Celebrating Racial Harmony in Cleveland

The overwhelmingly White Republican Party is joining up in majority-Black Cleveland today for its quadrennial ritual of nominating a presidential candidate. Powerful potentates selected from among the far-flung White American principalities and provinces are gathering in Cleveland today to indulge in a delusional celebration of false hope for an America that’s already gone.

As angry and youthful criminals and degenerates–both homegrown and imported–swarm like locusts in the hot and humid city streets, clueless aging White males will bumble around in the air conditioning. They’ll be confirming to one another that they’re leading America into a golden age of racial harmony and economic prosperity as federal, state, and local paramilitary police units in riot gear ensure that the farce inside the building isn’t interrupted by the force building outside.

The RNC is a Singularity event of White Delusion, one which will include carefully selected minority speakers to assure the overwhelmingly White delegates that the contemporary GOP is not the party of White people. They’ll assure them with charming speeches that America’s two party system has not already been inexorably pulled by demographic factors into a White vs. Anti-White political dipole. Only by trying with all their might to also be anti-White can they hope to escape the frightful specter of identity politics. Hopeful that their unilateral disarmament will bring peace rather than defeat, they’ll plead that they emphatically do not represent or care about the concerns of White people.

There is a big orange asterisk in the middle of this convention this year, a flamboyant exception to cuckservative business as usual. Donald Trump represents the first show of White identitarian strength in mainstream American politics in generations. Trump isn’t, of course, pro-White. But the political machine which brought him to where he stands today absolutely is. His political machine is you, the pro-white, alt-right, and radicalized imageboard troll community which orchestrated both the virtual and the door-to-door organizing that overcame the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to a consistently nationalist candidate wielding the GOP nomination.

Trump’s not a White Nationalist. He’s a textbook example of a “civic nationalist.” But that’s one hell of a start. Regardless of how things go from this point, whether or not he wins the general (he will), whether or not he makes America great again (he can’t), history has already been made. The game has already been changed. White Nationalists are now feared as a credible threat to the neoconservative agenda of the Jewish and globalist elites, rather than as an impotent object of ridicule. Nothing, not even Trump himself, can take that away.

How we pivot from this critical point is imperative. To succeed, we must be ruthlessly goal-oriented and transactional. Trump can’t live up to some of the loftier ambitions imagined by some of our colleagues. No mere mortal can hope to. But we can manage our expectations and steadily work to hold him to his campaign promises. We must also look beyond Trump, working to replicate the proven strategy of forcing discourse to the Right by mercilessly isolating and targeting the anti-White big business “conservatives.”

We also have new opportunities for influencing the mainstream process by developing networks within the GOP. This can’t and won’t be the central focus of our work. We have our own Party with our own vision. There are other nationalist projects which are focusing primarily on Gramscian schemes to infiltrate and subvert the powers that be. We wish them the best with that, but it’s not our gig. We are, however, in contact with several local and state-level GOP leaders, a few of which are delegates representatives of TradWorker will be meeting with in Cleveland.

TradWorker is rapidly becoming the most proven and reliable vehicle for organized action. We’re still very much tiny mammals scurrying in the shadows of the GOP’s dinosaurs. But the momentum is with us and the future belongs to us. The growing racial tension is an extinction event the dinosaurs have no answer for. Sweeping demographic changes from below and economic instability from above guarantee that the “multicultural conservative” center cannot and will not hold.

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Matthew Raphael Johnson

You’re correct. It takes a lot of guts for Matt and the rest to fight for Trump in Cleveland tonight. While I’ve long paid my dues in this respect, I’d be there if work had not called me away. Matt H. should be aware how much we appreciate the risks he’s taking out there.

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