Lawfare in Louisville: Heimbach Against the “Social Justice” System

It’s easy to forget how many fronts there are in this struggle. To win, we must win in the street. We must win in the realm of social media. We must win in our private lives. We must win in the institutional political arena. We must win in the geopolitical context. We must also win in the legal system. Our enemies are arrayed against us in full spectrum warfare and we must fight to win on every front.

We’ve been remarkably successful despite our logistical Achille’s Heel: the fact that we’re pretty much broke. We car pool, couch surf, cut corners, and live frugally to make this all work. Through intensive networking, relying heavily on allies, and leveraging the deep pool of talent and effort that our members and supporters bring to bear, we’ve achieved a five star operation on a Dollar Menu budget. And we’re just getting started. TradWorker is the Ron Popeil of anti-globalist action: But wait, …there’s more!

But we’ve unfortunately found ourselves in a situation that actually requires real money. Nearly six months ago, Heimbach attended a Donald Trump rally in Louisville and joined the rest of the crowd in expelling the violent “Black Lives Matter” protesters who had knocked over several elderly people and attempted to incite a riot from the venue. While they claim that Heimbach “assaulted” multiple people in their civil lawsuit, most of them White, they allege that he targeted the Black protester he helped the crowd eject from the venue for the color of her skin.

It’s all bullshit, but that’s beside the point. It’s lawfare. Their goal is to pretend that his alleged removal of the trespasser was “assault,” then enhance that conviction any way they can. They know that our legal system is biased against nationalists and that merely getting him entangled in it is half the battle, regardless of the merit of their case.

The Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas is already on the case, and has already uncovered the systemic bias we’re up against.

On July 23, 2016, the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., demanded from the Louisville Metro Police Department records concerning the criminal charge. On July 27, 2016, the police department’s incident/investigation report—which was redacted in part—was provided to FMI.

Noteworthy about the report is that it alleges that Heimbach was motivated by “anti-black” bias during a “political rally” on behalf of a “hate group”: “Traditionalist Worker.” Nowhere is it stated how the police determine what constitutes a “hate group” or who or which organization informed the police that said organization is a “hate group.”

Already, our FEC registered political party is being characterized as a “hate group” under the nonsensical fiction that the SPLC’s arbitrary determination is some sort of legitimate and relevant legal classification.

Noteworthy about FMI’s demand for records is that FMI requested in pertinent part “Any and all correspondence received from or sent to any person or organization concerning the incident or Mr. Heimbach[.]” The police department objected to this request on the basis that the release of such correspondence “could result in prejudice to the potential witnesses and has the potential to adversely color witness recollection of the events.”

Being that the criminal charges were filed almost five entire months after the incident and since the police did not deny the existence of correspondence involving third-parties but instead refused to provide it, it is entirely possible—if not likely—that leftists contacted the police and/or prosecutor to encourage them to prosecute Heimbach for politically vindictive reasons.

These folks are clumsy, their case is flimsy, and we will most certainly win this as long as we have the resources to put up a coherent legal defense.What most likely happened is that big money from one of the major lawfare groups, perhaps the SPLC, arrived late. So now they’re trying to trudge forward as best they can with a really sloppy and transparently biased case. Even their most “innovative” (read: unconstitutional) legal strategies are going to make it difficult to make lemonade out of this lemon of a non-case they’ve got to work with.

That’s where you come in. If you can help us fight this case, you can help us get back to what we’re good at…fighting globalism, degeneracy, and anti-white policies. Your generous check or anonymous money order will go directly to mounting an effective legal defense of our chairman. Whatever you can offer will make a difference. We’ve saved up some of our own money, but it’s simply not enough. In the unlikely event that we receive more than the attorney requires, the additional funds will be invested in TradWorker’s ambitious activist schedule. Be sure to print “Legal Defense” on the memorandum line.

Legal Defense

Matthew Heimbach

P.O. Box 606

Benson, NC 27504


Andrea Ostrov Letania

What a historical irony.

In the first third of the 20th century, Jews were making great strides in US, UK, Germany, and Russia.

But US was dominated by Wasps well into the 70s.

