The Orthodox Nationalist: The “Phyletism” Hoax

This is Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson’s first broadcast since June of 2012 and the topic, unsurprisingly, is Orthodox nationalism.

Matthew Heimbach was “excommunicated” by the Orthodox Church of Antioch (Syria) on the grounds of “Phyletism.” This “heresy” exists only in their imagination and this broadcast deals with the development of this imaginary heresy and explains how it refers to the economic interests of the Greek elite. Ruling over Slavic societies, these elites, in union with the Turkish occupiers, bought and sold Orthodox dioceses like business investments.

When the Bulgarians had enough and when Russia had damaged the Ottoman State such that the Slavs could be free again, the Church of these lands threw out the Greek financiers and replaced them with actual Orthodox bishops.

In a panic, the financiers of the Ottoman State called a “council” in 1872 to condemn this on the grounds of “phyletism” that is, that ethno-nationalism was forbidden as a foundation for the church. That the Orthodox church is organized according to ethnic membership apparently did not occur to them.

“Phyletism” is not a heresy. The Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Alexandrian churches rejected this at the time. It is a “heresy” only to the alienated, bourgeois Orthodox frauds in the Antiochian jurisdiction in America.



Wonderful program and thanks for bringing back the Orthodox Nationalist. I’m always amazed how Dr. Johnson makes seemingly obscure topics very revalant, and especially appreciate his insight into the NWO. As in, the NWO is antichrist.


I think Fr Seraphim Rose, while not going into phyletism or the faults of the Greek Ortho Church, spilled the beans on this one awhile back in Orthodoxy & the Religion of the Future. 🙂 Awesome, thank you so much. Beat the Hell out of this topic!!
This mess is so, well, Orthodox! Byzantine, almost. Oh well.

Noris Walker

Your soon to be wife is non-white, your progeny will be non-white, why exactly do you care if pan-Europeans of America try to create an identity first through the racial dialectic thrust upon it by the Enlightenment sophists? I cannot simply be American, even people without citizenship are considered Americans. I must identify as white, not that I particularly want to, because the progressive state uses my race to attack me and my community legally discriminating and displacing me; and its only getting worse. You have no sympathy for this, I understand that. What I don’t understand is why you hate us so much. What is it about being “white” that you spend this much time and effort hating us? Is it really just self hate? The type of self-loathing that makes you not even want your children to look like you. Why should anyone listen to a person that thinks like you?

Nathan Lawrence

My fiance is Portuguese/Anglo-Saxon. She actually has UK citizenship and could get Portuguese citizenship too if she filed the correct papers. As for myself, my father is about has white as it gets. Regardless, the issue here is that you have thinner skin than a freshman in college who just got out of diversity training. I don’t spend my time hating “whites”, I hate the ideology of the Alt-right (and others) because it’s a threat to my community, family, and Church.

Ezra Pound

“I hate the ideology of the Alt-right (and others) because it’s a threat to my community, family, and Church.” – Well, your hateful, genocidal ideology of Liberalism is a threat to us, so I guess its war then?

Yerg Gantor

It really is bizarre, seeing an institution that claims to be an unbroken chain of events and people since Pentecost change its beliefs with the political winds.

Can we expect Dr Johnson to be excommunicated soon? And will these churches also get rid of their sex segregated restrooms?

Nathan lawrence

Change with the wind? It isn’t like Johnson is a legitimate orthodox priest to begin with. His jurisdiction is a hyper conservative old calenderist schismatic one. Given the facts of the case. It appears to be more likely that orthodoxy isn’t the natural ally trad youth claims it is.

Yerg Gantor

Like the Catholic church, the Orthodox church has had stronger views toward patriotism at some times than others. There are people in Russia who are saints because they fought invaders. Today it’s highly unlikely the church would honor them for killing foreigners.

I wonder how long we will have to wait for these churches to go all the way in following Galatians?

Christopher Peterson

The idea that Antiochians reject nationalism is nonsense. The head of the Antiochian church in Syria PERSONALLY thanked the Russian nation for defending them from ISIS in Syria. Putin considers himself the protector of all Eastern Christians, Antiochians included.

Antiochians even call themselves “Rûm” (Roman), just as the Byzantines called themselves “Roman”. I think the orator simply needed a scapegoat to talk about the NWO and dug up something from 1872 as a pretext.


I think the man’s point, dear sir, is the Antiochians hug Nationalism to themselves but “Not for thee” to everyone else. Which sounds suspiciously like another Middle East invader group. It conform to years of my personal experience. If you’re white, blue-eyed and converting to Orthodoxy in America, they make sure you get the Antiochian brainwashing. Fr Raphael hasn’t invented or exaggerated anything. FrSeraphim Rose identified these elements of the “new world order” (writing back in the 1970s!) with the power of antichrist.

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