A Review of “Look Who’s Back”

The question of the National Socialist past of Germany is one that is invoked on a regular basis in German education, in their media and by both Left and Right. When Look Who’s Back was published in Germany and sold for €19.33, I was rather surprised. Even a satire of Hitler is a big step for a country that has defined the post-war experience as an endless stream of self-flagellation.

For the German Left, the memory of a National Socialist Germany is the reason for their support of genocidal policies of mass immigration, abortion-on-demand, and attacks on the family unit. This can be found in times when “German” politician (((Gregor Gysi))) said in a recent election video that Germany must accept endless refugees “because of our history between 1933-1945” and then he cheers German genocide by noting “Every year more native Germans die than there are born. That is very fortunate. It’s because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring.” His message to German voters is, of course, “Diversity is our future.”

The mantra of the German Left is that each and every German is forever responsible for everything the NSDAP’s crime (real, exaggerated, and imagined) and that they must accept cultural and demographic displacement in order to pay a blood debt to the world. This self-hating ideology is of course pushed by Jewish elites but as I saw at the antifa protest of the NPD conference I spoke at, many Germans have become infected with self-loathing due to the endless propaganda they have forced down their throats from childhood onward.

There has been very little conversation about Hitler and the NSDAP outside of State sponsored propaganda, leaving many Germans weary of constantly being browbeaten by the political Establishment. Look Who’s Back is not the next Triumph of the Will but it has begun a conversation in Germany about politics, the past, and the future of Germany, and that is a good thing.

Look Who’s Back begins with Hitler waking up outside of the site where the Fuhrer bunker once was. He is in full uniform and is confused by the silence of the city, expecting to hear Soviet bombs and air raids over his head but instead hearing only the voices of children playing. It seems that Hitler was magically transported from the last moments of the Third Reich into Angela Merkel’s Germany, and boy have things changed.

Hitler goes about trying to understand modern Germany and finds it difficult. The children are rude and without manners, many members of the public are confused and Germany is multicultural. Hitler quickly finds himself in a situation where everyone believes he is an actor in character, only pretending to be the Fuhrer. Hitler uses this to get onto a comedy show and begins building a support base for the ideals of National Socialism.

Now the film has more than a few scenes of supposed slapstick comedy of Hitler in different locations. “Hitler on the Beach falling down”, “Hitler gets stung by bees”, “Hitler gets bit by a dog” and so on and so forth. I suppose these scenes were supposed to make us dislike Hitler or find him goofy, but they just come off as trying too hard. There is no indictment of National Socialism, just cheap gags, as the attempt to insult Hitler.

The Germans who see Hitler all think he is a comedian and many of these “comedic” scenes are just not funny. The deepest part of the film that was struck me as just being tragic were scenes where Germans could be seen baring their souls and lamenting what had happened to their fatherland. When the producers interviewed normal, everyday people, there were some really unguarded moments.

The German people are denied a voice to condemn the invasion of their country and the film gave them a chance for a few seconds to actually speak their mind. Several Germans speak about how to simply be against the immigration invasion they would be called “Nazis” or “radicals.” You see the hurt in the normal everyday Germans eyes as they speak to Hitler in this film, a battered but not broken people who dream of a time when Germans can speak their minds without fear of the thought police sending them to prison,

Now obviously every German knew it was not the real Hitler, but even a stand-in for a strong and patriotic Germany was too much for some people to hold back their thoughts.

After Hitler has become an Internet and television personality, he is actually attacked by skinheads who think he is mocking Hitler. I have often said that there are some who call themselves Nationalists who are driven by hate, not folkish love, and they would not recognize the real Hitler today, because they would want the Jewish version of him. Billions have been invested in creating the false narrative that Nationalism is based on hatred and not love.

The actual Adolf Hitler was a man who loved his people and his culture, and who wanted what was best for Germany. He was not a raging maniac who hated different ethnic communities, no matter how often the History Channel lies on their next edition of “Wow Hitler was a Bad Guy” that they seem to air on a regular basis, in between Swamp People and Pawn Stars…

I think it is likely that if Hitler were to actually return, many would not know him. They would call him soft on his views because the actual Hitler and actual National Socialism isn’t The Turner Diaries or Romper Stomper. Hitler and National Socialism came about to solve the environmental, economic, social, and political problems that the German people were facing, to make a better world for the German people. National Socialism was not based on hatred, discrimination or tyranny; it was based on rebuilding the German people both physically and spiritually to take charge of their own destiny, free from globalism and moral rot within that was forced on the German people in the Weimar Republic.

