Unity and the Battle of Sacramento

A few days after the Battle of Sacramento, I had a talk with one of my comrades I fought next to. We talked for about two hours that night. During that conversation, the most important subject we discussed was the new found unity our movement has gained from this event.

White Nationalism has a long history of infighting, especially along religious lines. The most notable conflict being between Christians and Pagans. Some members (not all) on each side hate each other and refuse to work together based on religious differences and events that happened between their ancestors several hundreds of years ago. Brothers and Sisters, if there’s one thing I’m sure we both understand, it’s that our Nations and their distinct cultures are under attack and have been for some time now.

Europe and America are dying. Our birthrates have plummeted, immigration is out of control, our people are being beaten bloody and killed on our own soil by foreign invaders; There has never been a more important time for unity among our people. We don’t have time to argue over religion. The enemy is at the gates and to be fighting each other while they are attacking us is beyond unwise and reprehensible. All this infighting is doing is weakening our defensive forces and distracting us from the real problems at hand.

When we went to that rally, we were expecting the police to protect our first amendment rights like they’re supposed to. Our party obtained a permit and came there with no intention of violence. We brought shields for our defense only as a precaution, not because we planned on causing problems. When we arrived, the police told us to go around behind the building instead of coming through their barricades and going directly to the steps. This is where we came into contact with the horde of antifa. Somebody shouted “Here they come!” and the next thing we knew we heard shouting and cursing, followed by bottles breaking; stones and bricks smacking against shields. We had two choices: Act like cowards and run, or face the enemy head on despite the odds. We chose the latter.

Looking back on this moment, something became very clear. From the moment we arrived, to after the battle and escape, our cause, lives and the comrades next to us were the only things that mattered. It didn’t matter who was Christian or Pagan. Our religious differences became completely irrelevant. Our unity in that battle was the only thing that kept us all alive. You can see from multiple angles of video footage that a comrade was never left behind, even though the odds of paying the ultimate price were high. The fact that we were willing to risk death to save one another speaks volumes as to how close we were in that moment.

Days after the battle, I talked with one of my brothers for about two hours. He had been in the fight with me and we talked over everything that happened from beginning to end. We came to the conclusion we were extremely lucky in some moments. Some of our men had been struck in the head full force with 2×4’s, still able to fight and eventually get to safety. Some of us dodged unconsciousness, and ultimately death, by mere inches or seconds. I told my comrade that no matter whose religion we think is right, there could be no denying that there was some sort of divine power watching over us that day. He agreed and then asked me if I had prayed that night; A kind gesture. We ended up having a short discussion about our prayers and rituals before we decided to call it a night.

My question is, why can’t it be like this all the time? There were only two Christians in that entire group; the rest being pagans. Despite that, we were able to come together for the sake of our movement and each other, even pray for one another. We need to replicate this unity throughout White Nationalism. I understand for some people this may be difficult. We all have strong feelings about our ancestor’s lives and what they’ve suffered. However, I am more than confident that if they saw our present situation they would be rolling over in their graves, ashamed of our grudges getting in the way of our entire race’s survival. Nothing has made this more clear than taking part in the Battle of Sacramento. We will forever be Brothers bonded by the blood we shed together.

My hope is that, as a movement, we will be able to come together, trust one another, and give this idea of unity a fighting chance. I believe all it’s going to take to solidify our bond is faith and moments where we depend on each other. Let this battle be a sign of unity and a turning point in our movement. Infighting needs to be stopped at all costs for the sake of our people. United we stand, divided we fall.



Thank you for an article that has moved me to tears in public. You bear witness to the thesis of Victor Davis Hanson in The Western Way Of War. This is the attitude/approach I have advocated, & attempted to embody, for many years. Bless you all. Thank God, someone finally gets it.


Now, from the footage I saw on the internet, you guys really need some instruction & drill in shields. Hoplite phalanx formation fits together like snake scales.

Carl Schmitt

We need someone to put together some instructions and post them on the net.


Go to this website -> http://judoinfo.com/judobooks.htm

go to section
Judo Used in Military, Combat, and Self Defense Training

Recommend these publications to download, study and train with. Search for sections on bayonet training and stick (baton) fighting.
Combatives: US Army Field Manual (2002)
US Marine Corps Close Combat
Kill or Get Killed by Lt. Col. Rex Applegate (1976)
Cold Steel by Styers

Also, if you can afford it, join a dojo/MMA gym. The mental aspect of being willing to close with an enemy in a fight is far more important than techniques, which should be said, are really hard to learn from a book. You can only learn this in a controlled training environment, … or a real fight which not recommended until after you acquire some skills.

