“Forget the laws of human rights” Rodrigo Duterte and Strongman Leadership

The mantra of the Left is that leaders are supposed to be good puppets of multinational corporations, the Zionist lobby, and international bankers. These forces that influence and control many world leaders are pushing us in the progressive view of history, into a brave new world without borders, racial identity, or religious values. The cornerstone of the New World Order is having weak and ineffective leaders who serve globalism more than their own people, so every time I see a national leader who stands up for his Faith, Family and Folk; I feel duty-bound to give them my support.

In the battle of globalism against nationalism, all nationalists are our allies; all globalists are foes. So that is why I happily offer congratulations to the new President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

Rodrigo Duterte, also nicknamed “The Punisher,” is a unique force in Filipino politics. Mr. Duterte is a member of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (Philippine Democratic Party-People’s Power). This Party is rather small relative to electoral politics and supposedly falls on the “left” side of the political spectrum. Mr. Duterte identifies as left wing, even having spoken in front of audiences where hammer and sickle symbols were flying. This however must be understood as an artifact of the neo-colonial geopolitical reality.

When considering the old Left vs. Right terms, we must look at the nation in which these politics are taking place and what they mean to those people. Just as I do not stand with the Jewish backed “Right Wing Nationalists” of the Azov battalion, but do stand with many of the principles of the Chavez revolution in Venezuela; these old terms of Left vs Right don’t mean what they used to.

In many nations, terms such as “Social Justice” and “Socialism” actually are nationalist slogans, saying that these people no longer want to be occupied by the financial powers of the West, primarily Jewish oligarchs. They reject the imperialist policies that long have ruled their nations and meddled in their politics and economies.

Now I am not saying that ideological differences don’t matter, but I would rather have a nation governed by a Leftist nationalist than a “right wing” #cuckservative, warmongering globalist. We can find allies outside of the usual political paradigm, much to the chagrin of the Jewish oligarchs who would prefer to divide and conquer the anti-globalists.

Rodrigo Duterte has been called the “Donald Trump of the East” because he is a political outsider. For generations, the Fillipino political establishment has spent the peoples money on squabbling between themselves as their nation lost more and more sovereignty. These political elites watched a huge spike in drug abuse, crime, corruption and poverty and did little to alleviate the suffering of the people.

In the Philippines,

Abuse of power is routinely perpetrated by powerful government officials and law enforcers with a mandate to defend the rights of people and protect them from harm. Abuse of power is terribly serious in the Philippines. In most cases, crimes related to the abuse of power are not treated as crimes due to methods of circumventing the laws.

Every day newspaper banners report crimes committed by policemen and military personnel—hold-ups, kidnaps-for-ransom, murders, bank robberies, carjacking, etc. The crimes of these people are even more heinous than those committed by some poor, unknown and desperate criminals. Since the justice system in the country is so discouragingly defective, most of the time, powerful criminals are exonerated of their crimes, even those categorized as heinous. Meanwhile, the unknown, powerless poor suspects in lesser crimes are not given fair trials and thrown immediately in jail.”

A situation of rising crimes, corrupt leadership, an unwillingness to protect the culture and borders of the nation and multinational corporations looting the wealth and prosperity of the nation has caused a backlash among the people against politics as usual. Just as Donald Trump is being carried by the winds of the White working and middle class who is tired of mass immigration, Free Trade and government corruption, Rodrigo Duterte has just been elected on a similar wave of voter anger at the Establishment and their willingness to betray their people.

Economic exploitation by multinational corporations, international bankers and Western oligarchs have driven the Philippines into dire poverty, some of the worst in all of Asia.  As said by reporter Ruel F. Pepa,

Through the exploitative maneuverings of US hegemony, that began to hurt the country’s economic foundation and put in place the conditions that later pulled the Philippines down the path of political decadence and, more seriously, economic retardation. After the resolution of the Korean War, the Philippines gradually slipped down the economic ladder from being second only to Japan, to being third below Malaysia, then fourth below China, fifth below South Korea, sixth below Thailand and seventh below Vietnam, although Vietnam had been razed to the ground by the longest and costliest war of the 20th century.”

The Philippines doesn’t need to be poor, especially at this level, but a corrupt political establishment has betrayed their people and was all too willing to sell their nation down the river to the interests of the globalists, only a true nationalist leader can reverse this trend.

