Segregation Forever: Slate’s Genocidal Wishful Thinking on Policy and Race

Slate’s presenting a series of articles, Tomorrow’s Test, a series on White Genocide; how to accelerate it, exacerbate it, and enforce it in our public schools. An animated infographic demonstrates how White communities have been invaded and how fewer White children enjoy the privilege of being among their own people. Were the infographic showcasing the White displacement of Amerindians in the 18th Century or the Han displacement of Tibetans, it would conclude with a guilt-soaked plea for reparations or justice. But since we’re talking about White families, the infographic concludes with a demand to stamp out the remaining White communities.

Whitaker’s mantra has taken much flak over the years for calling what’s happening to us “genocide.” This series and presentation confirms that the institutional media, mainstream academia, and public policy decision makers are absolutely thinking and acting in terms of explicit genocide. There’s no organic accident of migration and transition going on here. The ivy league academics are maliciously targeting homogeneous White communities, school districts, neighborhoods, and even families for racial diversification by any means necessary.

A key performance metric of theirs is how many White children remain among their own, with an animated arrow and info-bubble asking how we remove White children from White communities and schools. The first article in the series is a chilling reminder that these very powerful people absolutely are out to actively disinherit our children.

Right now, schools and school systems across the country are confronting a question that our society at large will need to answer in the coming years: Do Americans have the will and understanding to build a more inclusive, and less deeply segregated, nation? In many parts of America—urban, rural, and suburban—that will require a radical upending of the status quo.

It’s one thing to submit to a “progressive stack” where Whites and males go to the back of the line to be dynamically silenced and actively ignored in favor of Privilege Groups targeted for special treatment when one’s at a voluntary political rally. But what parent in her right mind would subject her own child to such treatment in something as vital as education?

As public school students diversify, qualities such as empathy, self-awareness, open-mindedness, and understanding are more important than ever in our teachers—just as they will be for all of us in an increasingly diverse society. Teachers will need to have the capacity to serve not just as instructors but also as cultural brokers and social leaders, aware of their own biases, empathetic when confronting difference, comfortable with change.

In other words, the teachers will increasingly become UN Secretary Generals rather than educators in classrooms which are model United Nations conferences. Instead of teaching about logarithms and participles, they’ll be managing a byzantine web of cultural conflicts and linguistic obstacles. There’s no way that adding all of this complexity and conflict can’t be detrimental to the host population, but that’s a feature rather than a flaw in their model, helping to “close the gap” in education.

There’s a second, even more complicated trial confronting America’s rapidly diversifying schools: How can we create integrated school communities at a time when many white parents, long accustomed to various forms of privilege and preference, fear their children being in the minority, and when schools already struggle to meet the needs of diverse students and learners?

A non-genocidal approach would, of course, be a commitment to resolve the chronic issues in non-White school districts before attempting to assimilate Whites. Despite there not being a shred of evidence for lasting long-term improvement in diverse school districts, the social engineers are hellbent on cramming the White kids in there as soon as possible, even if it’s blatantly obvious that it’s to their detriment. And they struggle to understand why so many White parents are hesitant to trust these people with their children?

The series highlights several children in public schools, reliably omitting the White “segregationist” perspective. It also leaves out the biggest story about the changing face of education; the capacity for Internet-driven homeschooling programs to empower families and collectives to entirely side-step both public and private school institutions altogether. The devolution revolution renders this whole social engineering scheme obsolete, as parents are being empowered to educate their children more effectively at home than in the public institutions.

The decline and fall of the White race in the United States is not the foregone conclusion these people presume it to be. Trends reverse. Backlashes build. Black Swan events flip the table over. But even if Whites are destined to become a minority within the United States, there is a large and constantly growing set of technology-enabled workarounds to the social engineering schemes of educators stuck in twentieth century patterns of thinking about race, about education, and about technology.



Barring black swans, I predict the power structure will begin importing “war refugees” in staggering numbers after they run out of blacks, other local non-whites and immigrants to distribute.

Matt Parrott

The problem here is that the harder they turn the screws, the fewer white students are available with parents who invest dramatically more time and taxes in the district.

