some apparent inconsistencies and issues with our message and motives. I speak neither for the movement as a whole nor even for my party. For a bunch of people who despise diversity, we’re a pretty diverse bunch. Many of his concerns are hypothetical. After all, I’m first and foremost merely an advocate for my extended family. I don’t have to explain exactly which shelter I plan to take my family to or when I’m going to file my homeowner’s claim when my house is on fire.

All I’m accountable for is trying to do what’s best for my family. Just as a man whose house is on fire would like to get his family into a nice new house with a good water heater and cable internet but may have to settle for his uncle’s half-finished basement for a while, there’s a parallax between my goals and what’s possible, at least in the near term. My position that I want a sovereign White nation for me and mine doesn’t require my harboring the delusion that the goal is achievable in the near-term. It’s not. I know this.

“White nationalists” as they call themselves would like to US to be close to one hundred percent white.

This isn’t true. Most White Nationalists accept that the demographics of the United States are too non-White to reasonably hope for such an outcome. Many are working toward a Northwest Republic inclusive of a handful of states in the Pacific Northwest. Many are Southern secessionists who would like to revive the Confederacy and would expect the remaining minorities to flee North and West. Many would be satisfied by a revocation of the Immigration Act of 1965.

I’ve known very few White Nationalists over the years–and I know a few–who actually claim to anticipate the entire United States becoming close to one hundred percent White. And even those guys had the defiant smirk of a man who’s making a point about shooting for the stars to land on the moon. I know one White Nationalist who said that he would be fully satisfied if only the real estate laws which explicitly forbid self-conscious white neighborhoods were repealed, allowing us to preserve our identity at the local level within the multicultural empire.

The twist, of course, is that even that slight tweak would require a truly revolutionary transformation from where we’re at and where things are heading. That subtle, reasonable, and perfectly fair tweak will quite possibly entail rivers of blood and gnashing of teeth.

White nationalists, often inaccurately called “white supremacists,” want to close the border. So do I. They want to make Obama stop importing every sort of third-worlder he has heard of. So do I. They want to deport illegal aliens. With exceptions, so do I.

For the sake of discussion, let us assume that all of this has been done. At this point the white nationalists (hereinafter just “nationalists”) run out of gas, having so far as I am aware no further plan or aim beyond a loathing for anything not white and European.

Fred’s limited by his elderly sense of what’s within the bounds of political possibility. The realm of the possible is always greater than the realm of the thinkable. History’s one long procession of factors aligning to result in the unthinkable coming to pass. If enough White Americans are cornered, humiliated, threatened, and marginalized by the rising tide of color, then they may well react in an “unthinkable” manner. As milquetoast and passive as White Americans have been for the life of a man as incredibly old as Fred, they’re still taxonomically carnivorous mammals and are still subject to predictable autonomic responses when cornered and existentially threatened.

If anything, given how triumphant and vengeful the anti-White bloc is in America, how their ideology is explicitly one of disownership and displacement of Whites, it’s unthinkable that Whites won’t be cornered into an aggressive response of some kind. In my opinion, Trump’s insurgent campaign is evidence of a primordial development of that process. It was unthinkable for the political class merely a few months ago that a candidate would rely on White Nationalist signals and White Nationalist support to vault himself within striking distance of the White House.

The utility of this is not clear. The disappearance of the illegals would leave some 45 million legal Latinos: birthright citizens, naturalized citizens, legal residents and, increasingly, completely American citizens of Latino descent.

Globalism can be a two-way street. What Fred’s failing to account for is that the Latino immigrants, legal and illegal alike, moved here because it was the most socially and economically fruitful decision to make. A sharp souring of the national mood against Latino migrants, in conjunction with the likely ascent of Mexico’s economy and descent of America’s economy, will compel millions, perhaps tens of millions, of Latinos to swim back to Mexico. The river ain’t that deep. Imagine a future where Nuevo Laredo is pervasively bilingual, on account of it becoming a hub for the millions of Latinos who are American citizens but no longer feel comfortable in America.

There are indeed a good share of Latinos who’ve truly assimilated in the manner mirroring the Irish Catholics, Italians, and other populations of yesteryear. I only speak for myself, of course. But my definition of the “White American” ethnicity can survive the introgression of a few million folks of Latino descent who are loyal to and aligned with us. Will Jessica Alba remain loyal to her Latina camarada or quietly drift into the White American identity as racial and ethnic conflict escalates? I, for one, don’t care.