As mayor of Davao City, Duterte proved himself as a man of the people who would fight for the people. When Western journalists and Leftists hate a man, it is usually a good indicator he is one of our allies and the Zionist controlled media hates Mr. Duterte. While he was mayor he supported the executions of over a thousand drug dealers, kidnappers and organized crime figures. The courts and the justice system were broken due to corruption, but under Duterte’s watch, violent and dangerous criminals faced justice that their high priced lawyers couldn’t buy them out of.

Mr. Duterte is reported as saying when asked about the killing of drug dealers and the harsh stance on crime that “I don’t care if I go to hell as long as the people I serve will live in paradise.” As a leader he truly seemed to embody the notion that his duty was to improve the lives of his constituents, young and old, rich and poor; to ensure that they had safer, healthier and better lives.

Taking time off the campaign trail to pray in a local Church

Taking time off the campaign trail to pray in a local Church

Mayor Duterte refused to shy away from his nickname of “The Punisher” when he said “If you are doing an illegal activity in my city, if you are a criminal or part of a syndicate that preys on the innocent people of the city, for as long as I am the mayor, you are a legitimate target of assassination.” As the people have lost hope in the political Establishment, he has won the peoples trust and support by being uncompromising towards the enemies of a healthy and organic nation.

Under Mr. Duterte’s leadership, he didn’t just support justice for criminals, he also supported opening and expanding drug rehabilitation centers to help those addicted to drugs once again become constructive members of the national family. He supported increases in government support for the poor, job training and cleanup of neighborhoods filled with squalor, graffiti, and crime. The healthcare system of Davao city improved with the purchase of new medical supplies for hospitals, more ambulances to carry patients to get treatment and increased support for the needy who need healthcare and education.

Rodrigo Duterte told his supporters that Western Leftists should “Forget the laws of human rights” and that “If I make it to the presidential palace, I will do just what I did as mayor. You drug pushers, hold-up men and do-nothings, you better go out. Because as the mayor, I’d kill you.” Drastic problems take drastic solutions, and as the newly elected President it looks as if he will continue a hard-line stance on defending his people against all enemies, foreign and domestic, who endanger the lives and health of his people. As mayor these programs seem to have worked with Davao City going from being one of the most violent cities in the region to being listed as “the most peaceful city in southeast Asia.” This peace brought investment, more jobs, better opportunities and a population that was safer from all forms of crime and abuse.

While President-Elect Duterte is open to the idea of international investment in his nation, he also has staunchly nationalist policies. In an interview he said that any land leased to foreign companies,

the government would still have jurisdiction over the islands to preserve the country’s territorial integrity…foreign investors should also ensure the hiring of Filipino workers, pay a minimum rent or five percent of their gross output and protect the environment…multinationals should also agree that the ownership of their factories and infrastructure would revert to the Philippines after 50 years.”

This would allow investment in the nation but leave the Philippines with more factories, mines and production capability to reinvigorate their economy, allowing corporations to make profits but to bring jobs and help rebuild the Philippines, leaving the nation stronger in regards to both economic interests and infrastructure.

In regards to foreign policy, Mr. Duterte is also opposed to the Philippines being a puppet State of the United States and other Western nations. It was reported that “He has told Philippine media that he believes American influence is too strong in the Philippines and the country does not need Washington’s help to deal with the Chinese in the contested South China Sea.” He also stated that he planned “to sail to China’s new artificial islands in the South China Sea and plant the Philippine flag there. ” This is a strong statement from a nationalist leader in a country where the elites have often done anything they can to be good lap-dogs to the United States, a very good sign of his intention to make his nation self sufficient in both the economy and self defense, the true mark of any free nation.

Mr. Duterte's solution to corrupt politicians

Mr. Duterte’s solution to corrupt politicians

While mayor of Davao City, Mayor Duterte also supported a voice for religious and ethnic minorities to be represented in local government. This respect for different religious and ethnic identities shows the heart he has for his people, but also his opposition to the New World Order plan to wage war between the majority population and minorities. By respectfully giving minorities a voice and representation while still promoting his peoples’ religion, culture, and values; he strikes a true nationalist position in his policies.

