Freedom of the Press?: ABC10 Censors Matthew Heimbach Interview After Marxist Threats and Intimidation

The Open Society Institute funded NGO Left news portal IndyMedia has succeeded in utilizing its powerful connections to censor the press. The paramilitary Left has been fuming at the fact that ABC10’s Frances Wang reported both sides of the story as a neutral observer (in other words, actual journalism), rather than regurgitating the Antifa press release as the larger, corporate news outlets like CNN and Associated Press did. The Antifa mouthpiece’s diatribe seeks to make an example of Wang and ABC 10 in order to prevent neutral reporting of facts from ever happening again:

Wang was clearly in over her head throughout, apparently never having covered intense demonstrations, and obviously unfamiliar with the issues at hand. She kept putting the word “nazis” in quotes in her tweets, as if the Traditionalist Workers Party, Golden State Skinheads, and other assorted racists who planned to rally on the Capitol steps aren’t actual nazis.

Giving undue credence to a reporter from a major television station, other corporate media outlets repeated Wang’s use of scare quotes.

Outside of her comfort zone, it was as if Wang was reporting from some alien planet where words have no meaning. Perhaps most bizarrely of all, she put “counter protestors [sic]” in quotes. What else would you call the hundreds of antifa who had assembled to deny the nazis their permitted rally at the Capitol building?

More virulent propaganda in regards to the interview itself is provided later on:

In the rather fumbling interview with Heimbach, Frances Wang beat around the bush, trying to get at the “accusation” (yes, scare quotes) that Heimbach and his group of nazi stabbers are actually nazis. Heimbach knew where she was going with her question and replied that the counter-protesting anti-fascists use the word “nazi” as an unfair epithet. They never call themselves that, he said.

Continuing with a line of questioning based on their own bullshit propaganda, Wang prompted Heimbach to reiterate the lie that the Traditionalist Workers Party is not white supremacist, rather they are merely interested in looking out for the interests of white working people from a non-racist perspective.

Wang did not challenge Heimbach on his racism or that the Traditionalist Workers Party do not consider themselves nazis. Heimbach knew he had found a corporate media patsy and took full advantage of the high visibility platform he was granted to further claim that the stabbings of six people, including at least three African Americans and a 58-year old woman, were in self-defense.

Wang did not take a side, even though during the Periscoping of the event, she was in fact stalked and threatened by baraclava wearing Antifas, who were shrieking her in irrational rage. Thankfully, she was not beaten up like other journalists were, but they were angry that she was posting up video and eyewitness testimony that was damning for the “counter-protesters”.

Wang even managed to interview one of the domestic terrorists that got knocked out during the melee. This person refused to take off their mask or identify themselves during the interview, and with good reason.New footage that has been released shows this transexual was not a victim, but in fact an attacker, and is reported to have been wielding a knife or shank during the confrontation. Thankfully, this individual was put down before it could stab someone.

I would recommend e-mailing ABC10 asking for an explanation as to why their interview with Matthew Heimbach was taken down from the website. The answer is probably pressure from above, but never the less, it is a black eye that shows our media is not really free, and bows to the interests of fringe groups that have more money and power than they do supporters.

I expect the powers that be will be making an example of honest journalists who refuse to simply print verbatim whatever stupid lie the capitalist collaborators at IndyMedia concoct to hide their crimes. ABC10 has already distanced Frances Wang from her own story, and instead replaced her with Gabrielle Karol, a career climbing bimbomarried to a certain (((Jacobs))) , who was more than glad to do the bidding of the domestic terrorist organization By Any Means Necessary and read the SPLC ideological statement verbatim, as if it is actually news.

Funny how that works. Rather than the local outlet influencing CNN and the Associated Press by being the first at the scene, it’s the other way around, with the corporate Zionist news mills and “think-tanks” from their perches in NYC, DC and Los Angeles telling the Sacramento station what just happened in Sacramento. There’s no question that our mass media is controlled, but let them continue to lie, next time we will have numerous forms of media recording our event and don’t even need the local outlets to report fairly. We will do it ourselves and continue discrediting the establishments apparatchiks who copy and paste a Southern Poverty Law Center smear as if it is news.