They want to hold the whites in place and abuse them, but they don’t quite have the tools right now to hold them still, and technology and public sentiment is moving in the wrong way for them.


It’s also a good example of genocidal intent against the white working and lower-middle class specifically. Readers should notice how Slate’s interactive chart disaggregates whites who attend private schools from those who attend public schools. In practice, upper middle class whites and the white and Jew elite don’t use the public schools, so they will be unaffected by these schemes.

Fr. John+

And until property tax revenues are separated from School District Funding, THE EVIL WILL CONTINUE.

As long as you are forced to pay for “Jamal’s and Moesha’s edumification” in the State Gulags known as Public Schools…THE STATE OWNS YOU. Homeschool all you want, parochial school all you want, even transfer to a ‘whiter’ district, and avail yourselves of ‘free college while in HS’ credits (as parents I know have done) yet, when all is said and done, AS LONG AS THE STATE’S TAXES FUND PUBLIC SCHOOLS, we are not free.

A white child with a 4.0 and a healthy racial self-awareness, is clearly SUPERIOR to a Somali or Average Nigger with a 2.0… or less – and that’s racial supremacy that’s measurable, defineable, and irrevocable. OSD isn’t a fad… it’s genetics, and predestination.

Andrea Ostrov Letania


Instead of clearing the mind-mines for free thought, PC plants mines all over to hinder free thought. Step on the wrong one and KABAAM!!!


PC is the mining of the minds with ‘sensitive’ explosives so that you will have to tread very carefully when you think. Otherwise, you might step on the ‘racist’ mine and your mind might go BOOM!!

Clear the mind-mines and think freely.The rise of homomania makes me skeptical about human reason.

The rise of homomania makes me skeptical about human reason.

First, the most educated and intelligent people came up with ideas like ‘gay marriage’. Decadence and deviance used to be something to tolerate. Now, it is the foundation of new morality and spirituality.

And then, just because TV ads and celebrities in music and fashion pushed that nonsense on the public, the great majority of young people are for stuff like ‘gay marriage’ too. And then, we are told Bruce Jenner is a woman because he feels like it and goes around in a dress.

Are people really this easy to dupe?

Liberal elites used to be more rational and skeptical in the past as the forces of conservatism were religion and tribalism. Reason was useful against those mindsets.

But now that the Liberal elites hog all the power, they find reason and skepticism to be problematic because rational conservatives find so many holes in PC and other such nonsense. So, Liberalism is now all about turning young kids into mindless drones from young age with heavy does of PC and Pop Culture.

PC plants land mines in the brain. The mind has to think cautiously lest it step on the mines of ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, ‘homophobia’, ‘Islamophobia’, ‘antisemitism’, and etc.

Jonathan Haidt and Steven Pinker are right about the decline of true liberal culture in American life.

Nick Dean

It is genocide and you should get serious about it, Matt.

Has there ever been a successful anti-genocide movement that succeeded after deliberately focusing away to other issues as a strategy? You said to me at this site that you fellas always will do so. Why?

If Whites of all classes and religions and philosophical outlooks are being targeted why not unite us against our ultimate enemies with the genocide focus rather than divide us over class, religion and other ideological concerns against other Whites?

Will you stick to your avowed strategy of focusing away from our being genocided when we’re down to 100M? 1M? 1K? 1 couple?

Matt Parrott

I will stick to my avowed strategy of focusing on our genocide in addition to the broader strategic and metapolitical issues until I’m the last surviving white man.

Deal with it.

The Mantra is fantastic, and I’ve repeatedly praised it for its great work. But it’s not the alpha and omega. It’s a big part of the solution, but it’s not the entire solution.

Ed Edgerton

My thinking on the subject of white genocide has changed. When I first woke up about race, I thought that nothing could be done about it, since most people were as lost as I was (up to then). Now that I have been “awake” for a number of years, I am more hopeful. We owe blacks nothing. We owe Jews nothing. All we have to do is start consciously looking out for our group interests as whites. In fact, all we need is a critical mass of whites doing that. It will be a highly nonlinear process after that.

Todd Miller

A lot of Alt Right people are recognizing White Genocide.

