Meet Evan McMullin: Radical Global Elitist

Evan McMullin is the best possible “conservative” candidate to take on Donald Trump. He’s a CIA operative. He’s a United Nations apparatchik. He’s a Council of Foreign Relations insider. He’s even a Goldman Sachs investment banker! He’s a classic White Savior in archetypal form, having spoken to TED conferences about the necessity of United States military involvement in nation-building. He’s not your run-of-the-mill Republican who lacks the courage to hold the line against the refugee invasion of Europe, he’s a key leader in the campaign to flood America with them!

More than any other candidate, even Hillary, McMullin poses an existential threat to the American way of life. His platform calls for cutting government assistance, services, and infrastructure investments in Middle America even more, while raising taxes to aggressively champion his neocon foreign policy objectives under the banner of humanitarian heroism. His mind is aswim with WWII metaphors, demanding “Never Again!” to Save Darfur, imagining Assad’s defense of his regime against ISIS as tantamount to Hitler. He’s still carrying on as if the Serbians were guilty of genocide well after it’s become objectively clear that his neocons were on the wrong side of that conflict.

Unsurprisingly, he’s a Mormon. While there are some traditionalist LDS folks who have my respect, the leadership of Mormonism have adopted an absurd parody of Kony 2012 evangelical globalism while retaining much of Cleon Skousen’s radical libertarian agenda which has animated their leadership for decades. The Mormon Church as become the most potent organization championing the screwing over of white working folks domestically and globally. Evan McMullin makes Mitt Romney look like a populist champion of Americana by contrast.

Unlike the garden variety graft-n-go machine politician Hillary Clinton, Evan McMullin actually believes his work for Goldman Sachs is virtuous. Instead of merely trying to line his pockets with speaking fees and funnel money from shell corporations, he’s a delusional jackass on a quest. He earnestly believes, with the gullible vigor of an Eagle Scout preparing for his mission trip to help the benighted and helpless wretches Elbonia, that we can achieve peace and harmony in the world by trusting NATO’s sinister web of Jewish-dominated QUANGOs with even more of our money, even more open borders, and even more military “interventions.”

This is the kind of guy who cheered Hillary’s toppling of the wickedly Hitlerian Qaddafi, only to blink and wring his hands in disappointment when Libya went from a stable and prosperous partner in the global war on terror into a hotbed of radicalism, guerrilla warfare, and economic mayhem. You can’t convince him that geopolitics is more complicated than merely getting rid of all the Hitlers because Holocaustianity is his religion. Mormonism has been perverted into an avatar of anti-White, anti-American, and anti-Traditional globalism, made all the more lethal by its glaring implicit Whiteness.

Heimbach and I still catch grief for our supposedly irresponsible “Death to America” speech a couple years back, but Evan McMullin demonstrates more than ever the necessity of the message we delivered. The champions of White Americans must be prepared to abandon veneration of the constitution. They must be prepared to abandon veneration of capitalism as an economic reductionist ideology. They must be prepared to turn their backs on most of what’s implicitly White because the approaching enemy will appeal to all of these things in order to ensure our destruction.

I doubt Evan McMullin will gain much traction in this particular election. He’s arriving too late, he’s lacking in charisma, and Donald Trump has already captured the hearts and minds of the American people. But Evan McMullin represents the future of the globalist effort to subvert American conservatives away from faith, family, and folk. Regardless of what happens in the general election, the struggle for a political voice for White American families is a generational one which transcends any one man or election cycle.

Fighting Evan McMullin isn’t just about shilling for Trump. Fighting Evan McMullin isn’t just about highlighting his ignominious record as a monstrous shill for the global financiers. Fighting Evan McMullin is a golden opportunity to cut our collective teeth on the next generation of anti-White politics in America. We’ll prepare ourselves to effectively battle what’s going to come next. We’ll ensure that we’re not only on the bleeding edge of politics, but ahead of the game and around the corner that most can’t yet see.

Mainstream Republicans, workaday Donald Trump supporters, the AltRight, and hardcore nationalists would all be well served by uniting behind a focused opportunity to make a pink mist of this despicable deep state operative, making an example of him for generations to come, ensuring that not a single plant can grow within a wide radius of the gravesite of this man’s doomed campaign. He’s already planning to lose, but it’s our job to ensure that his loss makes Jeb’s and Cruz’s look like a gentlemanly forfeiture.



