Fundraiser: Our ‘Sacramento Spartans’ Prevail!

Our Golden State comrades in the Traditionalist Worker Party went up against over ten-to-one odds and won! Regretfully, one of our men was injured and is currently in the hospital, though at least five of the antifa who instigated the violence with their cowardly tactics and improvised weaponry were sent to the hospital. Absolutely all of the credit goes to the Golden State’s courageous warriors, proving that proven street fighters are absolutely vital to our sacred cause of defending our White American families.

We delivered the message we intended to deliver today; We will not be intimidated. We will not stand down. Our event was a victory by all metrics. We won the physical fight. We provoked the leftists into showing their true colors. The national media story about our event is becoming a conversation about how our attempt to peacefully demonstrate was viciously attacked by the leftist mob.

gssChristians, pagans, and skeptics marched as one today, fighting and winning as one. Workers of all professions battled side-by-side. High school dropouts and the college educated stood their ground against what was the single greatest show of anti-white force ever organized in America…and won! Today was not only a victory against the forces of the Left who wish to exterminate our people, but against the voices on the Right who would divide our cause up by religion, class, and background.

No clever “metapolitics” can work around the fact that our enemies want us dead. While blog posts and social media debates are excellent work for our cause, they’re not a replacement for men who are willing to risk injury or even death to guarantee that our message is heard and our voices are not silenced or marginalized. I was not out there today and neither was Matthew Heimbach. We fully trusted the leadership of our California chapter and GSS to host a successful event, and they succeeded against staggering odds. We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

But we also owe them a real financial debt, as well.

We’re working to get fundraising tools online, though the left has become adept at shutting down and interfering with fundraising efforts on the mainstream online fundraising tools. Our goal is to completely cover all of the medical costs of our injured comrade in addition to the legal costs which will surely come as the leftist thugs apply their “lawfare” against our men.

All of the donations flagged for “Sacramento Spartans” will be carefully tracked and will only go to medical and legal expenses of the men who risked and sacrificed so much today. Everything we receive in the next week will go to Sacramento regardless of flagging. All administrative and secondary expenses will be covered by the Party and/or the Directorship, ensuring that every penny donated here goes exclusively to the heroes who risked everything for your race, your nation, your children, and for you. Please give generously.

As more specific information comes in about the costs, we will be as transparent as possible.

Check, Money Order (or Cash)

Pay to: TradWorker

P.O. Box 606

Benson, NC 27504 Fundraiser for the Sacramento Spartans




Conservative events are deliberately under-protected by the police in California. If you go to an event, you should know that the little “Che Guevara” wannabes running around, with their faces covered, will be there with knives and clubs, planning to kill anyone who opposes open borders. Don’t ever expect the police in California to protect you. If one does step in to stop the leftist scum, he’ll probably be scolded for it afterwards. That’s what California has become.

Laguna Beach Fogey

Maybe it’s time to form volunteer self-defense units?


Of course those suggestions would be unlawful. Unless one has a permit.


Its illegal to defend yourself from being murdered from a violent mob? Oh ok….


No Joke, Heimbach says more rallies are planned…and as Americans you guys have a right to speak and assemble peaceably…but you need to be able to defend yourselves when the anti white mob shows up to kill you….you have every right under the constitution to bear arms…… just make sure you clear this with the Police Department ahead of time so they are fully informed of what you are carrying and its purpose of self defense from attackers…and not as a threat to the police. I would suggest each man with an open carry rifle, holstered side arm and dagger. Also you need to get the same types of shields the riot police have to defend against rocks….and even consider body armor

Laguna Beach Fogey

Knives, shivs, brass knuckles, pipes, lighter fluid, matches.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is called “The American Militia” which is protected Constitutionally. It is your right to self defense. The Founding Fathers thought of everything.

The Brutal Truth

These folks aren’t conservatives. They’re white nationalists.


