A Heartwarming Call for Disunity after the Nice Attack

Innocent civilians being slaughtered by the dozen has become the new normal. It’s now the natural and expected turn of events, rather than a jarring interruption of the West’s relative harmony and safety. #PrayForNice trended on Twitter for a while, the talking heads did their obligatory fist-shaking in the general direction of terrorism ‘n stuff. There were heartwarming calls for “unity” in the face of those who seek to “divide” us.

I’m one of those sinister people seeking to divide my countrymen. It’s true. While everybody’s supposed to be coming together and uniting as one against “terrorism” and “hate,” I’m over here on this hatewatch-registered hate-site fomenting disunity. Instead of tweeting #JeSuisNiza or filtering my ugly mug with the tri-color on Facebook, I’m calling for mass deportations, immigration moratoriums, and (most scandalously) day-to-day social exclusion of immigrants.

I’m doing it wrong.

How many more women must be gutted alive and their children pummeled to death while clutching their dolls before people realize that the self-appointed paragons of morality and principled policy who demand more unity are the ones doing it wrong? Forcing an unnatural and irresponsible unity on diverse and incompatible identities is the root cause of the inescapable torment and bloodshed. The globalists are throwing more and more rabid dogs into our ever-shrinking cage while scolding us to be even more docile and submissive.

Times like these highlight the vital distinction between the superficially similar civilized men and domesticated men. While the civilized man inhabits and invests in his civilized nation, the domesticated man merely infests it. While the civilized man stands and fights back hostile invaders, the domesticated man welcomes his new overlords, striving to avoid offending their sensibilities. While the civilized man rallies in response to an attack in his kinfolk, the domesticated man mumbles softly and nervously about morality, principles, and that insipid “unity.”

French Prime Minister François Hollande is claiming today that we’re just going to have to learn to “live with terrorism” because for him and his globalist henchmen, the thought of nationalism is far more terrifying than terrorism itself. According to our elites, we’re to shut up and accept Nice as the new normal. Terrorism, like the ass end of globalism, is something that can’t reach wealthy and powerful men like Hollande.

Hollande has own private walls. He has safe schools. He has physical security. He has job security. We are going to live with the terrorism that he is inviting upon us until we rise up and destroy him, his Jewish financiers, his global capitalist collaborators, and the entire system predicated upon them. Hillary supports welcoming thousands of ISIS militants in the name of compassion while scolding Donald Trump for “tearing us apart” with his terrifying outbursts of honesty. There’s more afraid of Trump, Le Pen, Putin, and even our little project than they are of Islamic terrorism. As they should be, since we pose a threat to them while the jihadis merely pose a threat to us.

Now is not the time for unity. It’s not the time for love. It’s a time for disunity and for hate. It’s time to hate the migrant communities harboring this lethal threat. It’s time to hate the (((oligarchs))) who create those communities. And if there’s any hate in your heart remaining, invest it in the fools who are smiling and clapping along with the need for more “unity,” “inclusion,” and “love” in the face of this existential threat to our nations, our peoples, and our future generations.


ps mike

Nice article. We must be close to a debt collapse. They are trying so hard to get us to fight the other races. Whites just won’t do it until the collapse is already done. The two tea party republican sites that banned me over a year ago, Tim Donnelly and Dennis Michael Lynch, are now letting me run wild with my anti semitic tirades. I don’t get many thumbs up, but people are starting to listen. This is one example of what I posted:

I call for the destruction of Israel in retailation for funding ISIS, Black Lives Matter, and open borders. Then we can deport all muslims to Israel. Wake up. Look who is behind the evil. They are nation wreckers who have been expelled from 109 countries.

Matt Parrott

I’m sensitive to how ethnic strife can play into globalist hands. It’s why we need the constructive kind of racial tension. It’s not an easy task.

We have to walk a line with that. If we try to tone police the racial frustration, we’ll lose our audience and impede their identitarian awakening. If you follow our work, we validate their (valid) frustration, then nudge them toward the better understanding of the Jewish and financier roots of the problem.

ps mike

Matt, I think the most effective model for overturning the system is a hybrid model of nationalism and class warfare. Somehow, we have to find our own way to divide and conquer. Almost every anti establish group is railing against globalism, and there needs to be a unity among different groups for that purpose.

A white police officer from Austin TX PD is going to charged with excessive force and his hispanic police chief is throwing him under the bus. https://gma.yahoo.com/austin-police-chief-sickened-saddened-arrest-breaion-king-212105552–abc-news-topstories.html?bcmt=comments-postbox

I went straight to APD FB page and suggested that the rank and file police ought to leak Acevedo’s phone # to Black Lives Matter so they can discuss civil rights over cookies and milk.

It’s little people versus the establishment, whether its soldiers vs. the pentagon millionaires, rank and file police against their sellout chief, local government against the money dangling federal government. There a million ways to slice this.

ps mike

The super rich have been pushing for a race for since the bank bailouts imo. I live in a heavily hispanic area, and I’ve always got along with them well. I know they are so dominant that I at least don’t have to worry about blacks or muslims increasing in numbers, because the hispanics will not be displaced. Anyway, I like this blog, and this is a pretty good article from 2013.


Andrea Ostrov Letania

DIVERSITY SUPREMACISTS are destroying Europe.

They say that a nation becomes superior with more Diversity, especially black African.

