My Interview With Argentinian Nationalists

I have had the pleasure as the Chairman of the Traditionalist Worker Party to build friendships with nationalists from around the world. While we have focused much of our time on bringing unity between nationalists in America and Europe, I have also been blessed to build relationships with our comrades in Latin America. Below is the interview, both in English and Spanish, that will soon be posted on an Argentinian nationalist website. United, we will win.

How would you explain your party to people who didn’t have any knowledge about it until the Sacramento incident?

The Traditionalist Worker Party is the first European style nationalist movement in American history. For a long time the White Nationalist movement in America has had a lack of focus. Great leaders in our Cause died in the early 2000s and that has left a hole in our movement. The TWP is working to rectify this by providing a political avenue to success, a modern presentation of nationalist ideas, and a platform for unity between different nationalist organizations.

I personally have spent time with comrades in Greece from Golden Dawn, Germany with the NPD, the Czech Republic with the Czech Workers Party and other European nations. There is much that we in America can learn from our European brothers and sisters and nationalist movements around the world. The goal of the TWP is to implement a European style movement in an American context in order to organize and mobilize White working and middle class families to the Cause of nationalism.

The Traditionalist Worker Party is Social Nationalist, anti-Zionist, supportive of self determination and opposed to globalism. This fits us in with nationalists from around the world who are fighting the same bankers, oligarchs and corrupt elites. Same Enemy, Same Barricades.

TWP chapters are spreading across America, especially in White working class areas like Appalachia that have been hurt most by globalism and mass immigration. We are a growing political force, running our first Congressional candidate in Tennessee this year, and will be working towards a full slate of candidate for the 2018 elections.

On the wake of the Dallas terrorist attack, and now that some black power groups are demanding a black state, how do you think that the establishment may react?

The Establishment I think has no idea how to react. Many Black people in America are realizing the same thing that Whites have known for decades, multiculturalism doesn’t work. The multicultural American Empire hurts all people and strips self determination for every ethnic community. The only way to solve the race problem in America is to Balkanize into regions where each ethnicity can govern itself.

Our Party wholeheartedly supports Black Nationalists who want to be independent, govern themselves and have a nation for their people and culture. The Establishment however is having a hard time in responding to this. For years they have told Black people to assert themselves politically, and now that they are it is very difficult for the Establishment to shut down these movements that are gaining strength.

I see that your party is becoming a grassroots organization, how was that achieved on the first place?

All politics begins on the local level, the very essence of grassroots organizing. Being a part of the community is key to winning the hearts and minds of the people that live there.

Our Party is organized in a grassroots system. We have local chapters that are based in towns or cities where the local members meet weekly to do activism, charity work and outreach to their neighbors. These chapters are parts of regional chapters that meet together monthly and do big actions like demonstrations or protests together and then we have a Central Committee to organize the regions and get them the resources necessary for successful political activism.

This model gives local chapters a lot of control to make their messaging and outreach fit the culture and traditions of their local community. Our chapters in Appalachia are different in some respects than those in California, but we are all united in the same Party, under the same banner and fighting for the same Cause; the economic, social, political, and demographic wellbeing of our people.

As the saying goes “Charity begins at home” and that is doubly true for political organizing, that is why our Party is run as a grassroots movement; to be the best advocates possible for the people in the communities where our Party is active.

Where do you think that a White Ethnostate may rise, and how this may come to exist? How could it work, I mean goverment, economy, and society?

The creation of an ethnostate is the solution to the racial problems in America. White Nationalism in America must achieve a keystone element of any revolutionary movement: A clear and defined end goal. While we raise many different and serious topics such as immigration, trade, and morality; we are merely reactionary if we are not steadily moving toward a defined objective.

A response to nearly every single problem we have in our nation–from street crime to anti-White governmental policies, to attacks on our sovereignty and faith–can be answered in one simple phrase “If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.”

We must overcome our conservative instincts and sentimental ties which bind us to the regime in Washington. While this government may have at one point represented the noble ideals of our past generations, it now only poses an existential threat to our future generations. We didn’t leave America, America left us, and it’s time to initiate the cultural and social secession from this nation which necessarily precedes political secession.

There is no ability to reform the modern federal regime due to the fact that its institutions were grounded in being able to reject the will of the people in favor of the cronies of the elites and the will of the globalists. The Federal Reserve has stolen our wealth and inheritance. The judiciary redefines law based not on principles of justice or national interest, but on the whims of globalist activists.

If we are to liberate our people from the shackles of debt slavery, the corrupt chains of oppression, and our demographic displacement to instead build for ourselves and our children a better future, it is necessary that just as our ancestors severed ties with a government that did not give them proper representation, we now must sever ties with this illegitimate regime and build for our posterity a nation for us and by us, build from the ground up to put the best interests of our Faith, Family and Folk first. As previously stated, “If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.”

With this as our political objective, we must all work towards the creation of our ethnostate to secure a future for our people here on the North American continent.