To The Brutal Truth: TYN is a conservative group. You may not agree with everything they say, but they deserve the right to speak their minds, and they DON’T deserve to be butchered while the police stand by and only pretend to protect them. Yvette Felarca, the leftist leader from Oakland who was at the site of the crime there in Sacramento, spoke to the press afterwards, and she said that her goals were accomplished: namely, to make it less likely that conservative groups exercise their right to free speech. She is the head of the local chapter of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a national leftist organization. They disavow violence, but everywhere they go, a group of thugs goes with them, wearing face masks and carrying weapons. These thugs are extremely organized and very experienced at what they do. In the SF Bay Area (especially Oakland), they shut down freeways, set police cars on fire, smash and destroy personal property, and has been just seen in Sacramento, they have no qualms about shoving a dagger into someone who says something they don’t like. Moreover, California’s elected leaders refuse to punish them unless they’re forced to. Again, this is the situation that open borders has created here in California. Everyone knows that California won’t spring Republican in the November election, but Donald Trump still campaigns here, just to bring this leftist trash out into the open for the rest of the country to see what’s waiting for them if Democrats win the White House again.

The Brutal Truth

They’re not conservative, maybe socially conservative but everything else they stand for is a quite a bit different. And I’m not saying they don’t have a right to speak. And hey, I like they got the best of the lefties in Sac. I just don’t view them as conservatives.

I’m not a conservative either, I’m a right wing anarchist.

Jupiters cock

The marxist scum that show up at every leftist protest and become extremely violent mentioned above are called “black bloc.” I’ve been doing alot of research on them lately. They’re Financed by radical leftist billionaire George soros.


The bottom line is that if you see people with scarves over their faces, look out. They’re planning to stab you to death. Leftist organizers will always disavow any affiliation with these people, but in reality, they’re all working together. Don’t let them get close to you. They’re not covering their faces because they’re afraid of getting in trouble with their mommies or their bosses. And again, California cops don’t even want to know who they are.


You do realize the only people stabbed were antifa stabbed by some of the nazi vermin? Way to show how stupid you are. Cheers!


You’re a liar, Fred. By the way, who here in the U.S. says “Cheers!” ?


The democrat party leadership approves of antifa mob violence 100%, wouldn’t be the least bit surprised of the Republicans do to


Conservative is code for white hating Jew. Are you conservative Jew?? Do you believe in sending whites to die fighting for the Jews, Jew??

The Brutal Truth

No. I’m not a Jew. For Pete’s sake! How do you folks get all of this out of a one sentence post?


so? Since when does our ideology mean we have the right to get beaten up and assaulted? You conservatives somehow think if you keep appeasing the Left and keep ‘distancing’ yourself from ‘white supremacists’ that the Left will give you a break. They wont. I have far more respect for white nationalists like Heimbach and Parrot and Ransdell since they’re the ones who go out there and put their names and faces to the movement where people like you can sit behind a computer and talk BS about them. You’re probably a Jew is my next guess.

The Brutal Truth

I didn’t say you deserve to be beaten up. Why does my pointing out your organization isn’t conservative mean I think you deserve to be attacked? I identify with a lot of your stances actually.


Then they would actually conserve things, unlike cowardly, limp-wristed, traitorous, conservative cucks.
Important things, like race, faith, nation, culture, a future for White children.

V Pruszynski

I’d rather be dead than be a cucked faggot like you.

The Brutal Truth

Punk, I’d beat your faggot ass if you said that to my face. I’m the furthest thing away from being cucked, big mouth.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Che Guevara followers only need to be better educated about their Irish/German leader from South America.
If any of them had read Che’s personal diary, then they would better work with us to peaceably defeat the Zionist-Occupied-Government. Then we can separate lands between the different sides after ZOG is long gone peaceably at the negotiation table.
(Turn our former enemies, into partners for a better future free from ZOG)

Rich Wagner

You guys are lucky to be alive. Don’t ever, ever walk into a trap like this again. Its embarrasing. Next time make sure you’ve got enough back up and fire power to kill every god damn antifaggot there. You need to send these mother fuckers a clear message. White people do not fuck around.

