Rick Tyler for Congress

The Traditionalist Worker Party is pleased to announce its first political endorsement. We fully endorse and support independent politician Rick Tyler’s campaign for Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district. While our original vision calls for developing and supporting local political candidates and working up from there, Mr. Tyler’s rigorously nationalist, pro-White, America First campaign for United States Congress presents an unexpected opportunity to achieve a national impact in our party’s first election cycle.

Mr. Tyler’s ideological bonafides include decades of anti-Communist and patriotic public work. His campaign slogan, “Make America White Again,” confirms that he’s fully committed to making a stand against the demographic challenge to America’s founding identity. He’s a successful businessman with the resources, strong family, and deep community support to genuinely challenge the cuckservative incumbent Chuck Fleischmann for the hearts and minds of Tennessee’s besieged voters.

After Matthew Heimbach’s encouraging interview of him on his Daily Traditionalist podcast, we resolved to make a day trip down to his district to meet him in person and learn more about his plans. We were not only impressed with him, we were impressed with the team he’s assembling. We spent several hours discussing retail politics, big picture strategy, and ideas with him and his team, all of whom are young men and women who are firmly alt-right and nationalist true believers.

He gets it. His team gets it. We look forward to helping him and his team demonstrate the resonance of our message, the strength of our growing movement, and the corruption and hypocrisy of our status quo opponent. With his electrifying message and our rapidly growing party’s support, Mr. Tyler’s not only capable of spoiling the campaign to unseat the Republican incumbent (which would be a tremendous victory), he’s capable of winning it outright and taking our message to Washington.

We call on patriotic nationalists from both within the district and far beyond to join us on July 30th at a kick-off rally for the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign. The exact location, somewhere in the Greater Chattanooga area, is yet to be decided. But it will be an opportunity for dozens of organizations and hundreds of conservatives and nationalists to unite together on the ground floor of a campaign which will herald a new chapter in American politics.


Charles Edward Lincoln, III

I endorse this endorsement! I had already subscribed to Rick Tyler for Congress. Count me in 100% for Rick Tyler. I haven’t felt this optimistic about any candidate in a long time. Just Remember: being pro-white does not mean we can ever be unfair or unjust to non-whites. Segregation is the best solution for everyone, of all races, and we need to make this a key element of all our advocacy.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

So, you’re just a self-appointed leftist liberal spy who infiltrates and observes all us crazy right-wingers who long for a restoration of the America into which we, our parents, and grandparents were born, because we feel the pain of our children being recast (re-caste? stripped of their caste?) as second or third class citizens in the country that should have been so much better for them than it was even for us? I am aware that some such spies are actually paid to be observers and cackling ravens on the Churchyard fence. Are you one of THOSE? Amen is a refuge for those of us who are chronically or perhaps genetically programed to be politically incorrect? Why don’t you go somewhere and play with one of YOUR kind?

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