Brits didn’t fall into Jewish hands until the fall of empire and British finance as the last horse standing with the loss of manufacturing and all else.

Germany turned increasingly anti-Jewish after WWI. Then Nazis came to power.

Jews came to great power in Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution. Even after Stalin’s purges, there were many important Jews in the Soviet Union.

Also, many US Jews were radicals and sympathized with communism. It wasn’t only ideological but ethnic.

Jewish panic about McCarthyism wasn’t primarily intellectual, constitutional, or about civil liberties. After all, most Jews hardly made a peep about FDR’s decision to round up over 100,000 ‘Japs’ into internment camps.

Many Jews still saw the USSR as the main center of Jewish power. Even though they increasingly became distrustful of Stalin, it was the USSR that defeated Nazi Germany.

Also, Jews felt that FDR didn’t do enough and fast enough to deal with the Nazis. FDR dragged his feat and US forces landed in Normandy only in 1944.

And Soviets were the early backers of the Zionist project. US, being allied with UK that held Palestine, wasn’t sure what to do. It was Truman who made the fateful decision later.

So, Jews saw anti-communism as either masked ‘antisemitism’, an attack on Jewish power in the USSR and Jewish influence around the world. And recall that soon after WWII, Stalin placed Jewish communists in charge of many Eastern European nations. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, and etc had Jewish rulers. What seemed like communist tyranny to HUAC anti-communists seemed like Jewish Rule for many American Jews.

Back in those days, American Jews could see that Jews had real power under Stalin. Jews could see that Stalin trusted Jewish communists enough to put them in charge in Eastern European nations.

While Jews amassed great power in the US as well, they weren’t sure they could replace Wasps as top dogs. Wasps seemed too talented, too well-organized. In contrast, Russians were slow, lazy, and dumb. Jews felt that after Stalin the crafty Georgian died, Jews could come out on top over the dumb lazy boorish potato-munching Russians.

But things didn’t turn out that way. To be sure, Jews had a chance at total-takeover of Russia in the 90s, and they came so close. But they fell into the parasitic paradox. The parasite loves to suck on the blood of the host. That’s what it does. And it grows fat from the blood. Stronger the parasite becomes, weaker the host becomes. But as the host dies, so does the parasite. Jews sucked on Russia so much in the 90s that it grew anemic(like Tsar Nico’s son) and keeled over. Jews panicked over the dying host, and Putin stepped in to do things his way. Since then, Russia has been a moderate nationalist nation. But Jews don’t see it that way. They feel that Putin took from them what is rightfully theirs. Putin the nationalist pimp took back the Russian bitchass ho from the globalist Jewish pimps. Jews feel that they should own the souls and bodies of gentiles. It’s like Jews tell white guys that they don’t deserve to own white women. Instead, white women should come under Jewish Hollywood influence and go for jungalo fever and use white wombs to produce mulatto obama babies for black men.

This is Junglobalism. Jews tell European men to turn into cucks and tell European women to have babies with Muslim and African men. So, white men don’t have special claim on white women, and white race has no special claim on white lands. Without white race-ism and white nationalism, Jews can exploit and manipulate white folks any way they choose. Of course, we are talking of bad Jews like Soros and Ruth Baird Ginsburg. There are some good Jews.

Meanwhile, Jews gained total power in the US. They got so much power in Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, law firms, the courts, in Congress(all whores of AIPAC), military-industrial complex, espionage and intelligence, academia, media, and etc. Even though there are many powerful and rich Jews in Russia, they don’t occupy the top position. They don’t have the power to force ‘gay crap’ on Russia and make Russians feel endless historical guilt for past sins.

So, now Jews, the very people who feared McCarthyism most and mocked US militarism in films like FAIL SAFE, DOCTOR STRANGELOVE, SEVEN GAYS IN MAY, and etc. — BRIDGE OF SPIES, even as it shows Russia in a negative light, sympathizes with the Russian spy over the American prosecutors — are now in ultra-McCarthowicz mode and being more over-the-top and shrill about how Putin is new hitler and Russia is a bigger threat now than during the Cold War when it occupied all of Eastern Europe and was spreading communist revolution all over.

