Twilight of the Fundies

Donald Trump’s nomination and his electrifying speech highlighted the major rift in the United States, the one raging between actual ethnic Americans who are embattled, angry, and cynical against the recent immigrants and global cosmopolitans who genuinely favor the direction America’s been going in. For the latter, the America before Ellis Island was a dark and terrifying hellscape of slavery, oppression, nativism, and, well, basicallyfucking white males!¬†Until Donald Trump came along, we “Amerikaners” were stuck with candidates who spoke in the language, imagery, and tone of the usurpers.

This seismic shift in American politics, of our people finally achieving a voice, overshadows a yuuuge¬†game changer that also happened last night. The Christian conservative movement which had been a keystone of Republican politics for generations was laid to rest. Its time of death was actually the previous night, when its ill-fated champion Ted Cruz was viciously booed out of the room. But Trump’s speech which rejected the fundie language and rhetoric entirely in favor of altright language and rhetoric, followed by his blunt admission that he did not deserve the Christian conservative support he overwhelmingly received, lowered the casket into the ground and piled the dirt into the grave.

Several pundits noted shortly after Trump’s speech was leaked hours before the airing, that his speech was essentially Pat Buchanan without the religious signaling. Those who’ve been following Pat in the past several years will note that even Pat’s no longer really bothering with the religious signaling anymore. This is a profound victory for nationalism, because Christian globalism has been the single greatest threat to the West’s survival for decades. America’s silent majority of Christian family men have resoundingly rejected the politics of cuckoldry and concession championed by these Elders of Christian Zionism.

It may seem confusing at first glance that a Christian Nationalist would be cheering the defeat of Christianity in American politics by a womanizing champion of faggotry who doesn’t even know the difference between the communion plate and the collection plate. It’s not confusing at all for those who believe I’m not really a Christian. It’s all the more proof that I’m a sinister bigot running an elaborate angle who worships his race first and last. The premise, cherished by both the anti-Christian and pro-Christian right alike, is that love and stewardship of one’s extended family of ethnic kinsmen is somehow contrary to Christian dogma.

American Christianity’s leadership, including in the Catholic and Orthodox denominations which have absolutely no excuse, has fully endorsed Jewish hegemony in our domestic and foreign affairs at the direct and bloody expense of its flock. American Christianity’s leadership has grown increasingly senile, iteratively going into hysterics about rather marginal issues like gay marriage and chicks with dicks while betraying their parishioners on the issues that truly matter in their daily lives. I’m as disgusted by the mainstreaming of the degenerate and diseased underworld of traps and trannies, but they’re not a proximate threat to the livelihood, safety, and future of Christian families.

It doesn’t matter anyway. We’ve seen this song and dance before, and the timeline’s collapsing. Embracing trannies will become a keystone Christian value after the cathartic tantrum has worked itself out.

As secular as he may be, Trump’s patriarchal and stewardly love of the American people is more authentically Christian than the pharisaical betrayals and machinations of American Christianity’s soi distant “leaders.” Call him an egomaniac, but Trump’s egomaniacal belief that he’s the man to lead America to order and safety from the lobbyist and globalist wolves encircling them strikes at the rudiments of Christ’s calling of selfless stewardship in our leaders. If Trump doesn’t actually love American citizens, it’s the single greatest act of showmanship in the history of American politics.

Ted Cruz painted by the numbers, pressing the various “social issue” panic buttons to trigger the Christian Right’s support like Pavlov’s salivating dogs, repackaging what his donors wanted in a language tailored for the voters. Ever the Machiavellian schemer, Cruz gathered himself and his family away from the jeering mob as quickly as possible with the belief that he had perfectly positioned himself to be the future champion of the fundamentalist right in the wake of Trump’s inevitable doom.

But there is no future for the fundamentalist right.

Even if Trump does prove to be the disaster for America that he prays for, the White American people won’t come crawling back to Cruz and his discredited and exhausted televangelist shtick. A new generation of politics and politicians is rising to manifest the new landscape surfaced by Trump’s triumphantly civic nationalist campaign. The fundie routine of frightening Christian families into rallying to them is bankrupt because they’ve been fleeced and slaughtered every single time they sought the protection of these “Christian values” candidates.

One authentic “Christian value” is stewardship, a Christian value Americans haven’t seen in a professing Christian since Pat Buchanan’s campaigns. Much has happened since then, every last bit of it confirming the centrality of his message of stewardship and discrediting the huckster pandering come from the cosmopolitan cuckservative Christian clergy and leaders their tithes and votes have been going to for their entire lives.

I won’t play the tiresome game of accusing those who disagree with my politics of not being “true Christians.” “Christianity” doesn’t actually mean anything anymore. I’m not a “true Christian” because I’m not being charitable to Islam’s economic migrants and ISIS radicals. I’m not a “true Christian” because I reject the globalist demand that my charity pass over my neighbor and land in the outstretched hand of a sullen stranger a world away. I’m not a “true Christian” because I value and wish to preserve my extended family’s ethnic and racial heritage.