What do you recommend doing with, about, for, or to the tens of millions of legal Latinos? What specifically, and how do you propose doing it?

Humans are tribal. I’m sure some Soviet commissar lamented the absurdity of Yugoslavia ever overcoming the logistical hurdles to its highly integrated tribes sorting into separate sovereign states. The whole thing was probably unthinkable for him, requiring a paradigm shift from his lifetime of familiar Marxist normalcy.

Many of the arguments made by the nationalists are rational—we don’t need the population, American businessmen unemploy Americans by giving jobs to illegals, the costs of assimilating them are high, and so on. Well and good, but mostly a bit late. Meanwhile the nationalists transparently seethe with hatred of Latinos.

Our TradWorker project works closely with nationalist factions throughout Latin America. I’ve worked closely with and befriended plenty of Latinos over the years and I don’t have any animosity toward Latinos qua Latinos. I love the Catholic heritage. “Viva Cristo Rey!” The Spanish Empire and its conquests remain one of the greatest adventures in human history. They have a lot to be proud of. But, to paraphrase one of the greatest philosophers in the Western canon, “They have to go back.”

So, what do nationalists propose? I do this not as a challenge but in search of understanding, a reasonable question in search of a reasonable answer. The question is one of the most important that can be asked. The country deserves a concrete answer.

What we propose is a revival of White Identity, of a self-conscious and proud assertion of White American interests and goals as a political bloc. We’re under no obligation to lay out a Maoist five year plan or fifty year plan. After all, the 19th century Zionists had no way to see around the corner to how their nationalist ambitions might be fulfilled. For all I know, they might’ve secretly plotted WWII in order to establish the geopolitical conditions necessary for the establishment of Israel. And if I do have an elaborate scheme to finance a world war in order to achieve my aims, I’ll keep it on the down low.

My answer would be: Try to make legal Latinos into productive citizens, which should not be terribly hard. Leaving them alone, and not allowing governments to turn them into a welfare class, would probably do the trick. If nationalists have a better idea, or another idea, I would be happy to consider it.

Fred’s answer is more absurd than the absurd hypotheticals he projects onto ourselves. How can “we” work toward policies which are fundamentally fair toward Whites in a civic nationalist sort of way when neither the political class nor the large and growing mass of non-Whites in America are intent on cornering and humiliating us? With the exception of some first generation folks who are too busy working and some token race traitors, all minorities in America are the subject of an intensive federally-sponsored indoctrination program from preschool onward teaching that Whites qua Whites are the problem and redistributive justice, open borders, and forced integration is the solution.

Fred’s like that White Nationalist guy I mentioned earlier who just wants real estate laws tweaked slightly to allow White neighborhoods. The only difference is that Fred hasn’t realized (or admitted) the steep revolutionary and identitarian obstacles to making that slight tweak. Let’s just convince the minorities to join White Americans in not really having tribal interests and identities! The neoconservatives and the GOP have been trying that angle for my entire lifetime. It’s been a spectacular failure, more incompatible with human nature than Marxism, even. It’s simply at odds with the instinctively tribal primate nature of the subject.

Neither Whites nor Latinos are keen on ceasing to exist, and neither group is obligated to cease to exist on your account, Fred.

How is Fred’s notion of civic nationalism any different from the New Soviet Man promoted among the Yugoslavians? It’s not. The New American Man will come unraveled just as readily, hopefully with less bloodshed, when the levee holding back human nature inevitably breaks. I have no special insight into how it will play out. Even Nostradamus himself knew better than to forecast how America’s elaborate experiment in utopian social engineering would come unglued.

But I’m on Team Whitey and my ultimate goal is a homeland for my people where my people and my people alone possess sovereign mastery of our destiny. That makes me a White Nationalist.

Since tens of millions of Latinos are in the country, and are going to stay, it might be wise to seek at least a modus viventdi and an amicable relationship, and better, assimilation, rather than needlessly encourage hostile relations.

Fred plays off like it’s been hostile White Americans stopping Latinos from assimilating. This couldn’t be further from the case. The men and women defiantly waving Mexican flags at American soccer matches are second and third generation, fluent in English, and the federal government would have you believe they’re as American as I am. We’ve had the red, white, and blue carpet rolled out for generations, but they’re mostly here for the economic opportunities and have no interest in assimilating, in becoming New American Men.

Good for them. Identifying with the multicultural globalist American identity is lame. I would rather be a Mexican myself than become what “American” is becoming.

Fred then goes off on a leftist tirade involving his suspicion that we White Nationalists are really just trying to keep his beloved Mexicans out of the middle class.

