Brown “Germans” and the Redefinition of Nationality

The list of recent terror attacks in Europe is staggering. From Nice to Paris to Munich, Europe is under siege. Pregnant women are being disemboweled on the streets, soldiers have been beheaded, thousands of young European women have been raped and sent into human trafficking gangs, public transit has been hit by Molotov cocktails and in multiple nations bombs, gunshots, and knife stabbings have become chillingly routine.

The Jewish press is split between calling it terrorism or blaming a “German” or “Frenchmen” or some other European nationality for the senseless and callous murder of innocent men, women and children. Whenever it is convenient for the anti-White narrative, the race of the perpetrator corresponds with his passport, not his actual ethnicity.

For example, the recent terror attack in Munich, done by an Iranian immigrant who had lived in Munich for two years is being reported as a “German from Munich” when instead it should read “Foreigner who resided in Munich.” The truth is a non-White immigrant to Germany is no more “German” than a dog sitting in a garage is a Porsche. You cannot simply become part of a nation. Nationality is natal, documented in the blood, not in a national database.

The media works overtime to conceal the real deaths, tragedies, and misfortunes our communities and nations face due to the globalist and multicultural policies of our politicians.

The blood of the victims of terrorism, child rape, and other anti-White crime is dripping from the hands of the politicians and elites who brought these people into our civilization in the first place. Angela Merkel has as much to answer for in this Munich attack as the perpetrator because it is due to her policies that he and hundreds of thousands people like him are in Germany in the first place.

They decided to cause this man-made disaster. They clearly see what’s happening. They definitely have the power to stop it. They choose not to. We’re all collateral damage in their maniacal plot for multicultural world domination.

Besides this attack in Munich, in just the past few weeks we have had a foreigner mow down and kill nearly 90 people in a truck, an ‘unaccompanied child refugee’ chop up 20 people on a train in Germany, a mass stabbing incident in London’s Black area and a mother and her three children stabbed by a sharia observant Mohammedan on holiday in France. All of this indicates, along with the countless sexual assaults and violent crimes perpetrated by foreigners in Europe, that multiculturalism is an abysmal failure and our European people are under attack.

Every one of these crimes has been carried out for a different reason, but the end result is always the same thing, more White victims. Whether they claim to be supporting ISIS, following Wahhabi Islam or just acting on a perceived injustice against the “White Supremacist System”, these attacks always ends up leaving White victims in their wake.

Our people are bleeding and dying in the streets and the only response given by the media and our politicians is calling us to be “more tolerant” and “more inclusive” of the invaders who are perpetrating these horrific crimes and abuses against European women, children, the elderly and numerous citizens on a daily basis.

In Europe the question should not be how to make multiculturalism work because that is impossible, we should instead be moving towards the retaking our own Homeland. Different peoples and cultures cannot assimilate with one another, one will simply become dominant over the other. Just as it would be wrong for Europeans to go into foreign nations and displace the native population, non-Europeans doing this to us is a literal genocide of our people.

At the heart of all of these statements from the political and media commissars is the idea that the concept of a nation is an evolving one, without any form of an ethnic or cultural foundation. The System has worked to redefine what a nation is. The idea that foreign-born people could be “British” or “German” goes against the very founding ideals of our nations and the original definition of what a nation is.

A nation is the shared blood of a people united to a specific soil, that is what makes it our land. A foreigner cannot become one of us because he or she does not share our blood or an affinity for the land or our Traditions. Instead most European politicians are beginning to adopt the American cuckservative and leftist idea that anyone residing in a country who has that nation’s passport is somehow interchangeable with the founding stock of that nation.

Politicians tell us to cheer our demographic displacement because Third World immigrants and refugees will “enrich” our nations and that every group, culture and religion can became part of a magical rainbow of multiculturalism and diversity. Every single Somali or Pakistani is just as American as George Washington once he has been baptized by our magic dirt and given a copy of the Constitution. Every foreigner in Germany will be wearing Lederhosen in no time, just as long as the native population welcomes their own demographic displacement.