America’s clearly done with all of that sanctimonious bullshit. And “Christianity” will remain in the wilderness of American politics until it can demonstrate that it’s not hostile to the families and communities it depends on for tithes and votes. The ascent of a man lacking in Christian bonafides as a leader of America’s Christians isn’t a setback for America’s Christians. It’s a step forward, out of Ted Cruz’s cloying grasp and into those of an authentic and loving steward. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time in our history that we Christians found their political salvation in a man who’s only nominally Christian.


Ezra Pound

Excellent piece. I’d like to hear this topic covered more in depth in a podcast. I’m fascinated with the idea that the American Right is rejecting the Americanist ersatz faith of Churchianism.

Richard Peak

“Elders of Christian Zionism” correctly describes the sick and diseased beast amongst us. The “Elders” need to be purged because they are the main pillar in the Israel-first temple which needs to fall hard if we are to survive..

Andrea Ostrov Letania

The problem of America is not only diversity. It is the disconnection of power.

America was always corrupt(like any society), but there was better chance of reform in the past because white elites led white masses. White elites felt it was their duty to serve the white masses, not hurt them. Also, white elites made no secret of their power and privilege. And white masses felt as part of the system.

Now, homogeneity or relative homogeneity is no guarantee for clean society though, generally speaking, homogeneity is better than diversity. Homogeneity is a blessing.

Japan is homogeneous, but it has its own kind of corruption. Indeed, in some ways, homogeneity can make corruption worse because a sense of togetherness and tribal unity paves over a lot of the corruption as part-of-doing-business-in-our-culture.

Culture, customs, and habits can trump laws, principles, and ethics.

In certain ways, diversity can be good for cleaner government since rule of law must trump tribal norms.

One of the advantages of the US in its early period was it was MILDLY DIVERSE. There were different religious sects, Anglos, Dutch, Germans, Irish, and etc. They were different, but the thing is, they were NOT TOO different. They were different/diverse enough for Rule of Law to prevail over mere tribal, cultural, or ethnic norms. But they were similar enough — all part of Northern European stock — that they could merge and meld into one and come to trust one another. (Also, fear of Old World power and red savages also bound the different groups together.)

If mild diversity can boost Rule of Law, excessive diversity or wild diversity undermines it. Blacks can’t be part of White America. Even if they could, many blacks don’t want to be. And the increasing number of Browns sneer at white America and white culture. Also, Jews as the ruling elites fear White Power and White Interests. If Anglo-American elites of old tried to bring other Europeans(esp of Northern stock) into their fold, Jews try to keep whites with cult of shame and guilt.

If in early America, the mild diversity had the effect of favoring Rule of Law over ethnic cultural norms, the wild diversity of today undermines Rule of Law in favor of tribal power, esp as non-whites have been told that it is wrong to become part of white America.

So, there is a disconnection of power. In early America, mild diversity led to Rule of Law that connected Anglo-American elites with other white groups even if of different religious sects or ethnicity, such as Dutch or German or whatever.

But the wild diversity of today disconnects power between Jews and whites and between whites and non-whites who are surging in number, largely thanks to Jewish-driven immigration policy. And we live in homomaniacal America where the new faith is worship of holy homo and even tranny.

Since Jews are the ruling elites of America, their mindset shapes and governs much of the new reality. What is the Jewish mentality? Over time, it came to fuse centrism with peripherism. Jews have long believed that they are the chosen of God. And secular Jews came to see themselves as super-genius ubermenschowitz like Marx, Freud, and Rand. Jews have long thought they are holier. They are better. They are superior. They are smarter, more visionary, more prophetic, and etc. So, they think they are the center of everything wherever they go.

But Jews have been a peripheral minority in every society where most folks were gentile. So, Jews came to feel as both the CENTER and the PERIPHERY. And over time, the Jewish subconscious came to conflate periphery as the center since that that was the condition of their existence.

So, even though US is 98% gentile and only 2% Jewish, we make a huge deal about Hannukah, Israel, Zionism, Jewish identity, Jewish this, Jewish that. Every year, Christmas is increasingly disregarded and demoted while even white Conservative Christians eagerly say ‘Happy Hannukah’. Even white cons are loathe to say anything about white identity or interests, but they are the first to say I LOVE ISRAEL, I LOVE JEWS!

Given the fusion of centrism and peripherism in the Jewish mind, it’s no wonder that Jews came to feel close to homos. Homos also have the fusion of peripherism and centrism. This is esp true of homo men, esp Jewish homo men. Homo men have the combination of male aggression and female bitchiness/narcissism. That makes them more self-aggrandizing and self-promoting than most other groups. They are so ooh-lala, whoopity-doopity, hissy wissy, humpy-dumpy, tootchi-hootchi, and etc. Just look at George Takei aka Too Gay. He thinks he’s hot stuff and a great moral arbiter of all things because he takes penises up his ass. Jews feel a sense of camaraderie with homos who, like Jews, are part of a small minority but feel like they are the center of the cosmos.

When a peripheral community becomes vain, narcissistic, and power-mad and takes over the Core Power of Community, there will be more corruption since most of the power will be used to serve peripheral supremacism than common interest of the great majority. We see such behavior in US finance, media, academia, foreign policy, and etc. It is Jewish-Homo or Jomo madness.