Rich Wagner

You two fucks should have been there. Biggest antiwhite attack in years and where the fuck are you two? Huh!a?

Rich Wagner

This shit was embarrasing. Not a single white man should have been hurt. And our enemies should all be dead. What the fuck kind of leaders and warriors are you idiots!

Diabolus Candidus

If you think this is going to get you into a secret society, private cocktail party Kubrick-style at NPI, you are wrong. Even if you invite your followers and they invite their followers and so on, and so on, and so on… and they all pay $5K per annum, you will always be white trash.




What purpose does this comment serve, other than to sow discord among brothers and sisters. As has been said elsewhere, OY VEY, I SMELL BAGELS

Diabolus Candidus

Paranoid. I like your style.

Nice try, (((Washington Post))).

V Pruszynski

We’ve smelled his matzoh bagels over at TRS too.

Richard Bird

Ha ha, You are the ones who ate shit, you queer faggot.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Bigotry is bashing what you are to ignorant to understand. Further reading on your part is needed to prevent more of your intolerant comments which you aim at the global-ethnic-minority.
Also, your anti-Japetic bigotry is disturbing. Please stop your racism, and embrace those who are different then yourself.


you’re just mad you leftists got your asses kicked, despite being armed, in larger numbers and having the system on your side. lol, the Left is losing!

V Pruszynski

Can’t say what’s bad about fascism, can only shout into the internet.

ps mike

You got your ass beat by real men today. You fucked up. The cops really don’t want any part of it, and you know we will never back down. Seeing your scum allies on the ground after getting shanked was pure eye candy. I’m going to stay up all night watching it over and over again.

Lady Aniela

I thought you people on the left were supposed to be so tolerant and compassionate. Oh, I forgot. You’re anti-white and you will never extend these traits to my people.

Thorin Oakenshield

Beautiful to hear you filth got knifed lol – play rough fella and you will receive it back in spades! #14w


hahaha good one faggot, whites are sacks of shit when they wish to exercise their rights? ok. i see what you commie fucks are all about and so does a rapidly growing number of decent white folks.


it’s you leftists who are sacks of shit. You attack with weapons and in larger numbers, and yet STILL…you got your asses kicked. BTW, it took three superpowers to take out Nazi Germany. America and Britain are worse off today than they were before WWII and the USSR eventually collapsed, not before they killed 100 million Christian Slavic people under their regime.


Put an ice pick through your skull. Follow your leader into history!


This handful of white guys just beat the fuck out of mobs of communist nigger faggots. You know you dont want to test them you little bitch

James Bulls

That’s an odd choice of memes to share. This image was taken from the Russian movie Иди и Смотри (Come and See, 1985), in which the boy with a gun to his head, Flora, is a Belorussian freedom fighter resisting Nazi occupation and trying to defend his family and country against a foreign aggressor (the German army.)

In this sequence, he’s just escaped a barn into which the entire village was herded before it was set on fire. The Nazi soldiers made him pose for the picture, and then discarded him before moving on to attack the next village.

In the words of the OP, “Maybe it’s time to leave our White country?” Well, according to the meme you shared, which white country are you referring to? Germany? Belorussia? Russia? It’s not even as if this is about the Germans kicking a Communist Belorussian out of their country because for starters, in this scene, the soldiers aren’t in Germany – they’re in Belorussia. The Germans are the ones in somebody else’s country, so by that logic, they’re the invaders who – both in the movie and in real life – got kicked out. See any parallels?

What’s more, the boy in the picture wasn’t fighting for communism, but for his family, his people, his home, and himself – his devotion to communism is neither here nor there in the entire movie.