Fr. John+

Why have arguments over religion? Well, if race means nothing, and creeds mean nothing, and life means nothing, then I guess you are correct.

But revealed religion is both: INCARNATIONAL and Relational. Christianity is that, in triplicate! (Or in Trinity) We have a God who chooses ONE RACE from among all the others on the plane-t, who sends His only Son, to Incarnate in that ETHNOS, joining divinity to humanity (Adamity) for all time, and then dares to call us, ‘brethren’?!

That sounds pretty important to Him… And therefore it is important to me. If a White Man, therefore, denies His God and mine, he IS my enemy.

And, if Adam is White (and he is, the very word in the HEbrew defines it as such, and the concept of the ‘Ecumene’ (as noted by Pomazansky in his Dogmatic Theology as ‘the inhabited Greco-Roman Empire of Christ’s day’) means WHITE EUROPE, then who are WE, to deny that ‘bound of our habitation?’

Or to disobey our Ethnarch, Christ – when he calls ALL his children, to fight for ‘thy kingdom and righteousness?

This article sounds like the BS that I heard in ecumenical circles in the 1960’s.
To hell with it.

Christus Vivat
Christus Regnat
Christus Imperator.


Your ignorance is exactly what he is addressing in the above article. When it comes to racial survival our Aryan blood is our “religion”. We must unite under the banner of blood and honor. Religion, nationality, etc. is irrelevant. We all have the same mission and same enemies and that is what matters. Infighting over location, religion, etc. just works to our enemies advantage and keeps us from focusing on what is truly important: The 14 Words. Wake up and join the real fight brother.


More death, destruction, and white blood has been spilled in the name of your incarnate “god” then anything else on earth. I may be an ASS but at least I live in reality, take your fairy tails and stick them up your ass. Your own ancestors were probably slaughtered in the name of your God, ignorant fool.


Dear moderator, please remove this conversation between “Fr. John+” and “OdinsChild” in its entiety from this discussion. They are both a greater part of the problem, than part of any solution. “Fr. John+” for sowing discord in the service the jewish demon-god, and “OdinsChield” for not seeing the hasbara and ignoring it.

Fr. John+

I do believe the First Amendment allows for me to exercise my right as a clergyman to discharge the functions of my office, even in the face of supposed ‘discord.’ I meant it. He has shown himself to be damned, not a child of God, indeed his ultimate enemy. I merely leave him to his fate.
You, sir, are merely seeking to avoid the reality that Chrsitianity has teeth, and that the only response to anyone who denies my faith, is to call down judgment of God on such an one.

Tim Harris

After we regain our nation back, there cannot be more than one established religion. To say, “everyone will just have his own god” is basically to say that polytheism is the established religion. Christianity will either prevail, bringing the general peace and orderliness it has brought everywhere, as a side effect — or Christians will be martyred by pagans.


I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself bro. Let’s first “take our nation back” as you say, then we can worry about the dumb shit of who believes what. Until we win our Aryan blood is our religion and our skin color our uniform.

Tim Harris

No Christian can regard his Aryan blood as his religion. Our Aryan blood is who we are, it describes our creaturely reality. We will respond to the defense of our people when Siegfried sounds the battle horn. But we will not desist from trying to persuade our fellow clansmen to worship Christ. We must obey God even against man’s rules to the contrary. You will have to kill us to shut us up. But doing so will not help you win this struggle.


If you are down to fight alongside me I consider us family. Unity through shared struggle is older and more primal than any religion. Ask any man who has been to war and he will tell you he is closer to his comrades in arms than anyone else

Carl Schmitt

“why can’t it be like this all the time?” – In my personal experience – and I am not trying to stir the pot here – when it comes to inter-religious squabbles in the Alt Right, it seems to be about 90-10 pagans attacking Christians. Most of the Christians seem content to keep to themselves and let the pagans have their thing, but the Pagans (probably a vocal minority) seem to want to eradicate Christianity and allow it no place whatsoever. I can’t abide that. But I am more than happy to join hands with a pagan and stand shoulder to shoulder against our common enemies.


Thank you for a great article, I’ve been saying this same thing for over 20 years. In that time I have seen good men focused on infighting among their own “crews” or obsessed with fighting with other pro-white groups. Every second we spend fighting with each other is valuable time lost that could have been used to fight the enemy. Well done.


People such as Matt Parrott are among the biggest squabblers and nitpickers and infighters in the world. Please read this essay to him slowly out loud.

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