The alliance of Jews and Homos is most unfortunate. This is because there is genuine value in Jewishness whereas such can’t be made for homos.

Jewish culture has depth, meaning, and profundity whereas homo culture is shallow, trivial, and campy. Now, when talented homos sublimate their tendencies and serve something of deeper and greater significance, they can do amazing things like the artists of the Renaissance. But if you allow homos to run wild as homos, they just get all teletubby on you–as well as fella-rubby.

Even though Jews were minorities in most nations, it is understandable why they felt as the center of things. After all, truth isn’t necessarily about numbers. Suppose there are 100 learned people in a world of 10,000 ignoramuses. If the 100 learned men feel they are more essential to human culture than the 10,000 morons, they would be right. Truth isn’t only about numbers. A minority could have truth on its side.

So, even though Jews were a minority, they could still feel closer to the truth and indeed be closer to the truth.

Jews came upon the most resilient formula for survival and preservation of race and culture, all the more remarkable since Jewishness is among the oldest survival cultures even in exile and with loss of homeland. So, Jews were onto some great truths about race, culture, history, and dream of territory(that was retaken in 1948).

So, Jewish centrism despite their peripheral existence sort of made sense.

But homo centrism makes no sense. Sure, key homos have played important roles in world affairs in philosophy, arts, and etc. But at the very core, homo-ness is a freakery that goes against life. Fecal penetration and lesbian-poon-grinding are mockery of sex.

Also, while Judaism is about Jewish individuals serving something bigger than themselves — God, history, culture, ancestry, legacy, etc. — , homo mentality is all about me, me, me. It’s about some fruitkin putting on a wig and dress and acting like he is a she as the most beautiful thing in the universe.

One can be moved by Heston as Moses in 10 COMMANDMENTS.

But only a degenerate society celebrates Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner as ‘woman of the year’.

So, while there is a superficial similarity between Jewishness and homo-osity, it is a very shallow one. Jewishness has roots, homo-ness does not. Jewishness fuses the the truth of life with the truth of culture. It is pud-poon-centric in appreciating the source of life. It is heart-mind-centric in understanding that humanity isn’t merely about acting like animals or Negroes and having wild sex like in the orgy scene in 1o COMMANDMENTS or the Dudley Moore movie 1o where some short Jewish guy has the hots for a shikse with negress hairbraid. Jewishness emphasizes the biology of life but also the need for moral regulation of that biology.

In contrast, homo-ness is a biological fraud. Homomania would have us believe that a homo’s bungy is just as legit a sex organ as a woman’s vagina. It would have us believe that a poon can have ‘sex’ with another poon. Using this logic, if someone sticks his finger into another person’s belly-button, is that sex too? If an anus is a ‘sex organ’, why not a finger and belly button? Hey, finger-belly ‘sex’. And if someone licks that finger, it’s a new kind of ‘blowjob’. And if he licks his own finger, it’s a self-blow.

Homosexuality is a natural abnormality. Some are born with such tendency, and we should recognize that fact. But it is a freakery of nature that violates the laws of nature.

But homos say homo-ness is the New Normal, and we should not only say homo acts are wonderful but it’s miraculous like the rainbow. This is sick.

And because homos are out-of-control in their butt-bang-orgies, they have little use for morality. They don’t want to be governed by moral sense. Their demand for ‘gay marriage’ has nothing to do with morality. Instead of homos respecting true morality of real-sexuals, homos in their peripheri-centrist madness have demanded that morality bend over to homo narcissism. This has made a total mockery of true morality. It’d be like incest-sexuals demanding that morality be bent to praise and honor incest as the Next New Normal.

Also, consider the difference between Judaism and Homomania when it come to spirituality. According to Jewishness, Jews must worship and serve God. God may bless the Jews and do them some favors, but Jews must live for God, not vice versa. So, when Jews go against God, Jews must apologize.

But homos think god must serve homos. They think god should bless even homo fecal penetration because… uh… homos like to do that stuff. They think Jesus should be revised as having died on the Cross because he wanted to see ‘gay marriage’ legalized one day. They think god should bless a man who cuts off his whanker and gets a fake pooter(or cooter as some would say).

The Jewish-Homo alliance may be advantageous to Jews in the short run, but it has befouled Jewishness for all time… that is unless the Orthodox Jewish community takes hold and denounces and ends this alliance for good.

Not all peripheri-centrism have the same value. Jewishness has value, Homomania does not(though homos as talented individuals have value). Homos would do best by accepting their homo-ness without forcing society to praise and celebrate it as some gift from god or something to do with pride. Homos are so vain and demanding that they’ve turned ‘gay’ and ‘pride’ into purely homo terms.

Why not go all the way and call ‘gay parade’ the holy parade. Maybe Homos can own ‘holy’ too. This homomania is secular-in-name-only or SINO. After all, homos are eagerly applying pressure on churches to fly homo flags and say that ‘god loves sodom’. Homomania is a quasi-religious movement, one promoted by Jews to be the substitute for Christianity. After all, if ‘gay rights’ is purely a secular thing, why are EU nations forcing even churches to officiate over ‘gay weddings’?

