TradWorker Texas Rallies in Support of Blue Lives Matter

Earlier this month, our rapidly growing TradWorker chapter in Texas helped organize a demo in response to the sniper slayings of several officers in Dallas. Our message was a simple and direct response to the Black Lives Matter thugs, affirming that our lives matter, too. The Aryan Renaissance Society (ARS) joined us in delivering the message. We chanted, “Hate crime one! Hate crime all! Equal justice under law!” as well as “Blue Lives Matter!” and “White Lives Matter!”

As expected, several Blacks who heard our message turned violent. Rocks were thrown at us, though luckily none of us were injured by them. At one point, one of our women had a smartphone knocked out of her hand. Both the phone and the courageous woman who joined us are fine. We arrived legally armed and prepared to fight to stand our ground if necessary, but the police who showed up and the firearms we open carried dissuaded the thugs from trying their luck.

The blacks “counter-protesting” had nothing intelligent to say whatsoever, they just shouted random obscenities like “I’ll fuck yo momma!” and “Stupid cracka!” etc. We chanted throughout the protest that the Black Lives Matter movement should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization, since they are targeting and killing white people, including white police officers. One of our main aims was to expose the double standard we have in America regarding race, specifically hate crime laws.

While the response in the diverse downtown was mostly negative, even there we received some handshakes, thumbs up, and brief conversations with passersby confirming their support. The social media and comments on the media’s hit pieces were overwhelmingly favorable, confirming that the majority of people see right through the media bias and support our strong and explicit stand against the hateful radicals tearing our cities apart and targeting the officers attempting to restore order with violence and death.

After a few hours, we packed up our signs and flags then shook hands with and thanked some of the members of the Dallas PD and media. We were honored to join White Americans from coast to coast who are taking a stand against Obama’s resentful anti-White demagoguery. We were proud to honor the lives of the law enforcement officers who are the thin blue line between our families and violent crime. We plan for more action and fellowship in the near future. If you’re in Texas, join TradWorker or contact the site to learn how you can join us in our battle for faith, family, and folk.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

Right, both parties suck up to Jews.

But Trump is obviously the better choice.

US is really messed up crazy.

Consider all the nuttiness this spring and summer.

Democrat thugs mess up Trump rallies and physically attack Americans. A rally in Chicago was even shut down due to thuggery.

Media see no problem.

Muslim crazies carry out all sorts of attacks in the West.

Many Muslims have been uprooted by Wars for Israel pushed by Neocons, Cucks, and Democrats like Obama/Hillary. That’s why there is a ‘refugee crisis’.

Obama and Hillary push for open borders and amnesty for illegals. Millions of them. No rule of law.

BLM is a crazy movement, but it has blessing of Democrats. Cops got gunned down in bunch of cities.

Obama’s SC appointees have no use for Constitution and make up stuff as they go along. Like ‘gay marriage’.

Colleges are overrun with PC lunacy and nutty hoaxes.

Journalism is in total LIE mode, what with stuff like UVA hysteria. And most Americans say they don’t trust media.

Black crime is way up due to Ferguson effect.

Blacks burned down Baltimore.

Obama is gonna send dangerous city blacks to suburbs and small towns.

Cold War was over long ago, and we can have peace, but Hillary wants new cold war at behest of globalist Jews who date-raped Russia in the 90s and instigated crazy coup in Ukraine.

Hillary and Obama’s actions in Libya and Syria are war crimes. They destroyed a nation and then aided alqaeda terrorists in the other and created chaos that led to ISIS.

US actions have led to total invasion of EU by ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’.

In all this, Hillary calls for more reckless globalism while Trump calls for security and nationalism.

But Hillary still leads.

But then,this is a nation where majority have been won over to ‘gay marriage’, which is now a religious cult that is now even entering into churches as a matter of ‘pride’.

This is a nation where Americans think 25% of the population is homo.

This is a nation where full grown adults get tattoos and their kids follow, to top it with piercing.

It’s like PROGLOB — progo-glob0-ism — is the default position of the US due to yrs and yrs of the 2PC’s: Political Correctness and Pop Culture, both dominated by progs, Jews, homos, blacks, and skanks. (Sadly, even the success of Trump owes to the sheer celebrity-ization of culture. Look at Justin Trudeau and the new pope or poop. They are celebrity queens.)

So, Trump’s star rises only in times of shock. When there is an attack on police or a terrorist attack. But as the story fades — with media spinning it toward more celeb trivia and globalist propaganda —, it’s like the reset button is pushed and we are back to default position of supporting the PROGLOB.

So, the norm is pro-Hillary, and shock is pro-Trump. So, if norm prevails, Hillary wins, and if shock jolts and jolts, Trump may win.

But what a crazy world. Hillary is pushing a mad agenda of globalism, but that is seen as the NORM.

But if ‘gay marriage’ is real marriage and if illegals are ‘undocumented immigrants'(what this country is all about), I guess we live in a world of the New Normal.

PS. Where Trump really did fail is in his needless overstatements. Such style was fun on TV show like the Apprentice. And it was even tolerated when Trump was attacking other Republicans. But when he’s up against Hillary, the darling of the GLOB, his style will be attacked and denounced for being ‘extreme’.

And I must say he was too extreme in some areas, and needlessly so.

He could have owned the terrorism and Muslim threat issue WITHOUT calling for total ban on Muslims.

