Abe Foxman Blames the Internet for Rising Anti-Semitism

I remember the nineties, back when people were sure that the Internet would usher in a new age of progressive liberalism. The thinking was that the more people are educated and the more people are educated about one another, the closer they’ll become. That hasn’t gone according to plan, …to put it lightly. The liberals have become steadily more hostile toward technology in general. They’ve become nostalgic for a bygone age when their carefully groomed “experts” were empowered to frame and steer public discourse toward forced integration and consumerist globalism.

Walter Cronkite is dead. Newsweek is out of print. Even the mainstream media news shows and magazines which continue to hobble along have been relegated to chasing around the stories which organically emerge from the Internet’s user-generated content. The devolution revolution is well underway, leaving the oligarchs and their servants with no choice but to struggle to balance their impulse to manipulate with their need to retain the attention of an audience which is no longer being held captive.

Internet has afforded us an opportunity to learn about the nature and scope of Jewish influence in our society. Ultimately, this development will prove more important than our breaking through the mythology on racial differences, our ability to anonymously communicate taboo human biodiversity facts without fear of reprisal, or our enhanced ability to organize. When critical thinkers are shown what to look for, they become anti-semites in due time despite themselves, as Jewish subversion of the West is too pervasive and consistently hostile and destructive to remain objective about for long.

At some point, there’s that realization that it’s the Jews, and the Jews must be stopped. It’s a concern which eclipses the other political prerogatives. George Soros leverages his billions to destabilize nations in order to profit from the wild swings in currency valuation. Sheldon Adelson sits in his dark and grimy casino’s penthouse office, vetting our presidential candidates to ensure that they’re sufficiently obedient to a foreign government. Bill Kristol doesn’t even disguise his eagerness to send soldiers from our nation to die in the desert on behalf of his.

Abe Foxman blames the anonymity and spontaneity of social media for the apparent surge of “anti-semitism.”

Anti-Semitism exists and unfortunately always existed. The fact that it manifests itself shouldn’t surprise anybody. The advent of the internet and social media is really what’s fueling not the anti-Semitism but the ability to communicate it in nanoseconds, respond quickly, and be anonymous. Anonymity makes things uglier because it encourages people to be ugly. It’s nothing new, except for the phenomenon of how you express it.

It’s refreshing to see him attempting to be realistic rather than panicked about the threat of anti-semitism now that he’s retired from his career of panicking about anti-semitism. Though it’s a bit ironic in this case, as panic is finally warranted after all these decades of crying wolf. For him, it’s really just about the evils of anonymity. Of course, Jews have been cloaking their identities and hiding their surnames for generations, but that’s different. When Jews do it, it’s because Jews are victims; when we do it, it’s because Jews are victims. Jews are victims, regardless of the facts.

Foxman’s understanding of social media and hostility to Jews is upside-down. Social media and its more direct access to the others empowers us to see the ugliness of Jewish chauvinism in high definition live-streaming real-time. It’s the stripping of Jewish anonymity rather than the anonymity afforded to their opponents which is fueling the rise in anti-semitism. Wherever there’s truly free discourse and critical thinking, the framework of myths and taboos behind Jewish Privilege inevitably collapse. Whether it’s with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction movement on the Left or White Nationalism on the Right, free and open discourse is bad for the Jews.

Familiarity breeds contempt, and nowhere does familiarity breed more contempt than when one’s getting familiar with the arrogance and hostility of the Jewish oligarchs who control our society. Foxman can dismiss it as just another overblown Internet fad, but there are very real signs that the awakening to the Jewish Question is creeping out of its digital perimeter fence. Jews will overreact, escalating into a pitched competition between those who are loyal to the globalist financiers and those who are loyal to anything and everything else.


Charles Edward Lincoln, III

Back about 25 years ago, when I was a student at the University of Chicago Law School, Cass Sunstein was a rising star and either being groomed or grooming himself to be Barack Obama’s minister of propaganda…. the internet, as a mass cultural phenomenon, was very much in its infancy then, although it was already popular with the college and grad school crowds. Cass was an absolutely loathsome guy in so many ways, but I remember him predicting with amazing confidence: computers and electronic communication will require a complete re-evaluation of the 1st Amendment…. and he then goes on to say that such communication would permit “old ideas to resurface” and for “reactionary groups to form modern Nazi parties” and people who want to restore monarchies….. Following him through the years, he has developed these ideas and advocates imposing major censorship on the world wide web…. It’s just too dangerous to let common people think about their lords and masters, you know?


It doesn’t matter that Walter Cronkite is dead or that Newsweek is out of print, when our enemies have twitter and facebook. Contrary to your claim, social media are tools in the hands of the Judaic elite and consume far more useful resources than the questionable “benefits” they produce for our cause. It is actually among the “democratizers” and the liberal globalists that you will find the most avid supporters of new technologies. It’s the “global citizen” than benefits from it not the nationalist and the traditionalist.

It favors soundbytes over serious analysis and it confounded and contaminated the real intellectual progress many thought the age of the internet would usher. In the early days of the internet there was a flourishing discourse culture in the blogoshpere and in various forums that social media has pretty much single-handedly killed off.

In short it has re-written the internet rules to entrench the power of the economic and political elites and become an overt and covert instrument for the globalists and the implementation of their geopolitical and domestic agendas.