To illustrate that not all peripheri-centrisms are the same, consider the following scenario.

Suppose there is a community of Christians who are into Creationism

Suppose they constitute the solid majority.

But there are two minority communities.

There is the Darwinist community and Lamarckian community.

Both are minority communities, and both feel they are right about how life came to be.

Both are, as yet, peripheral, but both feel they are closer to the Center of Truth.

But whereas the Darwinists are right, Lamarckians are not.

So, while Darwinism as peripheri-centrism has value, Lamarckianism does not.

But suppose some Darwinists come to value their position as peripheri-centrists so much that they form an alliance with Lamarckians. Well, it may strengthen the hand of peripheri-centrism, but it has hurt the cause of real science by associating Darwinism with Lamarckianism.


Richard Peak

Many Jews are, indeed, homosexual. The nearest thing we have to white elites, these days, are people such as Edward Snowden, who was an elite in the intelligence community and spilled the beans on NSA/CIA shenanigans. The likes of a Charles Lindburgh are long gone, now.

J.j. Cintia

I still consider myself a Christian and believe and trust God, but these foul churches are about as Christian as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Their candy coated sugary claims of charity and altruism is nothing but a sugary coating of saccharin sentimentality hiding greed, corruption and sexual degeneracy. That huge child molestation scandal in the Roman “Catholic” Church showed the world how fake and phony this new and improved pop culture churchianism really is in reality. Like the Jim and Tammy Bakker, and Jimmy Swaggert meltdowns of the 700 Club Televangelists, these fake church people are 99 and 44/100ths Venal Sin with some pious feel-good fillers to sweeten it for the gullible rubes.
These materialistic clowns have jettisoned any metaphysical moral or ethical material for sing song kumbaya hippie dippie social signalling circle jerks. That old poop with the funny hat in Rome is a Jesuit heretic whose new sermons are global warming and social “justice”. They can take that crap and stick it up their ass sideways. They’d probably enjoy it too.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Latinos are okay… if we end immigration now.

If not, SW will just become an extension of Mexico. In fact, much of it already is. And it’s not a pretty picture.

As for East Asians, they will just go with the prevailing power. Lacking a strong identity, EA’s are more white bread than white bread. Notice that some EA’s become staunch conservatives and wanna be honorary whites while other EA’s become staunch proggies and wanna be honorary Jewish, homo, or Negro.

Hindus are somewhat different. They are wily. And as India still has a big birthrate and is about to overtake China, the future of Asian community in US will be dominated by the Hindots. India says it plans to export 300 million dotters. I mean that is like the whole of US population. And even after the 300 million dotters have emigrated, India will have more babies and produce 300 million surplus kids in two decades and they too emigrate. So, US has to watch out for the dotters.

East Asians are the servile race. Their personality isn’t much different from that of Mexers who are of Mongoid origin. Mexers are happy to keep head low and say ‘si senor’. It’s like the scene in PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID. Billy tells an old Mexer to bring him a Mexer, and the Mexer just smiles and obeys.

East Asians have strong identity ONLY when they are in a homogeneous and united nation. Outside Asia, they are servile ants to the Power. Mexer peasant class are the same way. But there are now SO MANY Mexers in SW that they are forming a political power base. Even so, it is pretty lackluster given the numbers. It goes to show that Mexers still wanna follow than lead.

As for Muslims, I don’t see them as any threat at all in the US. In EU, yes. Too many of them there. But there will never be enough Muslims in the US to cause problems other than the occasional terrorist bombing that will kill a handful, as in Boston by the Bomb Bros.

But there is the Negroes. But then, Negroes were here for a long time. America’s biggest sin is bringing Negroes, the most dangerous race, over here.

Diversity is a double-edged sword. It poses a demographic challenge to white power. But diversity-via-immigration serves as buffer between whites and blacks. And if reparations must be paid, having a large immigrant population places the burden on the newcomers. They will be taxed to give free stuff to Negroes.

(Truly troubling is the huge immigration from black Africa into US and to EU. Blacks are trouble. Worst of all, they will kick white boys’ butts and steal white girls’ wombs.)

But white elites gain more from Diversity than white working class do.

White elites and white affluent will remain above the Diversity. Diversity will be working for them and serve as buffer between them and the nasty Negroes.

But for white working class, they will lose to competition to immigrants and end up with the Negroes, with the boys getting whupped by Negroes and the white girls giving their wombs to Negroes to hatch mulatto babies.

So, Diversity is good for white elite privilege/supremacism, but it’s not bad for white working class. Ironically, white elites who gain most from diversity accuse white working class for ‘white supremacism’. Those who enjoy white privilege as a form of defacto white supremacism accuse white working class who face a future of inferiority–mocked by that slimeball Fareed Zikavirus–are called a bunch of Nazis.

Anyway, there is more than one white America. If you part of White Affluent America, you have more to gain from diversity. More nannies. More immigrant women as mistresses, girlfriends, or wives. More docile labor. More buffer between yourselves and the ghastly Negroes.