When asked about Hitler and National Socialism, General Leon Degrelle said,

German-racialism has been deliberately distorted. It never was anti-‘other race’ racialism. It was a pro-German racialism. I was concerned with making the German race strong and healthy in every way. Hitler was not interested in having millions of degenerates, if it was his power not to have them. Today one finds rampant alcohol and drug addiction everywhere. Hitler cared that the German families be healthy, cared that they raise healthy children for the renewal of a healthy nation. German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble ideal. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves.”

This view of a man and a movement based on folkish love–not hatred–is one that is repeated by almost all who knew Adolf Hitler and who lived in National Socialist Germany. Now in Germany and around the world the endless anti-National Socialist propaganda is wearing thin. More and more people are awakening to the half-truths and outright falsehoods taught by the schools and Jewish media Establishment, and that is a good thing.

One scene in the film takes place as Hitler meets an old Jewish grandmother who yells at Hitler and goes into stereotypical post-war propaganda. Hitler, however, is unrepentant and while I was expecting a big change of heart scene, it never came. Hitler remained resolved in his mission of a National Socialist Germany, no matter how many antifa or old Jewish women yell at him or threaten him.

As the film comes to an end, the actor is revealed as being the real Hitler and he reminds the viewers that he was voted into power. The film seemed keen to show that as long as the German nation exists, a part of Hitler will too. One of the film’s leads actually shoots Hitler in an attempt to stop his rise to power, but Hitler simply reappears intact to tell the audience “You can’t get rid of me. I’m a part of you. A part of all of you.” While it is likely the writer and director of this film want to use this fact as a way to justify the demographic and cultural destruction of Germany, it can be an inspiration to us as well. As long as a German’s heart beats, the dream of a nationalist Germany still lives.

The last scene of the film shows anti-refugee protests, nationalist marches and European nationalist leaders speaking about the immigration invasion and changing culture of Europe. As the video of a burning European Union flag fades, Hitler says “I can work with this,” and I would like to agree. The dream of a free and sovereign Europe did not die with the fall of the Reichstag in April 1945, it did not die with Adolf Hitler and the millions of men who gave their life for Europe; their dream still lives on inside of all of us.

Overall I found the film to be more amusing than entertaining and the scenes of average Germans to be rather heartbreaking. I was however encouraged by the fact that so many young Germans seemed enthusiastic and supportive of even this brief glimpse of their nationalist past. The enemy can continue their propaganda war against Hitler and the Third Reich, but it will not win. As Adolf Hitler said “My spirit will rise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right.”

As nationalism around Europe and the rest of the world rises, more and more people are awakening to the fact that the cartoonish version of Hitler presented by the mass media is nothing but a lie. While Hitler is not likely to wake up in Berlin anytime soon as he did in “Look Who’s Back”, his spirit and dream is awakening every single day.


Laurie Roy

Great,encouraging,and inspiring article!Motivates to keep standing for truth,etc
Thank you.
I am of German descent and remember in school in the 1970s being looked down upon for being German or called Nazi,(in elementary school in USA)It wasn’t until about 2009,I began to learn these truths but thank God I did!

Richard Bird

Any white man who denigrates Adolf Hitler is a jew tool. He was a champion of the white race, and as such, a true hero of our people. Hail Hitler.

Richard Bird

If you are speaking German it’s Heil. I was speaking English, Anyhow where I live you can go to jail for saying, “Heil Hitler”, so I never use the expression. So much for freedom of expression. LOL

Fr. John+

There is no longer a need, nor a valid rationale for saying it, in either event. But the law should be changed. Freedom of speech means you can say pretty much most anything that is of historical cognizance. But one better be willing to stand up to anyone, who is ‘offended’ by it, rather than current praxis, that merely hides behind a vacuous ‘officialdom’ that grants specious ‘special person status’ for ‘muh feelings.’