A lot of that is due to the relentless work of anti-Whites! They won’t let you ignore it even if you wanted to. The Slate’s articles make that clear.

And as this article makes clear, there are non-genocidal approaches to the supposed problems the Left sees. They aren’t interested in a non-genocidal solution.

Clive Johnson

There is no such thing as white genocide.

There is nothing in the academic literature on genocide that would allow you define mere changing demographics as the same thing as either mass physical destruction of “white” people or destruction of an imagined “white culture.” Neither exists.

On this website and in these comments a mythical system is being born. Evidence and reason are nowhere to be found.

And if this sorry state of affairs is how so-called white nationalists define themselves and what they imagine to be their politics, then I’m fully in support of the destruction of these traditionalist, racist and anti-Semitic errors.


Oh yeah, white culture doesn’ t exist. There’s no difference between Italy and Botswana. US will stay the same even if you replace the entire population with nigerians.

Clive Johnson

Your mistake is thinking that culture somehow inheres in genes specific to the fictional category of ‘white’. On the contrary, cultural products, values, institutions and practices, are under the universal ownership of humanity. No one can claim, for instance, that classical music is somehow ‘white’ music since it is enjoyed by, played by, composed by people from all continents and from practically every background. So-called ‘white people’ no more own classical music than they do music itself.

You didn’t think through your example. If you did you’d realize that if we were to transpose Italians to Botswana that Italians wouldn’t be able to participate in or create Botswana culture either. Over time they would, and the same applies for anyone in Botswana who had never been exposed to, say, classical music. Over time they might come to have an appreciation for it just like any Italian.

“White culture” is a confused idea built upon fallacies and fictions.


First, everyone can enjoy everything, this doesn’t mean they would have if the kind of people who created it wasn’t around. The same for non europeans who “enjoy” western civilization. All western civilization is a product of europeans, and wherever europeans are, civilization follows. Wherever negroes are, desctruction follows. You didn’t get my example at all. I was just pointing out how any black run nation is a sewer, there’s nothing to replicate.

Clive Johnson

“First, everyone can enjoy everything, this doesn’t mean they would have if the kind of people who created it wasn’t around.”

What are you actually trying to see here? Do you even know? Are you claiming that only “whites” can come up with something like classical music? Classical music was an accident of history. Wind the clock back and change a variable or two and maybe we’d never have had classical music, or maybe it would have emerged somewhere else outside of Europe. And…all this ignores another point, which is that no one on the basis of skin color is prevented from composing or performing classical music.

“The same for non europeans who “enjoy” western civilization before turning it into a shithole like their countries of origin.”

You appear to have little understanding of history. Ever hear of colonialism? Imperialism? Behind this discussion is your assumption that European civilization (however we define this) is somehow the height human achievement. And yet Europeans have been turning themselves into a shit hole for centuries. Probably no one has killed as many people as Europeans. Probably no one has enslaved and exploited as many people as Europeans have. What kind of accomplishment is that?

“Wherever negroes are, desctruction follows.”

That’s so biased is childish and doesn’t merit a response other than to ask, have you ever heard of confirmation bias?


Oh yeah skin color bla bla bla all human beings bla bla bla, listen, marxist indoctrinated leftist, if you are so concerned about crimes in history you should condemn your political masters who are the most responsible for slavery and the biggest mass murderers, in Russia alone 66 million people died because of jewish communism. Colonialism was the best thing that could ever happen to africans, a lot of them now miss the colonial era, if it wasn’t for slavery african americans would be in mud huts. Indians were also better under british rule. Look at what happened to South Africa, Rhodesia, Mozambique, Haiti, after blacks were “liberated”. The reason is they’re just too stupid to rule themselves. Prove me they’re our equals, instead of accusing me of childish posts. Because I have at least 101 reason to believe otherwise:

Clive Johnson

So now you shift the goal posts. At first it was white supremacy. But then when the actual history of white Europeans is mentioned you suddenly want to blame it on Marxists.

This is one of the fatal flaws in your white supremacist worldview–you refuse evidence when it doesn’t fit your narrative.


