NPR’s “Racist Revolutionaries: The Alt-Right Uprising?”

I’ve got a secret to admit, one I am not proud of; I listen to a lot of NPR. Given all the traveling that I do for activism and organizing for the Traditionalist Worker Party, the most common sidekick in my adventures, other than coffee and too many forms of tobacco, has been National Public Radio.

Going from Coast to Coast it is a radio network that I can make miles disappear as I listen to the various interviews, news stories and perspectives within the NPR community. While NPR is supposed to be non-partisan, the local NPR station WFHB did an hour-long report on  “Racist Revolutionaries — the Alt-Right Uprising” of which myself and the Traditionalist Worker Party were heavily featured. This report did not pretend to simply be providing facts and even a just perspective, instead it focused entirely on demonizing the Alt-Right and our Party and blatantly lied about our beliefs.

When the story first was put online, they used one of our Traditionalist Worker Party leaflets as the story photo but then the next day replaced it as the image with a White Pride Radio billboard from Harrison Arkansas, a project that has nothing to do with the Alt-Right or the Traditionalist Worker Party. I guess they thought using on our our professional looking leaflets might drive too many curious listeners to check out what we actually believe, so they had to quickly replace it.

The story begins in a “stick it to the Fascists” moment of playing Black jazz music as our intro. The host even discusses how they purposefully picked this music to be the opposite of our worldview. This got me chuckling because if anyone has ever met Thomas Buhls or several other activists in our Party, they love jazz music. The far-Left cannot even begin to comprehend that just because we love our people, want to be political and social advocates for our extended family and want to preserve our culture, doesn’t mean that we hate other cultures of don’t enjoy other cultures’ creative works.

Being a nationalist means fighting for your people and securing a future for them. It doesn’t mean that we want to stop all international trade, exchange of students, tourism, or support a total exclusion of other cultures. Just as I put the interests of my wife and son ahead of my neighbors, doesn’t mean I don’t have positive and friendly relations with my neighbors and even help them out when they are in need. In a world where White Nationalism has won, I would want to have global alliances not only with the European world, but other nationalist states.

Nationalists from around the world from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds can be allies and comrades in the struggle against globalism and be a united front against the Jewish oligarchs. The Left makes no differentiation between White supremacists and White nationalists even though the two ideologies are distinct and want to achieve very different goals.

My biggest critique of this story they aired is that like many news organizations, whenever pro-White issues are discussed they pretend that it is still a 1990 episode of Jerry Springer instead of taking objective looks at the facts. Anyone who has spent any time actually reading our materials, listening to our speeches, watching our videos, or even meeting Party comrades in person would know that we are opposed to racial hatred, supremacism and in fact believe in a worldwide battle against globalism for all ethnic communities, religions and traditions. This seemed lost on the NPR reporters who constantly referred to us as supporting “racial apartheid.”

The Traditionalist Worker Party is anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist, not only for Europeans but for all ethnic communities. As part of our Party platform, we demand the rights of Indian tribes to be given full autonomy, to release Hawaii and Puerto Rico from US rule and to support all fellow ethno-nationalists in this nation. Our Party is also anti-capitalist because capitalism is a force used by globalists to break down ethnic, religious and culture identity.

Noam Chomsky himself once stated,

“Capitalism is not fundamentally racist — it can exploit racism for its purposes, but racism isn’t built into it. Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangeable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. I mean, they may be functional for a period, like if you want a super exploited workforce or something, but those situations are kind of anomalous. Over the long term, you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist — just because its anti-human. And race is in fact a human characteristic — there’s no reason why it should be a negative characteristic, but it is a human characteristic. So therefore identifications based on race interfere with the basic ideal that people should be available just as consumers and producers, interchangeable cogs who will purchase all the junk that’s produced — that’s their ultimate function, and any other properties they might have are kind of irrelevant, and usually a nuisance.”

The globalists used capitalism to force their agenda to enslave the Third World under their economic and social boot-heel and now are using a “anti-racist” capitalism to continue their plunder of those regions and now the Western world. Capitalism is the enemy of all free peoples because of the fact it is an ideology based and founded on dehumanization, as Chomsky points out.

In our writings, speeches, and platform, we demand an end to any form of apartheid or racial subjugation because we are nationalists. To be a nationalist is to support each ethnic community to be able to have self determination and live free from any form of oppression. “Racial Apartheid” would indicate we want White Americans to dominate other races in America, and nothing could be further from the Truth. Our Party believes that America should balkanize and ethnic communities that desire to have their own ethno-State should be allowed to do so, our own included.