Shame on me for spending this much time responding to a poorly conceived meme, and double shame on me for even bothering to dirty my eyeballs with this comment section, but really – this meme and so much that it represents are all sorts of stupid.

Cleric Preston

Maybe it’s time to follow Salvador Allende who actually did blow his brains out, or maybe you prefer a helicopter ride ?

V Pruszynski

Maybe it’s time to follow your leader (Che) & go get shot for being a commie jew fuck.

ps mike

Awesome job!!! I can’t get enough of watching the video highlight. Complete and total respect for coming out to California and taking it right back at them. I love you guys for this!

Michael Thompson

These little so called anti establishment wannabe Marxists have practically become the establishment and usually have the media on their side because of Political Correctness(Cultural terrorism). I had to deal with a ton of these things while I was attending a Death in June show several months ago. I don’t know whether to blame their actions on brainwashing or just the way their brains are wired. They have assaulted many people for just having a different opinion than them, not just Nationalists. If we keep allowing the left to control our places of learning, they will continue to reproduce. i would highly urge any of you who may curious as to how or schools and college campuses became this way to do some research on the Frankfurt School of Marxism. I am working on a plan to create an after school program for American children of European heritage (especially kids from low income homes) that will teach pro Western history , values and activities. This is going to be a long and drawn out struggle. the best thing I can come up with is to take it to where these people hurt us the most, our kids. it all starts with them. This is slow going considering I am a family man and work as a professional chef 60 to 70 hours a week.


you also need to educate the middle and upper class white youth since they’re the ones going to college and getting spoonfed all this Marxist Jewish anti-white propaganda. All whites, regardless of income level, need to unite together.

Marcus Cicero

Hail Victory from Marcus Cicero and

You guys stood up to the Communist filth and won.

God bless you.

ps mike

I just saw more footage. Those cops did nothing! I have a strange suggestion. Maybe we should disguise ourselves to fit in at far left rallies just so we can “bother” the police. We have never harassed the police and look what they do to protect us. The cops deserve their comeuppance, and I am elated that the savage niggers have been violently attacking them.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Not only did the cops do nothing. Several in the ultra-left-wing-gange were government solders working undercover. They did not want their pictures taken, and socially moved the crown to be hostile to camera crews to help save their cover. Their has been a program for 11 years now between CIA Mi6/SAS and Mossad working the crows of America into social-engineering-purposes.

ps mike

Wow. The evil goes even deeper than I could have imagined.


Infiltrate the antifa and wear masks…join the group that is going to “beat down the nazis” and take them out before they make it to their target


We have to take back the word “racism.” It’s is one of the most misused, misunderstood words in our lexicon today. It has several definitions, but in every dictionary I have consulted, the primary definition is along the lines of a “belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement,” or “the belief that races have
distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others.”

Only secondary (subordinate) definitions involve the ideas of hatred or intolerance of other races, policies fostering discrimination based on race, abusive or aggressive behavior towards members of another race, or the right of one race to dominate another.

It is the conflation of the primary definition with the secondary ones that is blinding us to solutions, and that same conflation is behind the tactic of ending all debate by hurling the term “racist” as if it
were an epithet.

By the primary definition, what thinking person is not a racist? Clearly, each race brings to the table an assortment of inherent strengths and weaknesses. Yes, there are individual exceptions,
but the albino elephant does not negate the fact that, by and large, elephants are gray.

Just look at the starting teams of the NBA or NFL or the dominance of the U.S. Olympic track and field teams if you want evidence of the inherent physical superiority of blacks, especially in the realm of
explosive muscular power. No one cries discrimination, requests more diversity or pushes white quotas in athletics, because ability is what counts if a team is to win. As obvious as is black physical superiority, they are mentally inferior. Study after study has shown them to be 10-20 IQ points lower than Western European whites, the same studies that show Asian and Ashkenazi Jews to be 10-20 points higher than Western European whites (FYI, Latin Americans fall in between Blacks and Western Europeans). Ya’ think it’s a
coincidence that so many of the world’s great scientists were/are Eastern European Jews, or that Asians routinely kick our asses in our top technical universities? No, nor is a coincidence that sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti are the most primitive, ass-backward, impoverished, violent, corrupt places on Earth.

