Nice Attack Aftermath: New York Times Whines about the ‘Far Right’

The (((New York Times))) is kvetching about how the most recent terror attack will likely fuel more nationalism.

The devastating attack in Nice, carried out by a Tunisian man living in France, came at a moment of political ferment in Europe and seems likely to give even more fuel to anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim movements that are challenging established parties across the region.

Given that the neoliberals who are complaining about this are the same people who are endorsing the open borders policies which make Europe so vulnerable to terrorism, they’re a bit like an arsonist complaining that somebody’s going to call the fire department.

The third major attack in France in 17 months — a murderous truck ride by a disturbed loner claimed by the Islamic State as a “soldier” in its war on the West — was used by far-right movements and anti-immigration, populist parties within the political mainstream as fodder for their arguments that Islam poses a mortal danger to European societies.

It wasn’t a “murderous truck ride,” it was a heinous military act of mass murder. They’re implying with their weasel words here that his being “disturbed” was the true cause of his rampage, rather than his Islamic radicalism. They can barely even bring themselves to admit that the terrorism is going on, yet they’re surprised that people are taking them less seriously and looking for leadership elsewhere.

Curbing immigration, a rallying call for Britons who voted last month to leave the European Union, as well as for many supporters of Donald J. Trump in the United States, is the answer, they suggested.

Given that absolutely all of the Muslim terrorists are immigrants or immediate offspring of immigrants residing in immigrant ghettos, slowing immigration seems like it ought to perhaps be part of the conversation, right? Heck, even the lone non-Muslim terrorist, Anders Brievik, directly named Islam, immigration, and Islamic immigration as his motives for waging terror. The elite-imposed taboo against questioning open borders is powerful, but social shaming only goes so far.

Steadily, one-by-one, people are waking up.

“It adds to the idea that the established parties are not in control and that we are under threat,” Mr. Leonard added. “It adds, too, to this general sense that rather than transforming the world around us, Europe is being transformed by globalization, and by people coming in and posing a threat.”

“This idea”??? Are the establishment parties actually in control of the situation? Are Europeans not under threat? The delusion and detachment are palpable.

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center showed that the refugee crisis and the threat of terrorism were becoming intertwined in the minds of many Europeans.

D’ya think?

In eight of the 10 European nations covered, more than half of those surveyed said they believed that the presence of refugees — mostly from Syria, Iraq and other poor and war-torn Muslim nations — increased the likelihood of terrorism in their country.

Importing millions of people directly from the heartlands of Islamic terrorism would will at least somewhat increase the likelihood of terrorism, right? Importing Italians will increase the likelihood of pizza parlors. Not all Italians run pizza parlors, but if you flood your country with Italians, you should probably expect more pizza.

Even if Mr. Hofer does not prevail, his Freedom party is still No. 1 in opinion polls in Austria, well ahead of the mainstream parties that have governed Austria since 1945 but were eliminated in the first round of presidential voting in April.

Note the rhetorical sleight-of-hand. If the Freedom Party is firmly No. 1, then it’s now the mainstream and the others are now non-mainstream. That’s the new normal, no matter how much the elites and their neoliberal lickspittles pretend otherwise. We’re no longer the “far right” if we’re reliably winning elections and referendums. Their beliefs and convictions aren’t the objective center of political discourse. They’re the center of late 20th century political discourse and we’re the center of 21st century political discourse. Deal with it.

“All the Schengen countries have now free circulation of people,” Pierre Lellouche, a former minister and member of France’s center-right Republican party, told the BBC on Friday. “But it is turning into free circulation of terrorists. We don’t know who enters.”

As for improving border control or sharing more information among European intelligence agencies, he added: “Nothing is happening.”

Pay attention to the solution this article hints at. That’s the solution the elites are pushing: greater investment in the deep state security apparatuses. The myth, one which has been debunked too many times to remain credible, is that investing more in intelligence work will empower us to infiltrate and subvert the terrorist plotters before they strike. This is especially asinine in the wake of the Nice attack, as the Muslim immigrant operated entirely alone, driving a truck into people. There were no weapons to track. There was no network to crack. Just a legal immigrant Muslim and his box truck.

