Review of Imperium

Michael German quit working as an undercover agent for the FBI in 2004, …and it shows.

He’s since become a harsh critic of American intelligence work, especially of its “radicalization theory” which casts a wide net over all marginalized and dissident communities that the federal government is concerned about.

Neo-conservative think-tanks, private terrorism investigators, and cyber vigilantes that typically support the maintenance of interventionist Middle East policies and aggressive counterterrorism measures also stand to benefit from the government’s reliance on radicalization theory. These self-styled experts have the appearance of independent researchers, but often serve as echo-chambers for government theories of extremist organizations and behavior. As a defense attorney explained to The Nation, “[t]hey all work for the government or they work for government-funded agencies or government-contracted projects… [a]nd so when the government calls them, they are ready sources of government-approved information.”

When even the guy who’s writing the screenplays for anti-Nazi Hollywood films is promulgating antisemitic conspiracy theories that the Jews have hijacked and subverted our intelligence communities, there may be something to it. German’s a smart guy, and he seems to be a rare case of a member of the intelligence community whose first concern is simply and truly preventing political violence. There’s no room for that kind of thinking in our hyper-politicized and agenda-driven intelligence world, which is why he has the time to sit around and write compelling screenplays based on his real world experience in the “White Power” movement.

Obligatory Hollywood simplification, stylization, and vilification aside, German’s depiction of our scene in Imperium is remarkably well-researched, at least for the late nineties when he was active in it. He captures our basic factions and fissures with relative nuance. Surprisingly, even the skinheads are depicted as a proportionate reaction to non-White gang activity and violence. Hell, the militia types are depicted as more collected and intelligent than I give them credit for. Even the final villain plotting racist terror is an erudite and warm family man who bonds with Harry Potter over their shared affinity for classical music.

In a pattern reminiscent of American History X, the viewer is invited to largely sympathize with and understand the White Nationalist scene, only to be delivered an uncomfortably abrupt conclusion that it’s evil and violent. Our positions aren’t challenged or disproven. We’re never factually disproven, only morally discredited. The characters carry on about how the veterans are being mangled by wars caused by our Jewish Lobby, how our multinational corporations are controlled by the Jewish Lobby, and how even our ketchup bottles are taxed by a shadowy rabbinical racket. None of it’s false, it’s just evil to bring it up, I guess.

Imperium’s basic message is: The Jews cause all the wars in the world, control global finance, and are flooding America with tens of millions of sullen foreigners who will destroy our people and way of life, …but don’t get angry or blow anything up, because love is better than violence!

I also believe we shouldn’t go around blowing things up, though my reasons are decidedly pragmatic. A political faction must win the moral argument with a large subset of a population before any kind of revolutionary action can succeed, and we are still badly losing that moral argument (despite impressive gains in the last few years). Even when we’re at that point where a large subset of White Americans become sympathetic to our struggle, McVeigh-style offensive action to trigger an overreaction would likely backfire.

German’s fixation on “lone wolves” and conviction that we’re all “supremacist” is a reminder of how long he’s been dissociated from the movement. The lone wolf thing was always more of a bluff. Even ISIS, which is much more organizationally and logistically advanced, with vast populations of sympathetic folks both in the Middle East and in the Islamic diaspora, still relies heavily on organizational networks, supply line logistics, and group planning to achieve the bulk of its terrorist activity.

ISIS is quick to dive in and take credit every time a contractor bumps a gas line. What organization committed to violence wouldn’t covet the ability to anonymously blog and tweet and leave all of the hard work of funding, organizing, and executing action to its audience? Hell, even half the time it looks like it was a lone wolf strike, it’s because the organization managed to effectively cover its organizational and logistical tracks.

The notion that terrorists will manage to pop out of nowhere with little to no infrastructure and achieve mayhem all by their lonesome is a fascinating proposition that captures the imagination. It still captures German’s imagination all these years later, despite the fact that it’s been largely a phantom menace to the intelligence community. Even McVeigh, the poster child for it, had co-conspirators, belonging to and working within a broader community sympathetic to his agenda.