Now of course like any man, Rodrigo Duterte is not a perfect candidate. He has made comments that I personally disagree with in regards to several topics, especially those on being supportive of the LGBT movement (I cannot yet understand how a man can support Right Wing Death squads and sodomites at the same time, but we live in a unique age). But in modern geopolitics, if you actually want things done, you cannot expect a perfect candidate. President-Elect Duterte wants to shake off the USA occupation of his nation, wants to stand up to China and wants to ensure that multinational corporations are not able to pillage his countrymen any longer.

In his desire to reduce corruption and reinstate the rule of law away from a broken judicial system and rising crime, Rodrigo Duterte stands as another beacon of the will of the people rising up against the policies of the globalists. I will look eagerly towards the implementation of his policies in hopes that this spurs a growth of self determination and nationalism for the people of Asia. Just like comic book hero The Punisher, he might just be the hero that the people need when the Establishment refuses to do its job to protect them from evil men. Good luck President elect, and may you be a good steward of your Faith, Family and Folk.



Good article sir and I agree in spite of his shortcomings Duterte is a real inspiration. In spite of very good arguments against vigilante justice, I am afraid we are very close here in the former USA to the terrible choice of taking the law into your own hands or being shoad by the sanhedrin justice system. For example San Jose police organizing a “gauntlet” for Trump supporters, then standing by while 100’s are assaulted. Or Trump being judged by a La Raza warrior. It would be nice to see the Duterte method applied here in the former USA, I would start with mainsream media and hollywood, the most degenerated filth on the planet today.

Gubbler Chechenova


Omar did a bloody thing, but can we really blame him?

Homos are now the fervent globalist activists of Zio-US imperialism.

Homos push homomania, the worship of homos, all over the world.

In order for nations to do business with US, they must have ‘gay pride’ parades that celebrate fecal penetration and mutilation of private parts. Such is now associated with the rainbow.

And this thing called ‘gay rights’ is anything but. It’s about ‘gay might’. It is about Power. After all, it’s not enough for homos to have the freedom to be homo and do their homo thing. They demand that ALL OF US agree that homosexuality is wonderful. They demand that kids in schools be taught that fecal penetration among men is just as meaningful as real sex between men and women.

They say that a man who says he is a woman is a woman.

Kids are now so confused that so many declare themselves to be ‘gender this or that’ instead of male or female.

So, calling Omar a ‘homophobe’ is totally bogus. ‘Homophobia’ doesn’t exist. He was angry because homo imperialists have been defiling America and working with Zionist globalist-imperialists to destroy the Middle East and his own country.

He went overboard and I don’t condone what he did, but his rage was totally understandable. (Besides, US had no right to judge other nations. After all, Iraq and Libya did NOTHING against the US, but Bush II and Obama cooked up some bogus excuse to attack and destroy those nations. Those actions were far more criminal than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. If Japan deserved firebombing and two nukes and deaths of millions over Pearl Harbor, then US has no right to bitch about 50 dead homos after all the horrors visited on the Middle East by Zionists and their homo allies.)

Besides, Jews and their homo allies have been working with the Saudis to topple and undermine just about every secular modernizing Arab nation in the Middle East. And it was US that aided the Muslim radicals in Afghanistan against the secular government backed by the USSR.

Also, Jews and homos work together to justify the ongoing occupation of West Bank on the premise that Israel is soooooo great because it has ‘gay pride’ parades. Homos give blessing to the Occupation to the West Bank cuz Jews fund them. Homos are sick and corrupt.

And ISIS would not be rampaging around if not for the Jew-homo foreign policy under Obama that made a total mess of Libya and Syria. Oh yeah, ‘moderate rebels’!! Let’s aid the ‘moderate rebels’ to undermine Assad, the sanest and most modern leader in the Middle East.

And consider the New Cold War with Russia just because Russians won’t bend over to homomania pushed on just about every nation by the Jewish-controlled US and EU.

Jews and homos say Putin is new Hitler because Moscow doesn’t allow massive homo parades on Red Square.

So, this attack at the homo club is all just blowback for all the horrible things homos have done all around the world.

Homos are not powerless innocents. They are now major players in the globalist game.

In the US, homos are normphobic and anti-freedom. If you say anything negative about homos and their lifestyle, homos call for your dismissal and blacklisting.

Canada had a bill that would ban any comment that mocks or demeans trans-gender freaks.

