The Orthodox Nationalist: Ivan Sirko – The Great Cossack Hetman

In this edition of the Orthodox Nationalist, Dr. Johnson details the intellectual aspects of his conversion to Orthodox while in graduate school in Nebraska. This is used to underscore many of the problems in contemporary academia and to expose the incompetence and bad faith of professors.

The main part of the show is to detail the career of the great Cossack hetman Ivan Sirko (?-1680).

With a handful of Cossacks, this man destroyed no fewer than three Turkish armies, leaving the Ottoman state defenceless. Russia’s response was to destroy the Sich (or the Cossack fortress deep in the rapids of the Dnieper) and destroy Ivan personally. It was clear that Sirko was a threat to all empires. He was a nationalist, a populist, an Old Believer and communitarian.

He was also one of the greatest military tacticians who ever lived.

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