Investing more in intelligence has hard limits, with money proving incapable of penetrating the tightly-woven family networks and zealous religious adherents at the heart of the terrorist problem. Surveillance without humint is useless, and the most valuable humint isn’t for sale. The reason these networks are so difficult for intelligence to track and crack is because there’s already been billions and billions invested in “intelligence” targeting these people before and especially after 9/11. They’re like the .1% of bacteria your hand sanitizer can’t kill.


The increased investment will ultimately be put to effective use by the elites, targeting our right-wing domestic dissident allies. While the actual terrorist networks are largely immune, Germany’s intelligence community has helped round up and imprison dozens of White “hate criminals” who are guilty of disagreeing with the government’s open borders policy, who are guilty of historical inquiry, and who are guilty of challenging their neoliberal and neocon hegemony.

The strategy Hungary and Poland are deploying is much cheaper than throwing even more money into the “intelligence” money pit. All of the government monitoring of social media backdoors, big data searches for keywords related to terror, and arms dealer honey pots in the world can’t compete with a simple and direct ban on and hasty removal of non-Europeans. That solution is only unthinkable to those who either don’t know or don’t care that the alternative is the humiliating and bloody demise of the West and its people.

Of course, protecting the West and its citizenry isn’t their prerogative. Protecting their own power is their prerogative, regardless of the welfare of the citizenry. Third world hordes outside their gated communities will work in their corporations and take out their loans. Humans are all one color when you see the world in shades of green. They’ll pretend it’s about universal human rights, altruism, and “unity,” but it’s really all about protecting their elite financial networks. Those networks are threatened by the masses awakening and taking back control of their countries, not by the Islamic jihadists routinely slaughtering them in the streets.


Richard Peak

An outstanding article which rings true. Trump has clearly tapped into the motherlode and Killary has been dealt a losing hand.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

NYT is Far-Jew, Far-Zio, Far-Globalist, Far-anti-White.

Muslims killing Europeans is less dangerous than black Africans ‘loving’ white women and colonizing white wombs to make mulatto babies that grow up to identify as black. And in America, most violence is by black savages.

Also, whereas Muslim problem is cultural and political, the black problem is biological. Blacks are tougher and more savage. Look at the French soccer team. Look how French Jews in the media are promoting junglois fever.

Muslims commit acts of terror. Blacks are terror itself.

But race-ism, the fiber of pride and survival, is most vilified in the West.

US with a mulatto president is further gone.

The two Dunhams. Obama the son of race traitor Ann Dunham and Hillary who panders to the likes of Lena Dunham as the voice of wisdom.

Also, the cause of White Death(a huge problem among white working class) and White Birth Dearth has nothing to do with Islam. It is the result of feminism, Hollywood values, ugly youth culture, drug epidemic, alcohol, tattoos, and breakdown of marriage, homo decadence.

East Asia, most successful in imitating the West, is facing the same problems of birth dearth, adoption of black savage culture, and youth decadence WITHOUT the Muslim problem. The very soul of the West is sick. That the French welcome the Africanization of France and reject LePen is sick, and Muslims had nothing to do with spreading such attitudes. Jews and the left did most to spread it.

Even if all Muslims were to go back and stay in the Middle East, West is killing itself by a 1000 cuts.


I for years have posted comments, sent emails to WN leaders etc that the Muslim terrorist issue was not the real target, but rather establishing security apparati to fight “terrorism” had as its real agenda & object going after “domestic terrorism” for which read “white nationalists, right wing conservatives etc”. I documented it much as possible. As far as I know I was ignored.

In my experience, “conservative [evangelical] American Protestant Christians” are among the worst irrationalists & “Big Brother wilfl keep us safe (& warm & clean)” people I encounter. Anything remotely along the lines of this comment gets me labelled (the social nuke) “mentally ill (lunatic fringe conspiracy theory etc)”.