We as a people have a right to our own land to chart our own destiny, but we do not desire to rule over other ethnic groups. We wish to empower them to have their own land with their own organic leadership to represent their own Faith, Family and folk. We are anti racial apartheid, the opposite of the voices of NPR who want to force Whites into a second class status in the new multicultural America.

Another critique of myself and our Party is that we “borrow and distort many ideas from the Left wing movement” because of our position on being opposed to globalism and Free Trade, two of the biggest things killing our jobs and our communities. As my favorite quote from Gregor Strasser states “We must take from the right nationalism without capitalism and from the left socialism without internationalism.” Our movement is neither Left nor Right, we are instead advocates, organizers and stewards of our Faith, Family and Folk.

You cannot define us in terms as being in league with the supposed “Right-Wing” Republican warhawk and their capitalist worldview nor can you put us in the category of Left Wing Social Justice Warriors. We do not limit ourselves from ideas that fall outside of a supposed box of acceptable notions based on where we are told we fit on the political spectrum. We want solutions that work for our families, community and nation and will utilize any strategies or policies that better our people morally, economically, physically and culturally.

NPR can rant and rave that we are “appropriating” some of their agenda, but what we are doing is looking for the best solutions to problems facing our folk here in the 21st century. Things like Free Trade and globalism hurt our people and destroy our families and nation, so obviously we oppose them. We are anti-colonialist because we are nationalists and we are tired of Jewish oligarchs and multinational corporations treating our people and all peoples like disposable things to be used in their machine of capital. We’re neither Left nor Right. We are nationalists and we will fight for the best interests of our people with whatever solutions we need to implement

NPR overall gave me a good laugh because not only did they give us some free publicity, they once again showed that the radical Left has no answers for us. We as a Party do not fall into the traps that previous nationalists did of racial hatred, supporting capitalism, or supporting imperialism. We are some of the first true nationalists in the white advocacy movement, and that scares the Left. I expect their attacks to grow more and more hysterical as we take people from both the Establishment Left and Right and turn them into Third Positionists, Traditionalists, and Nationalists. No amount of cheap over the top hysterics can stop the rise of an idea who’s time has come; and the time of the Traditionalist Worker Party is just beginning.


silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

I really rather doubt you’re scaring anyone. More of a laughing stock is my impression.


What? No mention of Jared Taylor, and American Renaissance?

I do not care about any alt right. I am not any kind of a nationalist, much less a white nationalist. I do believe in race realism and genetic determinism.


The Alt Right has plenty of Jew-lovers if that’s your concern but also a growing number of people who have caught on to your kind.


There is nothing to catch onto. I am very clear in expressing my opinions.

Fr. John+

And the only “kind” worth watching for their socially destructive ideology, are the people that don’t belong here in the first place…who already have a home in the Levant.

” they all need to go.”

Richard Peak

I, too, listen to NPR. It’s very professionally made propaganda which means it divulges just enough factual information to lull the listener into swallowing the bitter pills it produces. NPR never misses a chance to build up Hillary, or a chance to tear down Trump.


For a long time the pro-white sphere seemed to totally ignore class issues. The american (jewish) left appropriated white working and middle class struggles at every turn to install its tyranny. All around I still see white advocates grappling with their own elitism, or at least programming. There’s hardly a prominent man or woman out there I haven’t caught exulting and exalting in such smug superiority over the unkempt masses.

It is precisely in the reclaiming of these white non-elite interests that success will come. I personally doubt America has the mettle, though. Guard and tend your humility ferociously, Matt. It’s your best weapon yet sometimes even you allow it to dull.


I listen to a lot of NPR myself. It’s my primary mainstream information source. It’s about 50% religious broadcast for the Church of Equality and 50% state propaganda of the day. It’s an important network to follow because it’s a window in the minds of our enemies and tells us what they’re thinking and what their basic assumptions are.

Fr. John+

I used to work for National Propaganda Radio back in the day. In my one station, I had Jews, overt US Communist Party members, faggots, liberals, and two of us who were Christians- both of us could never get past filling in on a very part-time basis, because the station manager hated our faith, and was not about to let us besmirch the airwaves, on a regular basis.

This show that maligned you so, is only indicative of the level of bias that that corporation has; I’d listen to talk radio before I’d listen to NPR’s news function on a regular basis. The only thing Public Radio is good for is playing classical music, which isn’t even their own ideological art form! The vast majority of music written, was by Christian composers, writing for the Church, or for a culture that was largely Christian, white, and Eurocentric!

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