But if you’re Struggling White America, more immigration means more competition for you. Lower wages and more chance that you will end up living next to Negroes who will beat up white boys and steal white girls.

Also, there is the culture of debasement of tattoos, mainstream-ization of porn that we now see even in Disney products, piercing, stupidity, childishness, fatassedness, and etc.

Privileged whites got fat assets, and poor whites got fat asses and not much else(unless we count tattoos on those asses).

Anyway, I hear that Iran is only 50% Persian, but there is still a strong sense of Persian-ness among the Farsical folks there.

So, maybe that is the future of America.

What US needs is the development of a New White Elite.

All societies need elites. Masses cannot rule themselves. They need to be led.

Look at the Civil Rights Movement. While Negroes wanted justice and equality for a long time, the movement came about due to leadership, organization, and managements. Jews and people like MLK played a huge part. Without such a movement, Negroes would have just munched on melon and chicken and drowned their sorrow with ripple.

So, unless there is the elite to lead the movement or cause, the masses will go nowhere. Most people are like herd of cattle. Unless there is a cowboy to lead them to pasture, they won’t know where to go. It’s like Jews needed Moses to lead them to the Promised Land of Milk and Money?

The problem for whites is that the white elites have been co-opted by the globalists. So, white elites don’t lead white folks. Without leadership, white masses are sinking in morass of confusion and even suffering from White Death.

Current white elites are collaborator-traitors, not unlike the comprador collaborator-elites among Hindus and Chinese who served the foreign imperialists.

India was on the road of independence ONLY WHEN a new alt-hindu elite rose to lead the native masses than serve the foreign British imperialists. Same with Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam. Ho decided to lead the masses than serve the French. Same with Castro. Castro decided to lead the Cubanos than serve the Hyman Roths of the world.

The main role of the so-called Alt Right must be to create a new white elite, one that represents, expresses, serves, and leads the aspirations, interests, and concerns of white folks as a racial, cultural, historical, and territorial(and even spiritual) community.

Such elite once existed but vanished as the white elites of both parties turned into comprador cuck-collaborators. The cuckerals and cuckservatives.

Now, if the current white elites were to wake up, gain racial/cultural consciousness, and represent & lead the white masses, there is no need for Alt Right. But it seems hopeless to expect the current white elite to play that role. They got too much to lose. They’ve gained so much wealth and privilege as comprador-cucks to the Globalists.

So, if white people need leadership, Alt Right must form a new elite. Since Alt Right lacks for money, it must rely on imagination, inspiration, creativity, and etc. like Fidel Castro and Ho did.

Unless this new elite is created, there is no future for white power as a unified force.

There will just be fractured bits and piece of white America. It’s like Germany was fractured into so many principalities until Bismarck came along to unify the Germanics into one people. White America needs its Garibaldi who can unite the fragments into a whole. It’s like China went into the Warlords era after the fall of the Republic until the KMT under Chiang began to piece it together again.

America is one country geographically, but there are too many white Americas that are fractured, and of course, the globalists want it that way since they hate the idea of a united White America. White America is only united in worship of Israel and holy Jews, worship of MLK culture, and now maybe even homo-worship. White America is NOT united on any sense of white identity or white interests.

Again, the masses cannot do anything without leadership. No Gandhi and Nehru, no India movement toward independence. No Ho and Castro, no movement for kicking out the imperialists.

Unfortunately, the West has ‘leaders’ like Merkel, Holland, Cameron, May, and etc.

In the EU, Orban of Hungary and the Polacks are showing some sense of national leadership. They are to their own nations what Netanyahu is for Israel.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

During the Cold War when Stalin swallowed all of Eastern Europe and when US spies were sending him atomic secrets, Jewish-Americans said there was ‘anti-communist hysteria’ and ‘anti-communist paranoia’. They mocked the whole thing.

These days, Russia minds its own business and wants to trade with the world, but Jews give us this wild hysteria and paranoia about Putin as Hitler and Russia trying to invade all of EU because… Russia doesn’t allow homo parades?

It goes to show that it’s all ethnic-conscious.

Since many Jews were on the radical left during the Cold War, Jewish-Americans spun a narrative of anti-communists as the hysterical paranoids.

Today, since Jews totally control the US and see Russia as a nation of gentile nationalism, they get all hysterical and try to scaremonger us with lurid tales of imminent invasion of EU from Russia.


ps mike

I live in southern California. I am 47. I was a Ron Paul libertarian ending with his defeat in 2012. I discovered the Daily Stormer in 2014 and became instantly hooked. My big barrier to “WN” was and is economics. Too many whites are dependent on ZOG for their income, and that will never change until ZOG dies. WN teaches that “demographics is destiny”, which I now fully agree with. California is now only 35% white, or so I’ve been told.

So where the fuck does that leave me, really? More and more I see dwelling in endless ideology as mental torture(for me), because I am left with no ground game in my personal situation. I monitor tea party, far left, and veterans groups for their political leanings, and guess what, they are all in agreement with WN, whether they know it or not, that globalism and corporate power over people, are the biggest enemy of them all.

