Leftists Afraid to Bleed: The Lack of Riots at the Conventions

The Republican National Convention was supposed to be the shining moment of the radical Left, Black Lives Matter, and other groups to swoop into Cleveland and vent all their frustration and rage. For months the Leftist blogosphere promoted the idea that riots, rage, and illegal activity was going to be the story of the RNC, not the nomination of Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate for President.

The police were ready, calling in departments from around America to help out the Cleveland PD while the courts were prepared to stay open until the late evening to handle what they thought were going to be thousands of arrests. The radicals were ready, they were angry, they were organized, and then…. nothing happened.

When I arrived in Cleveland on Monday morning in preparation for our evening party meeting I was expecting Leftists marching in the streets but what I found was GOP suits and Trump supporters milling about.

The most radical thing I saw was “There is Poison in the Water” t-shirts on Infowars supporters and some militia members open carrying AR-15’s, smiling and chit-chatting with one another. There was some tension in the air, but not much. Folks on the street were talking about the supposed plans for riots, mass protests, and even violence; but none of that materialized.

I thought it was strange that the #Happening of Cleveland was the absolute lack of a #Happening. Then I began thinking to myself as I saw the militiamen strolling through the crowd, polite and simply utilizing their 2nd Amendment rights, that it clicked; …the Left is scared to bleed.

We have seen in the nationalist movement that the Left really loves to fight, when they outnumber their opponents and are in areas where they know their opposition, who is almost always law abiding, won’t be armed.

In Sacramento the antifascists’ entire first wave was armed with mace and pepper spray to attempt to blind our comrades before the second wave, armed with knives, bricks, bats, and even a gun, went into the fray. Even outnumbering our Sacramento Spartans 10-1 and being armed to the teeth didn’t make the Left feel safe enough, they had to try to blind and choke our comrades before getting into the ring and fighting, …and yet still lost the fight.

When I have held rallies in the Midwest and Southern States, antifa nearly always stays behind police barricades. The State and cops the antifa say they hate so much, often protects them even as they call out for dead cops.

Whenever that hasn’t been the case, antifascists always use a “bash and dash” technique to make contact and then flee before a response (or a .357) can be brought up to give them their just rewards. These attacks generally happen at colleges, statehouses, and other “Gun Free Zones.”

The Reds and Anarchists of generations past would send most modern antifa to the gulags for their weakness and support of bourgeoisie “values” like homosexuality. The USSR would have been considered fully fascistic by modern Western antifa because they promoted the family as the stable unit of society, threw homosexuals into asylums, and dealt harshly with those who wanted to lay around all day collecting benefits from the capitalist system.

For all my ideological disagreements with the traditional Left, at least the older generations were really willing to fight and die for something. I don’t have to endorse the mission of the Red Army to acknowledge their bravery and sacrifice, willing to give everything for the Rodina and the Communist System. If the Second World War were to happen today, modern antifa would cry about a patriarchal system, “toxic masculinity,” and “White Supremacy” when a commissar would give them an order, and then receive a swift bullet for their insubordination. As emasculated as modern White men are, the modern Left has been pozzing themselves even worse than normal.

Antifa uses the most cowardly and generally ineffective way to fight, and that is because the Left doesn’t want to actually stand up and fight for their beliefs. To them, this is all a game.

That moment when an antifa realizes that this isn't actually a game

That moment when an antifa realizes that this isn’t actually a game

Like a fake tough guy chest bumping but never throwing a punch until the bouncer comes, antifascists in most circumstances want to pose as tough militants but generally resort to yelling, shouting, and a few run-by punches. They shout “No Pasaran!” as nationalists march by them, only ever obstructing our marches by laying in the street or locking arms, protected by a line of cops so they aren’t removed by the forces of nationalism. For a group that prides itself on being opposed to the State, they are the foot-soldiers of the State more than any beat cop could ever aspire to be.

The policies of Obama, Merkel, and other European “leaders” are the exact same as the views of the antifascists. From supporting gay marriage, abortion, mass immigration, and White genocide, antifascists and mainstream politicians are all in agreement with one another on nearly every policy. These politicians support globalism and breaking down borders, these politicians harass nationalists at every turn, and both sides are funded and aided by a sympathetic Jewish media, oligarchs, and the corrupt legal system.

Antifascists overwhelmingly do the dirty work of politicians who in turn give them a legal “Get Out of Jail Free” card for attacking nationalists, vandalizing nationalist homes and property, and trying to get our comrades fired from jobs. The antifa are not rebels. They are the Establishment they claim to hate. When antifascists march in the Soros-funded “Democracy Spring” thereby supporting the aims of a Jewish billionaire who is nothing more than an internationalist hyena who made his fortune by preying on the working class, that tells us all that we need to know about their true loyalties to the System, not the people.

