Unity in Horror: He Wanted to Kill Whites

For my adult life, I’ve known and understood, as have most of my readers, that America’s racial powder keg was explosive and would eventually blow. Even the largest military-industrial complex in the history of the world with the greatest financial machine the world has ever known funding it is powerless against the sociological forces building against it. The center cannot and will not hold. Probably not tomorrow, most likely not in the coming year, but soon, sooner than we’re ready (not that one can ever truly be ready), race war is coming to America.

To believe something “in theory” and to truly wrap one’s mind around it are two separate things. As I watched events unfold in Dallas last night, my gut was twisted as if what was happening was a surprise. As I watched the footage of our own Battle of Sacramento last month, my mind struggled to comprehend that a nightmare swarm of hundreds and hundreds of minorities and anarchist radicals would descend on a peaceful rally while hundreds of police officers stood by (helpless? complicit? who knows?). There shouldn’t be any surprise. Barack Obama and his complicit neoliberal political machine willed this outcome by fanning the flames of resentment for the better part of a decade.

The future belongs to the men and women who can wrap their minds around what’s happening and respond with agility, decisiveness, and strength. We’ve all lived through the misery of holding a set of beliefs and loyalties which were socially and economically toxic. That period is coming to a close and a new period of polarization is beginning. There are still social and economic risks for the nationalist position, but there are also advantages and opportunities. More importantly, the bottom is falling out on not only the “anti-racist” Whites, but the apolitical ones as well.

Supporting “Black Lives Matter” while discouraging their rabid violence will alienate one to the White side and the anti-White side alike. Supporting immigration, but only for the “hard working ones” will elicit eye rolls from both nationalists and globalists alike. That’s how these things work. Shortly before Yugoslavia came unraveled, the safe “normie” position was mumbling about their shared ideals and friendly cooperation. Then, nearly overnight, it was not the socially and economically safe position.

In Dallas last night, the once-confident mob cowered and ran for the protection of the very cops they had been protesting mere seconds before, the very cops who were themselves dropping like flies at the behest of a well-organized and well-trained sniper squad of Black Power radicals who “wanted to kill Whites.” There are the obligatory days–perhaps just hours at this point–of “unity in horror,” the only authentic unity forced integration ever truly brings about. Then everybody on both sides race back to their battle stations and polarize further.

Barack Obama’s presidential tenure promised the dawning of a new age of racial reconciliation while delivering a seething race war. By becoming the first president of Black America and only Black America, he blew out the center which had been holding this whole thing together for generations. Not even Donald Trump can manage his way out of this clusterfuck, though you can be assured that his inevitable landslide victory will further polarize.

Your sweet and apolitical aunt who has been mumbling anti-White talking points because her niece on her other side of the family is biracial may not know the first thing about identity, but she can sense which way the wind’s blowing. She can see that the side she had taken up isn’t merely against “racism,” it’s against her. It’s against her because she’s White. It’s assassinating police officers, organizing violent mobs to rain down terror on mainstream political gatherings, and demanding nothing short of her disempowerment, disinheritance, and the wholesale destruction of her way of life.

If you check the phone records, she’s already calling her brother with the biracial daughter less frequently. She’s already made Thanksgiving plans with her in-laws and won’t be able to make it out to see him this year. Your smartass younger cousin who was planning on majoring in social work has changed his major to engineering and crashed a TRS pool party. The high school friend who unfollowed you over your political garbage is following you again and even carefully liking some of your less controversial statuses.

The Black Power radicals who “wanted to kill whites” may have killed themselves a handful of them. But they awakened and emboldened a million more for every one they took down. We at TradWorker have worked to build relationships with Black Nationalists who are working toward a separate peace. And those relationships are now more important than ever. Whether the awakened Whites work with Black Nationalists toward mutual empowerment through separation or stampede over them with a surplus of numbers, wealth, rations, and stockpiled weaponry is the Black man’s call.

I’ll respect their decision. I don’t want to open a can of worms regarding racial differences, but a people who think that it’s strategically wise to open a guerrilla shooting war with White America must be really really bad at math.

There is a way this can all work out relatively peacefully, but it will require all of the identities in America working together to deconstruct this multiracial powder keg with the skill and patience of a bomb squad. The whole Black Lives Matter shtick of trying to attack, harass, and kill Whites until they feel like we’re being sufficiently “fair” will fail, and it will fail disastrously. They may personally feel that we’re being “unfair” to their people right now. But if they continue to attack and kill White people because they are White, they’ll finally know for sure what being treated unfairly feels like.



The police killing in Dallas appears to have been the work of a small number of men who had no connection to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Laguna Beach Fogey

The racial rhetoric coming from BLM, MSM, and Obama admin are directly responsible for the climate of hate that fosters such terrorist acts.


This is what the president said after the killing:

“Police across America, which is a tight-knit family, feels this loss to their core. And we’re grieving with them. I’d ask all Americans to say a prayer for these officers and their families. Keep them in your thoughts. And as a nation, let’s remember to express our profound gratitude to our men and women in blue — not just today, but every day.”

Laguna Beach Fogey


“I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter.”



How was he involved? Had he attended Black Lives Matter meetings? Did he contribute financially to the Black Lives Matter movement?

Yerg Gantor

How was Dylan Storm Door involved with the Confederate States of America? He wasn’t, but the Confederacy is magically responsible for his killing spree, so when Micah Johnson attends BLM meetings and uses a BLM protest to murder police, the BLM movement must take responsibility.