He could have dealt strongly with issue of illegal immigration without being so nasty about Mexicans. He could have worded things more carefully. Mexers have huge chip on their shoulders, a real inferiority complex vis-a-vis gringos or gabachos. Consider how Mexers acted when Greg Haugen made a joke about Julio Caesar Chavez.

Coulter only need to sell books. To win elections, you have to either win over the other side or not antagonize them too much. Trump went too far in some areas.

He also went too hard against Cruz, which is why Cruz couldn’t endorse Trump.

Trump needs to find a way to be firm and strong without sounding over-the-top and hysterical, esp as the media will spin everything he says and does as ‘extreme’.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

The media are portraying Trump as ‘erratic’, and Trump is taking the bait.

In his contest with GOP featherweights, the erratic stuff made for good showbiz and circus.

But when it comes to the big prize, people want someone who seems stable and authoritative.

Trump needs to ignore the gnats and flies. He needs to focus on the big whale. Go after Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Thar She Blows Up the World.

He must not seem petty by fixating on gnats like Khan. Leave that up to his supporters. He should go for the big fish. Trump is in the big battle for the top prize. He carries a club. He shouldn’t go after mice. A big man with a big club going after mice looks silly. A big man with big club must go for big game, big trophy.

With a net, you catch minnows. With a harpoon, you go for whales.

Trump is in a whale game. He must hunt buffalo, not rabbits.

Trump needs to show that it is Hillary and the Globalists who are the real Hitlers, the real Nazis. They are the instigators of wars and mayhem around the world. Hillary and Media call Trump and Putin ‘Hitler’. But who messed up Ukraine? Who messed up Iraq, Syria, and Libya? It wasn’t Putin. It wasn’t Trump. It was the neocons and Obama/Hillary. Most of great wars since end of Cold War had neocon or zio-lib fingerprints. And to understand Russia, Trump should say something about what the globalists did to that country in the 90s.

Trump should also say Merkel is like Hitler. What was Hitler’s great crime? Hitler violated national borders. He imposed his vision of internationalism on other nations. In Hitler’s New World Order, his forces could trample into any nation and force its agenda on others. Merkel is acting the same way, though to destroy Germany. But destroying her own nation isn’t enough. She is trying to force other nations to be destroyed too. She is attacking Hungary and Poland for not welcoming invasion. It is like reverse-Hitlerism. Hitler told Poland, ‘you have no right to be resist German invasion’. Merkel says to Poles, ‘you have no right to be resist Muslim and African invasion.’

Trump should avoid gnats like Khan. Let his supporters dig up dirt on him.

He should focus on Hillary, Big Money, Big Money, the collusion of Wall Street and Washington, globalist favoring of open borders and aliens over national citizens, globalism’s favoritism of cities over suburbs and small towns.

Trump should also use Lib words against Libs. After all, even NYT said Obama locked up more whistleblowers than all previous administrators combined. And even NYT admitted Obama’s administration has been the least transparent. (But media went along with this because both media and state are controlled by Jews. But stuff about Jews cannot be said because we live in Ziocracy.)

I don’t think many people are voting FOR Hillary. Even her supporters must force themselves to feel excited about her. Many will vote AGAINST Trump because the media portray him as a crazy nut.

If voters are made to see Trump as a madman, they will vote AGAINST him.

It’s like even Alt Right guys will vote for Jeb Bush if he were running against Stalin.

Since Hillary isn’t very likable or credible, the media will play on anti-Trumpiness. Obama had a certain celebrity-appeal, so the media could play up his image and persona. Such is missing in Hillary. And Sanders supporters really don’t like her.

So, the media will make Trump out to be so ‘crazy’ that even Sanders voters will feel they must vote for Hillary as the lesser evil against the great nutty evil that is Trump.

So, now we know why the media put the spotlight on Alt Right. In the final stretch, the media will associate Trump with Alt Right. Now, many on Alt Right are sane people. But there are fringe or goofy elements at the edges of Alt Right who are pretty close to 14/88. Alt Right would be much better without these naziesque types who might as well work for NYT since they give Alt Right a bad name.

2016 election is an All-Trump Show.

It is Trump vs Anti-Trump. It is not pro-Hillary. Hillary just runs as Anti-Trump.

Because Dems got the ‘creative’ community on its side, it can create all sorts of smoke-and-mirrors hype about unity and ‘progress’, but the illusion dissipates once reality kicks in.

Trump matters in 2016 because he laid out certain inconvenient truths about Power in America and the World. Hillary is same-as-usual. Trump is game-change.

Trumpism is a real challenge to the ruling global elites. Hillary serves the GLOB agenda.

So, Hillary doesn’t matter. If the presidency was abolished, it would still be like a Hillary presidency since the GLOB would rule all the institutions. Hillary just aids and abets the GLOB. Hillary or no Hillary, GLOB already has it all.

Trump matters. His presidency(if he keeps to his word, which I sort of doubt, btw) would change the course of the American Ship.

Since Trump matters, 2016 election is really an All-Trump Show. The choices are Trump vs Anti-Trump. Trump matters because he disagrees with the GLOB.

Hillary doesn’t matter since her views and policies are totally aligned with the GLOB. She is just their maid. In contrast, Trump would be their master, something they fear.

(But Trump’s rhetoric could all be hogwash. His biography is hardly one that inspires trust and integrity.)


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