ANTIFA-HaHaHa: Left-Wing Working Class Narrative vs Reality

A brand new piece of cyber static has recently been uploaded by The Orphans regarding the victory for Western civilization won by our folk at the Battle of Sacramento. The article is, for the most part standard fare Judeo-left boilerplate, marred (as Cultural Marxism in general is) by a blatant disconnect between ideology and reality:

Across this mobilization, people worked on different tasks and in different capacities; on media and outreach, on legal support, building a medic response team, logistics, finding housing for the convergence, fundraising, and also on the gathering of information. While Heimbach (very ironically considering his background) portrays anti-fascists as all “students” and “rich kids,” in reality this was by and large a working-class mobilization, from those involved in organizing it to the base that was mobilized to participate.

The article on the “It’s Going Down” anarchist page is long, bloviating and repetitive, featuring familiar themes: “Why won’t police silence people who trigger special snowflakes like me?!”/ “Look at this working class solidarity, Berkeley students and Crips, side by side”/ “The Fascists are the auxiliary force of the US government”/”Behold our horizontal democracy, we would’ve done just fine with our Crusty punk safety-pinned medics and their first aid kits, the police and emergency workers transporting our wounded to the hospital weren’t even necessary” .

Most interesting of all is the call for a temporary suspension of anti-white hate politics. These cynics correctly perceive that their racism and classism against white working people is leaving a bitter taste in our mouths. While toning down the rhetoric might seem like it would help them, it’s already too late. Additionally, their politics are implicitly anti-white and pro neo-liberal, even if they do a bunch of mental gymnastics to convince themselves otherwise.

But one item that appears to be a feature of palpable insecurity is the question of the class character of this supposed working class movement. It is true that there were a few random blacks and non-whites in Sacramento looking for any excuse to indulge in violence against a white person, but that doesn’t make them actual anarchists or even Antifas, and this case was the exception to the rule (most racial minorities do not engage in Antifa actions).

Whatever their faults, the average black views gay marriage, feminism, Jewish power, in ways that match, and in many cases are far more “extreme”, than the Traditionalist Worker Party’s stance on social issues.  Exit polls show that Proposition 8, the referendum in California to ban gay marriage that passed in the ultra “liberal” state, was won out solely because blacks and Mexicans came out in record-breaking numbers to support Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

“Transgender rights” (or, rather, the right of transexual weirdos to arbitrate and impose their morals on the majority) is a staple of the “new Left”, but in order to rationalize as normal the insanity required to clip your prick, stick a tube in the wound and call it a pussy,  you need an above average IQ, tens of thousands of dollars to waste on clown college “Queer Studies” instruction, and to have a sheltered upbringing granting you the leisure time to stay up to date with fashionable ideas and ponder this garbage.

In other words, the “intersectional alliance” these gatekeepers of political correctness fantasize about is doomed to fail from the start. The contradictions between races, cultures, and ironically (in the case of the Marxist and anarchist left) classes means the coalition they’ve been trying to build since the 1960’s won’t ever manifest itself beyond a few well-paid tokens posing together in public at a Hillary Clinton rally or in a Goldman Sachs commercial.

Reality Check: The Radical Left’s Bourgeois Character

So “It’s Going Down” insists that contemporary American anarchism and its soccer mom tone policing ANTIFA offshoots are, unlike Matthew Heimbach’s designation, actually composed of “poor and working people” of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, the Judeo-Left hates and denies the fact that it exists solely because of its wealthy benefactors and institutional support.

We will be looking at hot spots of Antifa and affiliated Judeo-Left organizing in recent years. For the sake of succinctness, we will use New York City as a case study. Let’s take a look at the play-pens The Orphans organize out of:

There had been a lull in anarchist and “Anti-Fascist” organizing in New York City until the hipsterization of black and Puerto Rican enclaves such as Williamsburg and Bushwick. The Hipster subculture (which I will be writing about in depth at a later date) is really a renaissance of the trends that engulfed supposed “radicals” in the 1960’s: the celebration of nihilism, politics, Jews and affluent white college students leading self-destructive colored mobs, and most importantly, a zeitgeist held together by whatever new consumerist trend is developed in America’s corporate board rooms.

Ironically, these new wealthy white and Jewish “radicals” have done more to hurt blacks and browns than any “neo-Nazi” ever has. What the influx of artistic Left-wing bohemian transplants has done to Brooklyn–the ethnic cleansing of entrenched and compacted non-whites priced out by their Jewish landlords–would make a Balkan irredentist blush.