So much for the homo respect for freedom, liberty, and rights.

Homos, like Jews, bitched about freedom and liberty when they didn’t have full equality. They said they were only for more freedom and liberty for all.

But once they got all the rights to be homo, that wasn’t enough. They wanted supremacist power. They demanded that we praise them and never ever say anything negative about them. They called for speech controls and ruination of those who dare to criticize or condemn homo degeneracy.

Homos are so decrepit that they don’t take responsibility for the AIDS epidemic that killed so many of them. Even though HIV spread mainly through excessive debauchery among homo men, homos act like perfect angels and saints who were victims of ‘Reagan’s indifference’. What a bunch of sick lowlifes.

Just like Jews defame any criticism of Jews as ‘antisemitic’, homos mock anything critical of homos as ‘homophobic’.

Omar was a out-of-control killer, but he had every right to be angry as hell with the homos.

And something like this was bound to happen.

We now have in the West morons like Trudeau and Obama who would have people celebrate both Ramadan and Homodan. We are all supposed to respect Allah & Muhammad and Bruce Jenner as a ‘woman’ with the right to use the ladies’ room.

I mean something’s gotta give when the logic becomes this gumbic.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

brothers and sisters…

Did you see Ann Coulter reaching out to homo community?

Some Conservatives seem to be suggesting that homo-supremacism is what the West is about.

Should we hate on Muslims or the Moos because they hate homos?

Now, I don’t condone the violent attack on the fruitkin dance club. But it is a form of resistance against homo imperialism that has been promoted by Jewish supremacism.

The idea of Trump/Coulter opposing Moo immigration on the basis that homo decadence is what the ‘West’ is all about is too funny.

No, homo decadence and homomania(the new religion of the West) have been pushed by Jewish Semites who seek to normalize elite-minority-domination. Jews are the 2% that rules over us, and so they naturally side with the 2% that is homo. Jews seek to consolidate their own power by making homo power the New Normal. Jews figure that an overwhelmingly straight population that worships homos will buttress an overwhelmingly gentile population that worships Jews.

The West is no longer in control by true Western values. It is under mental-political-cultural-and-economic colonization of the Jewish-Homo-centric Power Complex. The Jomo Cabal. Jews effected this silent revolution through pop culture, political power, financial power, and blackmailing of prominent figures.

While we should reject, even denounce, the terrorist way of Omar, we need to stand with the Moos on the matter of Jewish-Homo power because it is Jomo power that is destroying both the Moo world and West.

We need to consider both the Invade and Invite aspect of Invade/Invite foreign policy.

The INVADE part of the Jomo agenda has led to total chaos in the Middle East. Look at Afghanistan after US backed religious nuts to overthrow secular regime backed by Soviets. Look at Iraq after Bush took down Hussein and created a vacuum to be filled by terrorists.

Look at Libya. Look at Syria, the result of Jomo aiding of radical Muslim nuts.

If anything, Jomos have been working with Saudis and other Sunni nuts to set entire nations — Libya, Syria, and Yemen — aflame.

If anything, Jew-run US has been destroying modern secular Arab regimes and creating vacuums for Jihadis in order to make Arabs fight Arabs. US has been doing this in cahoots with Saudis. So, the very West that promotes homomania works with arch-theocratic Saudis to destroy every secular and modern Arab nation, especially if it is allied with Shia Iran.

And look at what Jewish control of Palestine led to. Massive homo ‘pride’ parades in Israel. If Israel had never been created, such degeneracy would not be taking place in the holy land. If anything, Moos have more respect for the holy land than Jews do. Jews have turned the holy land in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Such is what the Jewish takeover of the Holy Land led to. Should decent Christians in America still be supporting Jews and Israel when Jews have desecrated the Holy Land?

Of course, one could argue that Israel does it as publicity stunt to fool the West that Israel is ‘progressive’ and into homomania, thereby making the West ‘progressives’ — who worship homomania — favor Zionists over Palestinians who are ‘less evolved’ on matters of fecal penetration and cutting off dicks to get fake vaginas. After all, even though Tel Aviv have massive homo parades, West Bank Occupation is dominated by arch-religious Jewish zealots who have no tolerance for homo degeneracy. So, Israel is playing a dirty game. It shows its homo-friendly face to the West in order to justify its arch-religious Occupation of West Bank.