Never the less, ABC10 must be held accountable for this censorship. Tweet them, Email them, and call them, and demand an explanation, to put it back up, or a statement addressing this.


Jason Lowe

“What else would you call the hundreds of antifa who had assembled to
deny the nazis their permitted rally at the Capitol building?”


Jason Lowe

“What else would you call the hundreds of antifa who had assembled to
deny the nazis their permitted rally at the Capitol building?”


Jason Lowe

“What else would you call the hundreds of antifa who had assembled to
deny the nazis their permitted rally at the Capitol building?”


Andrea Ostrov Letania


Lowest form of life is the Traicist, a traitor against his or her own race.

Because PC made ‘racism’ the worst evil, so many whites turn traicist against their own race in the delusion that hating ‘white racists’ — white people who care to preserve and defend their own race — is the highest virtue.

We must make traicism, i.e. being traitor to one’s own race, the greatest of all evils.

Preserve white traits, destroy white traitors.

Traicists have been brainwashed by PC into thinking whites are the devil race. So, whites can only find redemption by racial shame and attack on white pride. They must cuck out to the pride of OTHER groups.

This mind must be broken. The OTHER groups must be associated with savagery, barbarism, and backwardness. And white history was must be associated with True Progress, not bogus ‘progressivism’ or prog-ism.

Jeff Smith

Why? Are you what she’s talking about? Is that why you feel like you should make fun of her? Because your conscious bothers you?

Andrea Ostrov Letania



Globalism sounds so nice, kind, and generous.

It is Imperialism with a human face. Cosmoperialism.

Globalism sounds so humble. “I’m not a national chauvinist but a humble citizen of the globe.”

But this is really an arrogant outlook. To say “I’m a global citizen” is just a smiley way of saying the “World is my oyster or Oy-ster.”

If indeed you’re a global citizen, it implies you have a right to enter, penetrate, manipulate, change, alter, subvert, and loot any nation. Your power and ambition aren’t limited to your own nation but the entire world. So, the ‘profound humility’ of global citizenship is really a disingenuous trick of hiding its supreme arrogance.

Also, global citizenship sounds like your nation is open to all the world. But the elites are surely less affected by massive demographic changes than the hoi polloi are. The hoi polloi don’t have fortune and privilege. They cannot stay above and be aloof of the changes like Obama or Blair or Cameron or Merkel. They get drowned in the tide. They are not on the cruiseship, the Titanic. They don’t have the ticket on the Globalist Ark as the demographic tides flood into every nation. For many of the hoi polloi, the collective possession of the land as their homeland is all they have.
Compare Palestinian elites and Palestinian hoi polloi. The Zionist tide in early 20th century didn’t bother the Palestinian elites. It was an opportunity for them to enrich themselves. They sold their lands to Jews at good prices and enjoyed good easy life as ‘globalist citizens’ with enough money to travel and settle anywhere in the world. In contrast, the Palestinian hoi polloi just had a sense of living on the land of their forebears. When Jews came to take the land, they had NOTHING left. They lost everything, even the blood and soil bond to the land.

So, globalism is, on the one hand, an elite traitor-imperialism against its own people. Just like Palestinian elites sold their own people for 3o pieces of silver, we see the same behavior all over the world. Blair and Merkel got theirs. What do they care if the hoi polloi lose everything?

But globalism is also a means to penetrate, dominate, and change other nations.
All this ‘welcome Muslims’ stuff by the US elites is the admission price for the US to interfere, invade, and transform the Middle East. By taking in Muslim immigrants and ‘refugees’, US creates an impression of happy hospitality to the Muslim world. But that is just part of the give-and-take. We offer haven to some Muslims as publicity stunt, but that only gives US the chance to drop bombs, use drones, send agents, use proxies to destroy nations like Iraq, Libya, and Syria in the name of ‘human rights’ and globalist values. (Those ‘refugees’ are settled not where the elites live but where white working class live. It’s like the Vietnamese refugees were resettled in Texas where they competed with white working class fishermen.)

Globalism destroys national sovereignty and values all over. What is the price for Vietnam to win some trade deals? Viets must betray their own values and culture and allow their cities to be taken over by freako homo ‘pride’ parades. Did Viets sacrifice millions of lives to win independence to cave to sick US demands to spread homomania that is really a proxy tool of Zio-Globalists?