NYC Anarchist Black Cross— If you’re ever wondering where your local Antifa chapter hangs out, simply look for a nearby ABC chapter. Generally speaking , these are usually fronts for plotting violent activity attended by a few dozen people, but spend most of their time eating vegan frittatas while writing letters to various convicted murderers, including and especially members of black power group who would gladly rape and murder the type of pink-haired Midwest fatty writing them if they could meet face to face.

The NYC ABC PO Box is listed in Williamsburg, naturally.

Silent Barn–a “safe space” for the children of the elite to play in between graduating college and starting their lives at dada’s investment firm. Silent Barn is apparently a new Antifa hangout that is hosting a concert to benefit the cannon fodder that was sent away on stretchers in Sacramento. Although New York City is a majority minority metropolis, the members of the Silent Barn “collective” are entirely white and Jewish, and all have the same dumb store-bought rich person trying to look poor (check out American Apparel’s website for a reference) thing going on.

Silent Barn is located in, yes, (((cool))) Bushwick Brooklyn, where the average studio apartment’s rent goes for an outrageous $3,000 dollars a month. Judging from pictures, Silent Barn appears to be a massive piece of property, which means its rent is unfathomable. There is no source of income at this bourgeois enclave that can possibly cover its expenses. On their website, they claim “donors” keep the lights on and the Organic Asian Fusion fresh.

ABC NO RIO   — It says quite a lot about the trust-fund anarchists when their clubhouse outlives the now defunct punk rock institution CBGB’s that used to be nearby. The Lower East Side entity, again in an area that is prohibitively priced for most people, dedicates itself to collecting a library of anarchist and communist zines, lectures about racism and fascism, and hosting weekly punk rock concerts.  How they stay afloat is again a mystery, but it is probably a combination of state grants (so much for that narrative) and millionaire donors. ABC No Rio has been singled out by a number of musicians as the dying gasp of New York’s once extreme music scene, the only people allowed to use its venue are those that go through an intricate political correctness test.

If the next Agnostic Front tried to play at this place, they would be sidelined and banned for their “toxic masculinity” and many “-isms” to make “safe space” for some dyke and her ukulele.

THE BASE– Another “safe space” for anarchist and anti-white organizing based out of Bushwick. This appears to be the new favored venue for left-wing paramilitary groups to vet and recruit new members in the area, according to chatter. “The Base”  is now trying to train its 30 or 40 club members in boxing so that they can fight the “Fascists”, but unfortunately for them, they are likely to get about as much results as you’d get from sending a snail to running school.

How The Base supports itself is yet again, another mystery. It probably receives money from one of the big Wall Street “social justice” NGOs.

Anarchist and Antifa “spaces” are all mirror images of this phenomenon, there are basically no exceptions. Without enormous amounts of money and mass transplantation of white trustafarians funneled into these baby cribs, they would collapse.  From Red Emma’s (named after Emma Goldman) in Station North, Baltimore, to Philly Antifa’s “A-Space”  on the very cusp of Kingseeing (where the black population is reportedly collapsing), whatever meager negro culture  has been developed in these ethnic enclaves is being bulldozered and replaced with “safe spaces” for elite queers and outrage-addicted bourgeois neo-Puritan out-of-staters.

These people put on hoods and call themselves freedom fighters, they think using violence to further an unpopular political aim is fun or a joke. But the police better start controlling these lynch mobs of entitled babies, because if not, they’re going to have to deal with the headache of American high society busting their balls about why lil’ Johnny is in the hospital.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

All the talk of ‘racism’ misses the point.

In fact, we are all ‘racists’. It is impossible not to be because we have eyes, ears, and flesh. We were designed to notice things, and humans notice differences. It was part of evolution, to notice differences.

The real difference isn’t between ‘racists’ and ‘non-racists’ or ‘anti-racists’.

It is between c-racists and d-racists.

C-racist is a candid racist who is candid and honest about his awareness of the existence of races and racial differences.

D-racist is a dishonest(or disingenuous)racist who comes up with all sorts of rationalizations, evasions, and deceptions to mask or obfuscate what he really sees, feels, and thinks while he pretends to be ‘progressive’, ironically often by championing the blatant racism of other peoples. So, while it is wrong to ‘virulently white’, it’s okay to be virulently Jewish in NY, virulently Cubano in Miami, virulently brown in LA, and virulently black in Detroit or Baltimore.