I should add that the situation in Britain & Enland is 1) especially bad & 2) especially instructive. A takeaway message of top importance here:

The technique (qua the State) is to “identify vulnerable youth who are [susceptible to] being radicalized” & then use extra-judicial special legislation etc to separate a “radical” from their group etc & subject them to mandatory State brainwashing, breaking them. This apparatus is already installed in the UK, the U.S. govt can reach for its model off-the-shelf.

In the UK the primary emphasis has been political & cultural onto which is being grafted the mental health model. (The default setting in the UK has for decades been “only the poor, rural, uneducated yobbos, football hooligans etc living outside London support nationalism”.) In the USA, it is starting from the latter.

Furthermore, an individual need only be identified as reading materials deemed unacceptable to be judged guilty of thoughtcrime. The additional technique, which you mention, is to label any white ethnicity self-consciousness, belief, activism etc as “mental illness”. In my experience Aspergers syndrome is a great label to stick on a young white activist (his gender “proves” AS because he’s a white male, the WN is because of his lack of empathy, autistic special interest obsession, etc, & his high IQ intelligence is summarily dismissed as a white male “autism” trait). We need a defence prepared for those who are being hit with this already. So far as I know, I haven’t so much as seen this point ever once even mentioned. It is a piece of cake to get a young WN labelled with mental health issues, AS etc, (& subsequently “defunctionalised” in Harold Covington’s term) such that lately I have seriously come to believe (see Section 51 of APA website) that the male/masculinty/white/mental health/illness/autism thing is really the final (???) prong of the feminism attack on our civilisation, our race, & our gender, & above all the white male Sovereignty function as Evola would say.


PS My friend who is getting a master’s in computer science at the local university (makes top 10 in US for engineering) who is nearly 6 feet tall, blond & blue eyed, with a 6 foot Valkyrie wife who is a biologist & they have a baby daughter, a member of Mensa etc is TERRIFIED of being identified, defunctionalised etc by an AS diagnosis. He is the sort of white who has Nietzsche & Ayn Rand as his Bible, agrees (religion aside)with 75-90% of our message, but is literally terrified–as in his voice shakes–to even read the website.

Laguna Beach Fogey

RE: Baton Rouge massacre

Those in the Alt-Right and WN movements who still want to make common cause with these black nationalist nutjobs need to be named and shamed.


So should those who have made common cause with the Jews, the faggot mafia and degenerate PUAs.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Progots or proggy bigots are into hate projecting. To hate is human, and we all hate something. But progots carry on with the fantasy that only right-wing people hate.

They are filled with all sorts of ideological, racial, cultural, and moral hatreds. They worship homos and hate(and won’t tolerate) those who don’t share their homomaniacal delirium. Progots romanticize black thuggery(from a distance of course) and hate those who don’t agree.

Progots are Hate Projectors. They feel hate like all humans but don’t have the courage and integrity to admit it. They project their hate onto others.

They are so into themselves that their own hate is love whereas the love of their enemies is hate.

So, if progots hate the idea of white nations, that is love of humanity. But if white patriots love their own white nations, that is ‘hate’.

Patriots hate invaders, marauders, and traitors naturally. But at least patriots are honest about their hatreds as well as their loves.

In contrast, progots won’t even admit they are filled with hate.

(I give Che Guevara credit for at least admitting that revolution is about hate. Today’s so-called ‘leftists’ don’t even have the guts to admit that.)

Andrea Ostrov Letania

The only strong ‘ethnic’ mentalities in the US are black and Jewish. And homo(though a gendnic than ethinc identity).

Turks and Arabs have much stronger identity in Europe, especially as European identity, despite globalism, is more fixed and specific than American identity. Even as European laws have been changed to admit anyone as ‘European’, the practice of European-ism makes it more challenging for outsiders to fit in.

That used to be the case in the US, but even white Americans have forgotten what they are. So, being American is really a matter of waiting 5 yrs to gain citizenship. And the core of US culture is now celebrity nonsense and MTV and Hollywood.

Blacks do pose a real challenge to America, but that’s been the case forever.