While they might try to creep up on you in the dead of night or charge you with overwhelming numbers and arms, the antifascists are afraid to bleed for their so-called principles. The areas where antifascists are most powerful, places like New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, and California are all places where the people have been mostly disarmed and the local governments are very sympathetic to their worldview.

The antifa can muster hundreds on the streets of Portland, but at the annual American Renaissance conference in Tennessee the antifascists get a mere handful of Leftists. Nationalist groups march with near impunity in rural areas and regions where the Second Amendment and the right of self defense is still in place. In areas where normal White Americans still reside, we have legions of supporters and a far more sympathetic police and judicial system.

When the NSM and other groups held their recent rally in Rome Georgia, the entire Leftist machine was only able to turn out a few demonstrators in the city of Rome. Most antifa protesters limited themselves to a protest at Stone Mountain being held the same day, using the Leftist and multicultural hell-hole of Atlanta as their staging ground. Once they were needed to go into a more rural and nationalist friendly part of Georgia, they simply slunk back into their dens. The ability for nationalists to legally protect ourselves is like a blessed Cross to a vampire when it comes to antifascists not wanting to oppose prepared nationalists.

Through organizing in White working class communities, rural agrarian towns, and cities where the laws of self defense are upheld, even places like Cleveland, we can out-organize the antifa and in turn send them packing if they decide to attempt to violate our rights or silence our speech. And if we can’t defeat them, the neoliberal Left will. Philly, supposedly an antifa hotspot, is masterfully demonstrating that the radical Leftists are craven lapdogs of the Wall Street oligarchs who run the Left. Bernie bent the knee and one-by-one, like the despicable lickspittles they are, they’re passively falling in line behind Goldman Sachs favored candidate, the military-industrial complex’s favored candidate, the Zionists’ favored candidate, …even after she transparently rigged the election!

Not one punch has been thrown! Not a single sign of resistance! Just the soft whimpering of a cuckold fetishist who’s passively complicit in his mortification. The #BernieOrBust brigade might wipe their snot on their pleather jacket and vote for Jill Stein, but they must know on some level that they’re willing stooges in a nakedly corrupt game. What do their attempted attacks on us prove if they’re openly submissive to the neoliberal state? They prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they’re NATO’s mercenary volunteer rent-a-mob. When they threaten us, they’re not threatening “the system,” they’re enforcing the system’s perimeter against revolutionary change.

All in all, Cleveland opened the case that the Radical Left are a paper tiger, and Philly closes the case. By their own admission, a few armed citizens was enough to scare off thousands of their supporters for fear they would face real repercussions for the Left’s illegal and violent behavior. As Dr. Joseph Goebbels said “We are fighting until victory” and with dedication and a willingness to sacrifice our own lives if need be, we shall brush aside the forces of the Left and Reaction and replace them with a strong nation, a strong State, and a strong people; founded on the principles of true nationalism. Victory is ours and the Left is in retreat, press forward comrades, for tomorrow belongs to us!



“For a group that prides itself on being opposed to the State, they are the foot-soldiers of the State more than any beat cop could ever aspire to be.”

Maybe not all of them are officially opposed to the State. Maybe they have adopted the Jewish view that White society is oppressive to the non-Whites. They are rebels in defiance of traditional White society, not in defiance of ZOG.


I wish I could just say “Great article” & leave it at that. I hesitate to say what I really believe because without huge lengthy explanations, qualifications etc I’m certain it will be misunderstood.

This runs a grave risk of ghettoising us. To the public, it just means we’re as big a bunch of idiots as the antifas. We’ve seen this all before with what happened in previous decades with skinheads, Hollywood Nazis in uniforms etc being frequently badly overrun by the antifas. Harold Covington pretty accurately described it in various places. OK the Sacramento guys were not the mess of previous eras, but the psychological effect today probably remains the same.

Confrontations at this level with the radical college kid set will go nowhere, will at best keep the WN message in the cultural ghetto. To any right thinking white it’s self-evident the White supremacists in Sacramento got their asses kicked because they utterly deserved it; the White Psychopathology prevents even the consideration for a second that these hordes of non-whites & SJWs (both white & non-white) threaten THEM; they see a blue eyed blond haired girl who’s just shoved a knife into the stomach of satanically evil white boy & are overjoyed the White SJW “did the right thing”. (I know & talk to people like this!!!)

My guess such as I would hazard is that the forces being unleashed by the Trump presidential candidacy may lead to greater things, but then it may not. I place little faith in a “movement” whose premise is white people can only think & talk about being white because a multi-billionaire quasi-conman* gave them permission to do so. (In my personal experience, I have noted real estate people, developers are among the most amoral people I have ever met, whose only real credo is be popular & profit/wealth above all other considerations, including immediate family.)

