Weird Science: It’s Time to Abort “Racial Realists”

The skinhead and militia scenes which were central to White Identity in the nineties had taken on a toxic stigma by the turn of the century, resulting in a transition to “racial realism” which strove to be academic, intellectual, formal, and explicitly elitist both socially and politically. Rather than repairing or providing an alternative to the populist projects of the prior decade, White Advocacy retreated from populist politics altogether into the ivory tower of human biodiversity research, criminal statistics reporting, and a revival of scientific racialism.

Academically, this was all generally positive. The wealth of scientific evidence pouring in from recent advancements in genetics and widespread genetic testing were sufficient to overwhelm even the most well-funded and organized mainstream academic effort to bury the truth of racial diversity in cardinal human characteristics. My own initial interest in racial issues was here, in the strictly academic.

I was a nineties Internet “skeptic” who had stumbled onto a forbidden field of inquiry. The whole thing made me feel like a latter-day Galileo, hoisting my “skeptic” cohorts on their own petard of following “science” wherever it led. It turns out that the same neckbeards who eagerly chortle about the willful ignorance of biblical creationists are even more fanatically beholden to their egalitarian humanist ideology than the “fundies” are to theirs.

Politically, this development has been a disaster, one which is metastasizing as we speak. Scientific racialists are quick to remind you that the scientific process has no political motive, but they’re slow to remind themselves, it appears. The political project of White Advocacy has become hopelessly corrupted by the most vulgar errors in basic metaphysics and morality, concluding from their bell curves and regression tables that eugenics, racial purity, and the domination of the “superior” race are philosophical prerogatives.

The “White Race” has become merely a codeword for “master race” in their lexicon, always subtly and sometimes directly implying that they’re really only talking about the finest specimens of the racial stock. Given the affinity for “North Asians” and fixation on Ashkenazi cleverness, one struggles to discern how their vision for the future differs meaningfully from your typical upscale Palo Alto or Ann Arbor neighborhood, save perhaps for the Hispanic nannies and Black garbage collectors being replaced by robots.

At the risk of confirming suspicions that I’m a “radical antisemite,” I struggle to see why a pro-White organization should be publishing works like, “The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement.” At the risk of confirming suspicions that I’m a Christian zealot, I struggle to see why a pro-White organization should be publishing articles supporting abortion for White people. That particular article helpfully explains that since abortions are primarily performed by less wealthy Whites, it’s morally good since poor people are cognitively inferior and therefore deserve to die…

First of all, the pro-life position is clearly dysgenic. A 2011 study showed that in 2008, while 16 percent of women aged 15-44 lived below the poverty line, among women who had abortions, the number was 42 percent. Hispanic and African-American women made up a combined 31 percent of this age group, but almost 55 percent of those who chose to terminate a pregnancy.

Later on in the article, this pseudonymous “Aylmer Fisher” paragon of cognitive excellence mistakenly pegs folks with Down’s Syndrome as dysgenic threats to our racial hygiene. I can say with absolute certainty that Mr. Fisher himself poses a greater dysgenic threat to our racial stock than people with Down’s Syndrome.

Unfortunately, as our movement gains influence, it is important that we not fall prey to the pro-life temptation.

First off, the alt Right appreciates what is superior in man, in the Nietzschean sense.

As it goes with Jewish and homosexual entryism, it goes also with pro-abortion degenerates. First we have an argument over whether they should be allowed, which they win, then they work purge their critics opponents as soon as they’re allowed in. There once was a conversation over whether they should be permitted, then there was an active discussion over how to go about purging us. Now we’re purged.

The conclusion is foregone. My side, the side which insists that Jews are not our common kindred and have an agenda that’s at best competitive and at worst virulently hostile, has already lost. My side, the side which insists that homosexuality is degenerate, has already lost. My side, the Christian side which cherishes the life taking form in a mother’s womb, has already lost. Because, you see, it’s all about “What is superior in man?”

This whole time I was under the impression that it was all about advocating for my extended family, …not just the ones who know how to rock a designer suit.

While national populist revolutions have been demonstrating successful models around the world, America’s “race realist” leadership and their equally degenerate and deranged “New Right” brothers abroad in Western Europe are enraptured by this neo-colonial fever dream of an “Archaeofuturist” ascent of Nietzschean supermen for whom God is dead. They can harness the scientific principles of evolution to evolve into gods themselves, after all.