And Trump who calls for peace and cooperation with Russia is made out to be worse than Rosenbergs who actually gave Stalin the bomb secrets.

The New Cold War should just be called The Cold SchWARz.


Gubbler Chechenova

Trump: Build a Wall. Secure what is real.

Hillary: Bust the Dam. Welcome the fantasy.

One must admit reality is always darker than fantasy. In our pop-culture-saturated world, it’s no wonder that so many people prefer Hillary’s feely-good invade-the-world/invite-the-world globailsm.

The Alt Right must be in it for the long haul. Because of its youth, there is a sense of impatience and too much excitement about Trump.

But Alt Right must think in terms of centuries. It must think of the world when current Alt Rightists are in their 70s and 80s. The question is, “what kind of children and grandchildren will they have by then?”

And “Will the Alt Rightists have passed down their vision and values to their descendants who will carry on as torch-bearers?”

And to go in it for the long haul, Pepe the Frog isn’t gonna do it when the other side has real mytho-icons like MLK and Mandela. And surely, Obama will be turned into Reagan of Liberalism by the Democrats in yrs to come and media and academia will play along.

Fratboy culture ends in college. Because the current mainstream culture is so trashy, stupid, and infantile, the Alt Right can own the style of sobriety, intelligence, passion(real passion than hysteria), depth, and insight. And honesty. Alt Right has much to build, but it can build on firmer ground because it is more honest about the facts of reality: race, history, biology, morality.

One advantage the Alt Right has over Neocons and other such rot is they are more grounded in the essentials rules and values of a people, culture, and land. But Alt Right must weed out the deranged, decrepit, delusional, and demented. Especially the 14/88 lunatics who might as well be working for the SPLC. It’d like the Alt-Left aligning themselves with Stalinists and Maoists.

14/88 is just as crazy as the Neocons. They have no sense of history and reality. They go through life with blinders on. You know the type that insist Hitler was a hero or holocaust never happened. They are either vile or nuts or stupid.

Also, Alt Right should be speculative but be wary of far-out conspiracy-theorizing of the kind peddled by Alex Jones. It’s too bad Paul Craig Roberts goes for too many of these nutty theories.

Anyway, even if Trump loses, neocons don’t have much of a future. For one thing, Zionists don’t need the GOP when the Democrats are their whores too. Neocons were always working both sides of the aisle.

But even if neocons were to all come back to the GOP, most White Conservative voters no longer care about Wars for Israel. And they no longer care about ‘free trade’ when it only fattens Wall Street and Silicon Valley that are all Democratic anyway or at least socially liberal(and may support GOP only for lower taxes). Even if neocons say, “GOP lost because of Trump”, they will offer nothing since the GOP lost with neocucks McCain and Romney. Neocons cannot even convince the GOP base. How are they gonna convince the Dem base?

I really think the GOP is cooked. Sure, it can come back and win. How? Just become the other Democratic party. But then, it won’t be conservative anymore. Still, it is amazing how the Democratic, once a southern party, is now the northern party, and how the GOP, once a northern party, is now a southern party. So, switcheroos have happened all the time in US politics.

Anyway, suppose US becomes a one-party Democratic Party. There will be advantages to this. The Liberal Coalition will begin to crack up. indeed, we already saw this happen this year with Muslims in Orlando, BLM attacking white libs in colleges, feminists bitching about misogynist pop culture(ruled by liberals), and etc. The only thing that holds these groups together is hatred for the White Party. But if the White Party folds, there will be less unity among the various groups. Each group will demand, “where is my pie?” . And in this, white people should side with ANYONE against Jews and white Liberal urban elites.

In any struggle, one must focus on the Main Enemy above all. It is the Jew.

Bringing down the Jew is like cutting the head of a chicken. The chicken body will flap around but won’t know what to do and die.

And then, there lies the road to power.

Chop off the chicken’s head.

We need to understand one thing about human nature. People tend to lose what is most essential and meaningful when they are most happy or most unhappy. Happiness makes one favor the pleasures-of-the-moment over the big picture. Much of Pop Culture is like soma or opium. It fills people, esp the young, with fantasies of bliss, pleasure, thrill, and joy. It makes them forget about reality, time, history, and morality. It’s like people high on drugs will not listen to reason. They are having too much fun.