Also, I find the notion of globalist citizen to be conceited to the max. The world has over 200 nations with so many different languages, customs, cultures, traditions, values, histories, and etc.
To get to know one culture is challenging enough. So, who is anyone to claim that he understands and loves the world? I mean what does he know about the history and culture of other nations and peoples? If he doesn’t know, who is he to claim to be a citizen of the globe?

I don’t know much about the particulars of Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America., etc. I don’t belong to them, and they don’t belong to me.
I respect all such nations and so on. But I don’t know them, so it would be preposterous and pompous for me to say that I belong to that part of the world just as much as I belong to mine.
Even Obama, who went from place to place, only knew Hawaii, Indonesia, and US. He visited Kenya for a spell but not for long. He didn’t travel to or study 200 nations around the world. So who is he to say he belongs to the world(most of which he has no clue about).

Of course, when a globalist says he belongs to the world, it is really a sly way of implying that the world belongs to him. That is George Soros’ view of the world. The world exists for the likes of him to rig, game, toy with, manipulate, exploit, and etc. Sure, he acts like smiley Yoda, a friend to all races, cultures, and nations, but his globalism is just one big swindle to enrich himself and take sadistic pleasure in havocs he creates around the world. He is no better than a dog-fighter who pits different dogs together. In the name of ‘dog diversity’?

Rip off the ‘human face’ of Globalism and it is Uglobalism. It is ugly. We went from Ugly American to Uglobalists.

Anyway, the globalists desecrate the past heroes of white America today, but they have their eyes set on targets all over the world. But by spreading homomania in every nation, Uglobalists are setting the ground to defame and defile heroes of other nations because, after all, most historical heroes, most cultures, most religions, most values, and most customs are not about equating marriage with homo fecal penetration or tranny penis-chopping and celebrating freaks who do such with massive ‘pride’ parades. So, all heroes and customs around the world are defamed as ‘homophobic’. Indeed, the UN is already a tool of homomania or homo-imperialism or homperialism.

Look how Japan is now under great pressure to have ‘gay marriage’. It already has massive homo parades. It even spread to Muslim Turkey though it was shut down this year cuz of threat of violence by nationalists and Islamists. Globalism is Jewish-Homo Imperialism. It comes with a smile but eventually resorts to guns and weapons to destroy other nations.

In the US, you better go along with homomania or the STATE will destroy you.
You won’t bake a ‘gay wedding cake’? State will fine you and shut your business down. If you won’t pay the fine and try to open your business, the state will send goons with guns to lock you up. That is globalism. Comes with a smile but has a knife hidden behind its back.
Uglobalists talk of ‘rights’ but it’s all about MIGHT.
So, read the fine print before you sign onto globalism.

It comes with short-term goodies but then you discover you’v signed onto obligations like you won’t believe. It’s like the story of Hansel and Gretel.
Russians sure found out in the 90s.
And look what globalism is doing to Russia for its having canceled the contract.
A new cold war that is ruthless, relentless, hysterical, and vicious.

All those smiley-faced globalists who came in the 90s are now recommending that Russia be destroyed totally for not bending over to homo ‘pride’ and pussy riot.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Speaking of history and memory, it is interesting that Obummer is the prez.

Obummer as a globalist seems to be urging all of us to just forgo our identity, roots, and heritage and join with generic world community of Hollywood, Homomania, Rap, interracism, and PC.

Yet, ironically, Obama himself rebelled against this globo-cosmo mentality and sought out his roots.
After all, his book is called DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, not Dreams from the World or It Takes a Global Village Idiot.

Obama was raised globo-cosmo-rootlessly. In fact, his own white mother abandoned her own race and filled up her own womb with seeds of non-whites. She didn’t care for whiteness, rejected her identity, and her roots. And Obama was raised under her kind of outlook.
Obama was raised by leftist white grandparents. He grew up in Hawaii filled with all sorts of people. He had no clear identity. In NY, he hung around rich Pakis and maybe around homos.

He was everything and nothing as a globot. He was like Dylan in the early 60s when he didn’t give a crap about Jewishness and was just happy to be a hipster. And then his father died, and he realized he is his father’s son and his identity mattered.

