Through the looking glass: When Roy Met Nux

We are surrounded by more people than there are persons; contradictory as this might sound there are, in fact, more people in our midst than there are bodies.  The each of us serves at a minimum to be a vessel and for the spirits and souls of our ancestors as they move from one generation to the next.

If you haven’t realized it yet we all grow up to be replicates of our parents.  Frightening, no?  In any case you owe it to your parents to carry their torch into the future.  We were each the light of their lives and now we all must carry their light within us.  As with anything in life there are folks out there who don’t do a very good job of this or fail entirely to respect their family and people by choosing a life of degeneracy, homosexuality, drugs, or violence.  Those people who have extinguished or let die that light of their people are hollow replicants: a person without a soul, a house without warmth.

If you are nothing more than a replicate of your parents then you might be likened to Roy Batty from Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner: just a shell of a person who manages life through the most rudimentary of expectations and life experiences.

d25d2f252b0c9a2dc1549c074ab992abRoy Batty and his friends wanted to find a way to cheat death and to simply not die so soon.  Roy knew his death was coming and the only thing he wanted was more physical life and to enjoy that life with his doll of a woman, Pris.

Again, Roy wants to be happy with his woman.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy a relationship or to be happy with a significant other.  This is a valid life goal with its own valid ascetic learnings.  But, that’s not really what Roy is after– he just doesn’t want to die.  Everyone knows that he and all the other replicants were cheated out of their lives and even if Roy had not been born a replicant his desire to dodge death would still be a fool’s errand, or as we might instead call it, “the replicant’s folly.”

The replicant’s folly was believing the goal in physical life was to wring as much happiness and pleasure as possible from personal accomplishments.  This is a eudemonistic worldview; it’s a worldview characterized by holding happiness and the search for more happiness as the highest ideal.  Having been cheated of so much physical life Roy never learned that a Greater Holy War might grant him spiritual immortality

Enter Nux from George Miller’s Fury Road.

Everybody knows Nux.  If not, what the hell is wrong with you?  He’s only the greatest action movie hero since ever.  Nux is a man who wants eternal life in a spiritual hall of heroes where he can McFeast for all time and walk with the Immorta.  How could anyone be opposed to this?  Long term plans are happening here, folks…  No, but, seriously…

For Nux, happiness is a wild goose chase: uncatchable, fleeting, elusive.  Being a half-life warboy is an unhappy existence dealing with the grim post-apocalypse reality of terminal cancers and warring on Fury Road with the only happy escape being death in battle.  A death on Fury Road defending Immortan Joe’s convoys was a ticket to ride eternal all shiny and chrome, an admission to Valhalla.  Whether or not Nux “cucked his tribe” by supporting Max, Furiosa, and the wives is outside the scope of this argument and you can find this written about elsewhere.  The focus here is about how Nux fought the Greater Holy War and won.

The Greater Holy War is about conquering the barbarian within yourself while the Lesser Holy War is about fighting the barbarian without yourself.  A parallel may also be drawn here about the ends of each struggle.  The Lesser Holy War is about achieving material comforts and worldly greatness whereas the Greater Holy War involves a quest for a spirit that dominates your physical desires and earthly wants.

witness_me__by_liangxinxin-d8zzb1eNux desired nothing more in his miserable life than to achieve a spiritual greatness and find unity with the gods of Fury Road, whatever they might be.  His conception of the Greater Holy War defined the nature of his Lesser Holy War and along the way he managed to achieve spiritual fulfillment and victory over fear of suffering and dying.

If all you do in life is cleave to that which is right in front of your eyes then you are going to die alone, miserable, and surrounded by your worthless trophies gained of a selfish life.  The light of your family and your ancestors will have long since died for your own negligence and with no warmth of the spirit and soul of your people you shall surely die.

So, are you a replicant or a warboy?  A replicant dies, a warboy lives.  A replicant lusts, a warboy loves.  A replicant obeys, a warboy fights.  A replicant rebels, a warboy serves.  Don’t be a replicant, be a warboy.  Build that light of your family and ancestors and make a great roaring fire of it.  Protect the light of your identity and it shall warm you against the cold death of living in the hollow World.



J.j. Cintia

You do not win Wars by dying for your cause, you win by killing the enemy. Valhalla is not for dying, its for heroes. If you are on the wrong side the Valkyries will sit back and let you go. If you want to feast with the Gods of Valhalla, you must die for their cause. You must fight for your people. Cuckservatives have no friends but are merely traitors. There are no traitors in the Halls of Valhalla.


The name of Odin “Bolverkr” means worker of evil. His treacheries by p 2 of Volsungasaga form quite a list. Odin is a betrayer & that’s why Valgard Murray of Asatru Alliance went with Tyr. More homework please.

From Metaphysics of war by Julius Evola.

J.j. Cintia

Odin is evil? The Highfather who during the Winter Solstice gave gifts to the poor? They celebrated his coming by decorating an Evergreen Tree. That’s where the Christmas Tree comes from, and some claim Santa is not Saint Nick as Christians claim that was an obscure figure in Eastern Europe who dropped coins through chimneys but the far more popular and well-known celebration of Odin in the Norse lands.

J.j. Cintia

Evola is a new age freak. He was an Antifa commie that was an enemy of Mussolini. He was hardly an expert of Norse Mythology preferring the Indian Mysticism that pervades the Left Today.

Fr. John+

I have NO idea what you are talking about, or to what you are referring. Which I consider a good thing, as I don’t WANT to know….

Fr. John+

It’s FATHER John, Mr. Buhls. What I don’t understand are the modern, Millennial cultural (or anti-cutural) references- I don’t know who the players are, and I don’t intend to buy a score card, or a baseball card, as it were. Nor do I really care to…. that was all. Nothing to worry about, sir.

Thomas Buhls

I don’t know you from Adam. You claim to be clergy? Prove it.

Fr. John+

Umm, I’ve been posting on this forum longer than you have been around… my comments have been consistently upholding the Church of God. Common courtesy (something you obviously lack, as an anonymous internet hack) would presume that, unless I say something contrary to the office and nature of the sacerdotal lists, men of your class would have at least given the benefit of the doubt. But that’s the problem. Men of my class no longer exist… now, they are all mostly just bestial dolts.

Thomas Buhls

re: I don’t know you from Adam.

I’ve been with this project from the beginning, so I seriously doubt you know what you’re talking about.

re: You’re clergy? Prove it, GTFO.


Hey, I can speak for both Fr. John *and* Thomas Buhls.

Fr. John’s been a stalwart friend in the comment-boxes of various websites for as long as I can remember, and Thomas Buhls is fearless in the face of the enemy. He’s also great at criticizing pop-phenomenon which is great, but might not be helpful to Orthodox priests.

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