The way I woke up feeling today, is that the only way to get any power at all, is to accept that the political left is the only real politcal vehicle in California at all. Join it, maybe, I don’t know, again, this is how I woke up today, and fight like hell to gain power from within, and divide and conquer it by feeding the element of anti-semitism that only marginally exists there.

Looking at it from the point of view of an actual “ground game”, am I wrong?

ps mike

I’ll just add that the tea party republican, Tim Donnelly, who just lost for congress, has virtually disappeared from his once active FB page. It’s as if he even now accepts that “demographics is destiny” and he let his followers know that he is leaving politics. NO CHANCE OF EVER WINNING. He knows, we all know here in California.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

White folks must not despair.

There is power in unity and organization.

Progs say whites are FINISHED because whites will lose majority status.

But blacks are only 13% but got lots of power.

Jews are 2% but got lots of power. In fact, they rule America.

Homos are 2% but have lots of power.

Why? They are united and for identity and power.

Look at Latin America. Whites are minority in most of them but they got the power and wealth. They are better organized and smarter.

Whites in America got lazy and complacent cuz they could always take their power-by-number for granted.

Whites need to look to a new kind of power as they can no longer just rely on numbers. Learn from white elites in Latin America. Learn from Jews. Learn from homos and blacks.

You don’t need majority status to have lots of power.

Be like the Jew.


Homos go by the label ‘gay’. They don’t like to be called homo.

And Alt Right use ‘fash’ for ‘fascist’.

Maybe we should call ‘racist’ just ‘ray’.

We are RAY. It sounds sorta cool.

Don’t just Fash the Nation.



Andrea Ostrov Letania

Jews are very smart when it comes to politics and morality.

Politics is important, but even more so is the possessing the moral high ground, especially in the modern West.

Politics is about power, but raw power isn’t enough. Power has to be justified.

Since the beginning of history, those with raw power(military class) made an alliance with the clerical class. Thus, the power of might became associated with moral/spiritual righteousness.

Without such ‘blessing’, power would only be about brutish might, about fear and intimidation.

Such power could last only as long as one had the arms and loyal soldiers. Such power would not be based on real respect, admiration, and etc.

This is why the dynastic power of the First Emperor of China was short-lived. He was all about fearsome power. He killed the Confucian scholars. His domain ruled by might and intimidation. And fright. Same can be said for Assyrians. They just ruled by terror and might. They were ruthless buggers, just like the later Huns. Huns rampaged and struck fear into the hearts of everyone. But there was no respect among those they conquered.

In contrast, moral power means you don’t have to have the power of arms and might. Just the power of the word. And the power of word is especially effective in the Modern World where one is protected by Rule of Law and especially if one controls the Academia and Media(news and entertainment). The Rule of Law means that the military cannot suddenly move against you if you insult them and make aggressive moral claims. And control of media means that your righteous narrative comes to prevail over all.

So, without firing a shot, Jews took over America. In the Russian Revolution, Jews had to take power through power of arms since there wasn’t much in the way of Rule of Law in autocratic or weak-parliamentary Russia, especially during Wartime. In the US, as Jews were protected by Anglo-American Rule of Law, they could make aggressive moral claims against Wasps and still be protected by law. And the military couldn’t move against them. Also, as Jews took over media and academia, their vision of history and morality and justice gain dominance.

While white southern conservatives joined the military, Jews joined the academia, media, courts, and etc. And with their power of finance and economics, they were poised to take over the elite institutions. In the US, due to Rule of Law, the military must take orders from those with control over the word. Word orders the Sword.

Jews mastered the Word while white southerners were mastering the sword.

In a barbarian world or Leviathan world, the Sword has rule over the Word.

Under Rule of Law, Word has rule over the Sword.

But even Rule of Law wasn’t enough for Jewish dominance. After all, Law is supposed to be ‘blind’. It is not supposed to play favorites. It is supposed to be equal for all individuals. So, even as Rule of Law protected Jewish freedom and rights, it didn’t necessarily favor the Jews. After all, Rule of Law even protects the rights of KKK and Nation of Islam.

For Jews to gain favoritism in the American system, they had to become sacralized while making their rivals demonized.

Jews had to be promoted as a holy people while white gentiles were to be demoted as a wicked people… not least because they had done wrong to the holy Jews. So, the ONLY way whites could gain any redemption was by being servile to the holy Jews and making amends for… ever and ever and ever and ever.

So, Jewish success and power depend not only money and might. Such are great assets but don’t justify the power. For the power to be justified and blessed, it has to be morally and spiritually sanctified while the power of the rivals must be demonized and cursed.

Consider. The reason why Americans can freely badmouth Saudi power, Chinese power, Iranian power, and Russian power is because they are not sacralized in the Western Narrative. If a rich and powerful man was only seen as rich and powerful, he might be an object of admiration and/or envy, but he wouldn’t necessarily be seen as good and righteous.

Because Jews are the most powerful and richest people, they are the natural targets of envy, resentment, suspicion, hostility, distrust, and righteous anger(as the rich and powerful have more means to harm the world). 1% vs the 99%.