Obviously, just being some hipster stoner globo-cosmo hedonist was not enough for Obama. He needed something more substantive, and he looked to his father, to Africa, and blackness. (And he specifically chose blackness over whiteness. If he were truly a globot, he should have felt equally white and black. And since he grew up with Indonesians and Asians in Hawaii, he should have felt Asian too. But no, he chose blackness cuz his father, the figure of authority missing in his life, was black.)

Richard Spencer said BECOME WHO YOU ARE.

Obama had this journey himself.

He was raised as a globot. He was black, white, Muslim, Indonesian, Hawaiian, maybe even homo. He was everything, he was nothing. But he looked into his roots and that is when he BECAME BLACK by connecting with something deeper than ideology, fashion, privilege, money, etc. Obama decided he needed to BECOME what he is: BLACK.

He was raised as a ‘global citizen’, but he needed something more specific, something stronger. It’s like Jewish Socialists realized they needed to be something more than ‘comrade’, ‘worker’, or ‘prole’ like anyone under communism. Communism says a Jewish communist has more in common with a Laotian communist than with a Jewish capitalist or Orthodox Jew. But in the end, race-culture-history is deeper than some ideology that, btw, totally vanished after several decades.

Jews needed to be connected with history and roots and culture that set them apart from others.

After all, every individual is special because he or she is unique and exceptional in his or her own way. If every individual was interchangeable with anyone else, there would be no meaning to ‘me’ and ‘you’ and personal biography. Even though all people have much in common, each individual has his or her own story of life and lessons and awareness. Even among Mormons, each Mormon is unique in his or her own way. We are not like mass produced cups or toasters that are identical and could be replaced with a new one if one breaks down.
When a chair breaks, we can replace it with one just like it and all is well.
But when a dear one dies, he or she cannot be replaced. Each person is irreplaceable.

Same goes for ethnic groups. Just like each individual has meaning in his uniqueness or difference, each group his own his saga, narrative, experience, realization, and vision. Jews, Turks, Chinese, Persians, and etc are not interchangeable. Each culture is valuable for what it is. Each ethnic group has its own roots. And for each culture to remain healthy and viable, it must remain distinct from others. There must be some degree of exclusion though preferably not in absolute mode like in totalitarian societies.

After all, why are Jews so horrified by the Holocaust? Because Jews are irreplaceable by non-Jews.
Yes, Jews feel that they are irreplaceable by other peoples.
Other people can study Jewish culture and learn from it, but only Jews can be Jews. Jews abhor the Holocaust cuz it was a war on Jewish blood.
If Jewish globalists really feel all peoples are interchangeable and roots/culture don’t matter, they should not be so upset with the Holocaust. They should just see it as deaths of millions of people than possible extermination of JEWS.
After all, if identity, race, and history don’t matter, then what does it matter if all Jews die? We can just say Jews are nothing more than people, and even if all Jews die, there are plenty of more people all around? Jews seem to have this attitude toward Europeans, i.e. so what if Europe is demographically swept and altered by waves and waves of blacks and Muslims? They are all just ‘people’. White, black, or Muslim, what does it matter?

But using this logic, who cares about the Jewish nature of deaths in Holocaust? Jews are just people, and there will always be lots of people all around even if every Jew were killed.

Jews also say race and ethnicity has nothing to do with anything. So, it doesn’t matter if Britain becomes majority black and Muslim. It doesn’t matter if whites were to vanish from Europe. Europe is not about race or ethnicity. It is only about values and ideas. So, even if Europe is no longer white, it is still ‘European’ if non-Europeans in Europe practice European ideas and values and culture like speaking English.
But using this logic, we need not worry if all Jews had died in the Holocaust. After all, Jewishness is just a culture, values, and an idea. It is not about race or blood. So, if all Jews had been killed, Jewishness can still survive if, say, 6 million Chinese or Iranians decide to adopt ‘Jewish values’ and ‘Jewish identity’ purely as a culture. Would Jews be okay with that?
Would Africans would be okay with an Africa that is majority non-black as long as the non-blacks practice ‘African values’ that are redefined as open borders and ‘diversity’?

