WHY is the AltRight?

Hillary’s big debut of the AltRight has opened up a discussion–both internal and external–about what the “alternative right” is. Broad cultural phenomena defy exact definitions, and we can’t really say for sure what it is going to be until it grows up. I tend to agree with Hillary’s analysis, that it’s the American incarnation of a sweeping global rejection of neo-liberal imperialism and its Jewish and multinational corporate vanguard.

She says it like it’s a bad thing, of course.

One wonders if Hillary and the rest of the globalists ever stopped to consider that perhaps anti-globalism could be global, too. If anything, they’re the parochial ones, tucked away in a handful of incestuous coastal enclaves in America, Western Europe, and Tel Aviv. Eastern Europe, East Asia, the Global South, and even much of the regions they imagined to be their home base are revolting against their schemes and designs.

But why now? And why is it rapidly happening all at once? Donald Trump is certainly the one who summoned the beast from the sea, emerging like Godzilla to trigger SJWs back into their safe spaces. But where did it come from and why did it emerge now? Why were Pat Buchanan’s candidacies deprived of this element? Why didn’t Tom Tancredo’s 2008 campaign have an army of shitlords hoist him to the top of the race?

Charisma and style are part of the answer. Even if Trump had never stated a single policy position, his alpha male frat boy bullying of the media and the left is a revolutionary thing in itself. To a great extent, what we’re seeing is best understood as a revolution in political technology. Just as Kennedy managed to win on television while Nixon was campaigning for radio, and FDR leveraged his “fireside chat” radio addresses to revolutionize the relationship between the politician and the public, Donald Trump was the first candidate to effectively seize upon the latest political technology.

Sure, everybody running for office has an obligatory Twitter account. But Trump’s the first candidate who was truly native to the social media platform. Trump’s the first candidate to connect with his constituents on social media in the intimate and extemporaneous manner required to connect with your audience on social media. The old school candidates and pundits considered his candid and humorous tweets a grave tactical error because they obviously weren’t campaign-coordinated boilerplate.

Tired: Consistency and professionalism

Wired: Authenticity and intimacy

Whether it was an accident stumbled upon by an amateur politician or a brilliant maneuver, Trump is the first candidate whose campaign begins to harness the tremendous potential of the Internet. The democratization of communication made possible by ubiquitous smartphones, tablets, and notebooks has flattened the political process. In the politics of yesteryear, a racist teenager would have no possibility of engaging national politics. Now, thanks to technological advances, the national political stage is at his mercy.

And there are so many more racist teenagers than anyone imagined!

That’s what happens when you censor people. Not only can you not hear what they’re saying, you can’t hear what they’re doing. When the altright burst onto the political scene, the institutional voices of the American political system had no answer to their rhetoric because they had walled themselves off hermetically from any and all rhetoric from “those people.” What we’ll see in the coming months is more intelligent and nuanced attempts to deconstruct our rhetoric, because for the first time in generations, the leftists are actually required by our rapid growth to respond.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

They’ll fail miserably, because the American Left is too beholden to its anti-White identity factions to make the necessary pivot back to the palatable pro-labor, protectionist, anti-corporate liberalism of yesteryear. Racial animosity toward the White majority has become the very glue holding the Democratic Party and the left together. The altright is, at its core, the equal and opposite reaction to years of anti-White rhetoric, resentment, and redistribution. The old guard of the GOP can struggle all it wants, but they’re captives of a historical process beyond their control.

The altright is a confluence of these two suppressed mega-trends bursting through to the surface at the same time. First, White identity politics has been systematically suppressed for generations, and it’s reached a point where it could no longer be contained. Second, politicians have been carefully managed by a mandarin class of “experts” whose entire business is studiously eliminating all of the authenticity and intimacy from the political process, transforming campaigns, campaign messages, and the politicians themselves into interchangeable industrial commodities to be marketed to voters and auctioned off to the highest bidding lobbyists.

Trump’s unorthodox campaign blew the lid off both of those things. Regardless of where his candidacy goes from here, White identity politics has permanently asserted itself in the mainstream political process and national politicians will no longer be able to get away with outsourcing their engagement with voters. Both of these developments are positive for everybody, save for those who support the anti-White status quo and those who’ve built their lives and careers around the newly endangered political consulting industry.

The altright exists because we exist, and we’ve been empowered by technology’s democratization of communication to overcome the obstacles which once stood between ourselves and engaging the political process. There’s an elaborate taxonomy of factions, projects, personalities, and priorities within the altright. We have a lot of differences to work through. But whatever our ideas are, they matter now. Our ideas matter now because we, White American dissidents of every stripe, can finally be heard over the globalist media oligarchs who’ve been silencing us for decades.


A. Markov Citadelius

If one wanted to divide the AltRight so-called into two broad elements, considering the horizon they aproach the left from, then one could say there is…

A) A politically incorrect, volatile, populist, short-run movement which is primarily destructive in its vital aspects. It has little of value in terms of actual content, most of which is not refined, but its use is precisely in its destruction of the left wing narrative. The trolling, the obfuscations, memery, etc. are bad news for the left, but they will not build anything, especially when so many still have Liberal assumptions.

