Confessions of a Stumped Trump Chump

August 25, 2016

Hillary has opened fire, challenging Trump to reject his “links” to the “AltRight” while warning that his attempt to discard us won’t cut it. She was perky, lively, and uncharacteristically energized as she lobbed one transgressed taboo after another at Trump. He’s a racist! He’s a sexist! He’s an Islamophobe! He’s a conspiracy crank! He’s not belligerent toward Vladimir Putin! He retweeted a guy who’s racist one time! She drilled through her list of broken rules with the aplomb of a frumpy schoolmarm who had finally gotten the better of the class clown who had been humiliating her the entire semester.

She enlisted the “moderate” establishment Republicans in her plea to reject Trump and his sinister vanguard. In a rare show of bipartisanship, she praised the GOP establishment for playing the game to lose. Why wouldn’t she? The mainstream GOP are the Washington Generals to the left’s Harlem Globetrotters. They exist to fail, to concede the moral high ground, (paraphrasing R.L. Dabney) to stalk the left like a shadow, always one step behind. The neocon think tank interns, Beltway lobbyists, and paid staffers will relish the invitation to join the winning team just this once in an inspiring and passionate denunciation of unmuzzled conservatism.

Trump will waste no time in throwing our movement from the sleigh to keep the wolves of political correctness at bay. He’s used us as a booster rocket to get to the general election, and now he’ll decouple from us in order to achieve a general election victory. I’m not referring to his outreach to homosexual and minority citizens which we always knew were always a welcome part of his national populist platform. I’m not referring to obligatory scripted denunciations of David Duke and the rest of us. Water off a duck’s back.

I’m talking about an abrupt and complete break from our core issues: immigration control, refugee limitation, and Islamic immigration. As of today, there is absolutely no daylight between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush in terms of immigration policy and American identity. There will be calls from within our ranks to stand firmly behind Trump. There will be arguments about the Supreme Court or the unique villainy of Hillary Clinton for remaining loyal to Trump. There will also be conspiratorial buffoonery about how he’s totally playing everybody but us for suckers.

As Ann Coulter noted, the manner in which he capitulated on immigration is stupid. The “they’ll pay taxes” line, straight out of Marco Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” playbook, means that they’ll qualify for tens of thousands in Earned Income Tax Credits while receiving legal status. There were sophisticated ways to pivot toward the center which I was preparing for. Eschewing the talk of immigration squads, talk of just enforcing the laws already on the books, and claims that legal immigration will potentially be expanded were all expected. They would’ve been water off a duck’s back.

I’m a cheap date.

But not this. This is a clear and direct betrayal. We’ve all been played for chumps.

I should’ve listened to Matt Parrott, whose “Let’s Not Be Trump’s Chumps” article over a year ago foreshadowed this outcome.

Trump cut through dozens of limp-wristed Tea Party libertarians, social conservative mumblers, and minority token candidates to land in the top spot in the polls and become the candidate that the other candidates are forced to react to with this one weird trick: Honestly and directly address White issues. To quote Ann Coulter, whose latest bestseller–¡Adios, America!–is scandalizing Beltway orthodoxy, “Drive up the White vote. That’s your base!”

But that’s all it is for him, a weird trick. Granted, an eccentric billionaire who’s beholden to his own ego rather than to Jewish and globalist financial backers is probably preferable to the rest of the available contenders. But he’s not one of us. He’s not pursuing shared interests. He doesn’t have shared goals. Trump is approaching this political campaign as a businessman, not as an ideologue, and he’ll follow the money and ego gratification away from White Interests as quickly as he followed the money and ego gratification toward White Interests.

The worst is yet to come. Trump’s pivot won’t merely leave us behind. He’s preparing to deliver a compelling story of redemption from his “nativist” and “racist” ways in the reality television finale leading up to the general election. It’s sickening because a movement which invented and championed the cuckoldry analogy are proving to be the ultimate “cucks” of this election cycle, throwing untold millions of hours and dollars at a globalist and multiculturalist shill running a masterfully orchestrated show business stunt.

Discerning who one should and should not politically support requires a lifecycle approach rather than a simple issues-oriented litmus test. Has Donald Trump established a record of nationalism and/or traditionalism which these positions are naturally aligned with? Has Donald Trump taken stands in the past for the American people against Organized Jewry and its multinational corporate lackeys? Do Donald Trump’s personal life and private decisions indicate that this man is even remotely aligned with our vision.

To ask is to answer: No. Let’s not be Trump’s chumps. Let’s keep a healthy distance from endorsing or supporting the man, lest we discredit ourselves and our ideals as his true colors inevitably emerge.

All’s not lost. We’ve received an incredible amount of exposure and momentum. We nationalists are in a much better position than we were over a year ago when Donald Trump kicked off his campaign. As I write this, Hillary Clinton is denouncing us as the single greatest threat to her corrupt pay-to-play system, and we owe that positioning in no small part to Donald Trump. There’s no point in throwing a tantrum at Trump or denouncing him. That’ll just play right into his Hollywood “save that cat” screenplay formula he’s concocted.

Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) has emerged as one of the most prescient pundits of this election cycle, and I’m persuaded by his determination that Trump is on the verge of an attempt at a grand redemptive reversal. Hillary seems to think so, too. Her Anti-AltRight speech was tailored to head off his attempt to rebrand himself. Whether or not the world’s greatest master of branding can pull off the single greatest rebranding feat in branding history will make for better popcorn faire than anything in this summer’s theaters, but I’m not in it for the suspense and excitement. I’m in it for White American families and their future.

Trump’s still arguably better than the other primary candidates we helped him defeat. His opposition to free trade and his refreshingly sober position on foreign policy go back for decades. He’s an Eighties Democrat. Others who wish to continue to invest time and energy in helping him defeat Hillary are welcome to do so without any bile from me. We all have our own balance of priorities and our own estimations of his creditworthiness on the various issues. But I’m tapping out unless there’s a stunning reversal of what we’re seeing and refocusing my activist energies away from the presidential race towards a more issue-specific agenda.

We’re not his booster rocket. Donald Trump is our big orange booster rocket. This election cycle may no longer be actionable for us, but we’ve now achieved proof of concept that our national populist vision can electrify the American people. Elections come and go. Politicians rise and fall. American politics can’t return to business as usual. The #altright has exposed the GOP establishment for the corrupt tools they are, and we must continue firing away, regardless of which side of the line Donald Trump or anybody else chooses to stand on.

The demographic mega-trends guarantee our victory. Islamic terrorism isn’t going away. Racial polarization and the strain on the White working class caused by our uncontrolled immigration system will only escalate. Even Hillary herself correctly stated that our movement belongs to a global phenomenon which is already setting Europe, Eurasia, and the third world ablaze with national populist fervor. The future absolutely belongs to us, or at least those of us who stand by our vision despite the seemingly insurmountable forces driving us to forfeit, to capitulate, to apologize, and to compromise.

Update #1: Trump appears to be walking back his remarks from earlier this week, presumably in response to pressure on him to do so. Very encouraging.

Update #2: Trump appears to be refusing to denounce the altright. Also, very encouraging.

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