But people also lose a sense of what is essential when they are most happy. Falling into funk and depression, they become lost in their morbid pain and find no meaning or purpose in life.

Much of truth is not about gaining some super-knowledge but regaining what we have lost. Its like the final speech in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. The dream of having lost something that our forefathers had.

Or consider Arthur in EXCALIBUR who loses the meaning of life because he becomes so distraught over personal angst about his wife and best friend Lancelot who betrayed him. He is a king, and there is a kingdom to rule. He still has stuff to do. People depend on him. But he becomes so lost in his unhappiness that he sees no meaning in anything. The Grail is often right in front of our eyes but we don’t see it because we think it is in some special place. Alt Right must rediscover and regain what was lost by their fathers and grandfathers. In the postwar boom, white people took things for granted, grew apathetic, lazy, hedonistic. They lost their way. They became like the hare that takes a nap while the tortoise passes it by. Alt Right is a kind of paradox. It pays respect and tribute to forebears but also must sit in judgment of them who squandered the Western heritage with their excessive Liberalism, decadence, dead conservatism, neo-imperialism, and materialism.



Trump: Build a Wall. Secure what is real.

Hillary: Fix the dam; welcome the new reality.

TradYouth: Our Heavenly Father; Heidegger; Schmitt; Faye; Dugin; Yockey; Chesterton; any or all other clearly incompatible ideas that always, but always must be ideas, not simple nationalism, so something distinct from what is real and present, secure and a wall.

Things are bad, real bad, when a mainstream media regurgitator like Trump or even Hillary runs on better regurgitated ideas than leaders (Parrott’s word) of White Nationalism.


You JIDF trolls are getting desperate .. sucks when the goyim become jew wise … Your bags packed? Ready to be expelled? Sucks to be a Jew.
P.S. I thought you all had IQ’s north of 6 gazillion,
… wait, wrong magic Hebrew mythic number.
Anyway Matt, the check is in the mail.


A WN would expel the Jews, at the very least (I’m in Europe so all I can say is I hope you Americans keep your freedom of speech cuz Alex Linder is right, and Jared Taylor is a traitor). Meanwhile, Heidegger preferred em for mistresses and students; Dugin loves em – loves all non-Whites, above Whites; Faye says they don’t exist to him, they’re a non-problem, etc. How easy is it to take a side, here?

This rest is over your head, WP. And often that speaks well to a person, so don’t take offence. It’s aimed here at the low-testosterone, high-voiced, ideas over biology, most easily indoctrinated section of the new WN that has somehow taken over the whole scene. I want these kids to adopt better ideas, better philosophers, since it’s known they can’t just think think for themselves.

The ideological basis of almost all the ideas Heimbach and Parrott were suckled on, in place of mere nationalism, originate with Jews. We can know this even when the source personalities are vague because they ultimately protect Jewish identity, whilst failing to protect ours

This is true of the European New Right, the Paleoconservatives, left vs right dronism, the Altright, the New Reactionaries, Traditionalism, even Orthodox Christianity.

Why then, should non-nationalist ideas as such, ‘metapolitics’ to the cult-members, be deemed necessary when they are known to be 1) a preferred vector of subversion, in our enemies eyes? 2) known to be divisive among Whites and only Whites? and 3) known to be a secondary consideration, anyway, as everyone agrees (except a few religious cranks like Parrott)?

See for example any appearance by Spencer or Johnson on a non-WN radio show, eg. on RBN, where they never insist first of all on a thorough understanding of Aristotle, patristics, Hegel, Heidegger and Sartre, but jump immediately to perfectly modern, liberal, leftist and easily accepted ideas about White people deserving their equal rights and place under the sun. This is what brings essentially ALL Whites into our camp. So why, after bringing them in, do they send the brightest and most committed down this endless series of dead-ends and rabbit-holes, and make that exercise ‘White Nationalism’? I wonder!