B) A decidedly Reactionary, intellectual, elitist, long-run movement which is primarily constructive in its vital aspects. This is what was described by PJMedia thusly: “They want to go back well before the Founding to make America something it never was, a Dark Age European ethno-state.” While the first category wreak havoc against the NWO, the second category is building the alternative to ideology, the return to Tradition and the absolute rejection of Liberalism.

If these represent two large waves rushing towards a beach, there must be a third that comes between A and B, that being a wave of general failure of public institutions and the breakdown of civil society, and governmental institutions. If this occurs, localized Liberalism will be utterly decimated, and the Thalassocratic civilizations will sink beneath the tides on the field of geopolitics for a considerable time.The civilization of the heartland, of land itself, rises in its place.

Giovanni Cattaneo

No, but thats all that may be left of it after the socialists are done with it.

Richard Bird

Why do I get the feeling that political change within the present system is merely an attempt to get one’s snout into the feeding trough? Trying to sway political opinion by looking for advantages within a system created and dominated by our enemies, is not the way forward IMO. We need a totally NEW philosophy. Alternative right is still a wing of the same bird, a bird which needs to be shot down and destroyed.

Matt Parrott

The mainstream political stage is a perfectly acceptable stage for advancing our ideals.

As long as one bears in mind that it’s merely a stage, and doesn’t mistake system politics for an actual platform, no harm is done.

Giovanni Cattaneo

I think many of us on this side much like the rest of the so called Dark Enlightenment movement disagree on what the end game should b.

Attila the Hun

(((Milo))) is not Alt-Right. We do not under any circumstances support race mixers or Jews to be involved with our movement.

Giovanni Cattaneo

Jews? I dont think thats really a problem, Race mixers? Sorry too late for that. There is too many people on your side that are that, subscribe to that, practice that. Several continents, countries and islands filled with them who subcribe to the ideology. So, if u dont want race mixing u r going to have to b more specific as to how many generations back u gonna count.

Giovanni Cattaneo

Biblical? That sounds awful proti and therefore shady. By saying that u r just encouraging it anyway.

Fr. John+

The Old Testament clearly said that a biblical generation was 40 years, and miscegenation took 10 generations to eliminate from the DNA of the chosen people. As the white people of Europe are now the chosen people “God’s Israel” (see the book of Galatians) we have to do what they did then, now.

That means roughly this period of time from 1620-now, from when the Pilgrims first landed at the Plymouth Rock to Trumps ascension to the presidency -that’s how long it’s gonna take to purify our race. Because that’s what the Commandment, ‘ thou shall not adulterate,’ means. End of story. Go though and do likewise.


You’re not White.

Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Whites have a right to exist without the consent of non-Whites. We’re going our own way and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Matt Parrott


Like we have some implied obligation to convince race-mixers and mixed families that we have a right to exist.

And so what if there are only a dozen of us left because everybody’s down with the multicult? Then I belong to a nation of only twelve people. Fine.

Giovanni Cattaneo

I dont think u understand my comment, I wasnt claiming that u dont have the right to exist without the multicultural approval, which u obviously dont need. I was saying that “we” do, that those of us who share on your ideas, for the most part, have a right to be pissed off at the same issues, the same people and the same society that has created these problems.

Giovanni Cattaneo

Thats not what i said. But your comment sounds a lot like the multicult in reverse.

Example: You are “white” you’re opinion doesnt matter.

See, what I mean?

Understandable reaction, not really in the spirit of the conversation.

J.j. Cintia

The Alt-Right is simply White people who see no reason to help inferior monsters who want to kill them and want them dead. Some might say this is un-Christian and uncharitable. These people can kiss my ass.

Don Gates

Simple. Self-evident. Direct and too the point. The essence of eloquence.

Giovanni Cattaneo

I personally dont see why these sentiments are contained only by selective sections of “white” people as the article seems to allege. Fact is many of us not fully “white” part “white” half “white” and mostly “white” are pretty pissed off too. So I think that u may be under selling the mood of the country.


White people have a right to exist without the consent of non-Whites.

Giovanni Cattaneo

I agree. More than that they have the right to organize be proud of their heritage and everything the alt right highlights but many have forgotten of have been brain washed to believe otherwise


I don’t believe the Left (or Right) is capable of honestly assessing our ideas. The more they confront our ideas the less appealing their Multicultural/Multiracial shitholes appear. The more they expose others to our ideas, the more they’ll expose the double standards.

The Normies have nowhere else to go. What will they do when they’re the victim of a Chimp Out? Church? No. The Church is dedicated to “refugees”. Police? No. The police are dedicated to “diversity” and fighting “racism.” The Normies only have us.

Thanks for the free publicity MSM!

Keep up the good work!

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