What happens when you view citizenship based on passports, not blood

What happens when you view citizenship based on passports, not blood

We must fight against the radical Left and promote true nationalism, the one of Faith, Family, and Folk. To be a part of a nation is to be a part of an extended family, bound together by blood and soil; no piece of paper or government pronouncement can make you a part of a nation, …only blood can. That is why Europeans, regardless of borders, are part of one extended family.

European nationalists cannot limit ourselves to believing that assimilation for foreign peoples is desirable or possible. The bans of the burqa, Islamic swimming attire for women, or reducing the allowed volume of Islamic calls for prayer is not making these foreign populations any more “European.” Instead it makes them resentful of the European system. A foreigner cannot become a part of us by adopting our outward symbols or abiding by our cultural norms, they remain foreign regardless of their behavior.

The only way to stop these terror attacks and our demographic and cultural displacement isn’t capitulation, but repatriation. If you are tired of Pakistani grooming gangs raping and selling thousands of young English girls in places like Rotherham and tired of the sexual assaults in cities like Cologone and are growing weary of our European family being butchered on the streets; it is time to reject the media narrative that these people can ever become European and instead accept the reality that Europe is for those of European blood, and those alone.

There is no such thing as an “Brown German” or a “Black Frenchman” no matter what the lying media tells us. We must fully grasp that our people are our nation, that the Enlightenment era view of a civic nation is contrary to our racial and cultural survival and that by embracing the true view of nationalism, we can separate the wheat from the chaff and liberate our nations from the invaders and all foreign influences.

United by blood as one family, Europe shall rise once again to greatness.


Charles Edward Lincoln, III

Stop dissing “the enlightenment”! The language and race-based definition of the state you support is in fact an Enlightenment (18th-19th Century) concept. The Holy Roman Empire was quite unselfconsciously multicultural and under the Austrian Hapsburg Empires was fused with Spain and Portugal until those declining multicultural empires were fused with France for the last 80-100 years or so of French Bourbon rule. Royal houses like the Bourbons and Hapsburgs were distictly “international.” Even the great Confederation of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania was essentially a multilingual, multicultual state. Like it or not, Napoleon was the strategist who first played the “nationalism” card as a political tool AGAINST the old Monarchies of Europe. He called himself “Emperor of the French” instead of “Emperor of France” and replaced the Holy Roman Empire with the first attempt at a German ethnostate which he called, “the Confederation of the Rhine.” After the partition in which Austria, Prussia, and Russia had participated he gave new life to Poland through the “Duchy of Warsaw”, and he even tried to dissolve the Papal States and replace them with a proto-Italian state: the Kingdom of Rome. Accurate intellectual history is important, too, and looking back through the millenium of Charlamagne until Napoleon, the correspondence of statehood with ethnicity was accidental more than normal. We may look upon Spain and France today as cohesive ethnic nations, but thatbtotalky ignores the real history of “Spanish” Castille, “Catalan”-Aragon, Navarre, Galicia, and “Basque:-Vizcaya. Even today the Basques and Catalan populations have separatist movements. The French nationalist strain led to the suppression of the Provencal and Languedoc languages as well as the Celtic Bretons. So in a sense French “linguistic nationalism” was more a precursor of globalism than its antithesis, but BOTH nationalism and globalism trace their origins to the enlightenment and nowhere else. Accuracy in tracing the history of political philosophies is, I think, extremely important and valuable.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

All that having been said, it remains our task to advocate a positive ethnic nationalism which will make the passports match ethnicity AND culture.

Religion played a key role throughout European history and should also today. Most of our problems with immigration go away if “European” is re-defined to equate with Christian.

Reimposing something analogous to the First Queen Elizabeth’s Acts of Uniformity would ban the Muslims from the UK.

Similar laws could be imposed in France and Germany, even if jurisdictional problems between Catholics and Protestants would mean INCREASING cultural diversity by restoring the pre-enlightenment reality of multiple competing though closely related ethnic states.

Internal uniformity and ressurectionof traditions should be the goal, even if it means that Catholic Austria-Bavaria-and-Baden Wurtembug should be separate from the Protestant North of Germany.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

In short, racial and religious traditions and boundaries can be defined which will serve to preserve and maximize REAL, GENUINE, CULTURAL AND ETHNIC DIVERSITY, as well as making it easier to identify and expel and permanently exclude all alien elements FOREVER FROM EUROPE.

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