Jews can be said to be a hostile minority, but unlike Turks and Salafists in EU, they are the insiders of the system. Indeed, that is what is so spooky about Jews in America. No people are as ‘inside’ within the power structure as the Jews are. In order to gain total access to all inner workings of power, Jews waged a total war on the Wasp culture of exclusion in golf clubs and such. So, in a way, no people are as deep inside American Power as the Jews are. But then, no people are as anti-American or anti-white-American as the Jews are. Muslim aggression in the EU happens from the outside. Jewish aggression happens from the inside. Muslims attack like an army of ants. Jews attack like termites.

As for most other groups in the US, they have no real identity. Asians will just go with the prevailing wind. Asian-Americans are not for Asian-Asian power. Some attach themselves to traditional USA USA patriotism, some attach themselves to BLM, some to homomania. Having on strong or compelling personality or culture of their own, they attach themselves to other identities. Given the huge number of yelloids in Hawaii and California, you’d think it would lead to the kind of power that Jews have in NY or blacks have in Atlanta. But no. Yelloids are even more ‘white bread’ than whites. They are yellow cake.

As for browns, they are an interesting case. By browns, I mean mestizos than Hispanic whites. Browns are already a defeated people. Race-mixing destroyed them forever.

When imperialists rule over a populace that is still indigenous and homogeneous, the native majority will eventually come together to overthrow the elite minority rulers. It happened in India, Africa, and Asia. Dotkin Hindus drove out the Brits. Viet gookins drove out the French. Black Africans drove out the Europeans. Even South Africa eventually turned to black rule. All the non-white world eventually reverted to native rule.

The exceptions are in Latin America. (North America, Canada, Australia, and Israel are nations were the imperialist-colonizers got to stay because they got to form huge majorities over the native populations.) In Latin America, white elites are still the minority in most nations. Yet, even after centuries, they still have a firm grip over the native indigenous folks. Why? Race-mixing led to confusion of identity and history among the natives. The mestizos don’t know if they’re white, indigenous, or whatever. Some are even mixed with blacks, even with Asians or Chino. Such a confused people are less likely to rise up.

This is indeed why Jewish elites promote massive race-mixing among the gentiles. As whites, blacks, yelloids, and others all mix into a mongrel race, they won’t know what they are, and as such, they will be like the mestizo masses of Latin America who still live under white minority rule after all these yrs.

Mestizos may not identify with white elites, but they are also loathe to identify with pure-blood natives who are at the bottom as quasi-untouchables.

Oddly enough, it could be that there is more of a sense of Brown Power in the US than in Latin America. Because of the gradations of race in Latin America, it’s hard to tell where white ends and where brown begins and ends and where indio begins. So, even though there are racial tensions, there are no stark contrasts. The contrasts have been smoothed by gradations and clines.

But in the US, anyone with some brownness stands in contrast to white Anglos and black Negroes. What is murky back home becomes more clearly delineated in America where browns are more likely to stand out as different.

Also, ethnic pride is paradoxically an outgrowth of ethnic shame or inferiority. The fact that a people must emphasize their pride and power so much suggests a need to compensate for their innate sense of inferiority. We see this with homos. Deep down inside, homos cannot be proud about ‘sexuality’ consisting of fecal penetration. So, they go all out with ‘pride’ parades and rainbow colors and mania to convince themselves and us that they are indeed wonderful stuff. Consider the amount of money spent every year to perpetuate the homomaniacal cult. Without such massive Stalin-like pageantry and hype, people will revert to seeing homoness for what it is. Tooty-fruity stuff.

Latin America has a huge inferiority complex vis-a-vis the US. Economically, technologically, militarily, politically, legally, and etc. Latin America has been far more dysfunctional than the US.

White Latin elites are a funny bunch. In what they actually do, they try to keep above the brown and indio masses. They are quite ‘racist’. Despite official mumbo jumbo about all people being equal, they feel superior to the mud-mestizo people and indio folks.

But when compared to American whites, they feel dark and swarthy. They feel like inferior whites whose blood is less pure. In their sexual choices, they prefer the blonde nordic types. But since they are not so white, they come up with official cult of brown pride where even Latin whites claim to be ‘people of color’ united with the muds and darkies against blanco gringos.

Also, victimhood goes a long way to rationalize one’s failures. By invoking victimhood at the hands of yanqui and gringo, Latin America can blame all their own failings on the cowboy.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

It’s about someone pointed out that Diversity is a Disaster.