Sadly, unless one performs at the elite professional level,
physical dominance will get one only so far in this world (although it makes for a pretty proficient rioter). Brains are what count, and, sadly, blacks and Hispanics just don’t have as much as the rest of us. Until we come to terms with that one, simple fact, and stop blaming their plight on every other conceivable excuse we can come up with, we’re always going to be at odds as a society. Affirmative action and calls for diversity are just making things worse. Blacks don’t climb without these unfair programs, and they
shouldn’t; they simply aren’t smart enough. I do not subscribe to the secondary definitions of racism, but, all things being equal, if I had to choose between a white and black doctor to perform surgery on me, I’d choose the white one every time, not because I deny that there are some smart (literally ‘exceptional’) blacks out there, but because I know the white guy didn’t rely on affirmative action to get through medical school; I can’t say the same with certainty about the black guy. That is not a racial call as much as a decision based on the presence of (secondary-definition) racist policies that suppress whites in order to propel blacks into positions beyond their abilities to perform.

I’d love to see some talking head on TV explain the difference
between primary and secondary-definition racism and proudly cop to being a primary-definition racist. That would be the beginning of
the so-called ‘conversation’ that everyone claims to want.

Racism involves hate only by it’s secondary, subordinate definition. Remember that, and explain it to anyone who will listen.


We shouldn’t take back the word racist. We should destroy the word; totally remove it from our vocabulary once and for all.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Actually the word “Racist” was being used in books well before Trotsky ever used it himself.
It does not matter is a Jew invented the Nuke, if your enemy uses it, you must also use it.
It is about who owns the word “racist”
And whoever the the most intelligent and adaptable, will own and use it.
May the best side win.


I was very impressed with these fighters from the videos I saw on You Tube , tremendously outnumbered they were smashing cultural marxism left and right….truly impressed!!!!

Andrea Ostrov Letania


PC has gotten away with its neo-control-freakism by offering limitless freedom for those who choose the ‘correct’ path. It offers blinkered anarchy for those who play by the rules.

So, if you choose anti-white-male rhetoric, you can be as wild and crazy as you want to be, even making up rape hoaxes to smear college fraternities.

If you choose the way of Slut Pride, you can skank yourself out totally as an imitation Miley Cyrus.

If you choose the way of tattoos and body-piercing, you can turn yourself into a completely hideous-looking freak.

If you choose homo ‘pride’, you can act in ways that trample all over rules of decency and propriety. You can also work with the Globalists to push for WWIII against Russia because it won’t cave to homo poo-ride parades.

If you choose gender-fluidity, you can come up with new nano-gender-identities against ‘heteronormativity’.

If you choose black rage, you can fume all you want against the white gentile devil.

If you choose the mantra of Diversity or the bogeyman of ‘white privilege’,

you can howl all you want to the moon until the cows come home.

So, if you choose the correct cause or agenda, there is no limit to your freedom to hate, berate, throw tantrums, and act crazy.

This creates the impression that freedom is everywhere in our so-called ‘liberal democracy’.

Freedom becomes problematic ONLY IF you question, critique, and counter the holy writ of PC.

Indeed, the globo-elites who control PC say that ‘hate speech’ isn’t free speech. If you practice free speech to counter the PC agenda, you are said to be ‘threatening’ the freedom of the PC crowd by making them feel ‘unsafe’.

So, if you practice free speech against PC and if the PC crowd attacks you, YOU are to blame for aggressing against them because you made them feel ‘threatened’ even though they are the ones who attacked you physically.