The history of white europeans is the greatest of all: science, art, discoveries, constant improvement, beauty, architecture, prosperity, civilization, space exploration, respect and dometication of animals, environment care, etc… name me some other people that came close to this, and name me one people who didn’t practice those things you accuse white europeans of. The only non white race I admire is the oriental one. I don’t see any reason why I should love others and think they will be an enrichment to us. Ah, please I’m not blaming marxism I’m just telling the truth, the one you don’t like, about communism. If anything, the left has been able to hide their crimes better than others, and for too long. Anyway, if you want us to believe our ideology is wrong, then make a post in a recent article where others can also see it and respond to you. Perhaps you’ll understand our reasons better.

Andrea Ostrov Letania


Many Jews are just ordinary people with no corridors of power.

But most of them do seem to support the Jewish elites who pull all sorts of vile and nasty stuff. Most Jews don’t oppose corrupt Jewish power like white gentiles(especially of Northern European origin) stand up against white abuses and corruption.

As for guys like Noam Chomsky, he is an intellectual and moral narcissist who seems to think he is right and righteous about everything. Karl Marx and Ayn Rand were the same way.

Now, you can find narcissism among all groups. I just see more of it among Jews, Negroes, and Homos. And I think it has something to do with culture and genetics.

Jews have 1000s of culture that saw themselves as the Chosen of God, therefore superior to other peoples spiritually.

Also, Jews have higher IQ, and this makes them arrogant toward dumb goyim(and I can’t blame them entirely as goyim are indeed pretty dumb and easily hoodwinked by Jews. If I were Jewish, I would despise dumbass goyim too.)

And then, there is the Jewish personality that developed through haggling and waggling. As Jews came to excel in business, the kind of trait favored was the pushy and cunning middlemen. So, Jews love to win deals and get the upperhand, like in David Mamet movies.

And then, there is the Jewish suffering narrative. According to the Jewish narrative, no people suffered through the ages as much as the Jews. Yes, oppressed by all peoples even though Jews were always pure as snow. And Holocaust made Jews totally arrogant and morally narcissistic even though most of the world had nothing to do with it.

I mean what did Palestinians have to do with WWII?

As for Negroes, their arrogance and narcissism owes to superior speed and strength. Blacks feel beastly and powerful and feel that they are the master race of rappers whose ass should be kissed by fa**oty-ass white boys. They believe white women exist to put out to negroes and have negro babies. It’s like Ali screaming “I’m the greatest” or Mike Tyson talking about how he wanted to smash people’s face in.

Also, blacks can holler louder and dance wilder, and this makes blacks feel superior to all others.

But there is also the combination of lower IQ and aggression. If Jewish arrogance owes to higher IQ, blacks arrogance owes to lower IQ plus wildass aggression. Having lower IQ, blacks be thinking like angry spoiled chillun and fail to understand complexity, ambiguity, and shit. They be throwing tantrums like kids. They be bitching ‘black lives mattuh’ and shit even though blacks be killing one another.

Also, blacks have more Thug Gene aka the Mao-warrior gene. This makes blacks more aggressive and uninhibited. This makes them less reflective, skeptical, self-examining. Whatever Negroes feel, they believes they is right, and there be no other truth. It’s like black preachers and rappers be hollering and thinking their volume and noise be da only troof they need. Blacks are naturally like this.

Just look what the Milo the fruitkin had to deal with at Depaul. Blacks are natural thugs and jungle tyrants.

Because blacks are so wildish and childish, their use of Slave Narrative is ridiculous. Sure, blacks have a right to remember the tragedy of slavery and see it as an injustice. But they fail to see that blacks practiced slavery forever themselves and that the black experience in America wasn’t only about oppression but liberation from jungle savagery. As Ali said, “Sheeeeeeeeiiiiit, I’s glad my granddaddy gots on dat boat.”

Also, blacks fail to understand that whites have some legit gripes about blacks who commit too much crime and too often act like thugs.

And then you got homos. True, some homos are nice people. But proportionally speaking, homos are among the most narcissistic people on Earth. It’s due to the homo/tranny combination of female narcissism(as women are more narcissistic than men) and male aggression(as men are more aggressive than women). Homos got the combo of Queen complex in SNOW WHITE(mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fruitiest of them all) and King-of-the-hill complex.