It is ironic that Obama who ‘became what is he’—black—away from generic globo-cosmopolitanism is now urging all the world to just surrender their identity and roots and become part of GLOB. Are we to become interchangeable globots?
He who went on a journey to BECOME BLACK is so bitter about white people BECOMING WHITE by looking into the dreams of their own forefathers. White people must not look to their forefathers. The dreams of white fathers were only nightmares, only evil. And white girls must not look to their fathers and mothers but be like Ann Dunham and surrender their wombs to blacks and others to make non-white babies.

Same can be said for Merkel. She grew up under communism that said all socialists were brothers and sisters and comrades, and nations didn’t matter anymore. But with the fall of communism, West Germany and East Germany reunited for the same reason that they shared common history, blood, memory, and destiny. After all, why didn’t West Germany unify with France and why didn’t East Germany unify with Poland or Czechoslovakia? Because Germans must merge with Germans.
But Merkel seems to have forgotten all of that. She berates fellow Germans and seeks to unify Germany with Nigeria and Syria. What the hell…

And how was Israel created? It was the gathering of all the Jewish tribes by blood. Many scattered Jews from all over decided to come together in a new community. Just like West Germany and East Germany came together cuz of bond of common blood and shared roots, many Jews with shared blood and roots came together in Israel.
If ideas and values trump ethnicity, then West German should have merged with France since both were capitalist democracies. And East Germany should have merged with Poland during the Cold War since both were communist states. Ridiculous.
It’s like, if South Korea is gonna merge with any nation, it should be with North Korea. If values trump blood and race, then S. Korea should merge with Japan cuz both are capitalist democracies. Of course, US wants S. Korea to become like Puerto Rico and essentially merge with US as a defacto commonwealth. That is globalism.
It’s so stupid. Look at Turkey. Even after all these yrs, Kurds in Turkey feel closer to Kurds in other nations than with Turks. Blood is stronger and should be that way. It is richer and thicker than stupid globo ink.

So, how can humanity simply be content with globalism? Nationalism is what matters. And once we have solid nationalisms, we can have internationalism of trade and exchange of ideas.

Globalism is not internationalism. Internationalism is nations working together. Globalism is nations surrendering their sovereignty and independence to the Glob Masters of the US that is dominated by Jews and Homos. Globalism is Jewish-Homo supremacist imperialism.

Andrea Ostrov Letania


Life is not just about biology and reproduction.

If it were, we would be no better than insects, salmon, and frogs that produce like crazy. Or like rabbits.

If humans just banged and had kids, they’d be no better than chimps or bonerbos or baboons.

Of course, culture matters.

Biology alone is just animalism.

But spirituality alone is just fantasy.

A Jainist or Shaker community can choose to believe that they find heaven or enlightenment by forsaking biology and just praying or meditating. Whatever happens in the OTHER world, the fact it is end of the line in this world.

Same with Catholic priests. They can believe themselves to serve God via celibacy and ball-juice-jamming in pure spiritual devotion, but IN THIS WORLD, it is end of the line.

The genius of Judaism is it fused biology with spirituality. God made the Jewish genitals holy thru the Covenant and obedience to the Law that forbade debauchery of the Golden Calf.

Be fruitful and multiply, not fruity and pewdiepie.

Spirituality or culture is crucial to being human, BUT humans must exist in the first place in order to be cultural and spiritual. So, those who read but don’t breed are finished. You must breed before you have a child to teach how to read.

Too many choose individual greed over tribal breed.

Individualism atomizes one’s view of life. Prior to individualism, people saw themselves as part of the life/culture continuum that goes from ancestors to descendants. They were part of a thread. Individuals in the here and now were not the END ALL of life. They were created by life that came before; they were extensions of ancestors. Sons were extensions of fathers, and their own sons were extensions of themselves after they passed away. It’s like the scene in Bible when it’s so important for sons to receive blessing of father Isaac.

Each person felt that the line-of-my-people lived on through him, and it must live on through his kids and their kids and so on.

An individual knows he is obligated to eat and drink and piss and poo every day in order to live to next day. Those are biological obligations of life. Every individual believes at least that much, an obligation to life until they die of old age or disease. But they feel no obligation to live on through their heirs. They see children as entirely separate individuals than as extensions of themselves. They don’t believe that they live on through their kids.