According to PC, verbal criticism of ‘progressives’ and certain ‘peoples of color’ violates their right not to feel ‘threatened’(which means to be challenged or offended because the PC crybullies have been raised from cradle to flip out over anything that offends their tender feelings and righteous conceits).

So, if violence is done to you by the PC gang, their right not to be offended or ‘threatened’ trumps your right of free speech to challenge and counter their delusions and manias.

It’s not unlike the logic of the Cultural Revolution in China. The Red Guards could exercise and enjoy unlimited freedom, even to assault and murder, as long as they stuck to the ideological script provided by Mao.

As long as they claimed to serve the revolution and destroy the capitalist-roaders, there was no restraint on their madness.

Such blinkered anarchy that allows total freedom and aggression in one direction creates the false impression of liberty.

It’s like the freedom of dogs that can never attack the master but can act with total savagery against the targets chosen by the master. Dogs feel totally free in their unrestrained bloodlust as they tear apart a boar or deer chosen by their master, but aren’t they mere tools of their master?

Mao tricked the Red Guards the same way. By giving the Red Guards unlimited freedom to attack and destroy Mao’s rivals, real or imagined, the impression of youth power was created.

Many people assume that PC must be against the Powers-That-Be.

After all, PC opposes ‘white privilege’ in a society that is presumably ruled by Privileged Whites.

This is a sleight-of-hand trick because, in truth, the West is under globalist-imperialist rules of Jewish Supremacists(who chose homos and white Liberals & Cuckservatives as their collaborators agents).

White elites in the West don’t serve White People. They serve the Jewish Globalists to further dispossess and displace the white masses.

Just look at worthless ‘white leaders’ like Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

All this emphasis on ‘white privilege’ is a smoke-and-mirrors trick to obfuscate and distract us from the real power that is Jewish Supremacist Power.

So, PC doesn’t challenge and oppose the Real Power. It is essentially a means by which the Real Power, that of Jewish Globalists, manipulates the ideology of ‘radicalism’ to redirect the fury of the rising tide of color against white gentiles who are really living under Jewish-Homo-Globalist Imperialism served by the collaboration of white Liberal elites and Cuckservatives who get to keep their personal privileges as long as they serve the Globalist Elites than their own peoples.

Bill Kristol's Nightmare

White Californians are under threat from violent anti-White hate crimes everyday. It is time to stand up, fight back and protect our people from these savages.

Bill Kristol's Nightmare

Did twitter just censor and delete your account? How predictable of them to agree with #WhiteGenocide

Mozère Phoquèrz

Absolutely great news. Now the offensive must be brought to them. Who’s bussing the trash in? Find and hit the nerve. And don’t forget this is just the peak of the iceberg.

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

I must say, well done!


I can’t help but believe all this excellent effort would have garnered much more sympathy if the people involved hadn’t organized themselves as the “Golden State Skinheads.”

Sorry Parrott, no amount of bravery can make up for a metapolitical own-goal like that.

Anyhow, it still warms my heart to learn that leftist scum got their just deserts. They may come more prepared next time around, so I hope you’re ready.

Joe Johnson

Fuck yeah man.

Were the antifa really injured badly or what? I couldn’t tell but someone got blasted in the head with a large stick.

Dude was out cold. Hopefully it was an antifa scumbag.


It was an antifa scum bag that got hit in the head, praise God!


It was really heartening to see TWP stand up and defend their, our, Honour. It looked very nasty and I wish our injured Kinsmen a quick recovery.

I’ve sent a small donation from England to recognise TWP’s Honour and help with medical bills.


Build more shields for the next event. If everyone sticks together in a group, has a shield, and some sort of improvised weapon (flagpoles, canes, chains, brass knuckles), it would be much more difficult for the ANTIFA cowards to attack, regardless of their numbers. Printing matching shirts is a waste of time. Practice some riot police tactics and basic self defense. Even outnumbered, organization and tactics can win the day. ANTIFA has no answers for a prepared group of people that can stick to a plan, work as one moving unit that reinforces one another. 88.