We need to combat DDD, or Diversity Disaster Denial.

What kills me is this. For a long time, the ‘progressive globalists’ or PROGLOB have been saying that ‘diversity is our strength’, and white people have so much to gain from it.

It was sold as a great boon for whites. But now that whites are losing out(with the huge problem of white deaths and wage decline and all sorts of social problems), the PROGLOB like Fareed Zakaria are gloating that whites are dying, losing, and gonna end up in dustbin of history.

Or consider the Newsweek cover about “GOP, YOU’RE OLD, YOU’RE WHITE, YOU’RE HISTORY”.

So, it turns out diversity was not the strength but the disaster for whites.

Now that white folks seemed totally defeated, the globalists are coming out of the woodworks and cackling with hideous glee. They love to see the fall of the white race.

Or at least the white masses.

White elites are well-taken care of and will end up gaining even more under Diversity. Finally, some whites are waking up to Diversity Disaster. But it may be too late.

Elites have the most power, and the problem is that white elites have a great deal to gain from diversity. If ALL whites were harmed equally by diversity, the white elites will grow angry and decide to lead the white masses. But the way the system is set up, white elites have more to gain from diversity and globalism at the expense of white masses. If we were just see the economic angle of globalism, it is about white elites sacrificing white masses for their own gluttonous piggery. But because white elite privilege has been associated with ‘progressive’ values like homomania and ‘anti-racism’, the piggish white elites(like the Clintons) get to rake in ever more for themselves while acting morally righteous and putting the white masses on the moral defensive for being ‘xenophobic’ and etc.

After all, diversity means using immigrants used as buffer between blacks and affluent white elites in big cities. It mean cheap docile labor and not having to deal with the hassle of white American workers and labor unions. If you’re an affluent white person, diversity can be a great social and economic boon since you will remain above most of diversity. After all, the browns are not gonna compete with the upper whites. Yelloids may offer some competition in schools, but eventually, a huge number of yelloid women are gonna offer wombs to white men and yelloid boys are never gonna go beyond middle management and many will die childless playing videogames. Asian-Indians may offer more challenge since India still has a huge birth boom and Asian-Indians are very energetic in personality. They got babu-ism.

So, Hillary vs Trump is like white elites vs white masses.

Hillary victory means white elites can go full-globalism and expand their privilege at expense of white masses.

Trump victory(if Trump is honest, which I doubt) means white masses get to make demands on American elites to support and defend American workers and citizens.

The America that resulted from New Deal era was one where the elites couldn’t just fatten themselves. Because of emphasis on national capitalism and power of working class via unions and greater cohesion between elites and masses(since both were white mostly), the elites couldn’t pig out for themselves at the expense of American workers. They had to be mindful of the masses. So, elite privilege and profits were curtailed cuz they had to be shared with the masses.

That bond has been broken by both parties. GOP started it, but Dems took it and ran with it especially since the Clinton Era. But it was bound to appeal to Dems in the long run since Dems got the big cities, the cosmo centers of globalism. Once cities became de-industrialized and became hubbub of the information economy, urban Democrats wanted less to do with native workers and more to do with global opportunities.

But some blame must go to US workers and labor unions too. The unions became bloated and corrupt, like shown in that Danny Devito movie about Hoffa and that Paul Schrader movie BLUE COLLAR. Also, American workers got used to taking things for granted. They became like the hare in the hare vs tortoise story. While other nations were innovating, US auto workers just wanted more benefits and business as usual. Also, the children of the working class got into drug and hedonistic culture in the 60s, and their work attitudes became lousy. Just look at the kids in DAZED AND CONFUSED. So, we need to fix up the culture as well. White ‘trash’ culture isn’t all that better than wildass Negro culture.

Another problem is the moral sleight of hand pulled off by the PROGLOB. It might be called Justice Diversion Tactic or Diversionary Justice Tactic.

What is justice? Justice is about redressing a wrong.

So, if I did something wrong to you, I owe something to YOU. Not to others.

