Race War: Saletan Calls for Team White to Surrender

July 11, 2016

(((William Saletan’s))) recent Slate article, “There is a war over race in America; but it’s not Whites vs. Blacks,” is an attempt to reframe the escalating racial tension into a saccharine little moral dichotomy between the vicious forces of evil attempting to divide us all with violence and the saintly forces of multiculturalism working to bring us all together for peace. What’s actually going on is that integration is bringing violence, with those forcing us all together responsible for instigating the bloodshed. Those of us working to “divide America” are the true peacemakers, as this marriage is irreconcilable.

A separate peace is the only possible peace.

The moral equivalence Saletan offers is between the Blacks who are killing Whites for racial reasons all across America with Dylann Roof. The fact that he needs to reach back a few hours to find the latest anti-White hate crime and a year or so to find something equivalent on the flip-side overshadows his entire point from the outset. White Americans are emphatically not the problem here. Obviously, intuitively, statistically, factually, we are the victims of a violent Black uprising that we have no power to stop with yet more apologies and concessions.

If the past two Obama Administrations’ worth of apologies, concessions, wealth transfers, and judicial activism haven’t appeased Black Americans, then a lack of appeasement is not the problem. If Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, Fair Housing, open borders, birthright citizenship, and the myriad other reparations programs and processes baked into our society aren’t enough, then it’s time to give up. White America can’t afford to double down on trying to make this godawful social experiment work because White America can’t breathe, either, at this point.

In Saletan’s fevered Jewish imagination, the fact that David Duke is calling attention to anti-White violence is proof positive that calling attention to anti-White violence is wicked.

Hours after a sniper gunned down five law enforcement officers in Dallas—claiming, according to police, that “he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers”—no one was crowing louder than David Duke. “All I warned about, sorry to say, is now happening,” the former Klansman tweeted. “There is war against Whites in America. A war of hate, racism, and violence against us!” Duke circulated tweets by people who used the phrase “black lives matter” and celebrated the shootings.

Disregard the fact that Duke’s brief tenure in the Klan was marked by an ambitious attempt to reform it into a peaceful civil rights network for White families which wore suits and ties instead of robes. Disregard the fact that I am a middle-aged man with some gray hairs and was born several years after Dr. Duke renounced his involvement with the Klan. Disregard the fact that Dr. Duke has never promoted violence and flatly rejects both racial hatred and racial supremacy.

I would say that the moral test for Whites is weighted steeply, but it’s actually more of a pass/fail thing. When you’re pro-White, the Jewish “ethicist” will reach back decades, burrow into links to people who are linked to people, and just flat-out make shit up in order to confirm your villainy. If you’re anti-White, you’re a man of great virtue regardless of the wasteland of infidelity, rape, violent crime, corruption, and bombs you’ve left in your wake.

Saletan is posing as a sober and neutral arbiter of this situation while promoting an agenda which is nothing short of genocidally opposed to my people, the modus operandi his people have employed for generations.

They’re on the same team: the race war team. It’s a lot like the global struggle over jihadism, in which Muslims who hate Christians collaborate, in effect, with Christians who hate Muslims. In the case of jihadism, the real struggle isn’t between two religions. It’s between people who want religious war and people who don’t. The same is true of race: Either you’re on the race war team, or you’re against it.

Saletan’s on the race war team, as well. He’s merely more cryptic about it than we are. His people are proud to boast that they created this racial mess. Ask a Jew about their involvement in the “civil rights” movement. Ask a Jew about their involvement in open borders immigration legislation. Ask a Jew about their commitment to multiculturalism, integrated neighborhoods and schools, and financing the Black Lives Matter movement. The Jew is like a neighbor who sabotages your car, then saunters over to give you bad advice while you’re trying to repair it.

Roof’s manifesto echoed the ideas of Anders Behring Breivik, a white Christian nationalist who massacred 77 people in Norway five years ago.

Nearly a dozen separate Black men have killed or tried to kill White people for being White in the past week alone, and Saletan must reach over five years back and onto a different continent for his second morally equivalent White guy he requires to construct his argument.

The insidious thing about his argument is that it’s actually the argument for more violence, more destruction, and even more police shootings of Blacks. Saletan’s argument for even more forced integration is manifest in Obama’s call for federalizing America’s police force. Implicit within the argument for federalization are two premises; the first being that there’s anti-Black corruption at the local level which the federal government will be able to phase out. The second premise is that the police themselves require more diversity, even more alienation from the communities they’re policing.

Localizing the police force is the best way to ensure that the officer who pulls you over shares your identity, humanizes you, and understands your body language. If you’re a Black man in a Black community, you’ll generally get a Black cop and vice-versa. While there’s no substantial evidence of systemic racism by White officers against Blacks, adopting a localist policy of having the police force mirror the community works to remove race from the equation. Stop the hating by separating.

Not that we get to have any constructive alternatives. Saletan’s instincts aren’t to resolve this problem, but to attack his ancient nemesis, the dreaded White Christian patriarchy. And perhaps that’s for the best. While a handful of Whites will be gullible enough to fall for his bogus argument for doubling down on toxic diversity, next to none of the Blacks who are working to polarize will heed his call for surrender. Black Lives Matter, Black Twitter, and the Black community believe they have momentum with their current strategy and will escalate it until they’re either decisively defeated or there are no Whites left to attack.

What we need is for the cold and encrypted race war which has been waged against Whites for generations to spill out into the light of day so White Americans can realize what’s happening. My people absolutely do benefit from this war becoming hot, because for too many decades the White victims of anti-White policies and prejudices have suffered and died quietly and in vain. And when White America does realize it’s under attack, I pray that they do the deep research and retain the clarity necessary to realize that while Black America may be set up as our opponents, they are not the enemy.

Saletan’s vast and powerful global network of Jewish Supremacists are the final boss in this very ancient and ongoing conflict.

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