Evidence says otherwise. If black Africans are such human wonders, why and how did they turn their own nations into cesspools of rot and savagery?

Diversity Supremacists also say interracism or racial-mixing will make people superior in beauty, wisdom, and intelligence. So, are mixed-race Mexico and Morocco the world centers of human superiority, excellence, and achievement?

Gubbler Chechenova

Political Correctness should really be called Political Holiness or Political Worship.

Three groups JEWS, NEGROES, and HOMOS must be seen as holy and must be worshiped according to Political Correctness or Political Worship. It’s not just about being correct or being tolerant. One must be oh-so-reverential and holy-schmoly about Jews, Negroes, and Homos.

PC doesn’t really protect other groups. It’s still permissible to mock, ridicule, or criticize(even condemn) Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Mexicans, Asians, Russians, Iranians, Latinos, Polygamists, Poor Whites, Incest-sexuals, fatties, shorties, women(Rap music and ‘bitchass ho’), dwarfs, and etc.

The severity of punishment for deviation from PC shows that it’s not just an issue of correctness. After all, being incorrect is like giving the wrong answer on a test or a game show. No big deal.

The reaction to the Politically Incorrect is like treatment of heretics. So, PC should really be called PW, or Political Worship.

You must worship Jews, Homos, and Negroes like people must worship Big Brother in 1984.

PW is a Cult of Identity of the Special Three: Jews, Homos, and Negroes.



That venerable war horse of American propaganda — The Voice of America — did a round up of globalist intellectuals backing Manuel Valls statement that people need to learn to live with terrorism.

It is simply impossible to overestimate elite psychopathy in the Western world. They’ve never been particularly friendly or even slightly empathetic or caring. But at this point they’ve crossed the event horizon into Marie Antoinette and Caligula territory.


Matt Parrott

> “I think it’s good that leaders are working to cultivate resilience and not creating illusions that there are a series of buttons that can be pushed and terrorism will go away,” said Benjamin, who is now the director of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Heh. There are buttons we can push to make the problem go away. We’re just not allowed to think about, look at, or press those buttons by the elites.

Gubbler Chechenova

Immigration is racist.

Look at the immigration patterns.

Jews bitch about ‘white racism’, but Jewish immigration patterns have always favored white nations.

After all, Latin America and Anglo-America were both open for immigration, but Jews chose the whiter America over mixed-race Latin America.

And Jews almost never decided to move to black Africa. If anything, the favorite African destination for Jewish immigration was white-ruled South Africa where Jews made lots o money in diamonds.

Look at Asians. Most Asian-Americans are progs who bitch and whine all the time(as yellows are toadies and dogs who follow prevailing officialdom), but their immigration preference has been for white-majority nations. Almost all Asians would rather move to America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada(or Europe) than to highly diverse Latin America. And they certainly don’t want to emigrate permanently to Africa or Middle East. Some go there to work(like Chinese laborers), but they don’t want to settle in those parts.

So, immigration is racist. Mexicans want to move El Norte to where the Anglos are. They don’t want to move El Southo to where people are even less white than Mexicans are.

And look at Muslim and Black African immigration into Europe. Their decisions are white supremacist in the sense that they think white nations are superior destinations over non-white ones. We don’t see Muslims move to black African nations. We don’t see black Africans wanting to move to Mexico or India.

And even when it comes to non-white nations, non-white immigrants/migrants/refugees prefer northern pale-white nations to southern-swarthy-white nations. They’d rather move to Germany or Sweden than be stuck in Greece or Italy.

Anglos are just about the only people who were willing to move to lands with nothing and build something on it. They turned wilderness into civilization.

All other peoples have no such will and vision. They want to go to where civilization has already been built and feed off it. They want to feed off whites even as they bitch about ‘racism’ even though their immigration preference itself is racist in seeking white nations over non-white ones.


Gubbler Chechenova

Ruth Baird Ginsburg: aggressive Jewish ‘progressive’.

Anthony Kennedy: recessive White ‘progressive’(posing as ‘conservative’)

The difference between Jewish Progs(‘progressives’) and White Progs is the former are nasty, aggressive, judgmental, accusatory, and self-righteous whereas the latter are self-critical, redemptive, apologetic, and sympathetic.

For Jews, ‘progressivism’ is the hand to slap whites with. For whites, ‘progressivism’ is the cheek to be slapped upon(usually by Jews and Negroes).

Progotry is different things for different people.

It makes some people critically examine their own power and privilege.

It makes other people blatantly promote and elevate their own power and privilege.

Ginsburg is a nasty Jewish Supremacist who uses ‘progressive’ in the most ill-mannered way. Her kind pretend to furthering ‘progress’ when in fact they move pieces on the chessboard to secure Jewish supremacism.

After all, if Ginsburg is really for ‘diversity’ and ‘affirmative action’, she should call for Jews being categorized as a separate group than included among whites since Jewish whites do so much better than gentile whites.

But no word on that from her kind.

Supreme Court should be called Jewish Supremacist Court.



They are really saying that a united nation is a White nation that keeps importing millions of non-Whites (and gets used to terrorism –or Europe will not survive, as Barbara said). The nationalist spoilsports who want racial and cultural homogeneity are accused of trying to prevent love and unity. That is a new conception of what constitutes unity. It reminds me of the old proverb: War is peace, and freedom is slavery.

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