I used to be ambivalent about the creation of Israel, but upon looking at the hideous homo parades in the holy land, I must say the creation of the Jewish state was a great tragedy. If Arabs and Muslims ruled the holy land, such degeneracy would not be allowed to take place. Holy Land would be holy than assholey.

I don’t like Islam, but we have give it some credit. Moos are better fighters than Christians. Consider all the Christian nations that fell to communism and then to Jewish-promoted homomania. In contrast, no Muslim nation surrendered to communism or to homomania. Muslims always fought back and won.

And Muslims are among the few people standing up to the homo-imperialist agenda pushed by Globalist Jews.

In the US, white Americans have surrendered to homomania and denounce the MORAL DISOBEDIENCE of those who refuse to bake ‘gay wedding cakes’. Even the GOP, a total cuck-operation that sucks Jewish cock, will not come to aid of Morally Decent Bakers.

Though I don’t like the violence of the kind carried out by Omar, what is more disgraceful? Surrender to Homo degenerates funded by vile globalist Jews or having the reckless courage to fight back?

Homos are no longer asking for tolerance. They are pushing coercion to make all of us praise and celebrate their sexual deviancy and lifestyle degeneracy. Homos don’t even take responsibility for the AIDS disaster and just blame it all on “Reagan’s indifference”. These are the kinds of people promoted by venal Jews who run the West.

Christians need not resort to violence but they can surely come together with moral secular folks(such as myself), and we can stand up to homo supremacism. But where are such voices and movements? Where is the march for Moral Pride?

Where is the power of MORAL DISOBEDIENCE against the homo agenda?

Where is the power of WHITE RESISTANCE against Zio-globalist supremacism?

Moos are pretty dumb and resist in a stupid way, but they are at least resisting than bending over to the homo agenda.

We should see Moos as fellow victims of globalism. Their world was smashed by the INVADE part of Jomo globalism, and the EU is being destroyed by the INVITE part of Jomo globalism.

But so many white Conservatives overlook the role of Jomo power in all this and just blame it all on Muslims.

They overlook the fact that homo-imperialists have been working in cahoots with Jewish supremacists to mess up Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine.

They hope to score points with holy homos since homos are supposed to be worshiped in the West.

I believe the West should be about tolerance for homos. But we’ve gone way past that. We now have coercive worship of homos. People in the West must now worship Jews and homos in the way that Cubans must praise Castro and the Norks must praise the Kims.

We live under homotarianism.

Also, what is a terrorist?

If we are honest, we must admit US is a terrorist state that has illegally invaded nations that didn’t attack the US. Who can deny that US attacks on Iraq and Libya were worse than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor? Japan wasn’t even trying to invade the US, not even Hawaii. Japan was just trying to buy time to gain dominance in Asia.

In contrast, US invaded Iraq and Libya to totally change them as if US has some godgiven right to invade and remake any society.

But Bush II, Obama, and Hillary pretend to be humanitarians by welcoming all these ‘refugees’ when, in fact, the ONLY reason such ‘refugees’ exist in the first place is because US terrorist wars on the Middle East and North Africa have uprooted so many people.

It’s like US supports the Zionist invasion/occupation of Palestinian lands but then pretends to care about Palestinians by allowing Pallie immigration to America.



Fr. John+

Dear, Get your own blog, and spare us your rants.

Trump and Coulter are merely courting the Sodomite faction, USING the necessary elimination of half a hundred homos in Orlando, as a MEANS TO WIN VOTES for the Election. If we can disable the Dems, and win the vote, and restore a White nation, eventually, moral order WILL BE RESTORED.

One battle at a time. ONE. BATTLE. AT.A.TIME.
The Presidency today. Stoning of Sodomites in five years.
It’s all good.

Gubbler Chechenova


US wars in the Middle East aren’t good for most Americans, but they’ve been great for Jews. And as the US is controlled by Jews and follows Judeo-centric foreign policy, we have to see US role in the Middle East as a resounding success.

Have they bankrupted America? It doesn’t matter to Jews since they got the Fed and can print more money for themselves.

What affects most American doesn’t affect Jews. Shipping job to China, India, or Mexico might be bad for US workers, but most Jews are not of the working class. They are part of the globalist urban class who gain to profit from US corporations reducing cost with easy access to cheaper labor. Just look at Jews in Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley just getting richer.