So, to protect themselves from criticism and competition, Jews have been dogged in their use of the art of sacralization and vilification. While Rule of Law protects Jewish freedom, rights, and property, it doesn’t protect Jews from criticism, rivalry, accusation, and moral condemnation. After all, Rule of Law guarantees freedom of speech for all, even for ‘anti-semites’ like David Duke.

In order for Jews to silence critics and rivals, they must pervert the ‘blind’ Rule of Law as in the EU & Canada and effectively criminalize anti-Jewish speech(while allowing Jews to criticize, berate, and condemn native white gentiles).

As freedom of speech is still protected by law in the US, Jews rely on the sacralization of their own identity & narrative and on the demonization of their perceived rivals and enemies to maximize their own power.

With such taboos, it has been nearly impossible for anyone in mainstream channels to criticize or challenge Jewish power. In America, Jewishness = holiness. Badmouthing Jewishness is like sacrilege against God.

Such being the case, it has been easy for Jews to destroy anyone just by pointing finger and saying ‘anti-semite’ and ‘racist’. Of course, Jews have morally paralyzed whites not only by sacralizing the Holocaust but even black slavery. Also, the Narrative says ALL WHITES must carry the burden of ‘white guilt’ for both Holocaust and Slavery. So, even Swedes and Greeks are responsible for the Holocaust and even recent Polish immigrants in the US are guilty of black slavery.

But then, it is great for Jewish power. If Jews only targeted Germans with the Holocaust and only targeted southern whites for slavery, it was be less effective as tool against all white gentiles. It is no wonder that Jews erect Holocaust Memorials even in nations that bear NO HISTORICAL GUILT for it whatsoever.

The Power of Word is most effective when one side sacralized while the other side(s) is demonized. After all, if Jews and White Christians are equally sacralized, both would feel equally righteous and morally proud. For Jews to have the advantage, they must own sacralization while the other side is smeared with demonization. (Jews now say that the ONLY WAY Christians can be half-way redeemed is by turning over their churches to homomania. So, Christians must adopt cultural decadence to be holy. It is like telling Alcoholics Anonymous that it must serve beer to be good.)

Because Jews are sacralized as the holy people historically victimized by white Christians and the Holocaust, they are to be revered, respected, and worshiped. Because white gentiles have been tagged with ‘antisemitism’, ‘racism’, imperialism(never mind Jewish money funded much of Western imperialism), slave trade(never minds Jews played a role in this too), and etc. they are to be reviled, condemned, and dragged through the mud.

Jews invoke historical justice to promote their Narrative, but it’s really about political control over their rivals. After all, Jews are always far more sensitive of the injustice of their enemies and rivals than their allies. We don’t see Jews get too tough on Saudi Arabia since it is a defacto ally of Israel. It really comes down to Moral Machiaveillianism.

One of the things Jews FEAR MOST is the loss of moral righteousness. It is that Moral Card that allows Jews to get away with so much without facing criticism. As long as Jews are the holy people and white gentiles are the cursed people, the latter must serve the Jews just like sinful flock is supposed to serve God.

I would argue that the MAIN REASON for Jewish hysteria about McCarthyism was not that things were really so bad at the time. They weren’t. Sure, some people got blacklisted but same happened to many during WWII when a whole bunch of suspected Nazi sympathizers were blacklisted or worse. Furthermore, there was the mass-‘internment’ of the Japanese, something Jewish Liberals were quiet about.

The reason why Jews got so alarmed about McCarthyism and anti-communism is that they knew very well that, despite McCarthyite excesses, there were lots of evidence that a whole bunch of radical and fellow-traveling Jews had aided and abetted Stalin’s Empire. These agents went so far as to give Stalin, the killer of millions and occupier of Eastern Europe, the secrets to the atomic bomb. That means Jews = involvement in Communism… and that opens up a whole new cans of worms about Jewish communist role in the mass killings and destruction in the USSR. In other words, before Nazis did horrible things, European Jews had aided Stalin in doing horrible things that were comparable to Nazi crimes.

Jews would have us believe that McCarthyism was terrifying cuz… uh… some folk singers and Hollywood writers were blacklisted for a few yrs. (These same Jews were silent about people actually being tortured and shot in Stalin’s empire.)

In truth, Jews were terrified of McCarthyism because anti-communism had the power(if used intelligently) to take away Moral Sanctimony from the then-developing Jewish Narrative of Jewish Holiness. Anti-communism could connect Jews with communism. As WWII was over and The Cold War pitted US vs USSR, this was bad position for Jews to be in. So, Jews really shat when anti-communism became a huge issue. (If McCarthy had been smarter, he wouldn’t have gone after the US military, thereby making Eisenhower turn on him. Going after the military was like Hitler going into Russia. McCarthy got over-ambitious and met his waterloo.)

Because the anti-communist narrative put Jews on the moral defensive(as participants and agents of murderous tyrannical communism), Jews got extremely hysterical in using all their academic, media, and institutional firepower to revere the dynamics and force the anti-communists on the moral defensive as ‘hysterics’, ‘paranoids’, ‘fanatics’, ‘rabid and virulent’, ‘anti-civil liberties’, and etc.