Even with Donald Trump’s success with a civic nationalist variant of national populism right under their noses, one in which he proudly boasts of loving the less educated, the unemployed, and the struggling single moms (translation: inferior people), they’re still hopped up on this toxic nonsense. What our movement has is an elite which is identical to the rest of our elites in all but one way; they’re racial supremacists. That’s not what we need. What we need is an elite dedicated to mentorship, stewardship, and solidarity with its kindred, …from the profoundly mentally retarded on up to Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

There are humane and moral ways to promote the health and prosperity of our posterity without resorting to that most cruel of measures, …barbarically dismembering our own flesh and blood. Positive eugenics can include encouraging people with known genetic disorders to voluntarily sterilize themselves, encouraging successful people to have larger families, and taking a more active role in the lives of our least capable to assist them in making more sustainable family management decisions. We mustn’t ever be tricked into believing that we must abandon our humanity in the service of our race.

I hesitate to abandon the “altright” label to these types just yet. Though if this separation ends in divorce, you’ll find me on the populist “1488’er” side of the divide with the working class and underclass victims of globalism, globalization, and mass migration. Our vision is one where our future children can end up in stable traditional families in a harmonious homeland, not Richard Spencer’s radical vision where half of them end up in medical waste bins and the other half end up in space pods.



I almost always agree with Mr. Parrott, but not in this case. Both the “pro-life” and “pro-choice” positions are based on a radical concept of individualism: that the rights of the individual always come before the rights of the community (either the right of the fetus to life, or the right of the woman to choose what happens to her own body). The article on Radix makes many good points which are undeniably true. The standard should always be what is best for our race and our people: if a young couple decide to have an abortion in the case of a Down’s Syndrome child, so that they can try again and raise a healthy child with a normal development, this should not be condemned. Also, we live on a planet with limited natural resources. Just because our race is in demographic decline and we need to radically increase our birthrate for racial survival, does not mean an unlimited birthrate is always a good thing. The Chinese have wisely limited their birthrate for decades, and without that policy, their society would be plagued with problems of resource depletion, ecological devastation, economic disaster and social unrest on an unimaginable scale. Wise population policy is needed in large-scale industrial societies of hundreds of millions or even billions of people. You can’t wear 19th-century blinders and view these problems as if the world population, resource consumption, economies, medical advances haven’t changed in the past 200 years. In the case of our race, we need a population policy which encourages a higher birth rate. In the case of others, such as the Africans who have an exploding birthrate, limiting their births is absolutely the correct and even the most humane course of action.

I also think it’s false to suggest one must either embrace a Christian theological point of view on this subject, or else one is a godless materialistic race-worshipper. God is surely the creator of all nature, and in nature, sickly and malformed offspring never survive. Even the Bible makes scarce mention of abortion, especially as compared with an issue like homosexuality. A truly pro-life position is one which encourages the survival and thriving of healthy life, not which tolerates every malformed thing with a human DNA. True racialism means putting the common good of the whole people before individualistic so-called human rights, and that means on abortion, the right of the community to preserve itself and to safeguard its racial health comes before either the “pro-life” or “pro-choice” position. This is not an amoral materialistic position, it is in fact the most moral point of view.

Matt Parrott

Abortions for explicitly eugenic reasons are a small fraction of the total, and there are ways a community can deal with people with unfortunate conditions without compromising on our respect for the sanctity of human life.

As noted in the article, one can execute a realistic and sustainable approach to eugenics and population management without resorting to that most cruel and senseless step.

Harry Harris

Interesting how thise least willing to fight the Jew and most desiring to scribble are the most enamoured to soak white nations in blood and body parts of foeutuses. Eugenics is the most dangerous of ideoligies and is socially and morally destructive- wickedness.


There is no such thing as overpopulation. The earth has no fixed carrying capacity, it can host unlimited number of people. I suggest you remove your anachronistic 19th century Malthusian blinders. How many times do you need to be proven wrong?