The most likely place for an ethnostate would perhaps be in Greater Appalachia and the Midwest. An area ranging from Western Pennsylvania down to West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Southern Indiana and several other parts of the region. This area is the Whitest part of America and it also is the most economically depressed. This combination makes the White people in this area the most open to revolutionary politics and the fact that the Washington Establishment has left them behind for so many generations, many people here have no love for the federal regime in Washington D.C.

There is a great deal of diversity in the pro-White movement in regards to the “particulars” of what the future state will look like. We propose within the ethnostate a series of smaller federations that will be united for purposes of mutual defense, trade, currency and foreign policy but be allowed to govern specific regions according to the will of the people; as long as the regions have a pro-White and anti-globalist alignment.

This model is already being practiced in the Russian Federation. Within Russia, groups like the Chechens are able to abide by Islamic law and customs for their region of control while still being a part of the majority White Russian Orthodox nation. Federations of regions with specific local solutions to local problems but united as a federation to common defense and unified interest would be returning to the original view of the anti-Federalists found in the Articles of Confederation.

A federation of White States united as one bloc would allow us to not only unite to build the ethnostate, but allow a freedom of self governance for those who might want a National Socialist region, a traditional republic, a monarchy, or even a libertarian region.

These federations could also include a defined religious character, be multi-religious or nonreligious, depending on the belief system of the local population. As long as each member of the Federation is united as being part of the greater Homeland for Whites in America, we can have representative bodies and local governments to correspond with the will of the people.

The ethnostate is the only peaceful and long term solution for White Americans to have a safe and prosperous home for our people on this continent and thus its establishment must be the primary objective of our movement.

There is the issue of white people who live outside the North American continent that are overwhelmed by the non-white numbers, such as whites on Latin America, except Argentina and even here it may change soon, on Africa, and elsewhere?

Moving forward the European people I believe have to begin making choices. I believe all of Europe can be saved and rebuilt to be a safe Home for the European communities that live there. In North America with the creation of our ethnostate it will also be open to refugees from South Africa, former Rhodesia, and Latin America.

I believe Latin America should Balkanize just like America in order to give indigenous non-Europeans self determination and allow Whites in places like Brazil, Argentina and other nations the ability to govern themselves in their own ethnostates.

If this is found to not be feasible, the TWP fully supports accepting European refugees from any area that would want to be part of our ethnostate and help build up our new nation.

Is there a lot of infighting on the real life, white nationalist community or it is something that is restricted to the Internet.

The Internet and the anonymity it provides is a huge cause of infighting. When you meet and know fellow nationalists in real life, infighting usually doesn’t happen. Many people who never participate in political activism, an organization, or real world politics participate only on the internet where they can spend their time attacking nationalists they have minor disagreements with.

It must be understood that we need to take our movement into the real world and with this work to create a unified front of nationalists. We cannot allow infighting to plague our movement any longer, only by putting aside religious and class divisions can we hope to defeat our foes.

If the globalists win, all Whites will lose. We call upon every individual and organization to avoid infighting at all costs.

Our solidarity is our strength and our revenge upon our enemies will be the laughter of our children who will be living in a safe, free and prosperous White Homeland that we will build with our blood and sweat. Christian, Pagan and non-religious Whites will be welcome in our new Homeland and we will strive for an ethnic State, where all Whites who are dedicated to our people will build a new future together.

What advice would you give to whites who live as a minority, be it on Southern America, Africa, some places of Europe, and the USA?

Like a military will lose a battle when their forces are spread too thin, we must concentrate our numbers to make a stand. Europe can be retaken, but other areas where Whites are minorities I believe it is time to come together in areas where we have demographic and political strongholds and begin building this new nation in North America.

On the issue of the BLM, and black power movement, could you provide any insight on how both groups interact?
What is your party’s view on black separatism?

First of all it is important to note that we in the Traditionalist Worker Party acknowledge that there is no ability to turn back the demographic clock in the failed American multicultural experiment. As of the 2010 census there are over a hundred million non-Whites in America, with the majority of births belonging to non-Whites. Whites in America will be a minority very shortly in this nation even if the border is secured and all illegal immigrants are deported due to our birthrates and their high birth rates.

Repatriation or other programs to restore America to being a super-majority White nation at this point would be at best impractical if not impossible. Any plan to forcibly remove what will soon be the non-White majority of America would only end in bloodshed, further reducing the White population and with no guarantee of achieving the goals.

This breakdown of the empire could and would allow us to be at peace with the other racial communities here in North America. A return to segregation or an apartheid system would be impossible to implement and undesirable. As Nationalists, we want to care for our people and our families, not govern other peoples or dominate them.

Every ethnic community within the United States shall have the same rights as Whites in America to govern themselves, without interference from outside forces or other ethnic groups. The founding principles of nationalism is love for your Faith, Family and Folk; and we in the Traditionalist Worker Party believe in and live by this principle.

Some Black Americans have already begun to build for themselves a homeland with groups like the Nation of Islam buying thousands of acres of farmland to feed their people, establishing alternative media for their people, celebrating their culture, and gaining political and economic power in regions where Blacks are the majority.

Groups like Black Lives Matter are not Black Nationalists. They are funded useful idiots by internationalists like George Soros. BLM is anti-White, it isn’t actually pro-Black.