Andrea Ostrov Letania


People put down Muslims, but I think it’s somewhat unfair.

I say ‘somewhat’ cuz Muslims are not my favorite people. I mean they go around in pajamies, grow ugly beards, and scream too much. That’s no good.

But I think we should try to understand why so many are angry.


What is ‘diversity’ in America?

To white rightist types, ‘diversity’ is white folks losing to tide of color. There is a lot of truth to that.

But ‘diversity’ also means people-of-color being made to fight and kill their own kind in their homelands in the service of US imperialism.

After all, ‘diversity’ doesn’t mean every group in the US has equal share of power. Some groups are MUCH MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Which group has the most power in America? It sure aint Eskimos, Hawaiians, Polacks, Jappers, Scandies, Scotch-Irish, etc.

It is Jews.

So, ‘diversity’ means a diverse population of various groups being compelled to serve the Jewish-globalist agenda(that may be against the interests of their own people).

It just so happens that Jews have their homeland in the Middle East next to many Arab and/or Muslim nations. And to serve their own interests, Jews have been using wars, sanctions, subversion, and various means to destabilize the whole region. Millions of Arabs/Muslims have been killed or displaced.

In 2003 when Iraq was being invaded, a Iraqi-American working next door came over to my workplace and said sadly, “they are destroying my country.” He wasn’t a terrorist, but we can understand the bitterness such people feel. He felt angry but helpless. ‘Diversity’ meant Jews got to override the interests of other kinds of Americans. Not just white-Americans but Arab-


If you were an Iraqi-American serving in the US military, you would be ordered to drop bombs on your own kinfolks back home. Indeed, all Muslims in the US military must go and kill fellow Muslims if US government orders them to.

The main reason why Bush II and Obama(and Hillary) say nice things about Islam & Muslims is to use that as cover to keep waging Wars for Israel in Muslim lands.

So, ‘diversity’ doesn’t mean equal power for all groups. It means all groups coming under the control of the ruling elite in the US that is Jewish(and Homo). And especially for Muslim-Americans and Arab-Americans, ‘diversity’ means serving Zio-American Power to destroy their kinfolks back in the Middle East. It is all the more frustrating since Muslims have not been aggressors against the US except as acts of blowback and revenge for Zio-American aggression.

9/11, as terrible as it was, was a retaliation after so much of Zio-US intervention in the Middle East.

Indeed, how would Polish-Americans feel IF Jewish-controlled America decided to invade Poland and reduce that nation to rubble? Or suppose US used air power to destabilize Poland and then armed terrorist groups to rip that nation apart. A lot of Polish-Americans would be angry as hell.

Or suppose the ruling elite of the US were Muslim or Arab. Suppose Muslims/Arabs controlled the banks, courts, politicians, media, academia, and etc. And suppose these elites used US foreign policy to attack and destroy and kill hordes of Jews in Israel.

How would Jewish-Americans feel? Wouldn’t some of them be driven to terrorism in way of Irgun?

So, while I agree that Muslims are a nutty bunch(and shouldn’t be invited to the West), we need to address the real problem of ‘diversity’. In America, ‘diversity’ means all groups must serve Jewish interests.

This is especially painful to Arabs and Muslims since Jewish agenda is Zionist and anti-Arab and anti-Muslim. Sure, Jewish power seeks out Muslim collaborators(esp in Saudi Arabia) so as to maintain the facade that the Jewish-American foreign policy is not a Clash of Civilizations between America and the Arab/Muslim world.

But in fact, American ‘diversity’ is essentially about Jewish power overriding the interests of all other groups. It means Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans must watch helplessly as the power of the US banks and military is used to destroy nations hated by Israel. And these nations are mostly Arab or Muslim(or Russian).