See how easily Duke and Trump (and Spencer and Johnson) speaking to a non-explicitly-nationalist audience win the support of people and the conflict over ideas when they propose mere nationalism. In contrast, see how hated Trump, Spencer and Johnson are, especially among the most fervent nationalists, insofar as they deviate from that focus, and insist on ideas over people. Duke pretty much sticks to nationalism, cuz he’s a pro.

It didn’t happen by accident that the new, ‘metapolitical’ White Nationalism of Spencer and Johnson has the shape and colour it has. It was designed that way to fuck up the way it does fuck up.


I reviewed your disqus history. Giving you the benefit of the doubt in the light of day, and assuming you are not a JIDF faux Nazi, it appears from your past comments that you are a Brit. I would recommend you get to work taking back the streets of London and protecting your women from muslim rape gangs. We’re perfectly OK without you to lecturing us of this side of the pond on your “big” thoughts.
Cheers, God Save the Queen, and all that, etc., etc.


Anti-European, otherwise a non-response.

Insofar as you deserve the benefit of the doubt, if will gradually or else suddenly dawn on you that loyalty to the ideas over biology crowd has led you to successively label a more focusedly pro-White position Jewish, then to resort to inciting division among pro-Whites, in defense of your ideas over biology faction. You will come around.

And then, you may start to wonder about the likelihood of contemporary American White Nationalism, suddenly and mysteriously being taken over by ideas over biology personalities who all sound like either Kermit or Miss Piggy, and whose ideas all, quite clearly, derive from anti-White sources.

You will come around. Again, insofar as you are genuine.


Anti-European, perhaps, but why would a self-respecting Englishman call himself a “European”? Is that word synonymous with “Continental” or “white” (please choose) in your world view.

Anyway, I researched the internet for more information about you and am posting it here for others to review. There may be people who want to know more about your thoughts and ideas. Hope you don’t mind.

From the MemHole website (not yours)

fellist says:
January 22, 2016 at 1:39 PM
fellist is me, Nick Dean. WordPress knew me first as fellist and reverts after first comment.

Your website:
Are there any particular posts that you would recommend?

Another item, I would like to retract the earlier accusation of JIDF trollery and judeophilia … considering your exchange with Patrick Murphy (patrickchatsamiably at, it is clear that you are at least unsympathetic to the Zionist cause.

Couple of other points that I ignored earlier, but now need to comment on following my reading your exchange with Mr. Parrot.

First. I would recommend you reconsider internet insults. Mr. Parrott is of the same stock that I am. You would know us as Ulster-Scots and we are likely respond to personal insults the same way our ancestors did to Cornwallis and Ferguson. As southern American white men, we will keep our guns and our Bibles, in order to protect our freedom of speech.

Second, maybe you are right that blood trumps ideas (no pun intended), but we each fight in our own way. Mr. Parrot and Mr. Heimbach have achieved significant success with their methods and means … I am sure that they are open to any suggestions, although you need to understand, what may work in Britain, probably won’t work in here.

Third, how would you define “white”, and by what measure would you include or exclude individuals. In America we once had a paper bag test and the one drop rule. Is this what you suggest? Or would the determination be made using new laws similar to the National Socialist era German or Apartheid era South African race laws? What would you propose for a future WN state?
Again, but with less sarcasm,


I’m unsure of your implication, and won’t bother to check your links. I know where I stand. I am always pro-White, always anti-semitic, always pro-truth.

If you have a problem with me or with those positions, state it.

Re-read this thread and the arguments I engage in. Am I not always the most pro-White, antisemitic, normal fella?


For the attention of Parrott and Heimbach,

please observe how a position of favouring ideas over people, invites ideas contrary in effect to the benefit of your people:

“how would you define ‘white’ … a paper bag test and the one drop rule … laws similar to the National Socialist era German or Apartheid era South African race laws …”

Matt Parrott

My public work, my speeches, my articles, and my off-hand commentary are pretty aggressively and consistently pro-white.

Radical Traditionalism is the basis and foundation for my worldview, one which propels me to fight pretty darn hard for my people. Encouraging people to turn away from the liberal modern and toward the perennial and traditional isn’t an anti-white rabbit hole. It’s a valuable and necessary step toward truly and completely repairing our people, turning them into the sort of people capable of defeating the Jews.