D-racism can be conscious or subconscious(because so many people have been raised to reject the notion of race altogether and to see whites and only whites as the source of all evil — they think dealing with ‘white problem’ will be a cure-all since whites are the sole evil while other races are naturally good. It’s like a communist thinking the economy will prosper only if the capitalists are gotten rid of because Marxism blames all evil on the bourgeoisie. Of course, the economy gets even worse without the presence of evil capitalists, so communists end up calling each other ‘capitalist roaders’ to explain the worsening economy.) Incidentally, d-racists are too stupid to realize that PC is racist against whites. Radical Justice has blinded them to reality. Their morality is high on the nihilism of preening righteousness.

Racism can be based on truth or falsehood. There are correct racial theories and false racial theories. The theory that whites are faster than blacks is false. The theory that blacks are faster than whites is true. Jesse Owens destroyed the false Aryan theory and established the true black theory that blacks can run faster. His feat didn’t prove racial equality but black superiority in sprinting. But d-racists only focus on the discrediting of the Aryan theory, as if that proves all races are equal. If a beagle claims it can run faster than a greyhound and loses, does it mean all dogs are equal? No, it means greyhounds are superior in speed. False racism has been replaced by true racism.

A theory that Eskimos are smarter than Jews is false. A theory that Jews are smarter than Eskimos is true. Perhaps, to c-racists and d-racists, we can add another category: the f-racists or false racists who peddle false racial theories. D-racists(who pretend to be anti-racists) claim to have disproved racism by discrediting the false racists. But they never disproved the c-racists who notice REAL existing racial differences.

F-racist says beagles are faster than greyhounds.

D-racist says all dogs are equal because the greyhound beat the beagle and discredited the beale theory of superiority.

C-racist says greyhounds are faster and superior in speed to beagles.

C-racism is the only truth.

When we look at how people respond to sports, music, crime, residence, academics, justice, sex, policing, etc, everyone seems to notice racial differences on some level.

C-racists admit as much. D-racists deny that they do even though they do.

Look at yuppie Liberal Gentropolis. It is because Jews and Asians are smarter than there are more of them than blacks in those areas.

Look at the NBA, and blacks dominate because blacks are bigger, faster, and stronger.

Much of interracist sex is black male and white female because white women find Negroes to be superior studs.

Look at gentrification carried out out by affluent urban ‘progressives’. It is essentially about pushing blacks out to make safe spaces for bobo yuppies and hipsters who went to good colleges and/or have generous trusts from grandparents.

Jews are smarter and control US policy to favor Israelis over Palestinians. Jewish ‘progressives’ or progs seem to have no problem with this Foreign Policy racism that prioritizes Jews over Palestinians.

And on an on.

‘Racism’ is something far more complicated than saying the n-word. Ism means belief or consciousness, and it is impossible not to notice racial differences and be affected by it.

Even when you prefer another race more than your own, you are being ‘racist’.

When a white woman prefers a negro man and when a white boy wants to be like a black rapper, they are acting on premise that black race is superior to the white race is fuc*ing and fighting(and acting unruly).

So, it’s really about c-racists and d-raciats.

I notice racial differences that are the product of 100,000 yrs of human evolution, and I see how they affect society.

After all, the main reason for black aggression isn’t history but biology. Blacks are more muscular and have more aggressive temperaments. I grew up in an integrated community, and black boys tended to see white boys as flabby and slow weakling wussies easy to pick and beat up. (That was the main reason for white flight in which Jewish liberals took part. Jews are the biggest d-racists around, always denouncing white gentiles as ‘racist’ while doing everything to seek safe space from the tougher and more aggressive blacks. After all, NY made a comeback by getting very tough on black crime. But it never got tagged as ‘city of hate’ or ‘city of greed’ because NY owns the national media that serves as its publicity machine.)

Needless to say, I’m a c-racist or race-ist.

Ism means belief or consciousness, and I believe in the existence of race and racial differences.

Finally, c-racists must be wary of f-racists for providing easy fodder for d-racists. F-racists, by peddling bogus race theories, make it easy for d-racists to disprove their claims and then assert that they destroyed ALL ‘racist’ theories.

But disproving a false race-ist theory does NOT mean that you disproved true ones as well.

It’s like disproving a false chemistry theory doesn’t mean you disproved chemistry itself.


“I grew up in an integrated community, and black boys tended to see white boys as flabby and slow weakling wussies easy to pick and beat up. ”
60 years ago they wouldn’t. Decades of pacifist indoctrination made us soft, along with the fact we’ve had it too good, yet the strongmen competition are dominated by whites.

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