Today, Individuals don’t see themselves as part of a continuum or thread. They see themselves as separate and unique. They don’t primarily identify with their parents and forebears but with abstract ideas and high art(if intellectual) or with celebrities and pop culture(if vulgar). So, they think life is all about ‘me, me, me’. They don’t see themselves as continuation of their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and etc.

No sense of line-of-my-people.

So, they think life begins and ends with them. They don’t think, “My kids will be the extension of me and my ancestors. After I die, I will live through them in blood and narrative I bequeath them.”

So, they feel no obligation to continue their life(via their kids) beyond their own death. Hebrews believed that fathers live through the blood of their sons. So, even a great great great great great etc grandfather Jew is still alive in the current living Jew. The current Jew is bearing the torch handed down to him, and he must pass it down to his son who must pass it down to his son ad infinitum via the holy scrotum. If he doesn’t, not only he but all his ancestors will die with him. Since he embodies all his ancestors (Bible is filled with “this guy is son of this guy who is son of that guy who is son of this guy who is son of that guy…”), having a son isn’t merely a continuation of himself after his death but all his ancestors, the ‘line of my people’.

Chinese also had this in ancestor worship. Even the Germanic barbarians had it.

So, it depends on one’s view of life. Do you see yourself as an individual or an ‘indivisible’? As an individual, you are alone and autonomous and have no connection to ancestors or descendants. It’s all about you. You have no obligation to anyone but yourself and a vague sense of ‘humanity’.

But if you see yourself as an ‘indivisible’, the meaning of your life comes from its connection to ancestors and descendants. You receive the torch, make the fire better, and then pass it down.

Alas, globalism makes people no longer identify with own kind. Since they identify with all mankind, they figure ‘humanity’ will go on even if their own race/tribe vanishes. A lousy view of life.

In the past, there was too much emphasis on ancestors and culture and not enough on the individual. So, there was the radical revolt of the individual, and this made so many men and then women and then children feel so free to pursue their individual fun and happiness.

But self-indulgence and self-gratification don’t lead to long-term sense of fulfilment and happiness. Fun gets silly and tiresome and we grow old. True meaning comes from family.

What people need is a balance of the tribal thread and individual needle.

It could be that parents and kids felt a closer tie in the past than now when so much of education and knowledge are outsourced to institutions.

In the past, when most folks were farmers, shepherds, blacksmiths, or hunter-gatherers, the main education happened from parent to child. Father farmer taught son. Father blacksmith taught son. Father hunter taught son. Mother homemaker taught daughter.

So, father passed down both genes and culture to sons. But today, fathers don’t play that role. They create kids but kids are educated by schools that encourage atomized individualism and PC deracination.

And instead of family sharing family lore and legend through talk, everyone just sits and watch TV and movies. It’s like Japanese boys mainly identify with videogame characters and Japanese girls mainly identify with soap opera characters.

It’s hard for parents to win respect from kids cuz changing technology and fashion make older stuff ‘uncool’ or ‘outdated’. But parents can still pass down culture and heritage. Those are beyond technology and fashion. But few parents even care about that stuff. They just have kids and hand the kids over to public education and pop culture.

The sense of family you see in Yasujiro Ozu films is gone, but then, things were changing fast back then too. Prior to TV, there was cinema, but after the movie, family would sit together and talk. But with TV in the house, they are always glued to the TV and ignoring one another. Many families don’t even eat together.

AVALON by Barry Levinson made the same point. Kids are just glued to the TV.

Boomers generation was the first TV generation that grew up identifying more with Flinstones than with their own parents.

Now, with so much more–with kids on smartphone 24/7–, it’s much worse.

Misquel Kuno

Alt Right often bashes democracy, but democracy produced Brexit and over-turning of fraud in Austrian election whereas oligarchy-elitism pushes for globalism.

Without democracy, Alt Right would be crushed.


Someone should start…

Hello Zionist

Hello Homo-Supremacist

Hello Uglobalist

Hello Black Thug

Hello Race Traitor

Hello Illegal Invader

Hello Financial Thief

Hello Muslim Nutjob

Hello Chinese Anchor Baby Mother

Hello Cuck

Andrea Ostrov Letania



Diversity has almost always been the product of imperialism, military or demographic.