* Donald Trump in tv interview, I paraphrase from memory, “Yeah I made my fortune from using debt [debt, bankrupty etc to game the system]. That’s not the way I’d use to make America great again.” [Way he would do so to this hour’s writing, never identified.]

Resuming my point above, This is not about winning popularity or courting with the actual expectation of winning over the majority. If that is the guiding principle it is wrong & it will fail. It is about reaching & activating the minority who are susceptible to the WN message & call. The “take it all back” thing, whether referring to the American geography or the entire white race, is plain wrong & will ensure defeat. This is about activating the minority of those whites capable of White Nationalist consciousness & behaviour & saving them, ie ourselves (‘Ourselves Alone’). One doesn’t have to agree with Harold Covington’s “move to the Pacific Northwest, join the Northwest Front” conclusion to see the rest of his critique/analysis is simply correct.
We are in some danger (maybe not WNs but whites generally) of forgetting 1) we are now becoming a racial numerical minority, eg as in Texas; 2) the young generation is so severely damaged, brainwashed, a product of today etc (ie genuinely deracinated such that no real white identity, core remains) that one can’t seriously, realistically hope for a mass awakening amongst them. These 2 facts drastically alter the equation from all previous periods (the record in countries like South Africa etc is one of total white defeat). My analysis of the “White Psychopathology/Psychosis” indicates many whites would/will prefer go to their deaths, rapes etc rather than speak, never mind actually, against the other races, multiculturalism, etc. (I wrote something to this effect several months ago & within hours a Dane in Denmark forgave the Muslim black that had raped him, etc.)

Matt is perceptive enough to get, I would imagine, a question that speaks a volume, How is TradYouth and TradWorker doing in all the UK countries, in Germany et al? TYN/TWP must be able to adapt to its unique national culture where it finds itself, but it is not authentic if it’s just American, either. If Matt H posing for pics with Deep South States girls in stripper shorts & bikini tops with Confederate flags motivates a few people in those regions, great, but that message has very limited appeal outside those areas.
This present cultural moment in America will pass (I honestly believe the unlikely election of Trump will merely be to give the whites of America, & finally the world, the final swordthrust to the entrails, “Your Great White Hope got in office & then turned out to be a total phony” ). Then what?

Btw, I have been finishing reading The March Up Country by Harold Covington, written in 1987. Aside from some obviously true statements (the passage on Yuppies is worth the entire book), the whole thing is completely obsolete (smartphones, the internet, etc). Will this article, will TYN & TWP be in the same position in 30 years?–we really have them on the run & victory is just around the corner, etc–just before the bottom falls out?

Matt Parrott

Street action isn’t going to ghettoize us with our target market of radicalization-ready youths.

Trump isn’t our savior. We’re avoiding interfering with him, taking advantage of the opportunities he presents.

We may very well be plugging away in thirty years, no further along than we are now. Personally, I’m fine with that. My job is to keep digging no matter what.

Gubbler Chechenova

Invaders colonize land and womb.

Colonization of white wombs by blacks is the greatest threat to the white race.

Even if you lose your land, you can survive as a race/culture if you keep your women.

After all, Jews were exiled from one place after another, but they maintained their race and culture cuz they kept their women.

Jewish wombs kept on producing Jewish kids.

And Europeans left the Old World and came to the New World. They left(even lost and forgot) their ancestral land forever, but they remained as white race because white women stuck with white men in the New World.

Land is crucial, but land doesn’t produce life. Life is created via the wombs of women.

If you lose your land but keep your women, your people will survive. The wombs of your women will produce your sons and daughters.

If you lose your women but keep your land, your people will be lost. The land under your feet cannot produce your sons and daughters. Your women are with other men and producing children for their tribe.

This is why globo-individual choice in sex is dangerous. It turns white women onto jungle fever, and then white women reject white men and only take black seed to produce Obama babies who grow up as black.

Look at all those light-skinned blacks in BLM movement. They are children of white mothers(as race traitor whores) but grew up identifying as black and hating on white.

White race must shun, shame, and reject any race traitor whore whose womb is shut off to white seed and take alien seed to produce sons and daughters for other races, esp the ghastly negroes. But Jews want to turn white women into globores(global whores) who shut their vaginas and wombs to white men and open them only to savage blacks. And white globalist men are willing to play cuck like Ken Burns and Quentin Tarantino.

Down with the traitors. We live not in the Age of Reason but in the Age of Treason. We live not with Rationality but Trashionality.


Denver Goddess

Most mutts are the result of white men screwing around. Nice try, though.

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