Tim Harris

Yes, I know many nationalists think it is best just to avoid the subject of Hitler and the holohaux, but I am thoroughly convinced that we must stand firm here. Partly, because “the truth is never unwholesome,” as Dabney said. And partly because our skillful enemies take any concession, even a tactical one, as a sign of weakness that they will exploit ruthlessly. So it does no good anyhow.

Gubbler Chechenova

So much has changed…

It must be said that West is no longer about tolerance for homos. I do believe some people are born homosexual, and we should accept this fact. And we should tolerate the fact that some men do fecal penetration and some women have ‘sex’ by grinding hole with hole.

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And Reason is fully on the side of homomania. But worse, homomania is now the ally of Globalist Imperialism. And this doesn’t bother Reason one bit.

Some people use the term Anglo-Zionist to characterize Globalism, but I suggest Anglo-Zio-Homo Imperialism.

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Wherever the tentacles of Anglo-Zionism spreads, homo victory marchers follow.

In Old Imperialism, whenever Anglo-Brits conquered new land, they hoisted the British Flag.

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But it wouldn’t do for Anglo-Zionists to hoist British or American flags in all their globalist-imperial conquests. And it would look pretty stupid to hoist Zionist flags in such places also. If people see American Flags hoisted all over, they will see it as American Imperialism. If they see Zionist flags, they’ll see it as Jewish imperialism.

Also, there will resistance from the Western domestic Left that is prominent in academia and even media. If US conquers new lands and hoists the US victory flag, Western Leftists will cry foul and holler ‘imperialism!’

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So, it must be seen as a case of Anglo-Zio-Homo Imperialism.

Notice how Hillary Clinton praises the Zionist crushing and killing of Palestinians on the basis that Israel has ‘gay pride’ parades but Muslims/Arabs do not. So, display of homomania justifies militarism, imperialism, and colonialism. Jewish-supremacist Wall Street and Western Left are agreement in their homomaniacal worship of the ‘Gay’ Anus.

And even Western Leftists, being so worshipful of homos, go along with this.

In the name of holy homo, any amount of wars and oppression are justified.

This is why whenever we discuss Anglo-Zionism, we need to associate or ass-ociate it with the homo-globo-agenda. We need to tell the world that homos are among the main collaborator-agents of the Western Neo-Imperialism.

Anglo-Zio-Homo Imperialists!

Fr. John+

“After Hitler has become an Internet and television personality, he is actually attacked by skinheads who think he is mocking Hitler. I have often said that there are some who call themselves Nationalists who are driven by hate, not folkish love, and they would not recognize the real Hitler today, because they would want the Jewish version of him.”

I would agree. But the same question has been asked, since the 1960’s about Jesus Christ, as well. If HE were to suddenly appear, would the pre-trib Dispie Rapture Bunnies even WANT HIM, if a) the Rapture didn’t happen, b) Jews never will build a third Temple, and c) Gog and Magog ISN’T Putin’s Russia, but the Khazars? I doubt it, sincerely.

It doesn’t matter in either case. Because when Christ comes, ‘every eye will see Him,’ so, we’re good there. And Hitler, being a mere man, is now dead, (and his good works, or his evil… and I am willing to believe in both of them) must await the General Resurrection. Soviet, post-Soviet, and Duginist Apocalyptic desires to flagellate his memory forever, coalescing in a dance of opposites with the Christ-killers’ perennial hatred of Der Fuehrer, in that they almost had their dream of a NWO thwarted, somehow bizarrely mesh in a counterfeit faith community/congregation that is more reminiscent of a ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ than the ‘Church of the Elect.’

Our job is to live as Christ would have us live, and to vote in people who actually can be Ethnarchs for us, and our posterity, at the present time.
Even as he is being called ‘another Hitler.’ Let the dead bury the dead, in other words.

Literacy Advocate

This is a very valid and interesting essay, but it does contain MANY typographical errors. It needs EDITING badly.


Cool review, I will definitely look out for this film.
National Socialism is pure and simple natural balance, between a people and their land. Adolf Hitler should be a HERO to all. He is to me. My Fuhrer.

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