Carl Schmitt

I think you’re seeing what you want to see. How do you explain the ascent of the Alt Right and our break-through into the mainstream zeitgeist over the last year?


Yeah, and ever since the alt-right went #trending for the last year or so it has attracted all kinds of imbeciles, cucks, homos to the point where faggot tribal merchants like Milo became its representatives, it has been dumbed-down to the point that its crowd are the whiny SJW equivalent of the white race.

Matt Parrott

Did you expect the large waves of new people showing up to not bring a bunch of baggage, bullshit, and degeneracy with them?

We gotta work with what we got, contemporary Americans.


My problem is that this has been officially endorsed by the so-called intellectual vanguard of the alt-right (although Spencer who became the most prominent figure has the least intellect of all) which adjusted its rhetoric accordingly. It’s that they changed us for the worse, not us them for the better, contrary to the received red pilled wisdom.

Matt Parrott


Though that’s the process with these things. With each iteration, a faction of the radicals break off and become the new center to attack. There’s too much money and power to be had there for somebody to not pounce on and claim it. Mainstream Republicans are themselves prehistoric shitlords from long ago who’ve since become impediments.

Richard Bird

Jews crying wolf, again. They control the internet. Clear proof of that is that I can’t register with anything unless I supply them with my personal information, backed up by my mobile telephone number. I have just been suspended from FB for “hate speach” LOL. for suggesting to some uppity nigger he go back to his ghetto. So much for “internet freedom”. What a joke.

Matt Parrott

They’re not sitting back and allowing it to happen without putting up the fight they’re putting up.

But wait and see. We’re winning this and will continue to win this.


The center you write of is only aligning more solidly with the central government as the psy ops continue, with their paeans to ‘unity’ and ‘togetherness.’ The only reason the black police chief in Dallas admitted, on the 9am news, that the shooter wanted to kill whitey was to assure that center, mostly white, that the central government has its back. It’s fair and reasonable, americans in the middle must understand. It’s the sober and trustworthy authority that neither extreme approximates. Both are peopled by ‘mentally ill’ psychopaths who would bomb their own people, that lovely center which should understand when each end is disarmed and/or interned. It’s no coincidence a bill that would demolish the 5th, and through it the 2nd 1st and every other, Amendment passed in the House by a whopping margin the same time Dallas blew up.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Jewish sympathy for blacks at the expense of white gentiles(who are vilified for ‘racism’) is a dirty means to cover up Jewish anti-black prejudice that was and still is considerable.

Blacks remember many instances of Jews who exploited them and sucked them dry in sports, music, entertainment, organized crime, and etc., and indeed, there’s long been a Black School of History that made Jews out to be the special blood-suckers of the black community. This tradition is carried on by Louis Farrakhan to this day.

While it’s true that many Jews did rip off blacks — but then, many Jews ripped off other Jews, and many blacks ripped off other blacks — , there is also the issue of envy and resentment that blacks have toward any group that does better than them.

Anyway, Jews value the symbolic unity between Jews-as-Holocaust-People and Blacks-as-Slavery-People, and it just won’t do for the Narrative to point out that Jews in the past had often been just as ‘racist’ toward blacks as any other white group.

So, Jews make a lot of noise about ‘white racism’ to cover up their own against the black community. Of course, if white gentiles were to point out Jewish transgressions against blacks, it would be deemed as ‘antisemitic’.



They used to blame “anti-semitism” on ignorance. Now they blame it on having too much access to information.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

On BLM and black rage and black bullshit.

We hear so much about history, history, history.

But history doesn’t really matter.

If all those blacks had been brought to America as free men, we’d have the same problem.

It’s biology, not history.

Blacks mess things up here, blacks mess things up in Jamaica and Haiti, blacks mess things up in Africa, blacks mess things up in Europe.

Sure, some higher IQ Nigerian immigrants do better in the West, but that’s cream of the crop. Most Nigerians in Nigeria turned that nation into a hellhole.

And look where South Africa is going. And before anyone blames Apartheid, look at black African nations that had no apartheid. They ended up worse.

Blacks are stronger, more aggressive, more volatile, more pathological, less introspective, less self-critical, and etc.

Evolution made them that way because they lived in hunter-warrior societies where badass mofo traits were most favored.

If Americans had brought Vietnamese as slaves, things would have turned out very differently.

Yes, Vietnamese-American descendants of slaves would have bitter narrative and harbor some anger, but they would pose no threat since Vietnamese are scrawny geeks. They would threaten or scare no one. There never would have been a Vietnamese Jack Johnson or Muhammad Ali or OJ Simpson. There wouldn’t be jungalo fever. And even if there had been a Vietnamese Civil Rights Leader, he wouldn’t be an object of cult worship since Vietnamese don’t have boom box voices that have a magical voodoo effect on white folks… indeed as if they are hearing the voice of god hisself.


Vietnamese were fearsome only in Vietnam where they outnumbered the French and Americans by a huge margin. But on a one-on-one basis, a short skinny Vietnamese is no threat to a white man. As a minority, they would have posed no threat to white folks no matter how bitter they would have been about their history. Also, as East Asians, Viets have servile genes(like Mexican indigenous mongoid folks) and would have just gotten along with White Power.

So, the real shame of America wasn’t so much slavery. It was WHOM whites enslaved.

They made a terrible choice in enslaving a people bigger, tougher, and more aggressive than themselves.

White people should have enslaved scrawny Vietnamese, not powerful blacks.

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