And it gets especially jarring when Arab-Americans or Muslim-Americans serving in the US military are ordered to ship out to the Middle East and join with white & black soldiers in the killing of ‘muzzies’ and ‘ragheads'(or ‘raggers’ as I call them).

I mean how would a Jewish-American soldier feel in a hypothetical Arab-Muslim-dominated America if the new war policy is for US military to invade Israel and help the Palestinians in the killing and bombing of countless Jews? How would Jews feel if the US regime funded and armed ‘moderate rebels’ to attack and destroy Israel with terror?

How would it feel to a Jewish-American soldier to be ordered to drop bombs and shoot bullets at fellow Jews? Many Jews would grow angry, some would go crazy and strike out at the US military and Americans. Some might turn to terrorism against Americans not unlike Jewish anarchists of old.

While we should keep the raggers out of the West, we need to understand their rage in the wider context. This is something Buchanan and Ron Paul tried to do in their discussion of blowback.

‘Diversity’ is not only a Zio-globalist crime against whites. It is also a crime against all victim-nations of Zio-US imperialism. ‘Diversity’ invites peoples from all over the world and then uses them against their own countrymen. If Jewish-controlled US declares war on China, all the Chinese-immigrants in business, government, and US military must support US destruction of China. If Jewish-controlled US declares war on Iran, all the Iranian-Americans in government, business, and military must support US destruction of Iran.

As for Arabs, they’ve seen so much of US destruction of the Arab world. So, ‘diversity’ has been a double-edged sword for them. In America, they found a better material life. But directly or indirectly, they’ve been party to the Zionist-American destruction of the ancient lands of their origin.

Jews use US power to destroy the homelands of both Arabs and Europeans. Jewish-American policy in the Middle East and North Africa displaced so many Muslims who are now ‘refugees’, and now, Jews are saying Europe MUST take in these ‘refugees’ or else they are ‘nazis’.

‘Diversity’ means both whites and Arabs must serve the Zio-Globo policy of destruction of Arabia and Europa.


I’m so amazed!! Here the blm movement advocates peaceful protest and non violence at the same time, bum rush a Traditional workers party rally (that had permit to be there demonstrating) fully intent on violence. They stabbed those boys after tweeting and collecting $ for possible hospitalization cost.So basically the black lives matter movement is a bunch of thugs that stabbed ppl who peacefully protest something they don’t like. Smh

Nathan Lawrence

I wonder what the Orthodox church thinks of TYN’s shenanigans? No wonder he was excommicated and deservedly so. The sacraments of the church are open to all, regardless of race. I will be marrying a European woman this summer inside the church.


From the Common Dreams website:

Nathan Lewis Lawrence is an African-American graduate student studying peace and conflict studies at the Department of International Relations at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. He received his bachelor’s degree in Security studies from Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio. He is currently writing his master’s thesis on leftist and libertarian economic critiques of Sharpian non-violence.

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Nathan Lawrence

An old (and in some ways inaccurate) bio on Common Dreams. That being said Common Dreams aggregates content and republishes literature from other sites. Regardless, I don’t really care.


Another option would be to set traps for the Antifa….if you know they are going to “shut you down” then lure them somewhere with more guys waiting and then attack and beat a bunch of them up really bad…..start running and then when some of them run after you run them into a trap…also have guys undercover they spot their vehicles and when they exit to go “the big shut down”…have people there that sabotage their cars. Also lists of the people who attacked you should be made….then find out where they are and pick them off one by one

The Brutal Truth

The closer we get to election day, the more that hog maw-americans and ill-eagle gimeegrants and they’re self hating white cohorts will riot.


Cross posted to several articles:

Wanted to let you know that @nycantifa is claiming that
TYN is planning to hold rally in NYC on July 30th. Don’t know if this is
true, but wanted you to know that they are putting this out. Typical
leftist faggotry would be to make this up, and then claim that they scared TYN away. Expect the (((luegenpresse))) to spread the propaganda and the ((($PLC))) hype up any SJW drama.

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