It might be wise to encourage the entry of Latinos into the middle class.

Unless the desire is to keep them out of the middle class. Is it?

No. It is not.

If anything, Mexico’s open borders and globalist trade policies accelerate income inequality, isolating and disenfranchising its underclass as helots in a foreign land while enriching its (quite white) Jeb-aligned elites.

Do white nationalists propose to encourage assimilation? How? Discourage it? How? Let nature take its course? If the choice is to discourage assimilation, the practicality would seem doubtful, since in many places in the US the races mix amicably, and many Americans in Mexico who have Mexican wives speak highly of the idea.

In a nutshell, Fred appears to be arguing that White Nationalism is a non-starter because he’s really comfortable in the gray area between Mexican and American identity occupied by himself and his family. I’m sure there were some heartbreaking stories about Islamic and Catholic husbands and wives whose lives were torn apart as Yugoslavia came unraveled. That’s sad stuff. Humans are tribal and somebody should have told Fred about that. I doubt the outcome of escalating identitarian tension will prove that heartbreaking for Fred and his beloved Latina esposa. He’ll just while out his days in a nice middle-class Mexican community surrounded by other American expats grumbling about the good old days when both nations and identities put his personal travel and social priorities before their own existential priorities.

Is assimilation possible? I think so, eventually anyway, but we shall see. I do know that if (a) Latinos, already probably twenty per cent of the population, become ghettoized, isolated, hostile and dysfunctional, the United States is over, fini, done, and (b) constant attacks on them as Latinos tend to lead to this end.

Does Fred actually think the tens of millions of legal and illegal immigrants to America have been insufficiently welcomed and coddled by our government? Does Fred think that the United States as it is becoming over, fini, done, is something I give a damn about?

It Is one thing to deport illegals, verify citizenship for employment, and punish criminals. It is another endlessly to characterize Latinos as criminal, stupid, and foul. Which is what white nationalists relentlessly do.

If the whole project is existentially threatened by a few thousand disempowered dissidents who exist almost exclusively on the Internet, then Fred’s multicultural fantasies are too precious for this world.

The curious thing is that nationalists seem to want Latinos to be as undesirable as possible. If I write that n Mexico the schools are not chaotic and kids learn to read, that Mexicans do not breed like flies, (fertility rate, CIA FactBook: 1960: 6.78; 2015: 2.26), that the country runs the standard technological infrastructure of airlines, telecommunications and hospitals, on and on, the response never varies: Fred is lying, everything good is done by the white part of the Mexican population, and these defects are genetic and pleasantly irremediable.

I’ve written elsewhere that Mexico is not Hell. Nationalism isn’t predicated upon the other group being wretched. There are certainly plenty of nationalists who take a dim view of the Mexican and related identities. That’s tribalism. I can’t even convince my family to have a nuanced perspective on the Colts vs. Patriots tribal feud. And ultimately, I don’t care to. I’m a Colts fan because I’m a Hoosier, and I will boo at Tom Brady, despite my private suspicion that he’s a talented and hardworking quarterback who’s firmly earned most of his awards and acclaim.

We have an interesting approach to national suicide. On one hand, favoring unlimited immigration, we have the Googooing Good, the big money men, Hillary, and Obama, which will make matters worse. On the other hand, white nationalists who apparently want a bar fight. What could be smarter?

What starts as an open question inviting response ends as a hateful screed condemning my political faction for starting the whole nationalist thing, as if ethnic nationalist sentiment among Whites were anywhere near what’s typical among Latino migrants. We’re preparing for a bar fight because a bunch of guys in Patriots jerseys who speak with a non-rhotic New England dialect are flooding into the bar. They’re not going to rapidly become Colts fans because they’re in Indianapolis for the weekend. And even the friendly ones who are drinking and flirting with Colts fans will take sides when the fight breaks out.


Don Gates

Who the hell is Fred Reed and who cares about his weirdness? I love your work but this was a waste of time to take seriously this Reed loser and give him undeserved notoriety. He married one of them and now he’s advocating for them. I like the idea of banishment for his kind. Mexicans have Mexico, a large, resource rich land mass and just look at South America. They already have their own damned continent. Now this idiot wants us to give up what little we still have to assimilate them?

Screw Him and his mongrel spouse too. I’m through listening to these “come let us all love each other as children of God,” blah, blah, blah, types. If you are committed to showing mercy to people who are determined to exterminate you, they will win and you will lose.