Jews are 2% of the population but 43% of the top 1%. It’s like Israel never suffers despite downturns in the US economy. Like Paulie in GOODFELLAS, Israel gets to say, “Fuc* you, pay me.”


Now, what do Jews fear most in the Middle East? Modern secular Arab and/or Muslim nation-states with capability in science, technology, and economic growth.

Jews don’t fear ISIS, a bunch of ragtag morons running around with AK-47s and machetes. They do horrible things on the ground, but they pose ZERO threat to Israel and to the US.

Jews fear men like Saddam Hussein and Assad. Iran is a theocracy, but even the Mullahs have allowed science and engineering. As long as people don’t get too out of line with decadence and sexuality, the Iranian state is live-and-let-live.

Such nations are capable of developing strong economies and modern weapons systems.

Since Jews are mostly secular and ‘Liberal’, you would think they would prefer modern secular Arab states to Muslim extremists. Not necessarily.

After all, it is secular Arab and/or Muslim states that can run a modern economy and even develop missiles and bombs and tanks that might rival the power of Israel.

It’s like the Cold War. US had more in common with USSR than with Maoist China or Afghan Mujahadeeen or Saudi Arabia.

USSR after Stalin’s death remained repressive but sort of liberalized into a modern secular state like the US.

It was committed to modernity and science and technology.

In contrast, Maoism was into radical lunacy. Saudi Arabia has been run by religious hardliners. And Mujahadeen were extreme religious zealots.

So, why did US work with them against USSR, a modern secular state?

Because the modern and secular aspects of USSR allowed it to have tanks, jets, nukes, missiles, and etc.

Jews don’t care about higher principles. They only think in terms of “Is it good for the Jews?”

And Jews want the Arab or Muslim nations to be destroyed and fractured beyond repair.

Long after invasion of Iraq, that nation is still divided. Libya is shattered into various pieces. Syria may never come together again. And in all those nations, the once powerful modern secular regimes have been toppled or crippled, and much of the land is overrun by Road Warrior Muslim anarchists whose violence prevent any kind of order, organization, development. As such, those nations pose zero threat to Israel. Jews love it.

Jews messed up Ukraine too.

We have to mention the Jew.

The Ukraine mess has been bad for Ukrainians and bad for Russians who got hit with all sorts of sanctions. But it has been great for the Jews. Make Slav fight Slav. Make goy fight goy. Cripple resurgent nationalist Russia with all sorts of economic warfare.

So, before we yammer about Muslims as the aggressors, he needs to mention how they’ve been the main victims.

How many Americans and Europeans were killed by Muslim terror?

How many Muslims and Arabs have been killed by Jewish-controlled US imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa?

Americans killed a lot of Arabs/Muslims with guns and bombs. But worse, US invasion created a power vacuum that was filled by Jihadis, foreign elements, mercenaries, thugs, and opportunists. (I suspect Jewish gangsters looted the Baghdad Archaeology Museum soon after US invasion. It seems to have been coordinated. A lot of that loot are probably in Israel right now as they have Biblical significance.)

So many Muslims and Arabs have been killed.

Now, I totally oppose the mass migration of Muslims/Arabs to the EU and US, but why are so many people on the move in the first place? Because of the mayhem and horror unleashed by JEWISH control of foreign policy.

The media tell us about Muslims killing homos, but why is that happening? When Syria, Iraq, and Libya were ruled by secular rulers, there were no terrorist psychos going around tossing homos from rooftops. And even Christian Arabs lived in peace and harmony with their Muslim neighbors.

But what happened to all such people as the result of Jewish-controlled foreign policy?

Muslim terrorism is horrible, but it’s pipsqueak stuff compared to Globalist Terror of the Zionists. Iraq War was an act of terrorism far worse than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. There was NO justification for US to just destroy a nation that hadn’t attacked the US. It was especially vile after US had killed 100,ooos of women and children through sanctions. Worse, much of Hussein’s power had been aided by the US when Iraq was at war with Iran.

But we are so amnesiac and only blaming Muslims for all the violence.