Another #NeverTrump suicide run, I’m surprised they actually found someone willing to do that, given that David French backed out.

ps mike

WN loses on the battlefield. The war will unfold somewhat like the communist revolution in 1917. It will be a hybrid class/racial struggle. It will be the old against the young. It will be those outside of ZOG vs. those inside. It will be black vs white, hispanic vs black, white vs everyone else. I see trouble brewing, and I feel zero loyalty vs the traitors in my own race. I’ll take anyone willing to destroy the system as my allies.

ps mike

Occidental Observer finally puts into words my feelings about the elite whites we need to overthrow.

We need more young foot soldiers. It’s hard to fight the elites when you are lining up against other young foot soldiers on the streets. The left is the only vehicle for social revolution. I live in southern California, in an area over 50% hispanic. Do you really think the old country club whites want to change the system? Fight the war that exists on the ground, not the ideological war.

Matt Parrott

Given our recent performance in California, I honestly don’t know what more we can do to confirm that we’re committed to winning this fight in the streets.

ps mike

I ‘ve watched and loved that fight 100 or more times, including today, and I still fankly wish I’d been there, but I don’t want us to fight them. I want us to fight Goldman Sachs and the financial sector. Both the left and the right agree that our economic system is a fraud. Everyone “should” at least find common cause in that. Present the big picture, the big satan, and that lies in finance. You don’t need to call it capitalism or socialism and play that political game. Make it simple. Workers vs. the parasites. All young people share the burden of the debt hoisted upon us by the previous generations. There are just so many more angles than race. Our own white race gave us our current economic system. Sure, many were and still are ignorant. But if the world financial system is enemy number 1, why cast aside so many young potential foot soldiers who probably agree that the system is rigged?


You live in the future Nuevo Atzlan.
And you will be the anglo bitch to your new mestizo overlords, until your new overlords arrive by invasion fleet from the PRC. If you want to fight for the White cause, move east or north. If you stop in Utah, you can fight for the LDS of Deseret. Go at little further, you will either be in the contested Midwest or South. Or go north to join Covington in the Pacific NW, also soon to be under Chinese control. Either way, Whites in California are doomed, and need to gtf out.

ps mike

LOL. Idiot. Why weren’t you there to stop California from becoming doomed. You didn’t. Yet you want me to rely on you for security, for my future? You are a bitch keyboard warrior.

ps mike

My mestizo overlords arrived a long time ago. I have yet to see and will never see BLM protest in my neck of the woods, no thanks to you.

J.j. Cintia

This clown will only draw the same cucks that weren’t voting Trump anyway. It just shows how desperate the system has become. This is a paper tiger we got here. If those rumors of UN bluehelmets is true, they are losing already. Those bluehelmets will bring thousands of vets, soldiers and cops to our side and not even fight like usual.


The fact that the Death to America idea is even slightly controversial and was greeted other than with thunderous enthusiasm shows there is a lot of confusion out there.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Immigration is seen by both Libs and Cons as the best way to control blacks.

Paradoxically, Diversity via Immigration is the Wall against blacks for the affluent class.

Blacks will rob browns, yellows, dotkins, and Muslims than the urban yuppies.

Trump’s proposed Wall threatens the Brown/Yellow Wall against blacks.

After all, open borders creates new defacto borders made up of human walls. White Lib yuppies value the brown wall against the black mayhem.

It’s like if you break the dam and let the water flow freely, the newly created rivers serve as new barriers and moats.

Suppose there is an open valley that blacks often pass to beat up whites on the other side of the valley.

Suppose the dam is busted and brown water is allowed to flow and flood the valley. Open borders, right?

Yes, but the effect will be to flood the valley, and blacks will drown in the brown river before reaching the other side of the valley to rob whites. So, open flow leads to formidable barrier.

Jews esp see Diversity as a series of canals to irrigate in order to block the pathways of those with pitchforks.

Open Borders means more gentile diversity and each gentile stream can be used to block the paths of other gentiles.

Also, in a flooded world, only those who can afford boats get to navigate and remain dry. Like Noah.

The new great flood is Third World Humanity. Jews got the ark of elite privilege to dry and afloat amidst the flood.




Romney wants Trump to lose. In Utah people do what the Mormon Church says. The big question is what this guy gets from Hillary for performing this service for her. G-d will punish Utah. I am thinking a major earthquake which will move SLC into the Great Salt Lake. It should be interesting to watch.

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