Men like power but aren’t so narcissistic. Women are narcissistic but not so obsessed with power — women are content to latch onto men of power.

But homos are both narcissistic like girls and power-obsessed like the boys.

A lot of homos are like the tooter-psycho in NO WAY OUT aka NO GAY OUT.

This is why US is so messed up. It’s under the personality disorder terrorism of three very extreme peoples: Jews, Negroes, and Homos.

I mean just think about it. It takes supreme amount of narcissism on the part of homos to believe that a homo man’s fecal hole is the sexual equivalent of a woman’s vagina that gives birth to life. It takes supreme arrogance to believe that what homos do is worthy of being associated with and blessed by the institution of marriage.

It takes supreme arrogance for homos to destroy businesses that won’t cave to homo demands for ‘gay wedding cakes’ and other degeneracies.

It takes supreme narcissism to associate homo deviancy of fecal penetration with the rainbow. It takes supreme narcissism for homos to shut down entire cities for massive homo ‘pride’ parades that celebrate degeneracy. Not only that but homo imperialists call for exporting this sickness to all five continents. They work as the proxy of Zio-Globalist maniacs.

It takes supreme amount of narcissism among homos to claim that Jesus died on the Cross so that fecal penetrating fruitkins can get ‘married’ and play at ‘two daddies’. Homos now claim the churches and hang homo flags in churches. I’ve seen it.

This is NOT ordinary behavior. It is pathologically narcissistic behavior. It is narcissism of pathology, in fact.

It’s not about Tolerance of sexual deviance. It is about celebration of homo perversion as something as good or even better than real sex between men and women that produce life.

And homos demand that anyone who opposes this fruisade(the fruit crusade) be destroyed, fired, blacklisted, and etc. They are 1000x worse than Joe McCarthy.

And the fact is the majority of homo community supports this lunacy.

In the 80s and 90s, so many homos died of AIDS cuz they were boofing each other like crazy. But homos take NO BLAME for any of that. They were pure as snow and ALL BLAME must go to “Reagan’s indifference”.

Trannies are no better. They cut off their natural dicks and get fake pussies and tell the world that their fake pooters(or cooters) are just as good as real vaginas. I mean what’s up with that?

Trannies say they have the ‘right’ to use women’s rooms. Bruce Jenner, having turned into Kim-Kardashian-wanna-be, thinks he is the center of the universe and even thinks he deserves to be anointed as ‘woman of the year’.

You can’t honestly deal with people like that, no more than you can bargain with the Terminator. Homonator will not stop until we get tough with it. Really tough with it.

The only people who might cause problem for those Three Monster Narcissistic groups is the Muslims. Muslims have their own kind of extremist outlook. They don’t play wussy like white Europeans, Latino Gomezers, and East Asians.

White Europeans are mostly bland and altruistic. Latino Gomzers are hopeless. They’ve been under Conquitador rule for centuries but still live under it like peons. They are a bunch of Guillermos.

And East Asians are drones and followers. They just go along with the Powers-that-be.

In contrast, Muslims have the Angry Prophetic Outlook and don’t like to take shit from anyone.

Andrea Ostrov Letania


If Open Borders is so good, what did it do for Libya and Syria and Iraq?

Once Hussein was taken down, Iraqi borders imploded and neighboring nations were able to send in all sorts of trouble-makers, subversives, radicals, and Jihadis. Iraq turned into hellhole.

Once Gaddafi’s regime came under fire by NATO, Libyan borders were flung open. Tons of terrorists and troublemakers poured in and turned that country to hell.

Look at that hellhole now. Not only is Libya being invaded by African nations but the Africans are using Libya as passage to Europe.

US and its allies(Israel, Turkey, Saudis, etc) aided terrorists and troublemakers to move into Syria and blow things up. Ah, Open Borders in action. Assad was no longer able to control the borders. Look at the country now. Total disaster.

THAT is Open Borders.

Open Borders is like going to sleep with your door wide open in a dangerous neighborhood.