Sure, you will have your Dylann Roofs, and some of them like Anders Breivik can cause a frightening impact. But that’s certainly not limited to, or even disproportionate to White Advocacy. If anything, given our large and growing numbers relative to other dissident factions in America, we’re marked by our lack of violence. They want to be scared of us. They want to convince the general public that we’re a greater threat than Islam, gang violence, and Zika combined, but the facts simply don’t support German’s analysis, for all his talk of leaning on facts rather than speculation.

The fact that they’re still talking about McVeigh and Roof years later while the Dallas sniper is already a distant memory merely weeks after the fact is a window into the warped concerns and priorities of our elites and their intelligence community apparatchiks.

For decades, there’s been a fear that the (distinct) militia and pro-White dissident communities would merge into one fearsome right wing death squad. What’s actually happened, as any listener of Alex Jones will tell you, is that the White Nationalist scene has been drawing the militia types away from the conspiracy theories and guerrilla warfare fantasies toward a pragmatic and populist message which focuses more on advocating for White families than on chemtrails and FEMA camps.

It’s more effective to go up against the globalist power structure right here and now than to dwell on asinine conspiracy theories and maintain dusty gun stashes. By discarding the vulgar supremacy and shifting toward an approach which affirms self-defense without threatening innocents, we’re building our moral case. Years of the feds having the same predictable strategy and tactics have transformed our movement into one where even a man with unlimited backstop and a clean record declaring that he’s got access to explosives to “trigger the race war” would be stuck with the entire table’s Cracker Barrel bill, as everybody in attendance would scramble for the doors and windows.

Many of the film’s references will be lost on the altright kids, but old school White Nationalists will enjoy this film for its detailed research. Hal Turner, Harold Covington, and the National Alliance all have their cameos. Even Derek Vinyard makes a self-referential Hollywood Nazi appearance. The only major error in research and presentation that I caught was that the antifa didn’t get the living shit kicked out of them in the street confrontation.

As a message film, it falls short relative to American History X. While its antecedent concludes with a heartbreaking scene showing Derek’s beloved younger brother losing his life to “hate,” Imperium ends with the main purveyor of hate going to prison as a proud and slick champion of his betrayed ideals with his loyal wife giving the infiltrator a priceless look of disgust. The young skinhead we’ve been invited to sympathize with is now giving anti-racist presentations to elementary schools, perhaps as part of his plea bargain on his shoplifting conviction. Weak.



Winning the moral case is to lose it because it gives the authority of judgeship to those who don’t deserve it. Haven’t we already won the moral case just by being right?

Matt Parrott

Whether we like it or not, our victory depends in part on winning the hearts and minds of our wayward folk.

I believe this can be achieved without betraying our core principles.


“Victory” in modern democratic politicizing, maybe, where whomever holds the reins of the bureaucratic state is declared victor by equally state-centric historians.

The man who makes “under-the-table” profits and who has no non-desirables on his property…he’s won overnight, without bloodshed or even much struggle.

Yerg Gantor

Good review.

You would think the moral support of Hollywood and homosexualists (like Radcliffe) for the anti-White movement would make churches say “Hmm, maybe we need to not jettison our history to support something people who hate our God say is a good thing”. But it never does. Why?

Gubbler Chechenova

Why do we need this movie to know that US is ruled by supremacists?

Just look at AIPAC conferences. They are Nuremberg rallies for the Zionists.

Jewish Supremacism rules America. Or consider when Netanyahu gave a speech in Congress. It was like Heil Hitler for the Jewish Chieftain.

Gubbler Chechenova

Trump Train has a lot to do with Alt Right getting all this attention.

But the hole in the dam that started the deluge was one meme: Cuckservative.


It created the hole that made the whole Conservative Inc dam burst. Cucky-wucks tried to damage the hole with tapes and cement of ‘principles’, but it was phony baloney. What the term exposed was that American Conservatism became just a career path for spineless cuck gentiles serving Zionism and Wall Street.

The term didn’t just attack or insult but CAUGHT the cucks on their knees with Zionist penis in their mouth.

