Paddy Tarleton: The Nationalist Phil Ochs of our Generation

Phil Ochs once said that “One good song with a message can bring a point more deeply to more people than a thousand rallies.” Radical movements have used music for generations to promote a sense of unity among their members, as a recruiting tool and as a way to make a mark on the culture as a whole. The 1960’s anti-war and Leftist movement was dominated by folk singers like Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and others to radicalize young people to their message.

Folk music especially speaks to the people because it is based in the music of the people from that land, it is easy to sing and is often very catchy. These catchy songs can be performed as simply as a singer who has a guitar and a soapbox to stand on, giving them an ability to be spread from dorm rooms to coffee shops to rallies all around the nation.

The Left has long dominated this musical genre in America but around the world nationalists from the Irish Republican pub songs to the various folk ballads of Germany have long been used to promote nationalist sentiment and local culture. As my mentor often told me “Political knowledge is neutral” and therefore the tactics of the Left for influencing the youth culture through folk music is one that we should and now are using for nationalist principles.

The Traditionalist Worker Party strongly believes in modeling ourselves after European nationalist political movements by reclaiming our communities and culture through providing music, clothing, ideology, and political power for our people. Each European Party distributes music and provides a subculture to promote national identity that attracts the youth and then provides funding and resources for the Party. We in the Traditionalist Worker Party have begun to write, record  and now release our own music.

Our first project is being released by our mid-Atlantic Regional Chairman, Paddy Tarleton. I have personally known Paddy for half a decade now and I consider him to be one of the best organizers, activists, and spokesmen for our movement. I am excited to introduce our first EP titled “Diversity is our Strength” that has been recorded and is off to the presses. We have partnered with our friends at American Defense Records to release this EP on vinyl and we will also be producing CDs and making MP3 downloads available. Support for this EP will allow us to record and release more music, including an upcoming album of traditional Southern music.

The sales of the upcoming Confederate album will go to the project being spearheaded by our Madisonville, Kentucky chapter to repair and refurbish a damaged Confederate soldier memorial in their community. This is just one of our upcoming projects to fund and complete activities within our local communities to protect and heritage and fight for a future for our children.

The EP includes original songs such as “The Ballad of Tiny Tim Wise” and “Sovereignty and Blood Forever” that will have you stomping your feet and singing along in no time. Every step of the writing, production, and release of this music comes directly from fellow nationalists. From the recording to the cover designer and of course the singer, this is a work of love to bring a new genre of nationalist music to our movement here in the United States.

Paddy and I have also been invited to go on a speaking and music tour of Europe to build unity between our Party and our nationalists comrades around the world. Our message won’t just be heard here, it will be heard around the entire globe. The Traditionalist Worker Party is building the first nationalist political Party in America that incorporates an entire subculture and Identity as our Party platform.

From recruiting members to providing a growing and dynamic culture to be a part of, we will be utilizing all of our members talents to build our grassroots movement from the ground up. Take a listen to the music Paddy has produced and give your support, your Party membership and financial support for our projects will let us develop, produce and release even more content to grow our movement larger than it has ever been. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support, the path ahead will be long but victory will be ours!


Fr. John+

Oh, Lord defend us! It’s a Nazi-esque Bob Dylan. Ugh.

I know this is difficult for anyone under 50 to grasp, but the use of a back-beat (i.e., rock) is satanic, and nigger-philic to the core. And ANY conscious use of that, is neither Christian, nor (if you see a dichotomy between the two) White. If you seriously want to BE the ‘counter-culture,’ you cannot use the Satania culture’s rhythms.

The racial purification needs to start ad fontes- and rock beat is that point of contact with Hell, that needs to be repudiated, in no uncertain terms.

Paddy Tarleton

Reverend Samuel Parris: The melody to “The Ballad of Tiny Tim Wise” is a borrowed traditional from “The Ballad of Jesse James”, which was borrowed from an older Scottish melody about a man sentenced to death on Tyburn gallows.

You are a wankbag who sits on the internet all day without ever actually doing anything of meaning or significance. Please shut up or die from something.


You sir are a pinhead and we don’t need you or your stupid “satan” BS. Go troll somewhere else.

Fr. John+

Uh-huh. And where did YOU get your GED, talking like that to a Cleric and a Doctoral-degree professor who knows whereof he speaks. Who’s the pinhead now, PINHEAD!?

SBDN Thomad

Father bless.
The man who posted above us is a moron in and of himself.
Yet, I do disagree with your critique of rock music.
I find all musice to be almost drug like. Different styles have different effects. Like drugs unwise use can and will lead to unintended consequences. Rock music does have its place in the medicine cabinet.
SBDN Thomad

Fr. John+

Music’s soporific effects have been known since the Ancient Greeks. This was written of by the Fathers, and by numerous composer/music theorists.
As far as rock music is concerned, all you have to do, is look up ‘back beat as pagan rhythm,’ or ‘back beat an African pagan tool’ to learn that the back beat in ALL rock music, is satanic, demonic, and PAGAN, as well as Non-White. It is the REASON the multicultural heresy has taken hold- rock music is NON-White, and therefore, NON- Christian. Until that sinks in, a mind captured by the heresy of Multiculturalism cannot see a ‘rolling stone’ for the ‘poisoned apple’ that it truly is….


Christianity is non white ya dumbass. However I agree we ditch African rhythms and go back to the old white music of infinity deep melodies.

Fr. John+

When you have my background and forty years of study as an avocation in music, I’ll consider you to have merit as to your opinion. In the meantime, son, bug off.

Your vulgarity is only surpassed by your stupidity.
Look up “White Man’s Religion” for starters. Christendom is WHITE EUROPE, and no where else. It’s only the Cultic RC’s that perverted that racially exclusionary view of who to include in the church, and the anti-miscegenation clauses were never rescinded in the NT, that are found in the OT. Thus, they still are Biblical Law, and the transgression of them, is a mortal sin.

Fr. John+

The ‘White Man’s Religion.’ Really, ‘ya dumb*ss’? Do you dare to make such a STUPID statement and not think that it would not be challenged? Go back to fifth grade, where you belong.

frank deval

My knowledge of music is limited, but I wouldn’t say the above folk music has back-beat. There are no drums in it. And I think Folk music is White music (If anyone thinks the above is not Folk clarify please).

But make no mistake. Rock, like Jazz, is Black in origin and therefore suggested to us through Satanic influence. Rock comes from Blues and no one argues Blues is not Black. Who else said this? Henry Ford himself. In the International Jew he writes against Jazz as a Black degenerate rhythm, peddled by Jews unto us. There was no Rock in the 20s and 30s, but the issue is the same.

Just listen to Classical music, or any music from before the 20s or 30s, or traditional Church music. No back-beat drumming.

Like Fr John said this would be tough for anyone under 50.

Richard M.

Nothing like “like minded” folk himmin’and hawwin’ over what makes songs White. What makes White songs White is the message; we’re trying to reach every White we can. Stop being bitches and harvest the catch.

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