Hunter Wallace

Genetic defectives like people who suffer from Down Syndrome, Tay Sachs, Cystic Fibrosis and the like aren’t any threat to the racial health of the community given their low fertility and high mortality. Alternatively, White women who abort hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy babies REALLY ARE endangering the community through their actions.


Why is it impossible for young men and women in college to get married and start their families? Why are there no married dorms on college and university campuses? Why are there no day care centers on college and university campuses? Inner city prostitutes have access to all these resources. Why not young women in college?

Matt Parrott

For some reason, somebody fixed the argument on eugenics to be strictly about abortion. Nobody talks about eugenics except for forced sterilization and abortion, though, as you note, there’s a whole world of eugenic ideas and programs, many implemented around the world, which don’t raise these grave moral concerns.


Great article sir. Especially the part about Neitzchean superman hubris. It seems this God is dead, exaltation of man mentality is indestinguishable from the worst of talmudic judaism.

Hunter Wallace


A major attraction of styling yourself as a Nietzschean superman is identifying and killing off a group of people who are clearly “inferior” to you – like, say, the 5,000 or so babies born with Down Syndrome every year.

Nevermind the fact that you are making a big fuss out of 5,000 out of 4 million total births and 1 million abortions. Nevermind the fact that a grand total of 4 men and 30 women with Down Syndrome have reproduced since 2006. Nevermind the fact that less than 1 percent of Down Syndrome cases are even heritable.

It makes you feel like the Ubermensch!

Matt Parrott

The institutional weight of the White Nationalist movement is firmly landing on the anti-Christian side of the longstanding divide. I can’t help but suspect that a good share of skeptics and even folkish types will see this as a destructive and divisive move for white identity.

It’s not so absurd that Radix would publish an article favoring abortion as it is absurd that the article explicitly insists on the need to marginalize and purge those who oppose abortion.

But I reckon when you’re hopped up on Randroid egoism, defeating a bunch of inferior and weak christcucks seems not only possible but inevitable.

Hunter Wallace

A few years ago, it was anti-natalism and decerebreated human clones and “semi-artificial biolithic creatures” and it was so absurd that it was dismissed out of hand as the work of a lone crackpot. It has creeped from there to gay marriage and acceptance of homosexuality.

I don’t know if you saw the tradgrace fiasco on Twitter, but there was recently a transsexual on Twitter pretending to be a NS housewife. Then along comes this debate about “The Pro-Life Temptation.”

Matt Parrott

I apparently missed the tradgrace fiasco.

> It has creeped from there to gay marriage and acceptance of homosexuality.

Acceptance of homosexuality? It’s crept to purging everybody who doesn’t wholeheartedly accept it!

Hunter Wallace

He or she is still around @tradgrace on Twitter arguing he failed to be a man and that transsexuals were accepted in the Third Reich.

Matt Parrott

My first impulse is pity and patience toward this mixed-up fellow.

But, I am, the reality is that whatever patience or mercy we extend to these types will just be exploited and they’ll end up promoting the most degenerate crap while attacking us from within the movement.

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

But I reckon when you’re hopped up on Randroid egoism, defeating a bunch of inferior and weak christcucks seems not only possible but inevitable.

The thought’s certainly not without precedent. Consider how easily Jews wrapped christcucks around their little finger.

In response to “SJW”s point about atheist fertility, it’s unarguable that atheists struggle to reproduce – biologically. But if we deconvert christcucks faster than christcucks can mint them, we can still win.

And irony of ironies, when you consider the heartfelt appreciation of deconverted christcucks, we can quite fairly be said to have “saved their souls.”

Mark Citadel

While I certanly think nobody should be considering affiliation with 1488 edgelords, and I am an elitist of a very old sort, I shared your annoyance over the anti-‘socon’ signaling trends within certain sectors of dissident rightist thought today. It largely stems from the error of nihilism which is all too evident in that ridiculous essay.

In any case, I have written up a methodical treatment of Fisher’s essay here:


Unfortunately, Taylor Swift does more to shape white identity than a handful of guys pounding away at keyboards, writing esoteric journal articles; or maybe it’s fortunate?


Probably right. I’m pretty sure Ms. Swift is a few months away from declaring herself a bisexual and thus influencing thousands more young girls towards sexual perversion.