Israel doesn’t believe in it.

Wasn’t the Middle East much nicer when nations there had stricter border controls?

Breakdown of border controls led to Jihadis, criminals, thugs, mercenaries, smugglers, and etc.

Jews call for Gun Control–even as they arm terrorists to take down Gaddafi and Assad–but Border Control is denounced.

But Open Borders is like Open Guns.

Guns should be regulated(though not banned) by the law, and likewise, Borders need to be guarded and enforced by the Law.

Borders allow for national security and safe passage for tourists and workers and would-be legal immigrants.

Globalism is crazy because, on the one hand, it calls for a world governed by laws than by culture and tradition but, on the other, it encourages law-breaking migrants and invaders. Globalism is a madhouse that calls for universal enforcement of laws but then encourages all manner of abuse of laws by globalist sharks like George Soros and all manner of aggression by marauding hordes from the Third World.

Of course, by directing our focus on the ‘refugee crisis’, Zionist-supremacists and their Homo-Imperialist allies distract us from the MORE IMPORTANT issue of why the Muslim world is aflame and filled with uprooted desperate people.

It is because of Western Invasion and Intervention in Middle East and North Africa whereby millions have been either killed or displaced.

For every person killed by ‘muzzie’ in the West, US Globalist policies have killed a 1000. Since Jews control US foreign policy, they have something to answer for.

But Jews who should be on the moral defensive go on the moral offensive by accusing the West of not doing enough for the ‘refugees’ who were displaced by Jewish-controlled globalist-imperialist policy.

By pretending to care about Muslims, Jews mask the true nature of their agenda that was to (1) destroy the Muslim World and (2) use Muslim hordes to destroy the West.

Kill two birds with one stone.

Very sneaky, these Jews.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

the truth that must be said:

In THE REVENGE OF THE NERDS, nebbish Jew-like characters use their superior wits against a blonde ‘Aryan’ fraternity. But they still lack for muscle and manliness, so they ally with a Macho Black Fraternity. It’s like how Jews waged their War on Whiteness. They used their brains, but wit wasn’t enough to topple white prestige.

In order to destroy white manhood, they needed the alliance with a kind of manhood that could beat up whites. Jews allied with Negroes and promoted black brawn to de-legitimize white manliness. that was beaten by black fists in sports. So, white boys came to worship Negro athletes and white girls now have babies with Negroes.

Jews rub their hands in glee.

Jewish War on Christianity is of secondary importance. White people can still be powerful without Christianity. Indeed, the demise of Christianity may only empower whites by ridding them of the soft heart of universal brotherhood and Christian guilt that is the prototype of ‘white guilt’.

But when white men lose manly pride and their women to Negroes, the white race is over and done with. Whiteness has been destroyed at the genetic level. A white ‘leftist’ can be ideologically made into a white nationalist with a change of mind. But a mudshark uses her white womb to produce black babies for black men. Her womb has turned traitor at the biological level.

Jews want to turn all white women onto jungle fever and turn white men into a bunch of pansy cucks via all this multi-gender identification that encourages even straight white males to see themselves as fey if not ‘gay’.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Folks, people..

We suffer from Contemporary Conformism or Contemformism.

This idea believes that the prevailing fashions and trends(as approved and enforced by ruling elites) are the ‘most evolved’ ideals and values, AND THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DEBATE. The debate is over and that’s that.

If you disagree or dissent, you are reprobate, a degenerate, a caveman, a ‘racist’, a ‘homophobe’, a ‘sexist’, and etc.

It’s like NYT says ‘gay marriage’ is settled for good, we all need to shut up, and accept it. If you keep arguing, you are ‘less evolved’ or a ‘hater’.

Contemformism is based on an arrogant conceit that the Current Values are the only right ones, and EVERYONE better conform to them. Of course, Current Values are usually those forcibly or deviously foisted on the populace by the small elite that controls the media and academia and government.

The elites insist they are totally right, indeed so right that it’s not even worth debating the issues. But their dogmatic confidence betrays anxiety, a fear that if indeed there was free debate and lively culture of controversy, their house of cards will come crumbling down.