The TWP supports working with true Black Nationalists like the Nation of Islam that wants the same thing that we do, independence and self determination.

Does the Party expect that incidents like the one on Sacramento to happen again?

American politics is radicalizing and the center is no longer holding. The far-Left groups are becoming more militant as they see nationalism rising. This violence and political climate is very similar to European nations in the 1920s as the center-Left and center-Right lost control and the faith of the people, leaving only nationalists and the far-Left in the political arena.

Our Party is preparing for more public demonstrations and we are purchasing shields similar to those used by groups like Nordic Resistance to ensure the safety of our members, and the defeat of our enemies if they attack us.

More violence will happen in this Cause because the Left is doing all it can to stop our inevitable nationalist victory. We weren’t the ones who started the violence in Sacramento. But we did finish it. We’re not a violent movement, but we are prepared to defend ourselves, our supporters, and our folk.

With this fact our Party is rising to meet the challenge. We will control the streets, advance our movement and win a total victory over our opponents, no matter how many times or how viciously they attack us.


ps mike

Matt, I’ve been an admirer for a while, but I have been unable to find the “sweet spot(from a communication with Matt Parrott 8 months ago)” for my particular circumstances. I am a lifelong whte southern California resident married to a non white with a child. My awakening occurred with the banker bailouts of 2008. I now know that Obama has doubled our debt, using the fed to explicitly fund anti white causes. I think my favorite podcast occurred last night listening to Dr. Johnson. You see, I am thoroughly jew wise, and I know that this movement is as well. That was my attraction, as well as waking up to the war on whites with the Trayvon Martin case some four years after the banker bailouts.
Moving forward to a ground game, my head has literally exploded trying to figure out what the plan of action is in my region and for me and my family. I want to fight the jews and confiscate their assets, and I am fervent and willing to dedicate my life to that. As much as I like your movement, I’ve realized that I probably don’t fit into your plans. I will remain where I live and hold a job where hispanics are a majority. It seems unfair that you would be willing to throw me under the bus and cede my region to a hispanic ethnostate, leaving me entirely stateless with no rights to what I’ve worked for(I am 47). It seems you are more than happy to grant the establishment the fruits of their treason. I’ve had more traction in explaining the JQ to hispanics than to older middle class whites. I am also immune to Black Lives Matter because of hispanic insulation. I tend to see other whites marching with that nonsense and very few hispanics, other than a few Soros funded goons.
How do your socal chapters differ from Appalachia? Are they proposing secession from globalism without racial segregation? That would work for someone like me. If not, what would you prefer someone in my situation to do?

Matt Parrott

I wish he would stop “planning ahead” in naming specific regions where this-or-that is liable to play out. It just alienates and aggravates supporters in the regions he proposes handing over.

Nothing and everything is on the table at this point. There will likely be regions which are let go. Until we’re much further along than we are, we have no idea where those will be.

Your family comes first, and we wouldn’t want our project to come between you and your blended family. We’re both identitarian and traditionalist, and we understand that poses a problem for families without an identity group who are otherwise supportive.

I tried to think of some other cause which is fighting Zionism, globalism, and degeneracy but isn’t identitarian. There may be something out there, but my mind’s drawing a blank. You can either wait for something like that, help found something like that (we would be very supportive in assisting such an initiative), or just support TradWorker for now (you’re more than welcome) and we can constructively deal with the implied conflict of interest at some later date.

ps mike

Thanks for the support, Matt. I know finance quite well, and I’ve been thinking about using it to demonstrate just what “privilege” is for some time. I have many notes in my journal as well as a large cache of internet articles.

Matt Parrott

Just contact me through the contact form if you’d perhaps like to submit an article. Material about financial trickery from someone with an insider’s perspective would be great.

Everybody wants to write a grand historical “theory of everything” post about Jewish shenanigans, but what we need is fresh content about what specific Jews are up to right here and now.

We alsowould gladly help you spend some of your money you win at being a finance wizard. 😀

Andrea Ostrov Letania


On the “snitches get stitches” phenom.!

Speaking of this phenom in the black community(where those who tell the truth get jumped on or killed by thugs), don’t we have the same phenom in America as a whole?

PC is about ‘snitches get stitches’. PC doesn’t beat up people and leave them bruised or killed, but it destroys the careers of those who ‘snitch’ the truth. Take Jason Richwine and Rick Sanchez, now famous cases. Richwine noticed the data and snitched that many immigrants have lower IQ. Rick Sanchez, though an ass, noticed that Jews are prominent in the media and make a dubious ‘victim group’ in today’s America.

For their snitching of social truths, they got stitches alright. Richwine was hounded out of his job by the atrocious Jennifer Rubin(an admirer or Rachel Abrams who calls Palestinian children ‘savages’ and worse), and Sanchez was pretty much blacklisted from MSM for life. It’s just a genteel form of “snitches get stitches”. And James Watson got SGS-ed for saying the obvious: Black Africa remains poor and backward due to lower IQ and impulse control. He noticed the truth and snitched on it. He ended up with lots of stitches as he was hounded out of the very institution he founded.


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