TradWorker Welcomes the National Synergist Party!

A couple years ago, I whipped up a quick parody video of Sebastian Ronin disbanding his political project, apologizing for his years of attacks on us, and endorsing us. Sometimes life imitates art, and Mr. Ronin’s marquee political project has officially disbanded and thrown its resources and support behind the Traditionalist Worker Party. The National Synergist Party has voted to liquidate its assets and transfer them to our party.

While this development is most certainly a much-deserved and hilarious personal failure for Mr. Ronin, it’s a success for the good ideas he’s been championing since his transition from Green Party leftist to doomsday eco-fascist a few years ago. There were three pillars of the disbanded National Synergist Party of North America:

  • Pillar 1: Post-Peak Oil Energy Devolution/Ecological Tipping Point And Societal Collapse
  • Pillar 2: Ethno Nationalist Empowerment via Societal Collapse
  • Pillar 3: Regional Secessionism and Creation of New Ethno-States On the North American Continent

Rarely has a doomsday prophet been more dramatically disproven. When he first came onto the scene, Peak Oil was all the rage on both the radical left and right, with conventional wisdom in dissident circles being that oil scarcity would soon result in the sort of wholesale social and economic collapse which would make radical political change possible.

More than anybody else on the White Right, I insisted that there wouldn’t be Peak Oil for several decades, and that multiple other energy alternatives are on deck to replace it as extraction gradually becomes too expensive. But people forget it wasn’t just Seb arguing for it. I recall arguing about this at private nationalist luncheons and challenging Piero San Giorgio at NPI back when they were peddling it and I was still welcome. He’s certainly the poster boy for this dead end in nationalist strategy, but nearly the entire movement slipped and fell in the Peak Oil snake oil.

For somebody who so passionately despises Americans and Christianity, his shtick firmly belonged to America’s long tradition of hysterical religious movements. Instead of the Rapture, you have RaHoWa. Instead of the evils of alcohol, it was crude oil. A chosen few of the enlightened and pure had gathered together to behold the calamitous end of history and the dawning of a new age. Crude oil would continue spiraling up in price until everything came unraveled and he would be foisted to the top of the maelstrom on account of his having prophetically foretold the Happening.

There is unlikely to be a “Societal Collapse.” The forces and processes which are killing us are doing so gradually. The systems have far more durability–“anti-fragility”–built into them than most political theorists assume. The bridges and buildings aren’t going to collapse and implode like in a disaster film, but over years and decades, …so gradually that one’s liable to barely notice. To a great degree, it’s already well underway. Detroit drifted from the Paris of the Midwest to the Mogadishu of the Midwest within a few decades without any “collapse” incident.

We at TradWorker are all about Ethno-Nationalist Empowerment, and we’re also all about Regional Secessionism. Our slogan is, “Local solutions to the globalist problem.” His original ideas weren’t good, and his good ideas weren’t original. Whether it’s Rockwell, Pierce, or Francis, American White Nationalists have always strongly sided with both regionalism and conservationism. Rather than dwell on his bad ideas, …which have been firmly discredited at this point, we should look forward toward how we can work together to achieve the good ideas. Conservationism is a great idea and is firmly embedded in our party’s platform.

The majority of the folks who’ve been involved in Seb’s projects over the years are intelligent and motivated nationalists. He managed to pull together a small corps of some of the more talented identitarians. I believe much of this was on account of the energy of his presentation. He promised to be uncompromising. He promised bold action. He promised a stark geopolitical and metapolitical alternative to decades of North American failure in White identity politics. I get the appeal, but at some point it became obvious that the promises aren’t being delivered on and his movement came unraveled.

What do we promise? More than any other identitarian faction in North America, we deliver an uncompromising message of identity and localism. More than any other identitarian faction in North America, we deliver bold action. More than any other identitarian faction in North America, we’re working with our successful allies abroad to overcome our limitations and obstacles in order to deliver a powerful voice for our identity.

We’re also Radical Traditionalists, of course. Many National Synergists haven’t shown much interest in that. Perhaps through comparing and contrasting, they’ll come to see how our emphasis on faith, the transcendent, and the perennial is what enables us to deliver on the flip-side of the “tribe and tradition” coin. Critics of “RadTrads” are correct in concluding that the majority of those who wear that label are lukewarm, afraid to engage the racial questions, and wary of confrontation. We are not.

The resources invested in TradWorker will go directly to real world action, as just about all of our donations do. We’re currently capable of covering all of the administrative costs ourselves, which means that this and any other investments in our projects goes directly toward more propaganda, more events, more outreach, and more action. We also have some conservation-oriented work planned in the coming months. The NSPNA stakeholders who invested in their party for its strong environmentalist position will find their donations well-invested.

My hope is that (almost) everybody who was involved in the National Synergist Party and related projects can join us in setting old differences, fights, and grudges aside on behalf of our common cause. Nobody followed Seb because he promised Peak Oil Doom. They followed him because he promised rapid political change. We’re not promising that anything will be immediate or easy. We believe we have several years and even decades of thankless and profitless work ahead of us before our goals are achieved. We would be honored to have you join us in that work.