Brazil is the future of ‘diverse’ Europe that is under Zionist elite imperialism and demographic invasion from the 3rd world. Europeans are the new Palestinians. What did Jewish immigration into Palestine lead to?

Imperialism = Diversity = Dysfunction(esp with lots of blacks)

Globalism is an elite supremacist project.

But it’s difficult to sell to the people as such. It needs mass support, or it must at least guilt-bait the masses into compliance.

So, globalism bribes the Third World masses with promise of better life in the West. Thus, it has the support of the non-white masses. With their support, the globalist elites have the mantle of ‘anti-racist’ and ‘anti-xenophobic’ credentials. With this, they guilt-bait white masses who object to the invasion. Also, via media and academia, the elites associate everything good with ‘diversity’ and everything bad with homogeneity. It’s ‘more restaurants’ vs the Nazis. (Never mind that Nazis became truly evil when they went from homogeneous mode to the imperialist mode of ruling over diverse peoples.)

So, many young people poisoned by PC come to see Diversity as the solution to all problems… even to the problems caused by diversity itself. So, if too many Muslims and Africans cause problems, what is needed is even more Africans and Muslims in order to reduce ‘racism’ even more. We are told the problem is that host nation is, as yet, not welcoming enough.

Anyway, elite agendas are problematic because most people don’t want to serve elite interests.

So, elites have always associated or bundled their agendas with mass themes.

So, Russian Tsar and German Kaiser invoked collective national pride in unleashing WWI.

So, Bush II invoked War on Terror and WMD scares(ostensibly to protect American public) to bring about the invasion of Iraq that was really a narrow War for Israel.

So, Wall Street allied with Christian dummy masses in the GOP in the 80s and 90s to push through ‘free trade’ and financial deregulation. Since Wall Streeters in the GOP didn’t have enough voters, they needed the hoi polloi Christian dummies to provide the vote, and they did this by invoking ‘family values’ in the GOP platform.

And NY Democratic elites have their own scheme of privilege, but Jews don’t have enough votes. So, they win over blacks, browns, and women by scare-mongering about GOP as the KKK-lite party.

Elites have their own agendas, but in order to win over the unsuspecting masses, they bundle their interests with themes that appeal to the dummy masses.

The elite-globalists in India bundled their economic interests with Hindu Nationalism since they need the votes of many poor people to win. Rich votes alone won’t do the job.

The elites will play demagogue with left populism or right populism to win votes for an agenda that is above all oligarchic and elitist.

And so many masses fall for this demagoguery that is often injected with strong moralistic content.

The paradox of moralism and excessive righteousness(as opposed to true morality) is that they can lead to a kind of nihilism. Notice that some of the most nihilistic people are intensely moralistic. Why?

Because if you think your values, cause, agenda, or vision is so totally, absolutely, and irrefutably true, then you must use ‘any means necessary’ to defeat the forces of evil.

Sabrina Rubin Erderly feels so self-righteous that she feels it’s okay to cook up lies if it serves the good cause. (Of course, it serves careerism too via sensationalism and attention-hogging.)

So, the extremely moralistic Medieval Christians, Bolsheviks, Maoist Red Guards, Khmer rouge, Jim Jones Cult, Muslim Jihadis, Jews Holocausters(who see everything in terms of Jews vs Nazis), Black Panthers, the KKK, US soldiers of Abu Grahib, Black Lives matter thugs, Antifa morons, Homomaniacs(who want WWIII over Russia because nothing is holier than worship of the ‘gay’ butt), and etc. are utterly blind to their rottenness. They are so morally sure of their cause that they believe anything is justified to further it.

Is it any wonder that ‘hate hoaxes'(the rape of truth)are so common? Even lies are fine as long as they serve the ‘Truth of Righteousness’.

Even principles like free speech must be sacrifice. All that matters is the Power. To be sure, the means of power are justified for the Noble End, but the ugly means become the end.

Moralism turns into Nihilism.

That was the point of the film Baader Meinhof Complex.

So many SJWs suffer from that ‘complex’, the paradox of moralism into nihilism.

But then, maybe what they really lust after is power and thrills, and moralism is just a handy excuse for them to indulge themselves.