It’s like communist elites insisted that they were most advanced intellectually, morally, and socially. They were so right cuz Marxism is an infallible science. How can anyone argue with such ‘objective truth’?

So, anyone who raised a fuss was to be seen as a thought criminal, a ‘reactionary’, a ‘capitalist roader’, and ‘bourgeois'(worse epithet in commie world).

But despite all the authority and bluster, communist elites shut down debate out of fear that free discussion would bring their ideological house of cards crashing all around. That is why Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia in 68. Allow free press and free speech under communism… and communism falls apart.

So, communism had to rely on contemformism.

PC does its mini-version of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovkia over and over. If it spots some dissident voice, it sends in the ‘tanks’ and shuts down the voices. You get Dubceked.

Difference between communism and PC is the former became a museum/mausoleum piece because the same slogans and dogma were repeated over and over ad nauseum. So, even though dissent wasn’t allowed, people came to see the phoniness since the same old slogans sounded hollower by the year.

PC, in contrast, is full of nonsense but goes for ideological fashions and trends. Every year has a new crop of crises, hypes, panics, slogans, and etc. It’s the same recycled crap over and over BUT there’s the illusion of ‘progress’ due to all the hype and feverishness.

If it were ‘rape culture’ every day of every year, even feminists would get tired of it and come to see how stupid it is. But PC keeps on changing focus from homos to trannies to feminists to blacks to illegals to Muslims to black homos to Jewish trannies to fat feminists to whatever. The sheer cult of ‘newness’ creates a dazzling illusion of constant ‘progress’ toward greater evolution of social justice. It’s all just a justice ponzi scheme, but it goes on and on with its different colored confetti.

In truth, Contemformism shuts down free thought and real ideas because it is based on the conceit that only the LATEST OFFICIAL LINE is true(because it is presumable ‘most evolved’) and all else(all the earlier variations or narratives of discourse) are untrue.

So, only the latest dogma of feminism is true.

Only the latest race theory is true.

Only the latest homo/tranny theory is true.

Only the latest social theory on ‘diversity’ is true.

But then, Conzos have developed much the same mind-set. Only the latest line of Conservatism Inc is true and acceptable, and all else must be purged as ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobic’.

There used to be a time when, to be a Conservative meant views ranging from timeless to old to traditional to moderate to contemporary. National Review could allow everyone from arch-reactionary to Neocon. It was a big tent. It had room for both segregationists and integrationists, for both MLK critics and MLK-defenders, for both those calling for cautious containment of communism to aggressive rollback.

But as time passed, NR began to allow only the Latest Line as demanded by Neocons. All other views were to be ‘purged’.

With such attitude, there cannot be a plurality of ideas and views since only one view(heralded as the ‘most evolved’) is allowed whereas all others are dismissed as ‘reactionary’ or ‘retrograde’ or ‘unacceptable’. Only the Latest View is to be tolerated on the basis that it is ‘most tolerant’.

But aren’t some values and ideas eternal and timeless? They aren’t less valuable simply because they are ‘old’, just like an idea isn’t necessarily good cuz it happens to be labeled as ‘new’ or ‘radical’ or ‘most evolved’. After all, Archie Bunker of ALL IN THE FAMILY is sometimes right, and Meathead is sometimes wrong. Meathead espouses all the LATEST ideas, and he is sometimes right whereas Bunker can be pigheaded and ignorant. But sometimes, Bunker’s views are more honest and close to the truth, however ugly it may be. Indeed, judging by how NYers reacted to black crime in the 90s, Bunkerism was the savior of the Big Apple after yrs of failed Meathead policy.

Indeed, haven’t many ‘latest ideas’ been proven wrong? Communism was a big one.

But so many theories about race, sex, culture, education, nutrition, and etc proved to be wrong. Consider the wrongheaded war on butter in favor of worthless margarine.

It used to be article of faith that saturated fat was the main killer.

So, just because some idea or view happens to be the ‘latest’ or billed as ‘most evolved’ doesn’t mean that it is necessarily better than an older idea that may have been foolishly rejected or falsely discredited or only partly discredited. (Never throw out the baby with the bathwater.) Consider Stephen Gould’s bogus study of Morton’s skulls. It was accepted as TRUTH for so long until someone proved that Morton’s earlier study had actually been correct.