Buck Swamp

Fred Reed is actually a wonderfulwriter–you should check out his blog

99% of what he writes is “dead-on” and often funny as hell.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Mexican Reconquista, Fred is a complete moron. But as Matt Parrott pointed out, like !Jeb he has a Mexican wife.

(Fred had a famous spat awhile back with Ann Coulter re: the proclivity of Mexicans for raping children. Fred took the Mexican side. Ann ate his lunch and gave him a couple of wedgies too.)


He is blind as a bat when it comes to the harm Jews have done to American whites. He is unworthy of your praise.

Buck Swamp

True, Fred is awful when it comes to immigration and the Jews. But give the devil his due: he is excellent on feminism, economics, science, the military, foreign affairs, and cultural issues. And he’s even funnier than Coulter at her best.

Fred Reed is definitely a mixed bag, but he is well worth reading for someone interested in fighting back against leftist SJWs.


Don, you should check out the Unz review –>
Fred is a regular there. Plus the other writers have interesting insights as well.

I’m pretty sure Fred has a lot larger following than Trad Youth/TWP, although I am a big Trad Youth/TWP, Matt Parrott, Matthew Heimbach, fan.
Plus, he’s a Joe Bageant fan. I would recommend Deer Hunting with Jesus to anyone reading this site.

Wisdom is to be found where it reveals itself, which is not necessarily where you insist on looking.


“If the whole project is existentially threatened by a few thousand disempowered dissidents who exist almost exclusively on the Internet, then Fred’s multicultural fantasies are too precious for this world.” – We’re big guys.

Fr. John+

“He’ll just while out his days in a nice middle-class Mexican community surrounded by other American expats grumbling about the good old days when both nations and identities put his personal travel and social priorities before their own existential priorities.”

You’ve just self-defined of the entire ex-pat industry, from ‘Live and Invest Overseas,’ to ‘Katherine Peddicord’ and all of their ilk, in one paragraph. Bravo!

Wilburn Sprayberry

“If anything, Mexico’s open borders and globalist trade policies accelerate income inequality, isolating its underclass as helots in a foreign land while enriching its (quite white) Jeb aligned elites.” — That is basically the same thing that Fernando Cortes, the Mexican AmRen speaker, said at the conference this year.

It’s levee, not levy…unless…(scratches head looking for that esoteric parrottian humor).

I think you’re a little harsh with Fred. He may be an old grouch, but I’d still do shots with him. (And I’ll be old enough to apply for my grouch license next year.)

Matt Parrott

I don’t feel I was any more harsh with Fred than he was with us. I gathered from what I know of him personally and his writing style to assume that he could handle my getting a bit salty.

He’s a talented writer and a serious thinker, and I’ll continue to enjoy his essays, except for the ones that call me out, as this one did.

Sean Fielding

I’ve enjoyed Fred’s style over the years, but he really hasn’t thought much through except the Black question – step one on the ladder. Like a lot of Southerners, even some within our movement.

Plus he has special pleading. Derb is the same way with Asians and Jews.

You could show him every wrong part of his approach with this excellent article, Matt, but he wouldn’t accept any of it. It’s a wise man who knows his limits. And knows those of others.

J.j. Cintia

Germany was bankrupted and humiliated. Their women and children had to prostitute themselves for their families to eat. After Hitler crushed the bankers and removed the parasites, Germany was reborn from the ashes. While Americans and Englishmen lined up at soup kitchens to eat the scraps left from these infernal locusts, Germans had their country back, and with full employment. The Satanic Scum needed the Entire World to Defeat Germany after the infestation of parasites was removed. America is larger and stronger. Crush the parasitic vampires here and our power will magnify like Germany under the NSDAP. With our massive Military Industrial Complex and 40 Million White Men angry at the scum who wanted them dead, the ENTIRE WORLD will tremble.

J.j. Cintia

Freddie is old. He hasn’t been here to see the change. There is a serious difference now. When he was here White Dominance was a given, and no one would dare even whisper otherwise. Now our unwise deluded parasites celebrate our demise as though it has already happened. They always celebrate too early. Lack of self-control is their most obvious trait. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the bad habit of poking the Tiger will be a fatal error.


The only relevant question is, “What happens if or when whites begin behaving like all other human groups known? [ie as a matter of science, not opinion, with reference to both the historical record as well as the present]” This ought to have been stated in the first few sentences. That dispenses with Reed’s so-called argument & dispenses with Libertarianism’s central claims, the latter probably being the next big fit of insanity to grip white America at the 11th hour & 56th minute.

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