The Orthodox Nationalist: The Truth Behind the ‘Tsarist Pogroms’

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us the latest edition of The Orthodox Nationalist, this week exposing the truth behind a subject that the Jews love to wail about, the so-called Tsarist pogroms in Russia at the beginning of the last century.

The story of the “Tsarist pogroms” is a familiar one. Stated in pious terms, the overpaid American history professor will intone that the “Russian Tsar” ordered his “Black Hundreds” to slaughter Jews for “no reason” in the cities of western Russia. Like all stories of this kind, it is not only false, but utterly nonsensical. The cities where these pogroms were supposed to have occurred were the most strategic in the empire: Kiev, Odessa, Starodub, Minsk and many others. These were at the heart of the old Russian empire economically speaking.

The truth of the matter is quite the opposite of the official history. The violence in western Russia at this time had several qualities in common: few Jews were killed; Jews were almost always the aggressors; and Jews were far better armed than the local police in these areas.

One of the more important reasons for the creation of this myth is to cover over the crimes of the liberal and leftist movements in Russia. Between 1905 and 1906, the Socialist Revolutionaries murdered 15 governors and mayors, 267 security officials and 12 bishops. That is only one single leftist party in just one year. All told, those killed and injured by leftist terror between 1905 and 1907 is more than 20,000 and the majority of the terrorists were Jews. The pogroms were a cover story for this violence.


Charles Edward Lincoln, III

What about Kishniev in Moldova? Not exactly a center of Empire, was it? I used to date a tall, true blonde, blue-eyed lady, some of whose similar looking ancestors were killed in the Kishniev Pogram because everyone in the village was targeted. Was the history of. Kishniev fabricated also. It was a majority Jewish settlement on.the Russian “Pale” or was the “Pale” also a myth? I find this resuscitation of the Tsars’ reputation, kind of strange…


Matt Johnson’s podcasts are terrific. I have listened to them for years and it’s great to have him back. I was in academia for a few years and he is spot on about their capitulation to the demands of the ruling clique for the rewards of tenure and social status.
I was lucky enough to assist a philosophy lecturer who understood the dangers of nominalism (‘the ontology of death’ as Matt called it) and was able to transmit a healthy scepticism to his students when teaching the post-modern ideas by emphasising their contextual emergence.
Highly recommend the essays of Matt Johnson too.This one regarding nominalism:
‘Nominalism, Psychology and the Underground Man.’
Along with E Michael Jones, another dissident academic. their works help us attain a spiritual and historical ground in this gulag of the West.
Many thanks and truly appreciated.

ps mike

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wotan237 .

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