I don’t know what all the ramifications of this will be, but I think, at the very least, it means Matt Parrot has to grow a white mustache and wear suspenders for awhile.


“America is on the brink of a devastating cascade failure. Its proximate cause will be economic. Monetary instability, spiraling taxation, and budgetary insolvency at every level of government will result in America’s third world enclaves descending into third world depravity. The federal government – pinned between its aggravated creditors and dependents – will resort to desperate measures to delay the implosion of its ambitious social engineering experiment. The bubbles of malinvestment which have kept places like Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York City from descending into martial law will implode. The modernist delusions that Americans have been operating under for several decades will implode with them.

While the trigger will probably be economic, the root cause of this impending disaster isn’t. The root cause lies in matters of demographics, heritage, and national sovereignty. Our monetary pyramid scheme has bought us several decades of deceptive prosperity. It has allowed us to believe that we can replace our American people with third world invaders and still have a first world country. It has allowed us to believe that we can export our factories and jobs and still have a first world economy. It has encouraged us to drift away from our Western and Christian traditions, and toward a Utopian delusion of globalist hogwash.

The cascade failure may come as the greatest fools in the pyramid scheme, the People’s Republic of China, realize that the financial instruments that they’ve been receiving in exchange for manufactured goods are worthless. Our nation would have had to come to terms with its decline in vitality and productivity decades ago had it not been for the international bankers and global corporations pulling off the biggest confidence scam in human history. With its implosion, the delusions that have existed inside the bubble will implode with it. We Americans will have to adjust to a new reality.

In this new reality, America has been splintered by reckless social experiments. Our federal government has become a weapon of the international bankers. Vast regions of America have become so overwhelmed by third world invaders that they’re unrecognizable. In this new reality, the last will be first and the first will be last, with states like California and New York descending into martial law and states in the heartland retaining the human resources and natural resources to rebound.

This book is for Hoosiers who either live in the new reality or have the foresight to see it coming. It’s a celebration of our unique heritage and a roadmap for finding our way back to safety, sovereignty, and righteousness. It explores who we are, what makes us who we are, and how we can retain our heritage in the coming struggle. The Hoosier nation isn’t an alternative to the American nation; it’s an attempt to rescue what’s left of it.”


Absent fracking, peak oil did hit, but it meant that half the oil was still in the ground. society wasn’t going to collapse because the production curve didn’t continue to go up, and there are plenty of things a sane society can do to reduce oil usage. Oil going up to 150 a barrel did stress the system beyond its breaking point, but all that seems to have happened is that the speculators agreed to run oil no higher then 100 from then on. Of course the fracking boom happened and how oil is not an issue.

Gubbler Chechenova

It seems we’ve been diverted from the simple truth by labels.

Time to retire all the labels.

It’s not about free markets vs socialism.

It’s not about Dems vs Repubs.

It’s not about Liberals vs Conservatives.

It’s not about Progressives vs Libertarians.

It’s not about radicals vs reactionaries.

It’s not about justice vs liberty.

It’s not about big government vs small government.

It’s not about elitists vs populists.

It is REALLY about anti-white vs pro-white.

That’s it.

Call one side ‘anti-whites’. Call the other side ‘pro-whites’.

Maybe just ‘antites’ and ‘proites’ is enough.

All other labels are obfuscations.

Sure, there are whites in the anti-white camp, and there are non-whites in the pro-white camp. But the basic trajectory of anti-white camp is to destroy white civilization while that of the pro-white camp is to save it.

Andrea Ostrov Letania

Who decides what conservatism is?

In the end, big media9run by Jews and homos favored by Jews) decide who will be the face of conservatism. Buckley was made by the media that gave him a show on PBS and put him often on TV. Had big media favored someone else, the face of conservatism would have been different.

Now, the new ‘golden boy’ of conservatism favored by big media is… Milo Yiannopoulos, the greek-jewish interracial homo!!

He’s getting favored coverage all over.

He is the new Buckley or Butt*uckley.

To See or Not to See

White males must swallow their pride and speak the truth.

IQ differences are not the key.

It is muscle differences. But the Right and HBD community always ignored this, going with the MLK cult of peace.

I’ve seen stuff like this so many times in the city when I went to an integrated school.

Section 8 is bringing this stuff to your town.

White boys get smashed, white girl loses respect for white boy and is excited by big negro and has his kid.

Wake up to the truth. Blacks have more fast twitch muscle. Blacks are tougher and more aggressive. White people need safe spaces from blacks.

More than immigration, the main threat is the Negro fist and Negro pud.


Please, stop with this BS. They’re more aggressive because we aren’t fighting back, since we fear the repercussion it will have on our lives, while they have nothing to lose. Teach these guys to get fit and to not fear these savages, and see how tough they’ll be.

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