This is funny since Jewish communists had no use for civil liberties. After all, they were aiding Stalin. And they would eventually cook up PC to silence people with all sorts of accusations. And American Jews fully support EU Laws that silence ‘hate speech’ that is decided by powers-that-be which is the GLOB.

Ironically, the Jewish Liberal Narrative made anti-communists out to be ‘anti-American’ while making the Jewish communists and fellow-travelers as ‘all-American’ for having stood their ground in the name of US constitution protecting free speech and right of association. So, the commies were the ‘patriots’ while anti-communists were the ‘traitors’. (Using this logic, KKK members who invoke the Constitution to protect their own free speech should be hailed as the greatest patriots.)

Negative association of Jewish Power with Communist Tyranny could have neutralized or at least balanced out the positive association of Jewish Power with the Holocaust. The former would have demonized Jews as the latter would have sacralized Jews. So, Jews would be objects of sympathy but also objects of suspicion. Sure, Jews suffered horribly in WWII, but when they had the power in the USSR they did horrible things too.

That way, Americans could have sympathized with Jews where such was deserving but also could have been judgmental where Jews did wrong. But because there was only sacralization of Jews while demonization was totally suppressed(by making ‘anti-communists’ out to be the bad guys while making Jewish radicals and fellow-agents out to be ‘patriotic’ Americans), there never developed any effective challenge or counterweight to Jewish power that grew and grew.

If there had been the balance of demonization and vilification, we might today look upon Jews the way we look upon Chinese or Russians. We know Chinese suffered horribly under Japanese invasion, and we can sympathize with that. But sacralization of Chinese victimhood during WWII doesn’t negate our vilification of them during the Mao era when Chinese acted totally nuts.

Likewise, we can sympathize with Russian suffering and sacrifices during WWII. By some accts, 25 million Russians(or Soviets) died. But such sacralization doesn’t preclude our demonization of Russian craziness under Stalinism. So, we can see the noble side and the wicked side of Russians.

But because Jews have only pushed sacralization of Jews while suppressing any demonization of Jews, we can never accuse or challenge Jewish power.

When we see a Russian oligarch or Chinese oligarch, we can say ‘Look at that rich Russian a**hole’ or ‘Look at that rich Chinese a**hole’. But when we see a Jewish oligarch, we aren’t allowed to think in terms of ‘Look at that rich Jewish a**hole.’ We must defer to him as a holy Holocaust person. So, all the Jewish money, influence, and connections(and all their bad corrupt deeds) become sanctified and protected. It has a shield around it like the transparent shield in PHANTOM MENACE.

Anyway, the Lesson of Power is that the Power of Money and Sword isn’t enough. Power of money is just greed and cleverness, of wit and cleverness. It may be impressive but doesn’t win reverence.

Power of Sword is thug power or barbarian power. It can be badass or awesome, but it isn’t different from the power of a cage fighter, a bull, a lion, a bear, or Big Boss Man. It is power of brawn.

Combine wit and brawn, and you get gangsterism. Gangsters may have some glamour, but their power is not righteous. It isn’t holy. The Corleones are fun to watch, but they have no moral justification.

In contrast, Moral Power means the power to accuse, condemn, and judge others. It means the king-of-the-hill to preach your sermon on the mount. It is the power of MLK myth, the Mandela cult, the Elie Wiesel show.

Granted, the power of word without money and sword doesn’t go very far. Dalai Lama is respected as a Man of Word, but China has the guns and money.

But when a people have control of Money, Sword, and the Word, that is real power.

So, given the nature of Jewish power, the thing for counter-semites to do is demonize Jewish history the way Jews have demonized white gentile history. Dig up all the bad things Jews have done. Of course, Jews have rigged the game so that when a Jew digs up bad stuff about white history, that is just research and scholarship, but when a white gentile digs up bad stuff about Jewish history, that is ‘antisemitism’.

But white gentiles must push at this until the demonization of Jews balances out the sacralization of Jews.

Now, neither demonization nor sacralization should be eternalist or permanentist. In order words, if Jews did some bad shit in some time in history, it mustn’t reflect on all Jews at all times. But by the same token, if Jews suffered tragically in some time in history, it shouldn’t reflect on all Jews at all times. So, Jews shouldn’t be condemned for communism forever wherever there are Jews. But neither should Jews invoke Holocaust to protect themselves as holy victims from criticism forever. But this must apply to white gentiles too.

All peoples have their demon-histories and holy-histories. Sometimes, both are tied together. Much of what Japan did in WWII made it a demon nation. But the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had a ‘sacral’ effect at least on the innocents who died there.



Very good article, should be reprinted.

Useless to push Trump or speak against Cruz here in Colorado (I’m in Focus on the Familyville). I honestly am at a loss to explain it, I simply don’t know a single person who has so much as said a positive word on Trump. Conservative evangelicals (most of the people I know incl military–!!!) have said things like they’d rather not vote for Trump even if it means a Hillary Clinton victory.

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