It did to Cuckservatives and Neocons what Monica Lewinsky’s dress did to Billy Boy Clinton.


J.j. Cintia

Moral victories are for women. You won’t burn leeches off with speeches or trying to guilt their non-existent conscience. Pacifism is nonsense. there is nothing peaceful about the enemy. Just because they’re too cowardly to attack us directly, their lies making others attack us is just as aggressive and lethal as directly attacking us.
They are afraid because eventually we will act. They can’t deal with a direct assault. Their reliance on mercenaries and drones shows just how weak they are already. They don’t have the troops. At some point the action of removing the parasite must happen. It should be obvious that co-existence with them is impossible.

Wilburn Sprayberry

I heard they’re showing Imperium as the warm-up act for Hillary’s “J’accuse!” speech on Thursday against Trump and the alt-right.
Wouldn’t be surprised if they show your confederate’s moment of glory at the Trump rally.

Glad you reviewed this thing, though. I will go see it now.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Okay, Hillary will dump on the Alt Right, and Alt Right will fire back. It will be No Holds Barred. Unlike cucks who feel they must prove that they are not ‘racist’ and etc. whenever they are attacked by Liberals, Alt Right won’t give an inch. It will not act defensive or apologetic.

It will stand its ground and push back.

Alt Right will tell Hillary that she is a shill of the globalist-supremacist Zionist imperialists who robbed us through Wall Street, drove US into wars that destroyed entire nations, and promoted anti-white PC all over college campuses. And speaking of hateful and divisive, what’s with Obama sticking his nose into Martin-Zimmerman case and other racially charged incidents? What’s with Hillary blessing BLM that caused so much violence and rot? Did Alt Right kill those police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge? Did Alt Right loot all those stores of innocent businessmen?

Did Alt Right kill all those people in Libya and Syria? Did Alt Right push policies that led to massive migration into EU and terror attacks? Did Alt Right cause the havoc in Ukraine? Is Alt right calling for new cold war with Russia? Did Alt Right spread hysteria by calling Putin a ‘new hitler’?

Did Alt Right start the ‘rape culture’ hysteria as in UVA case? Is Alt Right responsible for all the rapes? Or is it the blacks? Is Alt Right making all those violent rap music that are truly anti-women? Who makes money off rap? Blacks and Jews. Did Alt Right spread homomania as the new religion? Did Alt Right declare war on religion and moral freedom by forcing worship of homos all over and threatening to destroy any business that won’t bend over to ‘gay marriage’?

Did Alt Right come up with financial instruments that brought down the economy in 2008? Did Alt Right take millions of fees from Goldman Sachs? Did Alt Right ship all those American jobs to Mexico and China? Did Alt Right create panic on campus with trigger warnings and microaggressions? Did Alt Right kill those Palestinians in Gaza? Is Alt Right occupying West Bank? Did Alt Right create Isis and Al-Nusra terrorists by trying to take down secular and tolerant Assad? Did Alt Right kill 500,000 Iraqi children in the 90s with sanctions? Or was it Bill and Hillary at the behest of Zionists?

Speaking of exploitation of women, who controls porn and prostitution? Alt Right or the Jews? Who is using white women as sex meat for the Negroes? And what Bill Clinton and his buddies who use women as whores? And what of Chelsea’s husband who loses a ton of money but still has a secure place.

And who looted Russia in the 90s? The Alt Right or Jewish oligarchs with the aid of Larry Summers?

And if Libs like Hillary love blacks so much, why all the gentrification and section 8? Why did she refer to blacks as ‘super-predators’? And why did her husband lock up record numbers of blacks?

By the way, who controls the drug trade in the US? Alt Right or the Mexican drug cartel who exploit loose borders?

Who rioted and burned down cities in Ferguson and Baltimore? Alt Right or those ‘teens’ and ‘youths’?

Is it Alt Right or Big Pharma that got so many people addicted to drugs?