I agree that the actions of the anti-Christians (Counter-Currents, Radix, RamzPaul, and it appears Kevin MacDonald has recently become sympathetic to them) has taken on the traits of an SJW purge. But the Christian and heterosexual right does not need to concede any movements or labels to them.

1. They aren’t the #AltRight. Richard Spencer claims to have coined the term, but that was a decade ago, and whatever he was then, he’s now an extreme leftist, as are most of his writers and his modestly-sized comment brigade (which is plainly aged and effete).

Spencer was too shortsighted or stupid to trademark and monetize “#AltRight” (he’s too stupid to know how to host a website and so I expect it’s the latter) and lost the domain name, and
it has been effectively and overwhelmingly co-opted by /pol/. Spencer has no claim to “Alt Right”, legally or culturally, as he and the Radix writing staff are leftist on every matter but race.

Now, they are the #AltLeft. Counter-Currents had an article introducing this term and it fits these groups ethos precisely. As a gay activist and anti-Christian, I applaud Greg Johnson for his sincerity in coming out as a leftist.

The AltRight as is commonly referred today – youth, irreverence, contempt for liberalism – is now housed at /pol/. There and at their social media outreach on Twitter and trolling Tumblr and Reddit, they unleash their most hilarious and scathing mockery not on blacks, Muslims, or Jews, but on atheists and anti-Christians. They’ve popularized and/or created virtually every neckbeard/fedora meme, and have turned pop atheists Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye into punchlines for everybody but aging SCIENCE! wannabes like Spencer. (Ex.

2. We also need not cede the label of “science” to them. They’re not scientists. They have absolutely no grasp of the genetics they want to legislate. They have no understanding of the cosmos they claim to be able to colonize. They have no understanding of nearly any scientific matter they try and latch on to. (A hilarious example of this is their bizarre fear of the Down syndrome community. These dummies don’t even know that Down syndrome nearly always causes clinical infertility, and their fears of a world overwhelmed by retarded people is a physical impossibility.)

Science to them is not a process of testing hypotheses. Indeed, none of these poseurs can explain the difference between an epidemiological study and a clinical study, or a blinded versus a double-blinded study.

Instead, it’s just an identity for weaklings to seek the glory of association with a (false) stereotype of noble, honest, high IQ wizards robed in white. SCIENCE! has become an identity for useful idiots of the government, media, pharmaceutical, and industrial food manufacturers.

Science is the same thing to the #AltLeft as it is to Tumblrettes quoting NDT: global warming/environmental idiocy, concepts of space travel which violate the laws of physics, a bizarre obsession with vaccinating other people’s children, Gaia worship, and a virtue-signaling as superior to Christians. They just add “Race is real”.

Of course, one small reason they fetishize SCIENCE! is because they believe it will magically provide them with Darwinian success despite their homosexuality and/or asexuality. This leads to my next point.

3. We can also defeat them on their own terms concerning the future of the white race. Google “Atheist fertility rate”. Whichever number you want to pluck from the many results, it will be laughably abysmal. There’s no way atheists have a TFR of .5, let alone the 2.1 or so need to have even a static nation. (I’m operating on the safe assumption that atheists and neo-pagans are interchangeable.) Many of them will say these figures can be increased when their white nation mandates atheist women bear children (or they’re grown in labs cuz, ya know, SCIENCE! will spare these neckbeard goons and closet homosexuals from having to try and muster boners for women). But this rests on a host of faulty assumptions:
-That these women are biologically capable of bearing multiple children. -That atheist women would opt to live in a nation of gay and atheist goons (how many women are flocking to Sweden?) demanding they prioritize children over themselves rather than stay in the USA or its successor and continue in their cubicles with Prozac-induced contentment.
-That atheist men and women have even the sex drive, nevermind the fertility, to reproduce at high levels. (I can show you chat logs with atheist women suggesting their men indeed have no sex drives at all, as suggested by their low fertility.)

There is no precedent of an atheist community being able to sustain itself. Even in the wealthy atheist hotbed of Seattle, it is always the hated but resilient Christian community who has multiple children.

Thus, even from their chosen battleground – Darwinism – they are utter failures. The greatest hope of the #AltLeft is to be literal cucks and live vicariously through other mens’ white children.

