Daily Traditionalist: Interview of Ben Raymond – The New National Socialism

Ben Raymond from National Action joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist. Ben starts by explaining what inspires him and why National Action are National Socialist. So much of our culture has been eroded, but German National Socialism has been remembered as it was the last resistance of the White working class masses. Anglo countries tend to have a very complicated type of nationalism that does not have a defined ideal or revolution to refer to, so Russian nationalism from the mid 2000s has been a big influence on him, as they were able to create a mass popular movement right from scratch.

The rest of the world has a firm sense of identity but we as White people do not and especially those of us who speak English as a first language. We are all facing the same problems, but it has taken the anglo-sphere a lot longer to get the ball rolling than the other European nations. Matt points out that we do not want to fix the old system, we want to build a new system. The cog in the TWP symbol is from the German worker’s movement and this is a deliberate nod to National Socialism as we are the ones carrying on their legacy and carrying forward that flame.

Ben explains that the National Action logo is a composite of the NSDAP street movement and the British Union of Fascists. This symbol and the uncompromising attitude of NA ensured that the people who came in would not be time wasters and would instead be people that could be relied upon. It is all about appealing to the strongest warriors around, who can provide an anchor in a sea of changing opinions.

So many organisations just start up and wait for something to happen doing the same as has been done before when what is needed is action. We need fanatics, all the great men throughout history have been fanatics. Men who are willing to sacrifice everything for the cause. Ben explains that standing strong while all around are criticising you is character building and cathartic. You have to be true to yourself.

The conversation then moves around to flash demonstrations and how successful they have proved to be. When there are no Leftist agitators in the crowd, the people are far more likely to support us. Ben thinks some of the attackers at Sacramento were just locals looking for a fight and they were not prepared to see men who had arrived with shields prepared to defend themselves. The Reds really did not know what to expect and they were caught off guard, despite the huge numbers that they turned up with. This really challenged them and showed they no longer had control the streets. We will be the ones now carving out our own political space on those streets.


Misquel Kuno

Well, well, well.

Get a load of this. She says UK is not gonna be white again,and whites just have to accept it.


Of course, Pakistan will always be Pakistan, and Pakistanis want it that way and see nothing wrong with it.

She says it is a ‘big loss’ or equal sacrifice for both sides: Native whites lose white UK, and immigrants lose their original culture. BUT, the bitch doesn’t mention that the native countries of the immigrants will remain Paki, Somali, or whatever.

In contrast, white Brits lose everything since their very homeland is lost for good to the foreign tide.

BUT, they demand that white nations no longer be white and accept their fate of demographic displacement. Diversity Chauvinism.

But we can’t just blame the darkies.

It is the white virtue-signaling smugots who indoctrinated these immigrants to think and feel this way.

Smugots want to put their arms around such POC and feel moral supremacism over whites who want to keep UK ‘white’.

According to Globalism, ‘whiteness’ = racism and evil and etc. Therefore, a nation wanting to remain white is treated like a diseased patient who doesn’t want to be cured.

By the way, there is a way to make UK white again. Kick bitches like her back to their home countries. But we have to deal with Jews who tell us that Diversity is so enriching. Why is it good to lose your homeland to masses of foreigners?

It is demographic imperialism.

It’s like what Ron Rosenbaum said of ‘whiteness’ even in a turkey.


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