Now, we can say that there has been genuine progress. I mean who wants to defend slavery in this day and age?

No one wants to see blacks as slaves again.

BUT, the Contemformism on race issues disallows and bans too many valuable ideas of past ‘racists’ that are still valid.

PC would have us believe that all those ‘white segregationists’ were entirely wrong and have been totally discredited and blah blah blah. Now, it is true enough that many segregationists were small-minded and wrong on lots of stuff.

But they had some genuinely valid concerns about blacks. It is objectively true that blacks are more muscular, more aggressive, and pose a threat to the well-being of the white race, especially to the pride of white males since black males kick white male butt and take white women who lose respect for white males. No wonder so many poor white guys are using drugs and killing themselves. They lost their manhood.

So, even as we agree that slavery was wrong and Jim Crow was socially discriminatory, we can also validate certain Segregationist fears cuz end of Segregation meant blacks running wild and beating up weaker whites. And just look at the anti-white hellishness in South Africa. One can make a valid case that Apartheid was unfair and unjust, but one could also make a valid case that simply ending the system was unfair and unjust to whites since they would be vastly outnumbered by a populace that is dumber, more aggressive, more thuggish, and more muscled.

If Palestinians were liberated from Zionist oppression and then went on to murder and rape so many Jews, would the US media just shrug their shoulders?

And consider the issue of women and intelligence when Lawrence Summers surmised that it may be that there are more men in science and math cuz there are more high IQ men at tail ends of IQ. Such could be true or not, but it’s an interesting idea. It’s an idea that was held by many men in the past, and it was not discredited though not decisively proven either. So, we can debate and have further research.

But Contemporary Conformism kicked into gear and the ONLY ACCEPTABLE truth was the current and ‘most evolved’ feminist dogma that said it is IMPOSSIBLE that men could, at tail ends, be smarter than women.

Contemformism has this idea that the latest ideas and theories — those enforced by the Ruling Elites — must be absolutely superior to ones in the past that have been ‘discredited’ and are no longer even worthy of our consideration.

Now, in hard sciences, certain ideas have been discredited for good.

Who believes that the universe is filled with ether anymore?

But in social sciences, few ideas have been TOTALLY discredited. Some have been partially discredited. Some have been challenged but not disproven.

For example, while some past racial theories have decisively been discredited, others have been only partially discredited, and, if anything, certain theories seem to have been true or at least truer than the PC nonsense that says ‘race is just a social construct’. If anything, facts have disproven PC’s notions on race.

But contemformism insists only the current PC Dogma is true, and there is nothing more to say. And if you say it like James Watson or Jason Richwine, then you will be destroyed and blacklisted, and that’s that.

J.j. Cintia

I hear they’re finally going for the guns. The only thing I like about the enemy is their massive over-reach and stupidity. I expect they must be gearing up to start in Blue States where they expect the least resistance. These dummies are always a full generation behind us in where they are and how they react. When their men start falling down, there will be wholesale defections and desertions. The enemy is weak and getting weaker. This ramped up invasion is a sign of desperation. They should make the play for guns soon. Civil War II is about to begin at last. Remember, no mercy, no quarter, and prisoners I highly discourage. Genocide is their game. This is TOTAL WAR, no non-combatants.

Fathers Initiative

I had originally planned to ban all left-leaning News Sites. But, I’ve since been encouraged to read them periodically. Not because the News Media has any value. But instead, we need to observe the type of sick articles they’re pushing on us.
Oddly, notice how they give the same song-and-dance about ‘diversity’. While, at the same time, proudly saying that it’s ‘browning up’. Obviously, their real goal is to create a singular race of brown drones. Let’s also not forget the basic discrimination in favor of ‘brown’. In other words, they’ll see Japanese as not brown enough. and other peoples won’t qualify either.
IRONICALLY, none of these so-called ‘brown’ immigrants identify with Blacks / African Americans. Instead, they ALL compete AGAINST African Americans. So, their articles aren’t even accurate. There’s no unity.

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