“The mantra” and other pro-white angles rooted in a liberal modern worldview aren’t attacked here and won’t be attacked here. Getting people with a liberal modern metapolitical foundation to be pro-white and jew-wise is valuable work. We don’t obstruct, denigrate, or demote that.

But there’s more to this struggle than convincing people of the problem. Getting men who are willing to face certain death, getting women who are willing to have a burdensome number of children, getting people willing to invest their lives in their communities and nations rather than themselves, requires more than the mantra makes possible.

It requires a stark metapolitical reorientation.


MP, you aren’t a traditionalist in the soft sense: you have at least twice switched your relgion and ‘worldview’; you aren’t a Traditionalist in the hard, capitalized sense, even though you do adopt that posture, since you think your religion is the one true religion.

You had personal weaknesses that led to you needing ideological mentors, labels, and schools, and you were given these terms. It is evidence of the crafting by others of your mindset that you are not what you say you are. Just as conservatives never conserve anything, and the Labour party of the UK actively attacks the interests of the working man.


It is merely a question of fighting hard. You should fight smart. That means focus, that means periodic re-assessment, that means knowing your fight


Whites can live as Whites would like if they have the leaders they already want: pro-White leaders.

You do not need to fight against abstractions and ideas that exist only in your mind: liberalism, modernity, ungodliness, white-suicidalism.

You were given these ideas not by White Nationalists but by Jews.


Like the truth of the ideas you operate by does not actually matter? It’s the real-world effect?

I’ll see you sometime in person.

Matt Parrott


I would rather have my ass beat in person than read you droning on about strategy like you know what you’re talking about.


I’m sure you would like your ass beat; regardless of your obligation to have a reasonable discussion about strategy.

If any of my comments about strategy were off-base or unhelpful, I also invite correction.


Hold on, was it three hours you recently spent defending your Imaginary and Jewish Heavenly Father at MR, a site no-one visits, while you refuse on principle to engage in a single discussion about White Nationalism at your own WN site? How come?


If you’re sweeping up errors made by commenters, notice how you come first to the one who disagrees with you about your mere ideas, while you overlook the erroneous historical points made about your actual people by Gubbler and Andrea.

Is it insignificant that WASPs did not rule the US thru the 1970s? Surely that error is of global-historical importance? Not to mention the holo or 9/11.

You glide over ideas of substance, to defend ideas that are meaningless, rather than just defend a people. Why?


Not even a pissy “shoo” when I say you’re so obviously wrong about the major historical events of the decade?

Planes either do or do not slow down and destruct as they hit buildings. There’s an obvious answer. Our tradition going back to Aristotle has been conforming our beliefs to observable phenomena, not just representations thereof. Will we pass on to our youth our Greek heritage or trash it for Jew-media expediency. Where do you stand, Matt?


This is usually the beginning of the end, based on the examples of the past. Lawsuit that bleeds the WN org/person dry. We saw this coming from 10 miles back. Fighting legal cases just becomes a bottomless pit, as the system intends.

I really thought you guys had studied what went before & learned from the past. At this rate TYN/TWP will be one more white advocacy in the ash can within a year or two. I’m not being negative, whining, a shitstirrer, disloyal etc. I’m being honest & realistic. You can’t beat lawfare unless you’re a billionaire (until that reaches the point they can freeze, seize your monies etc). The poor people send in their $5-10 which disappear into the lawsuits, fines, court cases to keep Joe out of prison etc until there’s nothing left. (& Joe goes to prison, WN org is disbanded etc all the same.)

Matt Parrott

It’s a Class B Misdemeanor, one we can easily raise the money to easily fight. With all due respect, it’s not the doomsday scenario for us you’re imagining.


You have should a manly self ascribed nickname, why are you always whining and complaining? Maybe you should change it to something more effeminate. Anyway, I hope you are as willing to open you wallet as you are to open your mouth, and you have sent in what you can.

Matt Parrott

I can vouch for him. I think he’s off-base on the scope of this problem, but he’s certainly not a keyboard commando.

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