Laguna Beach Fogey

Don’t be absurd. They are all part of the same movement.


Well done, jew.
Because of what White America did to Germany in the last century on the orders of their Jewish Masters, White America deserves its Fate.
Once White America understands this, they will know that the first and most dangerous cancer (parasite) that must be removed and destroyed is the jew.
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The Chosen People

Byron M. Roth, American Renaissance, November 2011

Why are Jews so successful?

Richard Lynn, The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement, Washington Summit Publishers, 2011, 408 pp. soft cover $39.00, hard cover $60.00.

The Chosen People: A study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement is the most recent work of Richard Lynn dealing with group differences in IQ and their ramifications. As in all of his previous work over the past decade, he substantiates his arguments with huge quantities of empirical data. He advances his positions dispassionately and lets the facts speak for themselves, which they do in impressive, nearly irrefutable fashion. In his previous books he examined racial and ethnic differences in IQ for many groups.The Chosen People is a case study of one distinct group that has shown remarkably similar patterns of achievement in a wide variety of settings.

Professor Lynn begins by pointing out the extraordinary success of Jews in almost every field. In the 19th century the restrictions that had prevented most Jews from advanced nonreligious study began to be lifted in most of Western Europe, and by mid-century, “people began to observe that Jews were outstandingly successful, and began to speculate that this was attributable to their intellect.” (Unless otherwise noted, all quotations are from Professor Lynn.)

At that time the great bulk of Jews were still living in Eastern Europe, but owing to pogroms beginning around 1880, Jews began migrating to Western Europe and especially to the United States. They formed part of the massive immigration to the US in the period from 1880 to 1924.

Prof. Lynn writes:

“They arrived as penniless refugees unable to speak the languages of their new countries; they were the “huddled masses” from the most backward region of Europe. Yet by the middle decades of the 20th century, the children and grandchildren of these immigrants were doing far better than their Gentile hosts on all indices of socioeconomic status and earnings and outperforming them by several orders of magnitude in obtaining elite academic distinction.”

The development of IQ tests confirmed the impression that Jews were unusually intelligent, and Professor Lynn’s extensive review of the literature indicates that Jews in the US have an average IQ of 110 compared to 100 for other Europeans. This would help account for their outstanding performance in a variety of fields. Though Jews are only about 0.2 percent of the world population, half the world’s chess grandmasters, for example, and 16 percent of Nobel Prize winners for science have been Jews. For Professor Lynn, the purpose of his book “is to document and explain such achievements.”


Jews have a financial network in place that excludes Gentiles the opportunities they enjoy.They’re not more intelligent as much as they are liars and cheaters,Nobel Prizes are a joke as is your argument because their really,really good at Chess that must mean they’re really, really smart.No folk he may not be a Jew,he is however a Zionist.

Yerg Gantor

We are superior, holy, and chosen. It has nothing to do with our ethnic networking or race-based religion which commands us to defraud outsiders and sacrifice everything for the in-group.

Ignore Ron Unz’s findings that J_ws are over-represented in American institutions of higher learning due to aggressive ethnic networking. It’s an anti-semitic lie, and Unz is a renegade J_w, probably working for those awful Christians at the 700 Club.

Yerg Gantor

We J_ws are so much smarter than you gojims, that’s why we have to keep stealing your R&D secrets. That’s also why we demand entrance to your universities. Because we’re so much more intelligent.

Asking why we simply steal your technology instead of inventing it ourselves with our superior brains is very anti-semitic.

Laurie Roy

Great article.I lost a dear friend of 20 yrs. because I tried to tell her about stuff like this.She instantly called me racist.She has no clue.Though I’m sad,I have and know the TRUTH which can NOT be compromised.


Bad for her; great for the gene pool. I hope she had no children.

Andrea Ostrov Letania


American Racial Formula…

Sanctification of Blacks via MLK-Oprah-Obama + Black Thuggery + Integration + Gentrification(or White Flight) + Aggressive Policing and Incarceration(demanded by urban haute Liberals) + Encouragement of Black Rage by PC and Soros Foundation + Sensationalization of Rap Culture + Worship of Black Muscle in Sports + Fear of Black Muscle in Streets + Victim Nostalgia that still pretends in Jim Crow Era when we are in Willy Horton era + Massive Immigration that leaves blacks feeling less relevant as Diversity drowns them out in many places + Homomania(that makes blacks bitter and envious that white fruitcakes get more attention than them) + Indulgence of black ‘hate hoaxes’ + silence of truth by PC + media complicity in obfuscating facts, e.g. black thugs called ‘teens’ or ‘youths’ + Globalist dominance over white gentiles who are to be paralyzed by ‘white guilt’ in relation to blacks + Hollywood’s production of black rage movie every year + Definition of ‘hate’ as only a white thing + Regression of black culture into one of savagery + PC tentacles into everything from kids cartoons to TV shows to college seminars + black raciality(racial pesonality) made up ofattitude, sass, aggression, nastiness(after all, smart blacks are no better than dumb ones in lack of reflection and introspection, a trait shared by homos who are totally into self-aggrandizement) = An Empire of Lies.

US needs a PRICE OF THE CITY(Lumet film about corrupt cops) moment.

It has to come clean.

One lie leads to another.

US is in denial and cover-up mode like Watergate where one lie led to another and another and another. In both foreign policy and race matters, esp pertaining to blacks.

But even the media, or esp the media, are in with the Racegate, and they even lie inside racegated communities.

In Jews and Blacks, white people adulate, trust, love, and obey most the very people who mean to do them the most harm.

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