Muslims are stupid, and guys like Omar need their heads examined, but much of Muslim violence is blowback pure and simple.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, it suffered massive blowback. US felt justified in firebombing entire cities and killing over 100,000 in a single night in Tokyo. Just when Japan was about to surrender, US nuked two cities. US calls this the ‘good war’.

If US was right to act thus in retaliation for Pearl Harbor, then why is it so terrible that Muslims and Arabs are lashing out at the West after what the West has done to Arab/Muslim nations?

ISIS wouldn’t exist if Obama and Hillary hadn’t taken orders from Jews to mess up Libya and Syria. Gaddafi made peace with West and gave up WMD, but his independent spirit in Africa was too much for the Jewish globalists.

And Assad had to be fatally weakened or toppled because he was allied with Russia and Iran, two nations Jews hate most.

Of course, Jews despise the Saudis too(and Saudis hate Jews), but as the saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. As long as Saudi whores are willing to work with Jews to wreck Iran, Syria, and Russia(by pumping excess oil and lowering oil prices), they get along famously with Jews.

Anyway, US wars on the Middle East and North Africa have to be counted as terror, or State Terror. US attacked and destroyed nations that had done NOTHING to the US. In the case of Libya and Syria, they didn’t even attack an US ally. Gaddafi and Assad were merely putting down domestic opposition. Ugly as such violence was, it was no worse than Israel raining bombs on Gaza, something that received full blessing from the cucked out US-government.

Jews own the media and they can lie til the cows come home. They lied about what happened in Ukraine. They lied about Putin as New Hitler brutalizing the homos.

Jews lied about Sochi Olympics. Jews lied about Russia invading Crimea. Because Jews control media and whore politicians, they can lie all they want. After all, Jews in government and media spread lies to win US public support for the invasion of Iraq.

Also, we mustn’t see homos as innocents. Decent Americans know that homos are now the co-rulers of the US along with Jews. Jews have anointed homos as their main partners-in-crime.

So, we now live in a nation where careers are ruined if anyone expresses disdain or distaste over homosexuality. Buchanan was booted from MSNBC for ‘unacceptable’ views due to Jewish and Homo machinations.

Bakeries and flower shops are destroyed if they believe in Marriage Decency and refuse to believe that homo fecal penetration and tranny penis mutilation have equal value with real sexuality between man and woman. And American schools are filled with homo propaganda filth. Students are told that they better praise homos or else they are suffering from a mental issue called ‘homophobia’.

SJW’s weaned on homomania will even physically attack those who carry out Moral Disobedience to the sicko Homo Agenda.

TV shows and advertising are filled with decadent homo and tranny nonsense.

Homos are cultural terrorists, and Gayria is crazier than Sharia.

Homos are so grateful for having been chosen as co-rulers of America that they eagerly work with Jews to spread globalist neo-imperialism all over the world.

The Jew-Homo deal goes as follows: Homos work very hard to help Jews in their Zionist supremacism, and in exchange, Jews favor and bless vain homos over all other groups and fund homo agenda all over the globe. So, everywhere US spreads its tentacles, ‘gay pride’ parade is almost mandatory.

Indeed, Jews and homos now drape even Christian churches with homo flags and symbolism. As such, homomania is the new faith of the West.

If you go to most young people today and mock God and Jesus, they will laugh and find it funny. But if you say the slightest critical or mocking thing about holy homos or trannies, they will be triggered into delirium and call the police, FBI, and CIA to report ‘hate’.

So, this pretense that homos are innocent little lambs is bogus.

Of course, those homos and trannies at Orlando had nothing to do with foreign policy, but Homo Power has been working with Globalist Jews to advance Zio-American neo-imperialism all over the world.

What we really need to do is to have Bush II, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Samantha Powers, Victoria Nuland, Hillary, and Obama be tried for Crime Against Humanity.

After the Cold War, there was such hopes for peace.

But unfortunately, Jews took total power of US government and have been working with Homos to turn the world upside down, ignite a New Cold War, totally lay Muslim nations to waste, spread the cult of diversity all over(thereby creating more divisions and tensions), uprooting countless Muslims, and then steering those Muslims to invade the West.

Jews rigged it so that they can never lose no matter what happens.

If all those Muslims arrive to EU and US and assimilate peacefully, then Jews can promote it as success and push for further non-white immigration that will turn whites minorities in their own homelands.

