TradWorker Endorses Dr. David Duke for Senate

August 10, 2016

The Traditionalist Worker Party is proud to add Dr. David Duke to its roster of endorsed candidates. David Duke is a man who needs no introduction to nationalists. He’s achieved more in the service of our identity than any political actor alive today. In addition to actually winning elected office, he succeeded in promoting our agenda in elected office while remaining popular with his constituents. He’s an acclaimed author. His two books, My Awakening [Kindle] and Jewish Supremacism [Kindle], are invaluable keystone introductions to our struggle.

For decades, he remained outside of electoral politics, focusing primarily on the Jewish role in promoting globalism, multiculturalism, endless warfare, and financial exploitation of everyone. While he’s certainly a pro-white populist, he’s focused recently on the central role of the organized Jewish community–the Zionists–in not only our own struggle as White Americans but also in the struggle of all mankind throughout the globe, …regardless of race, religion, or political persuasion.

While the enemy will try to define him in their terms, with their predictable labels, his record speaks for itself. He doesn’t hate non-Whites. As a legislator, he worked for legislation that helped all of his constituents. His ideology isn’t supremacist. As a public intellectual, he’s worked with a diverse array of men and women the world over against the actual racial supremacists: the Zionists. In his senate campaign, and after he’s elected, David Duke will not only be a powerful advocate for White Americans, but for all American citizens against the lobbyists, globalists, and Zionist.

We encourage all of our members and supporters to visit Duke for Senate and sign up to volunteer today. The explosion of populist energy in this election cycle and Louisiana’s unique “jungle primary” format make his electoral success truly achievable, and we need all hands on deck to help push him over the line. This is a man who managed to win in the eighties, back when the Zionist media monopoly was monolithic. This is a man who managed to win in the eighties, back before decades of civil unrest, disastrous free trade, and perpetual war had fully discredited the globalist message.

This is a man who can win in the current year, but he needs our help. He needs your help. In order to translate our current momentum into lasting success, we need all hands on deck until election day.

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