Suppose I stole your water, like in the movie JEAN DE FLORETTE.

If there is to be justice, I should irrigate a canal whereby I send some of my water to your land. The water should go from my land to your land to redress the wrong. That is justice.

But suppose a third party diverts the water that goes from my land to your land. Suppose he channels it to his land. Suppose he says that because I’d done YOU wrong, the water-of-redress should flow to his land. He poses as the middleman of justice and takes it for himself when it should go from me to you.

Does this make sense? That’s not justice. But that is the foundation of the (Emma)Lazarus Logic of Justice.

Because white folks took the land from the Red Savages and used blacks as slaves… that means… uh…. white folks owe something to the huddled wretched masses from all over the world. What kind of justice is that?

If whites had done wrong to Indians and Negroes, then whites owe something to the redskins and the jivers, not to anyone else.

Consider Israel. Zionists took land from Palestinians who were ethnically cleansed and still live under Occupation in West Bank. So, for the sake of Justice, we can argue that Jews owe something to the Palestinians. That makes sense. But would it make sense to say, “because Jews did wrong to Palestinians, they must redress the problem by offering right of immigration to Chinese, Black Africans, Hindus, Iranians, Mexicans, and etc”? No, that is ridiculous. It would be a case of Justice Diversion. The water of justice that should flow from Jews to Palestinians will be diverted to serving peoples whom Jews hadn’t done harm to.

Diversity Mania is a form of Justice Diversion. It says White America owes something to the entire world(by way of open borders immigration) because it committed wrongs against Indians and blacks.

It also says Europe owes something to the entire world because of its horrors in WWII. But if Europeans had wronged Jews in WWII, they owe something to Jews. What do they owe to Muslims and Africans who just wanna come to EU for free stuff and white women?

Also, why all of Europe? Only a handful of European nations were involved in imperialism. Most weren’t. How many overseas empire did Poles, Hungarians, Lithuanians, Serbians, Croatians, Finns, Swedes, Norwegians, and etc have?

Furthermore, imperialism wasn’t only about taking. Western imperialists also spread a lot of good stuff all over the world. So, there was take but also give. It evens out in most cases. (And of course, non-white civilizations had empires of their own. Oftentimes, it was a war of empires than war of white imperialists vs gentle non-whites living in harmony with nature. Aztecs were an imperialist people. When whites came upon Chiner, it was under Manchu rule. And when Brits came to India, it was under Mogul rule. And when French came to Cambodia, it was being carved by Viet and Thai empires.)

Anyway, Justice Diversion is messing up the world. It is making a mockery of the meaning of justice. It is burdening innocent nations with the responsibilities caused by other peoples. If any people need to pay for the disaster in the Middle East and North Africa, it is globalist Jewish supremacists in NY and DC who’ve steered Western foreign policy toward destroying Arab nations. But Justice Diversion says Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Poles, and etc. must take in the refugees.

Justice Diversion not only diverts the redressing of wrongs to undeserved parties but directs punishment at those innocent of the wrong or crime.

In the US, the rewards for historical wrongs of America have been diverted from blacks and Indians to immigrants. Look how well the Asian-Indian dotkins are doing in the US. But white man ‘stole’ American from American Indians(aka Injuns), not from Asian-Americans. So, who are the likes of Fareed Zakaria to act as though they DESERVE to come to America and take over economies?

In the EU, the punishment for the horrors visited upon Arabs and Muslims have been diverted at European nations. So, even though Jewish-dominated foreign policy brought so much suffering to Arabs and Muslims, the burden of dealing with this disaster has been dumped on Europeans. Because of European crimes in WWII, they must be burdened with the ‘refugee’ crisis because… uh…. the ‘refugees’ are sort of like Jews during WWII… or the logic goes.

This is like saying Japan must suffer the burden of taking care of Africans uprooted by war and poverty because of what it did in China in WWII. But that is not justice. If Japan did China wrong, then Japan owes something to China, not to the world.

Imagine if I stole $1,000 from Jill, but Bob comes along with his Justice Diversion theory and says I should hand that money to him because I’d done Jill wrong.

Ludicrous. That is Justice Usurpation.


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