So what I’m saying is that we can attack these people on their own terms. When they claim to love science, ask them where their degree is from. When they claim to know God is not real, ask them to explain abiogenesis. When they claim to be racially superior, ask them how they fared in Darwinian terms.

And when they claim they’re #AltRight, cite their leftism (socialism, Gaia worship, pet parenting, gay rights, anti-Christianity, etc.) and call bullshit. They’re #AltLeft.

Matt Parrott

KMac is generally just broadly trusting and ecumenical with any and all pro-white activists. I wouldn’t read too much into that.


That might be true.

I’m only speaking of some vaguely anti-Christian comments I’ve heard him make on his appearances on the David Duke show and perhaps on other interviews I came across on YouTube.

But about a year ago, when I believe the latent anti-Christian sentiment was becoming explicit (it had previously manifested itself as half-hearted neo-paganism, but that is so silly it’s obviously not going to sustain), MacDonald actually wrote a terse article staunchly discrediting the notion Christianity’s to blame for white genocide:


I make a distinction between anti-Christians and critics of Christianity. In my my mind, it’s easy to identify the former. They tend to dwell on things that are at least as true about most pagans and skeptics as they are about most ChristIans if not more so, but they only criticize the Christians. They relish belittling Christians over things that are basically also true about the majority of non-Christians. It means they’re not interested in the truth or being fair on this topic.

Professor MacDonald is definitely not an anti-Christian in this sense. He closely associates with people who clearly are, however, which is to say, people who don’t seem to have firm appreciation of the truth.

Right now it seems like the NPI-aligned voices on the right (cultural left?) are running a kind of discourse command center for celebrating homosexuality, and promoting disguised and tacit philo-semitism, as well as (depending on who it is) pathological or dishonest anti-Christianity.


Prof MacDonald explicitly stated in a comment/reply that he “doesn’t care if the Christians, the atheists or neopagans win, so long as it/society is white.” (From 1-2 year old memory.)


To clarify…RamzPaul has made pro-Christian statements on numerous occasions.

Edward Kyle

As a proud libertarian (the AltRight is openly hostile to libertarianism, authentic free markets, secession/ freedom of association.!) Traditionalist (A la Hans-Hermann Hoppe or Ilana Mercer) Catholic (Mel and Hutton Gibson) I can’t an’t agree more. I have been saying for months now that R. Spencer and Counter- Currents are just Neo-cons without the yarmulkes. There is almost nothing about what they say that is actually right-wing. Counter-currents is openly gay friendly and one writer is a proud tranny! And you are correct:

I was banned from commenting in Radix that they have become left-wing shills at the same time that they began complaining that – Privately Owned! – sites like Twitter and Facebook are blocking or banning them. Hypocrisy, anyone?

If there is indeed a crisis in the The West – and I agree that there is – alienating the majority is not they way to go about alleviating it.

One thing that bother me is how they insist that its the Wests Christian ethos that has brought about our current crisis. Bullshit. If anything its our rejection of Traditional Christianity that has brought about our decline.

And being so pr-Pagan they seem to forget that the real pagans of old rejected their gods for the One True God at the very height of their cultural and military might. No meek priest could force a mighty pagan Prince to accept Jesus; the mighty Prince realized he was weak compared to power and glory of Our Lord! Paganism is for fucking losers!


“When they claim to know God is not real, ask them to explain abiogenesis.”

We don’t know how life started, therefore Jesus is real.

J.j. Cintia

Let this abortion thing go swiftly to the dark night. Its a fake made-up issue to fool the rubes by televangelists working for the enemy. Life is not always good. Do not kill yourselves by following red herrings. Abortion will not change this election cycle. Pick your battles or lose the War. Our lives matter, and others are not my concern. If they clamor for abortion they can have it Margaret Sanger’s way, blacks and non-Whites only. Do not play by their rules. This game is rigged.


This is a really good article. Not quite perfect but I will not air my quibbles.

*sigh* I was pretty sure it would come to this. I tried. Oh well.
Dr MacDonald referred to people like us as low class thugs (*if only in public perception*–the distinction is important) in a Red ICE Radio interview (at very end), & White Activism (whatever term is currently acceptable!!!) must be left in the hands of the well-to-do college educated suit-wearing set etc. Yeah.

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