Globalism and Utopianism are arrogant.

A deadly mix.

We need something on a saner scale, and it is nationalism and humanism.

No nation should pretend to be or represent the entire world.

Humans need to accept the truth of their nature and limits instead of reaching for save-the-humanity delusions that see humans as guinea pigs of massive social engineering.

I think one negative byproduct of America is that it is so big, so rich, so diverse, and so everything that it is like a world unto itself. If the New World had consisted of land mass the size of Germany, the Anglo settlers would have made a nice country, but it would have been seen as a nation like any other. But US was so vast and could take in so many people that it created the impossible ideal that any nation could itself be the world, indeed should and must. And this template is now applied even on small European nations.

Alt Right has a good cause and compelling moral arguments.

But it must be careful not to let this moral cause degenerate into the nihilism of 14/88. Then, Alt Right will just be SJWs with swastikas or SSWs.

Truth and honor must matter to the Alt Right.

Just because we are righteous in our cause doesn’t give us the right to say the Holocaust is a hoax. That way leads to nihilism.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

“’Nativism … xenophobia or worse’ is behind the triumph of Brexit and the support for Donald Trump, railed President Barack Obama in Ottawa. Obama believes that resistance to transformational change in the character and identity of countries of the West, from immigration, can only be the product of sick minds or sick hearts. According to The New York Times, he will spend the last months of his presidency battling ‘the nativism and nationalism’ of Trump and ‘Britain’s Brexiteers’.”

Funny. People like Obama would have cheered for the anti-colonial struggles of the Third World that sought to wrest control back from the Western Imperialists.

People like him cheered for Vietnamese patriots against US ‘imperialism’ during the Vietnam War. And Obama claims to have opposed the globo-agenda of US invasion of Iraq. (But then, he later bombed and destroyed Libya and Syria.)

It goes to show that Globalism is worldwide Jewish-Homo Imperialism. Elite Mulattoes take part in it cuz they have a stake as agents. And Latino elites, so envious of Anglo achievements over Latin ones in Mexico and South America, are working with the GLOB to destroy yanqui and gringo. It’s motivated by envy. Weasly Latino Conquistador elites never admit that they achieved less cuz of their backwardness and lack of vision and because they ruled over darkie hordes than breeding more white people. They pretend to be ‘people of color’ and act like ‘victims’ of gringo.

Just like Western Imperialists once attributed Third World aspirations for independence to dark ‘barbaric’ or ‘savage’ impulses, the globo-imperialists(and Obama is nothing but their mouthpiece) are shaming and batting down the liberationist dreams of white people who want their nations back.

White people want to be INDEPENDENT of their globalist masters. But for this to be possible, white people must stop wasting time on fears of Sharia and name the real globo-masters: Jewish Supremacists, Homo-Imperialists, and white traitor-collaborators who are engineering the total invasion of Western lands and total muddying of the blood.

But because the GLOB controls education and pop culture, so many white people have been brainwashed by PC. White Independence Movement must fight or try to convert back the white cucks who’ve been turned against their own people. But then, Third World liberation warriors also had to fight the collaborators. Vietnam Independence Movement was against not just against the French and US but South Vietnam whore-dogs of the foreign empires.

In every Third World nation, there were plenty of ‘turned’ collaborator natives who served the Western Imperialists. They were like Vichy Frenchmen who sided with German occupiers. Trudeau is the quisling of Globalism. Just look at that man-child.

Isn’t it interesting that Obama never demands of Israel what he demands of white nations. He is taking orders from his Jewish masters.

Brexit is a War of Independence. All white nations must be made independent of globalism, Jewish supremacism, homo degenerate imperialism, and vile feminism.

Only then can the nation be saved.

Name the enemy and name them properly .

People like Omar Mateen didn’t invade the US. They were allowed by globalist system implemented by the GLOB.

It’s White Independents vs GLOB overlords and their darkie hordes and white collaborators or cuck-laborators.

Support WIN or White Independence Nation.

Fr. John+

Why are you surprised? The Devil and his minions NEVER fight fair. And if Christ is Incarnated, and the Devil is a copy cat, why do you deny that Satan’s seed [John 8] are out there, and are our implacable enemies?

Do St. Theodosius’ words mean nothing?

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