But then, even if Muslims turn angry and commit acts of terror in the West, it will help Jews since so many dumb Americans will sympathize with Jews and homos against Muslims. Americans will think, “We sure understand how Israelis feel on a daily basis as they have to deal with these Muslim savages on a daily basis. And we must protect those darling little homos from those nasty Muslims. Gay is the new red, white, and blue.”

Talking about Muslims, Muslims, and Muslims without taking into account the Jewish and Homo role in the globalist neo-imperialism of the 21st century is most disingenuous. It’s like discussing WWII in Europe without ever mentioning Nazi aggression.

The Invisible Imperialism of the Jews and Homos must be outed.

We need to say the Jewish/Homo Emperor wears military uniform and rides a tank.

We have to stop acting as if Jewish-Homo Power is Invisible Power.

What is sickening is that Jews and Homos still speak in the context of ‘antisemitism’ and ‘gay rights’ when they are the ones with the Power and Might to oppress and destroy other peoples.

They are like a bully who punches someone in the face and then complains of his poor little fingers hurt by the punchee’s ‘hateful’ face.

Homos still bitch about ‘gay rights’ when they have the power to shut down entire cities for homo parades and get people fired for not bending over to the homo agenda.

Awful people.


Gubbler Chechenova


Gun Control is about Jewish power.

It makes total sense why Jews push it.

Jews are 2% of the population. They are surrounded by 98% that is non-Jewish.

So, 2% of Jews who are armed would be defenseless against 98% that are armed.

Now, Jews have control of the institutions and government. So, Jews want monopoly of guns in STATE hands. Since Jews control the state and the courts, the statist monopoly of guns is essentially Jewish monopoly of guns.

This is all about Jewish power. In Israel where Jews are the majority and keep a close eye on Muslims, Jews are all for gun ownership. In Israel, all Jews have assault weapons.

But in the US, Jews are a minority elite, and they fear guns in the hands of majority non-Jews.

Jews promote elite-minority supremacism. Gun control is part of it. So is the homo-agenda. By promoting homos as the New Normal, Jews force or brainwash the majority to get used to the idea of elite privilege. Jews figure that a straight majority that worships homos nicely parallels a non-Jewish majority worshiping Jewish minority elites. Make minority supremacism the New Normal. The majority only exists to serve the minority masters.

It’s like the British elites made its non-British subjects all over the world revere the British Queen.

Of course, from a Jewish POV, gun control makes perfect sense.

Suppose you belong to a small white minority in a nation that is 98% Chinese or Hindu. Suppose your kind control the media, academia, law firms, courts, and most other elite institutions. Wouldn’t you be nervous? After all, there is always the possibility of the overwhelming Chinese or Hindu majority were rising up to challenge your power? Especially if the non-white majority are well-armed.

If you are a member of the white minority elite in control of the government and ruling over 98% that is non-white, wouldn’t you want gun control?

That way, the state will control all the guns. Since whites control the state, whites will control the guns.

Even if gun control bans ALL people from owning guns, whites will effectively control the power of the gun since they control the state.

Jews act like gun control applies to all people equally, but this is bogus.

We may laugh at Jewish Liberals who never fired a gun. But in fact, gun control is to ensure JEWISH MONOPOLY over guns. Individual Jews don’t need to own guns since they own the state that has all the guns. Even if gun control prevents individual Jews from owning Jews, the fact is Jewish power controls the state that has all the guns. So, Jews monopolize guns. Jews use Wall Street the same way. Jews talk principles, but the profits mostly go to Jews.

Jews are 2% of the US population but constitute 43% of the top 1%.

So, Gun Control effectively means JEWS HAVE ALL THE GUNS while you don’t have have shit.

With Jews controlling the government, they control the military and the police. Soldiers and policemen lack individual agency. They must always do as the State orders them to. If soldiers and policemen order to kill whites, they will do so.

In contrast, white civilians with guns have agency. They decide when and how their guns will be used. They can even decide to use guns to rebel against the US government(that is controlled by Jews).

Jews also don’t need to own guns on an individual basis because they are rich and live in safe areas with lots of police protection.

But for poor whites, guns are necessary because it’s the only defense against the Willie Hortons of the world, the black thugs who can beat up white boy and rape white women.

Poor whites need guns as the great equalizer against the more muscled black thugs.

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