Hillary needs to know one thing. Whatever Alt Right may or may not be, it has had NO POWER in the US. It has no power in media, academia, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, etc. Alt Right had no role in all the ruin, damage, and destruction visited on the US and the world by Wall Street and Pentagon that peddle the arrogant, chauvinistic, supremacist notion of US as ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation is above international law and free to subvert, invade, and destroy other nations. Alt Right had ZERO ROLE in all the disasters(financial or military) that engulfed the world under Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. It was Obama’s actions that destroyed Libya and sent arms to alqaeda fighters in Syria. It was Obama and Hillary’s policies that aided the Neo-Nazis in the coup in Ukraine. Yes, Zionists and Neo-Nazis are allied in Ukraine against Russia, just like US and Alqaeda terrorists are allied in Syria against Assad. What role did Alt Right have in all the gang killings in black neighborhoods? What role did Alt Right have in the death of Ambassador Stevens and those Marines in Benghazi? No matter what the ideology, it isn’t responsible for anything without the power. Alt Right has had no power in government and institutions. Hillary and her ilk had all the power. Well, look at the mess they caused. Yet, Hillary can’t face up to what she did, so she wants to bitch and whine about Pepe the frog, the Kermit of Alt Right.

Alt Right has only the power of honesty, courage, and truth. It has the willingness to break PC taboos and say it like it is. Hillary will be reading a script written by others to push the same old Narrative. Alt Right people write their own scripts without looking over their shoulder for approval.

Alt Right may have no institutional power, but what they say challenges the Narrative.

Alt Right is David and Hillary & her masters are the Goliath. Alt Right has only slingshot and stone, but it stings because it speaks the truth and aims for globalist BS. In contrast, cuck tossed mere pebbles at Goliath and begged for mercy for a smaller piece of the pie.

Alt Right is the wasp with the sting… unlike cucks who are nothing but maggots feeding on shit.

Also, Alt Right is not partisan. It will not knee-jerkedly endorse anything put forth by GOP elites. It will criticize and attack Conservatism Inc as well as Liberalism Inc. Unlike Hillary supporters who’ve just surrendered to the Party Line, Alt Right are those who challenged the Establishment dogma of the GOP. So, which side has more integrity? Yes, there are the nutty types in Alt Right. There are the extremists. But when it comes to honest criticism, no one beats the Alt Right. Indeed, I do not exaggerate when I say Alt Right is the ONLY anti-PC political voice in the nation if not the entire world. It is the only truly independent voice that will challenge ALL TABOOS and refuse to cower and apologize to the commissars.

In contrast, the Establishment Media have fired and blacklisted even Liberals like Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas for challenging conventional wisdom.

And it is not Alt Right that is threatening, intimidating, and silencing college professors. It is the blacks, homo/tranny activists, and SJW freaks who are doing that. But then, it was the educational class who created this very climate by teaching nothing but PC to students. If Alt Right is so extreme whereas the Liberal Media are so rational and fair-minded, why is the Media so blatantly anti-Trump and pro-Hillary? And why were the media so silent about Obama’s extreme connections in 2008? And why didn’t the media condemn Obama’s sensationalization of racial tensions that led to even more riots and trouble?

And if all people matter, why did the media suppress the news about White Deaths in America? Why does Hollywood make movies like Imperium and new Birth of a Nation that stirs up hatred? Or Django Unchained?

Anyway, Hillary’s bitching is bound to set off a firestorm of Alt Right fury… but how much of it will be the Heil Hitler dumbass kind?

I wonder if Jews snuck in a whole bunch of 14/88 types into the Alt Right movement to give it bad rap. If 14/88 types respond most loudly as the voice of Alt Right, it’s not going to be good.

This is why Alt Right has to be wary of 14/88. The Globalists would love the Alt Right being associated with neo-Nazis. It’s like the new Hollywood movie Imperium that features the radical right as Nazis and KKK.

I suspect a good number of HItler-worshipers at other Alt Right sites are either morons or SPLC agents.

Alt Right needs house-cleaning one day. Fumigate and gas the 14/88 vermin out of the movement.

Have them go to Daily Stormer or other dumbass neo-nazi sites.


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